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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 49; nc-17 reno/cloud - Spurked!

Feb. 16th, 2011 07:42 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 49; nc-17 reno/cloud

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 49
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 49

Reno had put together a large snack plate of both cut fresh fruits and vegetables and some appetizers from the freezer. Being required to guard Rufus during boring company dinners had given him a taste for savories wrapped in puff pastry. He had a satisfying arrangement with Rufus' chef. Reno provided the man with occasional shipments of hard to get liquor from Wutai and in return he got frozen care packages of his favorite appetizers and finger foods. Smiling at his affectionate husband, he chose a spinach and feta stuffed pastry and held it to Cloud's lips.

For himself he picked a delicate shrimp puff that was expertly seasoned and wrapped in a dough so light it nearly melted on his tongue. Reno hummed his pleasure and relaxed further into the pillows before taking another bite. Good food after great sex and all was right within the Turk's world for the moment. Then he remembered what he had wanted to ask Cloud as bits and snatches of his partner's behavior began to filter through his memory. Rude had always been a dependable partner, and their partnership was tighter and more affectionate than most, but lately the man had been more...diligent? No, that wasn't the right word. Reno shook his head as he searched for a better way to describe what he thought he'd seen.

It also seemed as if Rude had been putting extra effort in making Cloud feel comfortable, also being extremely considerate and protective of the blond, as much if not moreso than he was towards his own partner. If that was the case, it partly delighted Reno and partly made his hackles rise at the thought of his mate receiving affection and attention from someone other than himself. Reno shook his head again. He'd have to be careful to keep his new instincts and traits from attempting to isolate Cloud. He took a drink to clear his throat then stroked his fingers over Cloud's cheek.

"Baby? Have you noticed Rude acting a little different? Nothing bad...just different?"


Cloud couldn't hide his shock and hesitation. He hadn't expected that
topic of conversation and it blindsided him. He knew what was eating
Rude. Or thought he did. And Rude had made it clear that his
feelings shouldn't cause any worry but if he told Reno... he didn't
want to hide anything from his husband, though. Especially now, Reno
would just know. He would smell it as plainly as he could see it
right now. Not to mention it would eat away at Cloud, feeling trapped
between the two men with this secret. He *hated* secrets.

Swallowing the piece of strawberry he had nearly choked on he gave
Reno a pained look. Damn, he didn't want to say it. He didn't know
*how* to say it. Cupping Reno's face he stroked his thumb over the
tattoo and to his hair line. "I think Rude's been in love with you
for a long time," he sighed and removed his hand, looking down at the
tray of snacks. "I scented a hint of... something, earlier. He saw
my reaction and said I didn't have to worry about it."

Cloud blushed, remembering his own arousal and jealousy at the mere
thought of the two Turks together. It was just a thought, but it
caused some pretty undeniable feelings.

The snack Reno had been about to bite into dropped from numb fingers to bounce back onto the tray. Rude...in love with him? No, that couldn't be right. They had been partners for years. Surely he would have felt something, sensed something, if it were true. An image of Rude holding him, mocha skin dark against his own, flashed across Reno's vision and he sucked in his breath. And...Rude had told Cloud that he didn't have to worry about it? What did that mean? Another image, this time of Rude standing protectively close to Cloud, a hand placed on the shoulder of a man who didn't willingly allow anyone but Reno to touch him.

Reno looked down at Cloud's bowed head. He could easily see his husband's appeal to his partner, could easily imagine that head of soft, blond hair tucked against a powerful chest broader than his own as a large hand cupped the nape. Reno swallowed nervously, waited for a wave of jealous rage to turn his vision green and glowing, and it...didn't happen. It only left the Turk more confused. Cloud said that Rude was in love with him and that he had been for years, but didn't he see that Rude also...felt more than real friendship for himself? Reno could see it now, the way Rude had stepped between them and the doctor to shield Cloud from the doctor's sight.

"I think you're partially right," Reno whispered, "but you're leaving out what he feels for...you."

Reno set the tray aside and pulled Cloud to straddle his lap where he could easily see his husband's face and prevent him from hiding his eyes. The cues he was getting from Cloud were swiftly changing and conflicting. He cupped Cloud's cheeks and gave him a gentle kiss to reassure and soothe.

"How do you feel about that?" Reno asked then hastened to add, "I'm yours, always, baby. You know that."

