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Can Barely Hide; NC-17, Reno/Cloud; chapter 53 - Spurked!

Feb. 27th, 2011 05:32 pm Can Barely Hide; NC-17, Reno/Cloud; chapter 53

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 53
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 53

Cloud balanced his plate on the pillow he cradled in his lap. "I slept fine," he nodded. "I don't remember any bad dreams." Rude had given him so much in the last day to otherwise occupy his usually nightmare ridden thoughts. For that, and so much else, he was thankful.

He glanced up at their new lover and felt his heart leap. No, he wouldn't mind at all waking Reno up like that. Or waking Rude up like that. Or waking up to the sight of Reno and Rude. Every day for the rest of their lives as far as Cloud was concerned.

Catching himself staring off into space he ducked his head and dug into his plate. The assortment of flavors and textures popped in his mouth and he found himself so hungry once he started eating that he couldn't really pick and choose any favorites, it was all delicious
and he polished the plate off. Either his husband had picked all his favorite dishes, or had just known what might make him piggish.

Setting the empty plate aside Cloud lay back into the nest of pillows with a content sigh and looked over at Reno and Rude. His husband's purring and hardy appetite put his mind somewhat at ease, though he still fretted over the fatigue that seemed to plague the redhead. Hugging a pillow to his chest he nuzzled up against Reno and reached up to rub his shoulders.

As hungry as he had been Reno's appetite abruptly fled, so much so that he nearly gagged on the next bite. He set the half full plate on the coffee table and tried to cover the incident by again turning his attention to Cloud instead. However, his reactions were completely unfeigned as usual. Reno leaned into Cloud's touch with a little mewl of pleasure, eyes half closed and cheeks flushed with color.

It had been like that since the beginning. Cloud only had to gift Reno with the merest brush of his fingertips or his soft lips to make the redhead shiver. Reno craved it like a drug, his husband's love and attention, especially since Cloud was always so reticent around others. It always left Reno feeling humbled and grateful to know that Cloud loved him, trusted him and *wanted* to touch him.

Reno turned and gently took away the pillow Cloud was hugging so he could lean forward and press soft, reverent kisses against the silky skin of his husband's bare stomach and chest as he crawled deeper into the pillow nest. He finished with a chaste kiss to Cloud's lips then settled beside him to lay with his head on his husband's chest, ear over the steady beat of his heart.

"More," Reno asked quietly, hands brushing over Cloud's sides then holding him tight. "I need your touch, baby."

Rude watched the scene with thoughtful eyes as he cleared away the remains of their meal. He had, of course, noticed that Reno hadn't finished his food. He had also noticed Reno seemed...vulnerable, needing their reassuring presence more than ever. His earlier energy seemed to have vanished, too, along with his appetite as he lay curled next to his husband.

Rude moved close to brush his lips along Cloud's jaw and murmur in his ear. "I'll be back in a minute to hold you both." He stroked his large hand the length of Reno's unbound hair and started to stand when his hand was caught in a surprisingly strong grip.

"Don't go yet," Reno whispered, opening eyes smudged and ringed with dark circles to gaze at Rude.

"I'm not," Rude soothed, kissing first the fingers gripping him hard then bending low to kiss Reno's parted and frowning lips. "Just to the bathroom. I'll be right back, Red."

Reno closed his eyes again, reassured their lover was staying, and rubbed his cheek against Cloud's chest, pushing his head gently up under his husband's chin to demand more caresses. Rude allowed himself another moment to watch the two men he loved snuggling together in the pillow nest. He wanted to join them and hold them both safe in his strong arms, but first...

Rude walked purposefully to the bathroom, snagging his cellphone on his way through the bedroom. He closed the door and turned on the shower and every faucet until the sound of running water filled the room to help mask his conversation. It took a dozen rings before a tired voice picked up on the other end. Rude didn't bother with any pleasantries.

"Doctor, I need some answers."

The voice on the other end faltered a moment. Then clearing his voice the doctor tried to mask his frustration, but he was too exhausted to try very hard. "I'll have to-" he cut himself off. Asking for more time didn't seem too wise now.

"I found that..." he paused as he checked his notes. Looking at samples and data all day he had started to think in terms of samples and data, not names. "Reno. Reno's nanites are changing. Somehow. Some are dieing, others seem to be taking on new forms, and some are
attacking their brethen. I- haven't pinpinted all this activity. If there's a signal, I can't find it. Maybe that's the problem. They're not being guided and they're in the wrong host. Or there's something telling them to do this, maybe it was preprogramed or maybe the signal hasn't been detected yet."

