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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 51; nc-17 reno/cloud - Spurked!

Feb. 18th, 2011 07:22 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 51; nc-17 reno/cloud

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 51
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 51

"He needed it," Cloud murmered, leaning into Rude's touch. His lashes fluttered at the gentleness in such a strong hand. He gazed at Reno for a long time while he leaned against Rude's hand, nuzzling his cheek into the palm. He could smell himself and feel the slightly
sticky leftovers of his essence on Rude's fingers.

It had been so beautiful to see Reno lose himself like that. And in sleep now he looked so calm and boyish with every trace of stress erased from his face and eyes. Cloud tried to remember how often he had seen his husband like this and knew it had been rare indeed. And
he had Rude to thank, for bringing this safety net over them both and soothing and loving Reno to this point.

Squeezing Reno's hand gently he rubbed his thumb over the knuckles and webbing between fingers as he moved his gaze to look up at Rude. His heart jumped for whatever reason, recognizing the look in those dark eyes as the same his husband so often had after making love. Easing himself up he brushed his lips against Rude's, his eyes hooded. He played his lips over Rude's for a moment, learning how they felt and moved before pressing in slightly.

He thanked Rude in a kiss, inviting his tongue to come and dance and taste. Light and gentle it wasn't meant to arouse but was full of passion and exploration nontheless.

Rude sighed against Cloud's lips and the fingers still cupping the blond's cheek trembled. To Rude, despite what he knew the man was capable of, Cloud was fragile and precious and someone to be cherished and handled with utmost care. He honestly couldn't imagine at the moment using his full strength or being rough with him, but he knew both Cloud and Reno sometimes did got rough with each other. Rude had seen the bruises and bite marks. He had to admit, though, that he enjoyed seeing Cloud's fair skin marked by Reno's love bite. It had been done out of love and was visible proof that Cloud had allowed Reno to claim him. Rude coudn't help but yearn for marks of his own, marks given to him by his lovers.

Rude returned Cloud's kiss, accepting the sensual invitation and tasting every bit of Cloud's sweet mouth. It was warm and comforting, loving without attempting to stir the passion from earlier. Rude really didn't talk much so he tried to show Cloud with his kiss that he loved the man for more than his beautiful body. When it ended Rude pulled back to gaze into the depths of those lovely blue eyes, quietly pleased that Cloud seemed to have no trouble looking back at him.

"You really are special, you know that?" Rude whispered, his own expression warm and completely open, every shield let down just for the two men he held.

Reno stirred in his sleep , burrowing against Rude and a small frown marring his handsome face until his searching hand found Cloud. Rude pulled the blankets up a little higher and pet his fiery lover softly until he settled again then he turned back to Cloud to press one more kiss against the man's lips.

"I'm sure you have to be as exhausted as he is. I've arranged for you both to have a break from the testing tomorrow. You'll have the whole day off to rest and do whatever you want. I can leave you two alone if you want, but I..."

Rude left the rest unsaid. Both men had already given him so much, and he was afraid to ask for more. But he was already dreading having to return to his lonely apartment, an apartment empty of Reno's vivacious mischief and Cloud's quiet smiles. Rude snuggled Cloud tighter against his side and nosed through silky blond spikes and his heart yearning for their love.

"You would leave so soon?" Cloud was tired, had been for a while, but he hadn't been able to relax just yet. There were things he wanted to do with Reno now that they had a chance but he didn't see why Rude had to leave them alone already.

Nuzzling his head against Rude he kept his hand in constant contact with his husband, touching and stroking his hand. He wondered if Reno would want to replace their wedding rings. And what Rude would think about wearing one as a symbol. His idle thoughts eventually stopped as he drifted off, unaware if Rude had answered or not.

As the night came and wore on Cloud burrowed a little, seeking refuge from the slightlest hint of cool air by scooting under the covers against Rude's side. For a brief moment he lost Reno's hand and panicked until he found it and tightened his fingers until sleep once
again eased the tension. He murmered something inaudible and slept soundly the rest of the night, safe and snug and warm with his husband and lover.

Reno woke up feeling rested and at ease despite a moment of disorientation. He was curled up on his side and snuggled against his partner's back with his arm draped over the man and his fingers held loosely in Cloud's grip. Both his husband and their new lover were still deeply asleep. Reno couldn't help the grin that tugged at his lips over the sight. Rude had Cloud wrapped in his arms and cuddled against his chest and a spiky blond head tucked beneath his chin.

For several minutes Reno just watched them sleep with his chin propped against Rude's shoulder. He could smell their mingled scents on himself and the bedding and thoughts of the previous night brought a flush to his cheeks. The sex had been fantastic, mind blowing, but more than that had been the feeling of...connection, of trust and love and the knowledge that he and Cloud were completely safe with Rude.

Reno stroked his thumb over the back of Cloud's hand and skimmed his lips over the back of Rude's shoulder before making himself leave the comfort of the bed. He needed his coffee if he was going to be forced to endure another day of being poked at, questioned and observed by the doctors. It dampened his spirits some and his earlier smile drooped into an unhappy frown as he slipped on his robe and padded silently out to the kitchen.