Cloud furrowed his brow and tried desperately not to look away. Rude
had feelings for him, too? He hadn't considered that. It made him
immediately nervous, the idea of being touched or eyed by any one
other than Reno. Yet the image of Reno with Rude, lost in the throes
or tilting his chin in submission, had Cloud blushing as the idea of
his ... *his* husband with Rude caused a little thrill and excitement
in his blood, while also giving him something to feel possessive over.
Like he was missing out, or being replaced maybe by someone more
steady than himself. Someone who was not a constant emotional basket

"Jealous." He mumbled, a 'but' on his face, but the word spoken with
finality. He lifted his hands to touch Reno's bare sides, not
avoiding his gaze but finding it easier to watch his own hands for the
moment. "Maybe..." he shifted his weight as the blush spread over his
nose and cheeks. "When I see it. You with him. I couldn't help but
imagine it after I found out. I didn't try, I mean... it just
happened, I saw it." He tilted his head and shrugged a shoulder
coyly, finding Reno's eyes as he admitted that it had turned him on.
"It was hot."

Now it occurred to him that maybe Reno had mentally been picturing him
with Rude. His eyes flew back to his hands as he drew a nervous
breath. "But- him and I?" It had been a long time since he had felt
anyone touch him in a positive, wanted manner. Aside from Reno, there
had only been Zack. The others he couldn't name, and probably
wouldn't recognize by now. Their touch hadn't meant a thing, and they
had just wanted bragging rights for sleeping with him, they hadn't
wanted his love.

His hands stopped as he reflected on that- Rude was a friend. If he
did have feelings for Reno and him, they weren't shallow. Still, he
didn't know how he felt about Rude having feelings for him. He
couldn't get a mental image on it. Probably because it was such an
absurd idea to him. "How does it make you feel...?" He raised his
eyes, hiding behind his lashes.

Reno took Cloud's hands in his to kiss the palms then the tip of each finger as he tried to put his emotions and reactions to this revelation into words.

"I think," he said slowly in hushed, serious tones, "that Rude would cherish you as you deserve. He rarely gives his heart, but when he does he gives all of it, no questions asked and no reservations. And you say he's in love with me and...has been for a long time? I can't believe I never noticed unless it was because I only ever saw you."

Another image came to Reno, this time one of himself and Cloud laying to either side of Rude, leaning over that broad chest and kissing as Rude watched them with that barely there smile on his lips and stroking their backs with a deceptively casual touch that really spoke of possessive protection. Reno felt a sharp bolt of lust and groaned as he buried his face in his and Cloud's clasped hands. The picture in his head was undeniably hot, but the lack of raging jealousy left him confused. Did it have something to do with the new traits and instincts fused with his psyche? Did some part of himself acknowledge Rude as an Alpha male and see him as a protector? He certainly had been depending and leaning on his partner lately.

Reno raised his eyes and pulled Cloud in for a gentle kiss. He stroked his fingers over his husband's bruised neck, over the spot that carried his mark of claiming, still the only thing visible now that their wedding bands were gone. Somehow...somehow he could believe that no matter how this played out Cloud would still belong to him.

"I love you, Cloud. No matter who else is in our life I'll always love you with everything I am, but I can't help but see this as a good thing. And I don't want there to be *any* secrets or misunderstandings between any of us. I think, tomorrow, that we all three need to talk about this." Reno rubbed his cheek against Cloud's, his usual purr absent in his nervousness. "Do you understand, baby? You still have my heart and soul. Nothing will ever change that."

And because he couldn't lie to his husband, Reno whispered, "I think you would look gorgeous , your beautiful fair skin next to Rude's darker coloring."

Cloud's breath hitched a little as the image was planted in his brain.
It made his hands shake, thinking of someone else touching him in an
intimate way. Of Rude touching that spot. Reno's name. His large
hand ghosting over the letters in acknowledgement that Cloud always
belonged to Reno in ways he never could...

Cloud whimpered and ran a hand through his husband's hair. "I'll
always be yours, no matter what happens." He took Reno's hand and
placed it over his name that the soft frabric of his sleep pants

But where the hell was Reno's possessive anger in all this? Cloud
pulled back to look at his husband closely. "This hasn't made you
mad," he noted softly. He smiled slightly, nervously. "Then I guess
it could be a good thing."

Looking down at the tray, he plucked Reno's dropped snack up and held
it up to Reno's lips. "I guess we know why it never panned out with
Tifa. I wonder if she saw it."

Reno obediently opened his mouth for the snack then scowled as he chewed when Cloud mentioned Tifa. Ah, there was the jealousy. At some point he really must have considered he could lose any chance with Cloud forever to the kick-ass barmaid. Reno put a lid on that bit of jealousy in a hurry. Tifa was their friend and he genuinely liked her.

"Maybe she did," he agreed softly. "It's probably why she didn't try harder for more from you." Then he huffed a sad little laugh. "Poor Tifa. I had thought, maybe, she and Rude...but if what you say is true...then she's just lost another good man without ever having a chance."