Maybe this, maybe that... as a scientist he desired more conclusive results and as the answers continued to run and hide he grew more and more worried. In the end maybe all the nanites would perish and Reno would be fine, or maybe they'd create another Sephiroth.

"Cloud's samples and data..." there was a tired noise and rustling of paper. "I haven't found any corelations. They're stable and seem almost normal for him. But there's no dormancy, the nanites are active, they're just not... doing anything." There was more, but that had seemed the most pressing and indeed had been what had kept him up all night, shaking his head and muttering under his breath while the answers eluded him.

"How are they today? Has Reno exhibited any strange behavior?" He assumed the big Turk was at least checking up on the pair, though he wouldn't have guessed the truth.

In the den Cloud's focus was on his husband. He heard the shower running but when he didn't heard any splashing of water he knew it was a ruse. Still, he rubbed Reno's neck and shoulders and back while holding him tightly. He held his worry in check though his eyes
brimmed with it and a slight quiver in his abdomen made him pull Reno closer.

"You should get some more sleep," he said softly. "I'll be right here, so will Rude." He reached out to pull some cushions closer for warmth, then lightly rubbed his husband's back. "He's wonderful... everything you said, you know. The way he holds you. Feels inside." With a sigh he brushed Reno's wild bangs back to run his lips over his
face. "Get some sleep."

Reno mumbled an incoherent reply, already lulled by the sound of Cloud's heartbeat and the feel of gentle and loving hands on his body.

Rude came back to the living room, frowning and tense with the non-answers he had received. He schooled his features into the stoic face he was long accustomed to wearing before he came back into view. In the pillow nest he he found Cloud still holding Reno and the redhead again deeply asleep. Cloud's beautiful blue eyes were rounded and wounded looking with stress and worry. They would need to talk before Reno woke again. Rude would keep nothing from Cloud, and there was always a chance he might have more information or insight into the nanites' behavior.

The big man crawled into the pillow nest, bringing a blanket with him, and settled on Reno's other side. He tucked the blanket around both his lovers and reached up to stroke his fingers through Cloud's drooping blond spikes.

"I spoke with the doctor," Rude explained, keeping his voice low-pitched and soft enough to avoid waking Reno. "I didn't want Reno to know yet since he's obviously trying to hide what's going on with him. Not wanting us to worry,I'm sure." He sighed over their lover's stubborn pride.

After a minute of joining Cloud in softly petting Reno and listening to the quiet purr of contentment he had already become used to and come to love about the redhead, Rude took one of Cloud's hands in his own much larger one. He kisse d it then laced their fingers together in a silent gesture of love and comfort.

"Angel...it's probably the nanites doing this to him. The doctor's not sure. In fact, he couldn't tell me *anything* concrete, but..." Rude told Cloud everything the doctor had told him about the pairs' results and the doctor's theories. He held his lover's hand through the whole recitation and used his other to rub soothingly up and down Reno's back.

Gripping Rude's hand tight, Cloud drew on the strength from his lover as fear threatened to consume him. He breathed, or reminded himself to. Damnit, when would it end? They deserved some time alone to be happy by now, didn't they? A normal life... or as normal as it could
get without their lives being in danger every corner.

Taking a deeper breath he nuzzled Reno's temple with his nose. He couldn't lose him. A tremble shook Cloud's frame and he hugged the redhead tight as he thought furiously. One thing he knew, or hoped fiercely, is it was too soon for someone to have picked up where Kotef
had left off. Rude had cut the signal, Kotef was in custody, and Roy was dead. Unless there was someone they had overlooked, it couldn't be another insane meddler.

"The signal is still broke..." He whispered against Reno's temple, as much wishing it true as he was sure of it. Looking at Rude his eyes were still wide. "No one's had time to figure the signal out. Or they'd be targeting me, too."

Saying it out loud seemed to calm him a little and he relaxed his grip on Rude's fingers. "I gave them to him. He'd be fine if it weren't for me." His mind continued to race with possibilities but he couldn't think of anything helpful as thoughts of the pain he caused,
of losing Reno, of little machines, and of more labs and experiments darted in and out of his mind.