The redhead started the coffee maker and sat on one the stools to wait for it and wishing he could just crawl back into the bed between his husband and his lover.

Cloud stirred silently as he felt Reno leave, his fingers suddenly empty and the feeling of the bed different with the missing weight. But when he heard the coffee pot stir to life he sighed and drifted back into slumber, his hand lightly admiring the muscles in Rude's side before they rested there. Reno and his coffee; Cloud idly thought he should be jealous before his mind quieted down again, if briefly.

Rude's musky scent, combined with his and Reno's scents was comforting and a reminder to his subconscious of last night's events: the fantastic sex and wonderful comfort that Rude had brought them. That reminder brought him a dream, part of it from memory and part of it a
fantasy his mind created for him. Within a few moments he whimpered softly and twitched gently as his cock stiffened and rubbed against Rude.

The instinctual rubbing against such a firm body enticed Cloud's imagination even more and he whined in his sleep, his lips seeking and then lightly kissing Rude's neck. His movements were awkward and light in his sleep, but in his mind there was beautiful movement and
dancing and giving and taking as he watched three lovers writhe and moan on top of the sheets.

Cloud moaned out, softly still, but loud enough this time that he blinked awake. Caught in between waking and dreaming he still awkwardly rubbed again Rude while at the same time trying to figure out who he was rubbing up against and where he was at the moment. With a sharp gasp he pushed away a mere inch to steady himself and blinked heavily. "Ru-...?"

"I'm here," Rude answered, his deep voice still husky with sleep. He'd been only half aware that Cloud had been kissing and rubbing against him and had only come fully awake when Cloud said his name.

But he registered instantly the faint alarm in Cloud's voice, the tension in the lithe body next to him and the need to soothe the blond came instinctively and without conscious thought.

"I'm here. You're home, and Reno's in the kitchen. Everything's okay. He'll be back as soon as he gets his coffee fix."

Rude spoke softly to Cloud, lightly touching his hair and face but didn't try to pull him back into his embrace. Cloud seemed a little spooked and Rude didn't want his little lover to bolt if he was hugged against the erection that had risen from Cloud's touch. He did, however, allow himself the pleasure of pressing his lips first to Cloud's temple then against the soft lips still so close to him.

Please, Rude thought, don't let them regret this now that morning had arrived. He couldn't bear the thought of either man regretting what they had done, what they had allowed him to share. His chest grew tight as he waited to see what Cloud's reaction would be.

Oh hell. The embarrassment from a moment ago faded as Rude tried to comfort him. Cloud was starting to see he didn't have to fear anything with Rude. He was as gentle as Reno, if not more so because he didn't have their baggage or history of being tortured or being
test subjects.

Cloud responded to the kiss and opened up, inviting the man inside for a gentle dance with a breathy moan. Reaching up he caressed Rude's neck and shoulder and then traced a path down to his chest. His hand lingered, feeling the tight muscles as he was reminded of his wet
dream from moments ago. He was hard and he wondered if Rude was, but he wasn't yet there, not so brave as to find out for himself yet.

Rubbing his hand over a nipple he lightly scratched his blunt nails back down over it. He pressed a little harder with his tongue, demanding a response with a moan.

Rude groaned deep in his chest, the relief rushing through him as heady as the desire he felt. He was helpless to deny Cloud anything and arched into the demanding touch, both his nipples hardening and his cock fully awakening. Rude nearly rolled the smaller man beneath him but rethought that action in a flash of insight and shifted to his back instead, bringing Cloud with him without breaking the kiss. He stroked his tongue along Cloud's then sucked lightly on the tip while his big hands smoothed down the blond's naked back to caress the perfectly rounded cheeks of his ass.

Rude felt an answering hardness when he pressed Cloud against his cock and shifted so that their lengths slid together, hissing at the shock of sensation. The large Turk loved the way Cloud's smaller body fit atop him, loved the feel of his smooth fair skin against his palms.

Rude finally pulled away from the kiss and brushed his fingertips over Cloud's flushed cheek and slightly swollen lips.

"You feel so good, baby," he whispered, the endearment slipping out. "Your heart, your body, your feelings...they're all safe with me. I only want to love you and be a part, however small, in both your lives."

After speaking from his heart Rude gently pulled Cloud up until the blond was straddling his groin.and smiled up at his new lover. He palmed the top of Cloud's thighs and caressed the sensitive skin on the inside where they joined his pelvis, grazing his balls and ghosting over the tattoo.

"You are so beautiful...just perfect. I've never met any other men as lovely or who moved me as much as you and Reno."

With a whimper, Cloud leaned back in and pressed his forehead against Rude's. He didn't know what to say to that. No one except Reno had ever spoken to him like that with so much honesty in their faces. It felt so good to hear it, and he knew, through Reno's trust in the man, that Rude wasn't lying. He meant every word and it moved Cloud. Rude's deep voice still laced with sleep, and his words and his gentle touch... it all stirred a sense of safety inside Cloud and he relaxed against Rude's hard body.