Secure once more in the knowledge that Cloud was his, Reno ghosted a caress over the covered tattoo then tugged Cloud back into his lap. He picked up another of the strawberries his husband favored to feed it to him. He stole a berry flavored kiss, the purr returning as he relaxed again.

"I want so much to see you happy and smiling. I want you to finally believe that you are loved and wanted just for being you, just for being my beautiful, strong, honorable and loving Cloud. Maybe if you see that you have two men wrapped around your fingers you'll finally see it," Reno teased then grew serious again. "I love him, too. I always have as a friend, brother, partner...It wouldn't take much to tip the scales, especially when I see the gentle and careful way he touches *you*. Even before talking to him tomorrow I can guarantee you one thing, Cloud. He doesn't see you as an experiment or a tool to be used when another of Hojo's horrors crops up. He's looking at a beautiful man who's been badly hurt. And me, when I look at you I see my whole world."

A few months ago Reno would never have let such vulnerable and decidedly romantic words pass his lips. Cloud coming fully into his life had changed all that. Cloud had opened the door on feelings and emotions long ago locked away to protect himself during the worst he had been required to do under the old President's regime. Now, because he was a man hopelessly in love...well, if Cloud asked for it, if it would bring one of those breathtaking smiles to that lovely face, Reno would willingly stand naked in front of headquarters shouting poetry for his love.

Cloud grew quiet at his husband's words. He cupped Reno's cheek and
leaned in to kiss him, slowly and deeply. He lingered, his lips just
resting against Reno's a moment before he rested his forehead against
it's better half. "You're the only one who can heal me, Reno. It
might take me a while to see Rude in the same light as I see you, but
I don't think he can ever touch me like you have..."

He just hoped it wouldn't cause a rift. He could see himself loving
Rude alongside Reno, but never like he did Reno.

Sitting back he took some more fruit and meat rolls for himself, his
stomach gurgling as the first few bites were being processed. "I
didn't know Tifa tried for me." He didn't know much about women, but
he wondered now if some of her lectures at him weren't spurred on by
more than friendship, if that's what Reno really saw.

He didn't want to think about that. She was dear to him, and as
nothing would ever come of it it didn't feel right talking about her
behind her back. He shrugged it off as he held up another bite for
Reno. "Let's not talk about this anymore... we can see where it heads

His nerves were growing about the morning, but for once he wasn't
worried about villians or monsters. Smiling nervously he ran his hand
up and rubbed Reno's neck as he chewed on another bite.

Reno's hunger was sated quickly, and he leaned back to squirm comfortably into the pillow nest. He kept his hands on Cloud's hips, absently kneading while he purred with contentment over being in his own home again. Having Cloud there, though, was what really made it 'home'. After a few minutes Reno gently set Cloud back into the pillows and moved around until he could rest his head in Cloud's lap while his husband finished eating.

The redhead pushed his head against Cloud's stomach in a silent demand for petting and dozed with a smile on his face. It wasn't long before dreams involving milk white and mocha skin made him twitch and his breath come faster. It seemed only the merest suggestion had his imagination running full tilt with the idea. He dreamt of large hands holding him steady, impaled by a large, thick cock while his mouth and hands roamed roamed over his husband's smooth skin. He glanced up to see the erotic vision of his two lovers kissing.

Reno twitched and moaned in his sleep, a fine sweat wetting his temples. He woke with a gasp and rubbed at his eyes with trembling fingers then looked up to see his husband watching him. A heated blush covered his face and neck, and Reno hid his face against Cloud's stomach with a groan. Gods, he was an idiot. Daydreaming about sex with another man while sleeping on his husband. He curled into a ball, drawing his knees to his chest and waited to be pushed away.

Setting their tray and juice out of the way, Cloud placed a hand on
Reno's side. "Hey..." He stroked his hand over Reno's stomach and up
under his shoulder. His husband's wet dream had made him warm.

"Tell me about it? What you saw." He leaned down and whispered in
Reno's ear. He wanted to hear it. Hear about Rude. There was a hint
of jealous fear in his tone, but he desperately wanted to be where
Reno was on this.

Running his hand down his husband's chest and stomach he slipped it
into his pants to lightly stroke his cock. "Was it hot...?" He
flicked his tongue out to tease Reno's ear.

Using his other hand he turned Reno onto his back so he could see his
face. "You don't have to hide this." He squeezed his cock and moaned
softly. "I'll catch up, with your help. Tell me about it." He moved
to straddle Reno's hips, pressing their cocks together and scratching
his nails down his abdomen.