"No, angel. Just...no," Rude admonished him firmly. He let go of Cloud's hand to catch his chin and gently forced his lover to look into his eyes. "We're not going there. Any and all fault blame is squarely on the shoulders of Kotef and his men. If Reno heard you saying that he'd be very upset with you, baby. You didn't willingly give him those nanites, and whatever they are doing to him now they probably saved his life more than once while you were in those madmen's hands."

Rude gentled his touch even more and cupped Cloud's cheek to bring their lips together before he carefully shifted them all enough so that Cloud could lean against his big, strong body. He held his lovers in his secure, protective embrace and fell silent, frustrated that this was an enemy that he couldn't fight. Rude resolved to go over the data himself to see if there was anything the doctors were missing, but it would have to be after the day's testing and work were done. He wouldn't go back on his word to always be present when his lovers were with the doctors.

Rude also knew this latest hellish development was going to make the two men even more touchy and on edge. He could already feel the fear and tension singing through Cloud's body. Reno would feel it even more acutely and react to his husband's feelings. Rude sighed and prayed silently to the gods more a break, even just a small one, for his lovers. They had been through so much and didn't deserve any of it. The big man was also being forced to keep his own fear and anger in check. He couldn't allow any weakness, not now, not when Cloud and Reno were vulnerable and needed his strength and comfort.

Unable to do anything else for the moment and unwilling to leave the two alone to start his own research, Rude held his lovers close. He stroked his fingers through Cloud's soft hair and pressed kisses to his pale face. His other hand stayed in constant contact with Reno, the love of his life, and soothed him any time he moved restlessly or unconsciously voiced a soft whimper of distress, telling sounds that Reno would never allow to be heard while awake.

"We'll fix it somehow, angel," Rude murmured to Cloud. "We'll find a way. We can't let Red be taken from us."

A shiver ran through Cloud's body at Rude's words. No, they couldn't let Reno go. They were supposed to grow old together. Clinging tight to Rude, he watched Reno closely with wide eyes.

Inside the lab the doctor was still hard at work, trying to understand the irrational behavior of Reno's nanites. Considering they had come from Cloud in the first place they should have been fine but they seemed to be turning on their host or becoming ill.

In the background he had various blood and tissue samples running in the the hands of the other doctor. They couldn't rule anything out, but he had chosen to try and reign in the nanites.

A sample was running inside a magnetic box, trying to fix on a frequency. If they could gain control again then perhaps the nanites would be given the boost they seemed to need. Under a microscope the doctor was attempting to introduce some Cloud's nanites to a group of Reno's.

Reaching over Rude's firm chest, Cloud stroked Reno's hair out of his face and cupped his cheek. He then took his husband's hand and held on, thumbing the soft flesh between his knuckles.

Time passed into early evening as Reno slept on, beginning to move more restlessly and voicing soft whimpers and whines of distress. The purring had stopped altogether. Rude was torn between waking his lover and asking him what was wrong or letting him sleep even if the sleep didn't seem to be very restful. He held Cloud close the whole time and murmured words of love and comfort to reassure his little love that he wasn't going anywhere, that they could trust and count on him.

Reno woke with a start, bolting upright and away from the hands touching him until some of the sleepy haze cleared enough to let him recognize his lover and husband. He raked a hand through his loose, tousled hair then his mood abruptly changed as he got a good look at the other two men. Gods, they were gorgeous! Lust flared to life in his body. Without saying a word Reno caught Cloud by the shoulders and pulled him up into a dominating, devouring kiss. A soft growl rumbled in his chest as he pushed his tongue between Cloud's lips to plunge deep and taste the sweet recesses of his husband's mouth.

Rude watched, coiled tight with tension. Something was very off. One moment Reno had been deeply asleep and clinging to his lovers, in the next he was awake and doing his best to devour Cloud.


Reno didn't respond. He only released Cloud's mouth to push his husband down into the pillows and placed a firm hand on his chest to keep him in place while he traveled down the length of Cloud's body, nipping, licking and sucking at the smooth skin all the way down. His only thoughts at the moment consisted of thrusting deep into the beautiful body below him to try to ease the driving ache that burned through his entire being. Rude caught a glimpse of his eyes, glowing bright green with an intense light, right before he closed them and used his other hand to spread Cloud's thighs wide.

What the hells was going on? Everything was happening so fast. Rude had felt a chill , an icy spike of fear in his chest, from the look in Reno's eyes, something decidely *not* Reno. Rude tensed even more, poised and ready to protect Cloud if the blond uttered even the smallest protest at the handling.