Cupping Rude's face with one hand he peppered his lips with soft kisses before he pushed himself up to look at his face and into his dark eyes. After a loving caress he moved his hand to Rude's shoulder to support his weight and flexed his hips, rubbing their cocks
together. He whimpered and gasped at the raw sensation. Rude was so large and hot against his abdomen and cock. "The way you took Reno last night was so breath taking, I've never seen him give in like that before."

He wanted to worship the cock he was rubbing against, and thank Rude at the same time for the gift he had given Reno. At the moment, as he contemplated this, he continued to flex his hips and rub against the man. Before his cock could truly begin to ache with need he lifted
his hips and lowered his head to lightly nip and lick at Rude's neck. "Can I taste you?" The breathless question was almost inaudible. He lifted his lips to brush them over Rude's earlobe. "I want to taste you... your cock in my mouth." Was there any way to ask that without it sounding completely corny?

Cloud blushed at his own request and hid it by dipped his head again to lick a trail over Rude's sternum. He was salivating just thinking about that cock in his mouth, Rude's thighs tense and quivering under his hands as he almost lost control...

"Anything you want," Rude answered.

He spread his legs wider to allow Cloud to settle between them and trembled from the feel of more soft kisses down his chest. Rude didn't hold back any of the sounds. He wanted Cloud to know how much the blond pleased him. He also reached down to again trail his fingers over Cloud's cheek, delighting anew each time in the soft skin and over having the right to do so. Rude could see it becoming a favorite habit of his, something he would do many times a day.

He thought about what Cloud had said about him taking Reno.

"I gave him what he needed, what he deserved. I would be...ju-just as careful with you. You should only...only be handled like the p-precious treasure you are." Rude had to stop to just breathe as he watched the fat head of his cock slide between Cloud's lips. It was incredibly hot seeing those perfect pink lips stretch wide to take him in. Belatedly, Rude wished he had asked Cloud to turn around and lay on top of him so he could return the favor.

Later. There would be time for that later. Then he could see how Cloud reacted again to his touch, to more intimate kisses, to Rude running his tongue over that tattoo that seemed so sensitive. Then Rude couldn't think at all. The feel of Cloud's hot, wet mouth blanked all his thoughts.

Settling between Rude's legs, Cloud whimpered at the first taste and feel of Rude's cock against his tongue. It was so smooth and hard, and the taste was... different, but he only had a few to compare to. It was strong and musky and he wanted more, wanted to taste him in the throes. Cloud wanted to draw this out for a while, he wanted to taste every moan and explore every curve before him before he allowed Rude to let go. He wanted to have a surprise waiting for Reno- a gasping and moaning Rude, with a fine sheen of sweat over his muscular body.

But he also wanted to hear those words. Though he couldn't find a way to reply to them, he loved to hear Rude say those beautiful things about him and about Reno.

Sealing his lips he lightly sucked and flicked his tongue around the crown before he took another inch, moving slowly and teasing. He kept everything light for now, softly stroking his base and holding his cock steady with one hand. Bringing his other hand up he dug his
nails into Rude's thigh and dragged them down, marking him with superficial cat-like welts.

Rude groaned in pleasure, his cock jerking in Cloud's grip and his toes curling from the combination of sensations he felt. He brought his knees up and spread wider to silently plead for more of Cloud's attention. One hand rubbed over his own nipples and the other drifted down to sift through Cloud's hair, not pushing or pulling or demanding, just enjoying the silky texture.

Rude actually had a very sensual nature and a highly acute sense of touch. Because he always wore excellent quality leather gloves while working and fighting his hands stayed softer than a majority of women and sensitive. His quiet and private nature kept most people from knowing that.

Another flick of Cloud's tongue and Rude's eyes closed revealing surprisingly long eyelashes

"That feels so good, baby," he murmured to Cloud, his voice husky with desire now instead of sleep. Then he cried out softly at the sting of nails. His thighs quivered and his cock twitched harder, leaking pearls of his essence for Cloud. "Yes, baby, please! Scratch me, bite me, mark me as belonging to you and Reno."

Out in the kitchen Reno's enhanced senses had already let him catch the heady, alluring scent of arousal. He heard every sound as easily as if he was sitting on the bed. As much as he wanted to watch his sexy husband unravel their lover he had stayed in the kitchen to allow his lovers this first bit of private time together. His cock ached with need and got harder with every new sound from the bedroom, but Rude's last plea nearly made him drop his coffee in a blazing rush of lust. He bit his lip to hold back a whine.

Smoothing his hand over the welts, Cloud lapped at the thick dewy beads from his lover's crown. His lashes fluttered as he got the first taste of Rude's essence. Yes, he had to taste every drop now. Swallow every last ounce that Rude would give him. And he would.

But first he pulled back and looked at the welts he had caused. He pushed his head against Rude's hand with a soft moan. Those hands were... amazing, even on top of his head.

Rude wanted to be marked? Cloud gently ran his hand over the welts and then lowered his mouth to sooth their fiery burn with his tongue. Even his salty sweat was a powerful turn on and Cloud found himself arching his back and writhing like an animal in heat from the taste
and scent of this man's arousal.