Reno swirled his tongue around Cloud's tight entrance, slicking it with saliva then pushing his tongue past the ring of muscle with a snarl.

Gasping, Cloud didn't fight at first. It happened so fast and without any warning. But he knew this wasn't Reno. Maybe part of him was there, preparing Cloud's body with his slick saliva, but it wasn't like Reno to be so forceful without a little nudging or teasing into
that direction first. The purring was also absent. Cloud had gotten so used to it's constant presence that his husband seemed almost alien without the noise vibrating in his throat. And his eyes, Cloud hadn't missed the green glow.

Torn between fear and the reaction his body was having to the onslaught of sudden stimulation Cloud grabbed Reno's hair. Fuck, despite the brutality and roughness he was getting into it. He held a fistful of his husband's hair, to push him away or hold him place, he froze for a moment as his body was set aflame with desire to be taken and claimed. He arched back into the pillow nest with a soft cry.

Struggling with fear and desire, he sought Rude's eyes. Was this okay? He never had wanted to tell his husband no. His body wanted this, despite the danger. And he knew on some level Reno would mourn this when he had returned to himself. Cloud was fighting three different outcomes, even as blood raced to his groin and he held Reno's hair in a loose grip he looked to Rude as if for permission or reassurance. He shouldn't HAVE to be reassured when his husband claimed him... he knew that, damnit, but he didn't want this to end either.

There was a familiar tingling inside his skull of fear and anger. He could let it come, join his husband in his green-tinted world. They'd both be to blame then, Reno could NOT be alone. Wrapping his legs around Reno as the redhead surfaced Cloud stared into his alien eyes, frozen with fear and lust and right and wrong. He worked his lips but the sound didn't come out until the third try. "Take me," the words were shaky when they finally did emerge.

Rude inhaled sharply and looked at Cloud with worried, unhappy eyes. He had the distinct impression that his little lover didn't really want this and had just slipped someplace in his mind that he was terrified to delve into. The eyes of both his lovers were frightening, green and alien. Unable to just sit there and witness the men he loved possibly hurt each other, Rude grasped each by a shoulder. He appealed to Cloud first.

"Don't do this, Cloud. He wouldn't want this, angel, not like this."

Rude tightened his grip on Reno when the redhead snarled and tried to shake him off. The big man was trying to keep him from taking the lovely man beneath him, and only the flashes of another emotion deep inside were keeping him from attacking. Rude released Cloud to stroke his fingers over Reno's flushed cheek, his voice soft and imploring.

"You'll hurt him, baby. You'll hurt your husband, our lover, the man you vowed to cherish and protect. I know you don't want to do that. You're not anything like that monster."

That did something. That reminder of what Roy had done to them both made Reno flinch and try again to pull away from Rude. His eyes flickered, green to blue then back again, but Rude caught a glimpse of the real Reno looking back at him, wounded and terrified.

"Look at him, Reno. Look at your husband. He loves you. I love you. We'll never leave you. Let us help you, baby, please."

Reno's head jerked to the side, almost as if he was fighting his own body to do as Rude asked, and looked at Cloud. Cloud lay sprawled in the pillows with his legs splayed wide, torn pants thrown to the side, with deep scratches and angry red bite marks from his neck down. But now Reno could see the fear behind the unwilling lust in his husband's beautiful eyes. It broke something inside of him. He squeezed his eyes shut tight and took his hands off Cloud to yank at his own hair. A high keening noise, full of remorse and pain, burst from his lips. When he opened his eyes they were more blue than green and glassy with tears.

"Cloud, baby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." Reno broke off on a gasp and reached down to cup his still rigid cock. Rude noted that it was still swollen and hard, engorged. "It hurts. Oh gods, it hurts! Everything hurts. Please...please, I need you. I'm sorry."

Rude carefully wrapped one arm around his trembling, pain-wracked lover. Whatever was going on with Reno it was apparent that it was affecting his thoughts and emotions as well as his body. Rude held him close and extended his other hand to Cloud.

Half aroused and half frightened, Cloud wasn't sure what he wanted exactly. He just knew his husband needed him, and they weren't exactly new to violence in bed. Shaking, he pushed himself up to be held by Rude and to try and center himself.

His heart continued to hammer as the scent of his husbands arousal called him. Ah gods, it was Reno. He was nothing like that monster, though the memory was vivid and taunting.

Eyes still a glowing green he turned to his husband and leaned in to inhale his scent, running his nose from abdomen to chest where he paused, stone still as Reno's scent acted like some potion, his senses flooded with Reno.

Lifting a trembling hand, Cloud laid it on Reno's chest as he tilted his chin to submit to his husband and invite him into a searing kiss, nearly biting at his mouth at first then finding a calm surrender in the familiar taste and feel. His tense muscles relaxed gradually, his quivering muscles releasing their pent energy like a sigh.

When he pulled back his eyes were a deep blue, sharp with hunger. Laying back into Rude's arm he hooked a leg over Reno's shoulder, the other around his hip, gently pulling.

Rude held Cloud reclined across his legs, his strength more than enough to hold the blond steady. His other arm remained around Reno's back, and he could feel the trembling tension in his lover's body, feel the effect Cloud's touch and show of submission had on him. It had affected Rude strongly as well, seeing that fair, graceful neck bared willingly, already marked with love bites from both men. Rude tightened his hold on both his lovers, breathing deeply to steady himself as his cock swelled and rubbed against the fine perfect ass laid over his groin. It would be a test of his own control, having his lovers have sex literally in his lap, but the big man was willing to give them anything, help in any way in order to keep them both safe and feeling secure.

Reno panted harshly, his pupils widely dilated with desire, fear...shock. He could still feel something inside of himself screaming at him, hurting him, tearing through his body in a bid for control. It wanted his lovely husband. It wanted freedom to plunge deep into that beautiful body and cause pain, draw blood, tear screams from that wantonly bared throat until Cloud understood who was undeniably stronger, until he begged for mercy that he wouldn't get. Reno fought against it, pained whimpers escaping from him, his cock so engorged it throbbed with agony and desperate need for release.

"Please...please, Cloud...Rude," he whispered, pleading for help, for understanding.

Reno startled, moaning and blinking pained tears from his eyes as he felt Rude slick his cock with lube, even that gentle touch enough to cause pain. He trembled and let himself be guided to slowly press slowly into Cloud's body.. For a moment he felt a surge of love and relief as the much loved heat and tightness of his husband's body surrounded his aching cock. Held secure in Rude's embrace, Reno pushed in to the hilt and slumped over Cloud's chest to shake and sob against his husband's neck, wanting to move and too afraid to do so.

Trembling with a moan as his husband filled and stretched him, Cloud lifted his arms to hold and sooth. He wasn't sure what his husband was going through exactly, but he could feel him fighting something. Stroking his hands over his shoulders and back, he also lightly massaged his nape for a few moments.

"Reno," he whispered, tilting his husband's chin up to meet his eyes. "Every time you're inside me like this..." his voice cracked. He couldn't put how he felt in words, as if that would demean the emotions. Instead he put his words in a kiss, inviting Reno inside with a soft moan.

He could feel Rude's cock pressing into his hip. The big guy was so kind, so thoughtful it nearly broke Cloud. He wasn't used to this kind of treatment. As he kissed Reno he ran a hand down down his husband's side to cup his ass, then pull just a little in encouragement. "This is you, whatever it is you're fighting I know you'll be the one taking me," he reassured against Reno's lips. "Rude will keep me safe. Please... I need you."

Reno kept his eyes open and on Cloud's while he took his husband's freely offered mouth. He needed the love he saw in them, the trust, to keep him steady and help him fight to stay in control. He braced one hand against the couch and one on the floor and tentatively moved his hips. The friction helped to ease the ache some more and drew a low, tremulous moan from him that he released into Cloud's giving mouth. His eyes still flickered back and forth between blue and green, but the green dwindled steadily under the loving, soothing touch of his lovers.

The strain of fighting the alien influence and keeping the pain at bay sheened Reno's body in a light dew of sweat, making the scent of his need and arousal stronger and making their bodies slide fluidly together. He rolled his hips in a steady rhythm, the thrusts growing harder, deeper, more confident but he wouldn't allow himself to hurt Cloud, never Cloud.

Rude's desire increased, fueled by the sight and delicious feel of the two beautiful bodies writhing across his lap. When he couldn't take any more, when he desperately needed to feel bare skin against his aching cock, he tightened his hold, pressed his back against the couch and his feet against the floor and used his impressive strength to lift all of their bodies enough to grap his loose pants and slide them down. Settling back to the floor, Rude lay his head back for a moment and groaned deep in his chest when the heated flesh of his cock slid against the beautifully soft skin of Cloud's lower back. He shifted so that the head nestled at the top of the crease of the blond's cheeks. Gods, this was heaven...it was hell.