Finding a spot above the welts Cloud lavished the area with his tongue before he gently nipped at it in warning. When he did bite in, he did with growing pressure instead of digging in hard from the start- he didn't want to hurt him so soon. Still, after a moment Cloud tasted the first hint of blood and he stopped, licking the mark clean with a satisfied noise.

"Ours," he growled softly. Looking up at Rude he returned his lips to his beading crown and lapped up the drops that were trying to escape down his cock.

While Rude never wanted to cause his lovers pain he didn't mind a bit for himself. Done right. it added a bit of spice, a counterpoint to the softer touches. So he writhed on his back in a haze of pleasure, heels digging into the mattress as he moved restlessly. One part of his mind kept the hand stroking through Cloud's hair gentle and loving, but the other hand clenched in the sheets. His hips rocked slightly and the moans coming from his parted lips got louder as Cloud increased the intensity of the bite.

When Cloud broke the skin Rude jerked and cried out, nearly coming from the electric sensation and had to release his hold on the sheets to quickly grab the base of his cock. Pre-come flowed from the tip anyway. Rude looked down his body and moaned again, his breath coming in harsh pants and having to squeeze his cock tighter. Gods be damned that was a beautiful and alluring sight! Cloud, sticky smears across one cheek, eyes glowing a stunning blue and lit from within with desire...so hot and gorgeous.

Rude was torn. He wanted to beg for more, wanted to drag Cloud up his body and ravish the mouth teasing him and that tasted of himself, but he also wanted to stay pliant to Cloud's wishes. Trembling, and with a light sheen of sweat covering his body, Rude released his hold on his cock. He knew that when he came it was going to be hard.

"Yes, yours," Rude agreed in a breathless moan. He took his hand from Cloud's silky hair, caressed his cheek in passing, then lifted both arms over his head and crossed the wrists to signify his surrender.

Reno crept into the room and took it all in. He was quivering with lust as he knelt next to kiss husband. He ducked his head to trace his tongue around Cloud's lips where they were stretched around Rude's cock, making the big man cry out from the added sensation. Then he pulled back, purring loudly as he licked the combined tastes from his lips.

"Make him come," Reno purred the words against Cloud's ear. The fingers of one hand traced lightly over the new bite mark. Rude jerked and moaned helplessly as his balls started to tighten. "You need it, don't you, lover?" he asked Rude. "You need to shoot down his throat and cream those pretty lips?" An incoherent groan was his answer.

Reno nodded at his husband to work their lover mercilessly then leaned down to set his own sharp teeth slightly to the side of Cloud's bite so the two marks would overlap. When he felt Rude struggling to not come so soon he bit down until he tasted blood.

Feeling Rude at his mercy was in itself beautiful. Rude's body was a fine machine and Cloud admired the restraint in his lover's muscles. He loved having the man at his mercy and Reno's words sent a bolt of lust straight through him. The noise Rude made when Reno bit him
made Cloud's cock jerk and twitch. Soon...

Hollowing his cheeks he sucked on their lover's cock a little harder and he stroked the base a little faster. It didn't take much. When Rude tensed right before coming Cloud swallowed his cock and felt his essence shoot down his throat. He moaned around the large, pulsing
organ and pulled back to lick and suckle the rest of Rude's orgasm from his body.

His lips and tongue were sticky with the thick cream by the time Rude's cock drained and softened in his hand. Lapping up a stray drop from his belly he looked up at Rude's face and whimpered. Gods... he crawled up Rude's body and dipped his head to lightly lick his lips,
wanting him to taste himself there.

In a daze, Rude managed to pull Cloud close. He was undone completely, and the two pair of glowing, mako tinted eyes watching him with such desire and need snipped the last strand to let him fall free. Rude lapped at Cloud's lips and growled at the taste. He could taste himself on those tender, swollen lips and it made his heart sing. The stinging pain on his inner thigh made him feel as if he had been claimed by them. Rude planned to have the two overlappiing marks tattoed permanently on his body.

But...there were other things to be taken care of for now. Rude could feel Cloud's hard cock straining where it was pressed against his abdomen. He wanted to take Cloud. Already he was hardening again, evidence of their potent effect on him. This time Rude did flip their positions but held all his weight up with his arms as he nuzzled and licked the unmarked side of Cloud's neck. He didn't bite or suck because he didn't feel he'd been given permission yet, but he worshipped every bit of the smooth, fair skin with his tongue.

Reno stretched out next to Cloud so he could watch his husband's face and clasped Cloud's right hand in his left. The redhead lured Rude's attention to himself for a moment with a seductive smile, and willingly accepted the fervent kiss. He, too, was hard and aching.

"I think our lover wants to make love to you, baby," Reno murmured to his husband. "Do you want him?"

Cloud's face flushed with the heat he was feeling. He exposed his neck under Rude's tongue by lifting his chin. Though Rude held his weight up off his body he could still feel the strength reverberating around him, comforting but surrounding and pressing down on him. With
a whimper Cloud lightly pushed on Rude's shoulders as Reno's words filtered through his foggy mind.