Rude leaned forward to nuzzle against both men's temples, his soft lips traveling over both lovely faces, and he sighed with love when Reno turned his face enough to allow access to his lips. Rude kissed first one pair of pretty, parted lips then the other, savoring their tastes, then leaned back again with a smile. He could feel Reno calming under their touch and some of the tension in his big body relaxed.

His right hand still slick with the lube, Rude reached between Reno's legs to stroke over his balls and down to where his body joined Cloud's. He played his fingers over the sliding length of Reno's cock and the stretched edges of Cloud's entrance. It excited him and heated his blood to feel their reactions and he smoothly moved to circle and tease at Reno's entrance before pressing in two large fingers shallowly to gently thrust in time with Reno's own rhythm. His hips rocked against Cloud, his essence leaving a slick trail on his ass cheeks and the small of his back.

Reno tossed his head back, red hair flying, as Rude stroked over his sweet spot. He pushed deep into his husband and took Cloud's lips again in another devouring kiss, keening soft noises of want and need, but sounding much more like himself.

As Reno's demon seemed to withdraw, Cloud relaxed and felt the enormous love and pleasure from both men wash over him. Reno's cock moving inside his body harder and faster, Rude's cock rubbing against his ass and back. He idly wondered if he could take both men before
Reno claimed his mouth and the thought was put on the backburner.

Moaning into his husband's mouth, he dug his fingers into his back as the pleasure spiked. Reno's cock hitting his sweet spot just right, again and again, over and over. His fingers curled, nails scratching firm flesh as he cried out against soft lips. Gods, it got better
everytime. Curling his legs around his husband's back he panted and cried with each thrust, his pleasure building until a familiar ache burned in his gut.

Lifting one hand he dug it into Reno's hair, gripping hard as he trembled and whimpered against his lips.

Between the tight, clenching heat of his husband's body and Rude's teasing Reno was drowning in pleasure, and the pleasure helped to ease the pain of his rebelling body. He thrust deeper and harder, circling his hips to drive himself and his beloved husband higher. He wanted to hear Cloud scream and cry out, but in pleasure not pain. Reno needed to hear it. He lost himself in deep, drugging kisses, Cloud's taste and the feel of his lips, tongue and teeth tasting his own mouth satisfying something deep in his heart.

Each time Reno pulled back from Cloud's body he pushed himself back onto Rude's clever fingers, straining to take them deeper, but he needed more.

"Rude...please, baby. I need you, too," Reno panted, lifting his mouth from Cloud's only long enough to gasp the plea.

Rude groaned. How easy it was for these two to get to him! He couldn't deny them anything, especially not when it was something he yearned for as well.

"Easy, Red," Rude soothed. "Hold up our angel for me. Yes, that's it."

Rude steadied them as Reno hefted Cloud in his arms, the redhead's cock pushing deeper than before into his husband, and he moved from under them. Rude helped Reno nestle Cloud on his back in the pillow nest, stopping to kiss Cloud's lips himself, darting his tongue out to taste their combined flavors, then moved behind Reno. The big man trailed his lips down the line of Reno's spine while he spread lube over himself.

"We'll always give you anything you need."

Reno's breath hitched as Rude eased that huge cock into his body and pressed him deeper into Cloud.

Deeper, and again. "Aahn!" Back deep inside where he belonged and Cloud was sure he felt their everything meld into one. It hurt at first, as it always did. And it would hurt when they parted again. Cloud's fingers clenched and then relaxed on Reno's back as he cried
out at taking Reno so deep. His eyes flashed a deeper blue and he pulled back just enough to look into his husband's eyes, wanting him to see what he did to him like this. Wanting him to feel it like he felt it. That indescribable feeling that made his heart soar and ache
at the same time.

When they moved again, both his lovers rocking above him, Cloud gasped softly. He tilted his chin again, lips brushing Reno's and asking him to take all of him again. A fine sheen of sweat accompanied the trembles that coursed his frame every time Rude pushed Reno so deep
into him. And every time brought forth a louder moan, until Cloud tilted his head back, baring his throat in a loud cry. His cock painted a white stream against his husband's abdomen, thick and ready to erupt. He arched back into the pillows as he felt Reno pushed in
again, his body clenching tight as he teetered on the edge.

"Please," he gasped, voice torn with emotions and pleasure. He held onto Reno like a life line as his body caught flame, one more thrust from Rude tearing a scream from his throat as his orgasm hit him like a brick wall. His head snapped back up to press into the crook of
Reno's neck, harsh cries muffled against warm flesh as he erupted long and hard.

Reno groaned with the pleasure and almost pain of his husband's climax, that delicious body squeezing him so tight he could barely move. He fell to his elbows and clutched his husband tight, holding Cloud's face to his neck and gasping his own cries into soft, blond hair. Rude was pushing him to his limits, rocking them all hard and steady until his own orgasm ripped a hoarse scream from his throat.

Rude followed almost immediately, primed and ready just from the sight and feel of his two lovers. He wedged one large hand between the others' bodies to gather Cloud's seed onto his fingers then licked them clean. He didn't get to savor it long, though. Reno had gone completely boneless in unconsciousness. Rude slipped from his body and felt for a pulse with trembling fingers. Icy fear gripped his heart until he felt the irregular fluttering against his fingertips. He gathered his limp lover into his arms, turning him over, and the fear came back again to steal his breath for a moment.

"Angel," Rude whispered to Cloud, his voice breaking. "I don't think we can wait until tomorrow. We need to get cleaned up and find Reno's car keys. He needs a doctor now."

Stark against Reno's pale skin, trails of blood oozed from his mouth, nose and eyes.

Dazed, it took a moment for Cloud to focus on the fear in Rude's voice and blood oozing from Reno's mouth, nose, and eyes. His eyes went round in fear and panic as he stared. "No," he pleaded. Not Reno. Not now.

Fighting down the desire to shut down he gripped his own hair, feeling the sticky blood and pulling hard as he screamed. He did this. He would stop this. Tearing his hands away with a sob he grit his teeth in a silent snarl, eyes flashing a brilliant green as his mind cleared
to one thing at a time.

Keys. Rude had said keys. They'd need the car. Clothes... grabbing Reno's sleep pants he pushed the tattered remains of his own aside and pulled Reno's on. With shallow breaths he wrapped Reno in a blanket, dabbing at the blood with the corner before he lifted his husband,
cradling him in his arms.

"Keys are on the table," his voice a mere whisper as he headed to the door.

Rude dressed with tightly controlled haste, throwing on his clothes from the day before and slipping his phone into a pocket. He jammed the wireless earpiece into his ear and grabbed Reno's car keys from the table. Rude noted Cloud's shallow breathing and green eyes, and a thrill of fear for this other lover made his heart pound in his chest. He also noted Cloud's half naked and barefoot state and realized his little lover was in shock, unaware and uncaring of appearances at the moment. Rude would have to take care of that...later.

"C'mon, angel. It will be okay. Stay with me now. Reno needs *both* of us," Rude murmured encouragingly as he ushered Cloud and his blanket wrapped bundle out the door.

Thankfully, Reno's car was easy to find, and Rude unlocked the doors to settle both men in the back seat. Reno hadn't stirred at all and lay with his head lolling on Cloud's shoulder and blood continuing to ooze from seemingly everywhere.

"Keep his head up so he doesn't aspirate any blood, angel," Rude instructed.

The big Turk sped from the parking garage and hit the speed dial on his phone as he drove as fast as possible through the crowded streets. Dr. Langley met them at the headquarters entrance and had made sure that security had cleared their way. Once inside he started barking orders at Dr. Vesner . Discretion kept him from mentioning anything about any of the men's half clothed and disheveled state.

"Mr. Strife...Cloud," Dr. Langley said gently. "I need you to let Reno go and put him on the table now. I can work better and help him faster if you put him down."

Rude stroked Cloud's cheek and got those green eyes to focus on him.

"Let the doctor take him, angel. We'll be right here."

Cloud stared into Rude's eyes like a wounded animal, looking for any reason or hint to distrust even one he loved. Finding nothing but the strength and gentle love that had won him so easily he looked again at Dr Langley. It was a passing glance. Seeing the table Cloud stepped forward and lay his husband onto it.

His breathing shallow with fear he stepped away only far enough where he thought he wasn't in the way. His eyes flicked from Reno to the doctor, every detail taken in. The needles and scalpels, even the writing pens didn't go unnoticed as possible weapons. The doctor's
juggular... if he had to, if he saw a reason to, he wasn't sure he could stop himself. Not when it came to Reno.