His nails bit in as two completely different emotions warred inside him. He wanted Rude. Inside him, moving him. But he didn't feel ready, didn't completely trust himself to have another man take him yet. It was too much too soon and he felt a sudden onset of panic
close around his chest as he froze in place and averted his eyes.

He wouldn't let Rude mistake his actions though, he dug his nails in harder so he wouldn't leave, so that fear in his belly wouldn't manifest. Pushing himself up into a sitting position he leaned against Rude with a tremble. "I can't... not yet," he whispered. He
couldn't look at Reno either. For all the lust and love they had already shared he couldn't explain his unwillingness to be taken by Rude yet. It just wasn't the time and he felt shamed for having started something he wasn't ready to finish today.

Rude held Cloud close to his chest, his heart flooding with pain, not for himself but for Cloud who had been so hurt and damaged. He eased them both back down to the pillows and pressed kiss after kiss over Cloud's face and lips.

"Shh, it's okay," Rude assured him. "I'll love you any way you want me to."

After a few minutes, Rude looked over at his partner and nodded once before trailing a path of open mouthed kisses down Cloud's chest and taut abdomen. Cloud was still so hard he looked strained and Rude meant to take care of that. Reno moved in closer to Cloud's side and caught his right thigh to hold his legs open.

"Trust me, baby. Trust us." Reno whispered the words against Cloud's lips and licked at the seam in between until Cloud opened for him. He stared deep into his husband's eyes and knew exactly the moment when their lover took the head of his cock into his mouth.

As he took Cloud's cock deep into his throat, licking and sucking his way back to the head to nibble at the tender flesh there Rude caught and held one of his hands, completely engulfing the smaller hand in the secure and loving warmth of his own. He stroked the base with his other hand, sometimes tightening his fingers to act as a cock ring then relaxing them, his thumb brushing with careful sensuality over the tattoo.

Gasping softly, Cloud gradually relaxed and spread his legs a little wider for Rude. With Reno by his side and Rude working magic on his body he didn't have a choice but to give in to the pleasure of Rude's mouth. Bringing his other hand up to touch Reno, he begged him closer
with a whine then writhed and wriggled until he was propped up against him.

He was so close. The wait and sudden panic hadn't been kind and he was already painting Rude's lips with his pre-cum. Gazing down at the man between his thighs he groaned at the sight and flexed his hip, his thigh rubbing up under Reno's. "R-Rude...!" He gasped as that oh so sensitive spot was given a particular loving kiss. He knew he could come alone if his lovers tried- just get him off by tormenting that tattoo. It wouldn't take much.

Arching back Cloud dug his free hand into his own hair with a panting moan. His hips jerked, wanting to thrust and find release, as he felt Rude's teeth graze his crown again.

So unbelievably kind and loving, it frustrated Cloud that he hadn't been able to let the man claim him as he had seen him claim Reno. He had seen Rude's kindness and tenderness just hours ago. He knew what to expect. Knew the depth of the man's heart. Yet it still terrified him, having another inside him. Someone other than Reno.

Toes curling he dug his heels into the bed and lifted his hips with a whimper.

Rude could feel the struggle in Cloud's body and paused to lick the essence from his lips. The usually bitter, musky fluid was strangely sweet, and he wanted to taste more, wanted to feel Cloud spill into his mouth and hear his cries. Rude wanted to drink every drop then crawl up the bed to hold Cloud between himself and Reno. He could also feel his lovely redhead breathing harder and heavy need. For just a moment the big Turk wondered what he had gotten himself into, thinking that he could be good enough for both men. But when he looked up into those two faces that rivaled the angels' for beauty and remembered seeing both looking so lost and haunted...he knew he would do anything for them, die to protect them if that what it took.

Rude gave the flushed, swollen crown another gentle lick then left off to bring the hand his was holding to his mouth to kiss the clenched and trembling fingers. He hoped the hand to press Cloud's fingers against the slight stubble on his cheek.

"Come for me, little one. Let me have more than that wonderful tease of a taste. C'mon, move your hips. I'll take whatever you want to give me, and if it's never anything else I will never, ever, love you any less. You're my precious angel. I'd never hurt you, and I won't push you."

As he spoke Rude let his lips brush up and down the length of Cloud's twitching shaft. He could sense how close Cloud was, feel it in the way his thighs trembled. Fuck but he was beautiful! And the smoldering look Reno gave Rude promised that he better not be expecting to rest any time soon. Rude answered with a lusty look of his own and held Reno's eyes as he lowered his head to run his broad, hot tongue over the tattoo.

"Come for me, Cloud," Rude threw aside all pride to beg quietly. "Let me hear you, see you and taste you. I...need it."

Rude took Cloud all the way in until his nose brushed against smooth skin and soft curls and worked his little lover with his throat muscles, tongue and gentle grazings of teeth. He kept Cloud's hand pressed to his face and continuously brushed feather light touches over the tattoo with his thumb then shifted slightly to use his smallest finger to stroke over the unmarked side. Inside his head Rude chanted over and over...love you, love you so much, never hurt you, only want to see you happy, only want you to feel pleasure from my touch, love you both so much. He wasn't aware of the soft whining noises coming from his throat or the few tears that wet his cheeks. It might have embarrassed the stoic Turk, but love did that to a man, turned him inside out and clawed through barriers until all emotions burst free.

The moist tears that touched and gathered on his fingers made Cloud look down again and a moan caught in his throat. There was no end to Rude's tenderness and it touched Cloud deep inside, made him ache that he hadn't seen it before. Cloud wondered what else Rude had kept
hidden these years and knew now there would be no secrets with him, his heart was as open as ever. Cloud longed to be as trusting and open so soon.

Panting, he began to flex and lift his hips in slow thrusts. So good. Rude's mouth was hot and slick and the teasing alongside his groin was driving him crazy. His balls were already tight and pressed up against his body. As Rude hit just the right spot and his throat
muscles worked just so Cloud's panting moans became louder cries. Digging his heels into the bed he finally let go, erupting inside Rude's mouth and arching back against Reno as his hips jerked and thrust.

He came hard, the wait and interruption in his mental state hadn't taken the toll they might have. Rude's tender love and kind words had done more to bring Cloud back than he was aware. Writhing against Reno in the aftershocks, Cloud groaned softly as he was milked dry and left soft.

Turning to Rude as the Turk climbed up the bed, Cloud leaned up to taste himself on his lips. Their tastes mingled and became one on his tongue. Cupping Rude's cheek, he traced the dry trail a tear had left with his thumb and looked into Rude's eyes, his own moist with a mix of emotions he couldn't define.

Rude closed his eyes to better savor the feel of Cloud's hand cupping his cheek then reopened them as he turned his head to press a lingering kiss into the palm. He put one finger gently over Cloud's lips and shook his head once to let his little lover know that no words were necessary at the moment.

Still holding Cloud tightly with one arm, Reno reached for their lover as well. There was something hot and yearning in his eyes, something that had arisen after watching Rude's tenderness with his husband. Rude kept hold of Cloud's hand and caught Reno's with the other so he could ghost his lips over the thin, sensitive skin of the inner wrist. Reno's breathing hitched and he squirmed restlessly. He'd been hard and aching since he'd first heard them begin.

"Come here, Red," Rude coaxed quietly. "You were asleep before I could tell you that you have the day off. We have time."

Reno's cautious smile slowly eased into a blinding grin. He nuzzled through Cloud's damp hair and caught his husband's chin for a passionate kiss. The combined tastes of both men excited him as well, and he moaned into the kiss, eyes fluttering closed. Reno shifted them around until he was straddling Rude and Cloud lay curled beside them.

"Anything left for me?"

Rude's answering smile made Reno shiver and his belly twist. Those eyes...who knew his partner had been hiding such expressive eyes behind the shades? Reno was so enthralled that he almost didn't notice that their lover's large hands had palmed his ass until he'd been shoved forward, his knees over Rude's shoulders and his own hands scrambling to grab the headboard. Remembering doing much the same to Cloud while in the bathtub, Reno gasped from the rush of heat and glanced down and over to see his husband watching intently. He fought the blush that tried to rise over his husband seeing him responding so easily.

"You don't get to touch this," Rude ordered, taking a lick of Reno's cock. "Keep your hands up and gripping wood."

Without elaborating an 'or else' Rude lifted Reno by the hips and scooted himself down a little lower in the bed. Reno's grunt of surprise became a hiss of pleasure as Rude played his tongue around the sensitive area between his balls and his entrance. When that wicked tongue snaked back to lap at tender, puckered flesh still a bit sore from the night before Reno whimpered and almost lifted his hands from the headboard. Rude stopped and let his warm breath caress the damp areas as he addressed Cloud.

"He's not listening well is he, angel?"

Cloud smiled at Rude's playfulness and shook his head slightly. "He can't help it," he murmered softly. Gods he loved seeing these two men like this.

Pushing himself up onto one arm he watched as Rude tried again, his tongue caressing the puckered entrance again. Seeing Reno struggle and break a sweat, his knuckles turning white to grip the headboard, Cloud pushed up to his knees and rubbed a hand over Reno's shoulders.

"Feels good," he said softly. "I can tell." He ran his hand over his husband's back and up to his hand. Planting both knees on one side he pressed against Reno's upper back and flicked his tongue over his ear. "You don't get off that easily."

Cloud helped his husband stay in position as Rude continued to torture him with his mouth. Nibbling on his earlobe he was much too sated now to make his teeth hurt or draw blood. But he held his husband's hands to the wood as he sucked and licked his neck, murmering softly as he could feel Reno's body responding to Rude.

"Let us hear you," he purred. "Tell us how good he feels."

Reno panted and whined, keening low in his throat as Rude penetrated him bit by bit with his tongue. Wood creaked under his grip, and his whole body trembled.

"That's it," Rude encouraged, each puff of air making Reno shiver more. "That's beautiful. I've dreamed of this, Red, making you tremble for me. It's better than I imagined."