Cloud's entire frame was coiled and ready, though he also trembled as some part of him tried to reign in the illogical demon. They were here to help Reno, not use him or torture him. They had been here before, these doctors hadn't hurt them and Rude had said they were here to help.

Still, his everything was laying limp and bleeding under their care now. This didn't feel like a choice, and there was still that little voice reminding him who was at fault.

Rude found another thin blanket folded on a chair and wrapped Cloud in it to cover half bared body and keep him warm. He was still showing symptoms of shock and...something else that had Rude worried. He stood behind Cloud, bodies touching and his hands gently clasping his lover's tense shoulders. Rude wanted to do more, wanted to cuddle Cloud to his chest and rock him in his lap to comfort them both while they watched over their ill lover. Instead, he took a deep breath to steady himself and squeezed Cloud's shoulders gently, thumbs rubbing soothing circles.

Dr. Langley muttered to himself everything that Rude had told him over the phone as he shone a light into Reno's eyes. He had jolted for a moment with the irises flashed green briefly in reaction to the bright light, but calmed and mentally filed it away as something else to add to the data he was collecting. Dr. Vesner nervously approached to draw blood for the ordered labs.

Reno started to rouse, body twitching and weakly coughing a spray of blood. Whatever he had been fighting internally had been beaten back once again for the moment, but it had cost the redhead. He could only thrash feebly as his disoriented mind tried to figure out where he was. Reno saw the white-coated doctors and his breath caught in fear, his already pale face going completely white. Oh gods! Had they been taken again to be experimented on and tortured? Where was Cloud? What had they done with Cloud?! And Rude? What had happened to Rude? Reno knew that the only way anyone could have gotten through Rude would be to kill him.

"Cloud!" Reno called, his voice a weak, hoarse sob. "Where's my husband?"

Springing next to Reno's side, Cloud didn't feel the blanket fall loose. He just knew Reno was asking for him. He was still acutely aware of the other doctor and the needle he held to draw blood, and that the needle full of air into the juggular or chest could protect his husband.

Soothing his hand over Reno's forehead he looked into his husband's eyes. "We're back at ShinRa..." Gritting his teeth against tears he petted Reno's hair away from his face. "You can't leave," he whispered in a snarl. "We need you."

Because his vision was obscured by the blood in his eyes Reno had to rely on his other senses. He turned toward the sound of Cloud's voice. HIs momentary relief was shattered by the realization that he could smell blood all over his husband's body. His heart raced and he gasped a pained denial, not understanding that it was his own blood. In his confusion Reno firmly believed they had been captured again and that Cloud had been already hurt.

"Cloud? No, oh no. Haveta...haveta get us out," Reno panted and struggled to get off the examination table.

The exertion made the bleeding worse and he choked on it, weakly coughing another spray of blood that rained down to stain his skin. Rude caught him by the shoulders and hauled him up to support the redhead against his strong chest. The hell with discretion. Reno needed them, and something had to be done before Reno hurt himself more or his fear and confused hysteria set Cloud off. The big Turk could feel Cloud's mounting tension and silently prayed he'd stay in control.

"Calm down, Red," Rude held Reno gently but firmly and his deep voice was pitched low and soothing despite his own agitation. "You're safe, but you're very sick. The doctors are only trying to help you. Let them help, baby. We don't want to lose you."

Reno calmed a little, Rude's familiar scent and voice reaching him, but he still strembled with fear for his husband.

"But Cloud..." he moaned

"...is right here and perfectly safe," Rude assured him. "But you're upsetting him by not letting the doctors do their job. Dr. Vesner needs to draw some blood now and give you an injection to help stop the bleeding. I'll hold you, okay? They're not going to hurt you."

Dr. Vesner approached again at Rude's nod, warily stepping around Cloud. The blond seemed poised to attack and it made the fine hairs at the doctor's nape stand on end. After he was done Dr. Langley stepped forward to perform a quick examination. Reno allowed it although he trembled the whole time and turned his face into Rude's shoulder, ashamed of his weakness. Finally, Dr. Langley straightened and started readying another syringe.

"I need to run the tests and strat looking over the date and compare it with what we've already collected. I need you to stay here tonight in the suite, Reno. It will be safer for you. Your husband and Mr. Rude can, of course, stay with you. I'm going to give you something for pain and anxiety now. Your vital signs and reactions all tell me that you are in an extreme amount of pain and you need some real rest."

When Reno didn't object Dr. Langley administered the injection then turned to Cloud.

"Would you like something to help you rest as well, Cloud?"

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