Reno shook his hair from his eyes to look down past his twitching cock. He could barely see Rude underneath him, but he could feel the strength of the hands holding him.

"Please," he whispered. "Please, I..."

Reno's words broke off into a high-pitched moan, rocking his hips down onto his lover to get Rude's tongue deeper. Rude lifted him again and licked up over his balls to the tip of his cock to lap at the creamy droplets gathering.

"Just a little longer, baby. Our angel's going to help so you don't hurt yourself."

Rude pushed Reno back down and held him still to keep him from impaling himself. The tube of lube was snatched up, and Rude slicked Cloud's fingers with it.

"Get him ready, angel, while I hold him. Make him good and wet."

Coating his fingers with a generous amount of lube, Cloud rubbed his cheek over Reno's shoulder as he eased a finger over his husband's entrance. Massaging in a gentle circle he gradually pushed harder until he felt his finger slip inside. Rude had gotten him nice and
ready already, but Cloud knew he had to be sore from last night.

By the time he had worked two fingers inside he could feel Reno trembling, hear him whining in the large man's embrace. "Soon, soon..." Cloud tried to sooth as he began to thrust his fingers, adding a bit more lube to them after he glanced over at Rude's proud cock. Some day he'd know what that felt like inside him, deep and slow.

Reaching around Reno with his other hand Cloud pinched and twisted his nipples as he eased the tip of a third finger inside. He waited until the tension relaxed before he slowly pushed all 3 inside. Damn, that felt good. Reno was so beautiful like this- in Rude's arms, sweating and crying for more. His damp hair. That look in his eyes. Cloud swallowed a lump in his throat and eased his fingers out.

He rubbed his cheek against Reno's. "You ready now?" He looked at Rude and smiled. Dare he say he was excited to see his husband like this again. Excited to see Rude take the redhead again. Impaling him, soothing him, loving him...

Rude licked his lips, and his breathing slowed and deepened as he watched with lust dilated eyes. He relaxed his hold on Reno's hips enough so the smaller man could move a bit. Mmm, beautiful to see Reno trembling while his hips rocked helplessly. The redhead's eyes were closed with the long lashes fanned over his cheeks and his moist lips parted to allow small, enticing noises to escape. Reno whimpered with need and arched his chest into Cloud's touch the same time he was pushing back to take his husband's fingers deeper.

Passion had given his whole body a lovely pink flush. It made Rude want to taste his skin to see if it would be hot on his tongue so the big man licked a line up the curve of his throat and nipped at his jawline. Reno's hands dropped from the headboard to catch at Rude's arms and cling.

"Easy, baby. Slow." Rude murmured when Cloud pulled his fingers free and Reno whined at losing the feeling.

Rude lifted his lover and nudged gently at the prepared entrance until the fat head of his cock slowly breached his partner. Reno's breath left him in a rush as tender flesh stretched again to take such a large shaft. He trembled and his fingers flexed on Rude's arms. After a moment he nodded once to show he was okay and a shaken moan burst from his lips when Rude slowly pulled him down.

Cloud's heart brimmed and burst at seeing Reno so taken with passion. He was breathtaking in that moment as Rude filled him and stretched him, taking him. Cloud didn't hear his own whimper he was so enraptured watching and hearing Reno.

"Ride him..." he whispered, afraid to speak any louder and break the magic he was seeing just inches away. He pinched his husband's pert nipple and gently ghosted his fingers over his sternum before he trailed a line over his abdomen to lightly stroke his cock. He rubbed
his palm over the sensitive crown.

Laying back on his side he kept one hand constantly touching and stroking the two lovers. He watched Reno's face as the massive cock moved inside him, wondering what it felt like- how much felt good, and how much hurt for how long. Mostly... if there was any residual
memories surfacing. If that was even possible with Rude paying attention to every detail.

Reno hadn't realized he'd been holding his breath until Cloud's soft command and the fluttering touches to his cock made him release it in an explosive gasp. He looked from his avidly watching husband to his patiently waiting lover from beneath half closed lids and licked his lips. Reno shifted his clutching fingers from Rude's shoulders to his forearms, caressing and admiring the corded muscles. He loved the feel of the large, warm hands holding his hips and the carefully leashed strength of them as they helped him to rise.

Rude guided Reno up until he was quivering around the plump head then slowly pulled him back down. Rude was so thick the large shaft grazed firmly against Reno's sensitive little gland with each careful thrust. Reno tossed his head with a loud groan of pleasure, his bright hair fanning around him, and looked at Cloud with fever bright eyes and his cheeks flushed with passion. He could see the almost imperceptible worry in his husband's lovely eyes and hurried to reassure him.

"Cloud, baby, it's...ah, gods! It's all...all g-good." Reno's wet lips parted on a breathless moan as Rude pushed in deep and circled his hips. "Wanna...I wanna see you like this, too. He loves us, dontcha, big guy?"

"More than you can possibly know," Rude murmured in response, his voice a seductive purr. His warm, loving gaze caressed both men. "My darlings, that's what you are. Mine to love and protect."

Reno picked up the pace. His soft cries grew louder as he was stretched and filled over and over. For his husband and his lover he let himself submit completely to the pleasure. But when he reached for his aching cock Rude lifted him high until he was poised only on the very tip and stilled his hips.

"Move your hand, baby," Rude said over Reno's plaintive whine. "Remember, only the angel gets to touch."

Reno writhed with need and whined again. He couldn't move, couldn't come, if his lovers wouldn't allow it. He appealed to Cloud with a sultry, plaintive look and a husky plea.

"Please. Oh please, baby, need you. Need your touch."

He was a husband and an angel, and he had two people who loved him and cared for him as much if not more than their next breaths. For a surreal moment Cloud wasn't sure if he was in his own body, if this was really his own experience... he felt light weight and heady as he
reached out and gripped Reno's cock tightly. He was so damn beautiful like this, and if Reno wanted to see him like this too...

Stroking his husband a few times, Cloud then pushed himself up and took Rude's arm to lift it over his head, briefly taken aback by the hidden strength in the muscles he felt. He lowered his lips to the red, aching crown and suckled and teased the little slit before parting his lips and letting his lovers' movements guide his own. These men were very much real, their cries of passion and desire as they tangoed echoed in Cloud's ears until he heard a third join them, recognizing it as his own muffled moans as he sucked on Reno.

He stroked Reno's back with his free hand, his fingers wandering down and exploring where he and Rude became whole. His nostrils flared and he trembled for a moment. Rude was so large! Cloud knew that, ofcourse, he had barely been able to suck the big guy off, but feeling where he stretched Reno... and hearing Reno's cries and reassuring words... it planted a seed of desire. When it blossomed, Cloud would writhe and moan for Rude to take him like this.

Sucking a little harder Cloud's fingers worked lower to cup and roll Rude's balls. He moaned again, his throat vibrating around the hot crown he was swallowing.

Reno's desperate cries choked off into a gasp of startled pleasure as Cloud swallowed his cock. He was so hard, had been for so long, that it hurt, but the heat of his husband's sweet mouth, every teasing lick of his tongue, eased the pain until loud purring mingled with his panting moans. Then Rude finally relaxed the hold on his hips, large fingers caressing him in silent permission to move.

Reno rode his lover's thick cock with abandon, arching his back to take the large shaft even deeper. It was so damned good! Every time he ground down he was stretched and filled nearly to the point of pain, and every time he rose his cock pushed back into the wet heat of his husband's mouth. Reno surrendered himself completely to his lovers, trusting them absolutely, and basked in the knowledge that he was loved and wanted by two such generous and loving men. He held nothing back, letting them see and hear how they made him feel.

Reno was in a euphoria of pleasure, but he wasn't so far gone that he didn't feel his husband's slight tremble. His eyes opened immediately and his heart nearly burst with love to see Rude soothing the blond with gentle, tender touches and quiet murmurs of love and reassurance. He added his own touch, running his fingers through Cloud's silky hair and skimming fingertips over flushed cheeks stretched with his own cock.

A bolt of pleasure sizzled through the Turk's body as the thick cock pressed hard against his sweet spot. Rude caught it and gripped his hips again to hold him captive as short, fast thrusts exactly in the right area overwhelmed him. Reno threw his head back and yowled, writhing on Rude's cock and his own jerking and spurting in Cloud's mouth. Reno's strength bled out of him and he was only vaguely aware of Rude quickly pulling Cloud away and into an embrace. He could feel Rude coming inside of him as he watched their lover kissing and licking at Cloud's lips for another taste of their combined flavors.

It was too much, and Reno came again, his cock twitching but no more seed to give. His vision darkened and he fell forward, caught and eased down to lay over Rude's chest. He nuzzled against hard muscle covered with soft skin, sleepy and sated, purring quietly and with a content smile curving his lips.

Cloud pressed up tight against Rude's side as they kissed, sharing the combined flavors. He stretched and sighed, lightly sucking and licking at Rude's mouth as Reno came forward, laying atop the larger man and purring his satisfaction. That sound eased tense muscles in
his own body. Reno only purred like that when everything was good. Great. Wonderful. Beautiful. So everything was.

Lowering his kisses to Reno's mouth he dipped his tongue between lips to share their tastes with his husband. He lingered for some gentle, loving licks before he rested his head on Rude's shoulder. Both their bodies were still so warm from making love and Cloud pressed in
to soak up the heat from their sweat slick skin.

This was how he wanted to wake up every morning. The doctors and tests were the furthest thing from his mind now as Cloud basked in body heat and purrs. A soft smile caressed his eyes as he gazed at his husband. With his damp hair plastered to his temples he looked so
gorgeous and sexy on top of the firm muscles of Rude's body.

"Is it everything...?" Cloud tilted his head to look at Rude, the question hanging in the air. He wasn't sure how to finish it, or what he meant exactly. The larger man must have had expectations or "what if" scenerios when he had dreamt of this. Cloud wondered if it was
what he had dreamt of.

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