"We...we were...together, all of us," Reno started softly, still unsure but arching helplessly into Cloud's addicting touch. "Rude was...you know I've only willingly let you take me, but...nghh!" He squeezed his eyes shut as memory and the grip of his husband's fist melded into one, panting and rocking his hips. "I was riding him, f-facing away. Gods, he's large. M-matches the rest of him, but...h-he was so gentle, taking me easy, like I was cherished."

Reno stopped for the time needed to pull the elastic waistband of Cloud's soft pants down until his husband's stiffening flesh was revealed. He wrapped his fingers around it, stroking his thumb up the underside from root to tip and rubbed his cheek against the plump head.

"You were in front of me, and I was touching you, just like I am now. You were right up against me, and we were sliding together, slick because we were both wet, just like you're starting to get slick for me now," Reno whispered and darted out his tongue to taste the heady, musky dampness that bespoke of Cloud's arousal. He moaned and stroked more firmly to get more. "Then you...leaned over my shoulder and you were kissing Rude. I was pressed between you. It...felt good, baby. I wanted to be inside you so bad, me taking you while Rude took me, but I...woke up."

Reno put one hand over Cloud's on his cock and pushed himself up to wrap his other arm tight around his husband's shoulders and take his lips, tongue pushing past perfect teeth to share the taste.

Cloud tasted himself on Reno's kiss and he delved deep for more with a
moan. Hearing Reno describe his dream... he wondered what it would be
like to taste Reno on Rude's lips. He pushed his hips against Reno's
and moved his hand to grip his ass as he grinded himself against that
wonderful cock. "He will cherish you, he already does," he whispered
between kisses in a breathy tone.

Kicking his pants off he made short work of his husband's and then
pushed him down into the pillows. Straddling his hips he reached
back, stroking his cock with a tight grip and rubbing the crown
against his quivering entrance. "Tomorrow, I want to see him taking
you, Reno. Gods, I want to see you the way you see me when I'm
impaled, out of breath, almost out of my mind with *feeling*." Part
of him was whispering- why not call Rude now. And then what? Jump
his bones as soon as he opened the door? No, they had to approach the
man with a little more tact than that. Start off slowly, at least
have a conversation before testing that new step in their

He continued to tease his entrance but he slowed a little as an idle
thought passed his mind. "You want a dildo tonight?"

Reno hesitated, the urge to bury himself deep inside of Cloud almost too hard to ignore. His husband's words were making him even hotter. Cloud wanted to watch him being taken by another man? No, not just by another man. Neither one of them would *ever* allow it. It had to be Rude, could only be Rude. Reno whimpered faintly and clenched his hands around Cloud's hips. He couldn't deny the incomplete dream had left him feeling empty and aching.

"Yes," he finally choked out and curled one hand around Cloud's nape to pull him down for a kiss. "You know where the toys are kept. You choose. *You* fuck me with it then leave it deep in me while you ride me hard."

Reno licked at Cloud's lips and whined desperately. It was becoming hard to think.

"Please, baby. I need...something, and I need you, too."

While Cloud had been having confused and jealous feelings just moments
before, the description of the dream had only left him hot and with a
desire to see it come true. Reno's emotions tied to the dream were so
intense and so passionate that he wanted to give him what he needed.
And Reno needed Rude inside him.

For tonight Cloud could fill him up but he had a feeling that the
sensation would pale in comparison once Rude had joined them. He had
no doubt the man was large, probably painfully so. Cloud himself had
made Reno sore whenever he rarely topped, it made him wince just
thinking what Reno's first few times with Rude would be like.

Cloud licked Reno's lips and jaw before he stood and headed to the
bedroom. He eyed the toys and felt his heart rate quickening as he
chose a dildo for his husband. It was larger than himself, but he
doubted it measured up to Rude. Still, it would suffice in stretching
and filling his husband in a way he probably remembered from his
dream. Taking the lube from the pillows he then returned to Reno's

Slicking the dildo until it was dripping, he set it aside on it's base
for the moment and leaned over Reno. His fingers prodded and tested
his husband's entrance before he slipped one inside as he slipped his
tongue past his lips. He moaned at the tight heat and pushed a second
finger inside. Thrusting his fingers until the tightness relax he
sucked on Reno's tongue and ravished his mouth.

"Mmn... so tight. Reno, you're going to be breath taking under Rude's hands."

He knew he needed more time to prepare Reno, but he was on edge and
knew Reno was as well. They both healed quickly now, so Cloud pulled
back with a groan and removed his fingers. Grabbing the slick dildo
he spread Reno's legs, draping one over his shoulder and pushing the
other out. He watched Reno's face closely as he pressed the tip of
the dildo against his tight entrance.

"Let me hear you say his name... beg Rude to fuck you." There it was
again, that confusion of jealousy and lust.

Reno trembled with lust and a little bit of fear. His beloved husband's beautiful blue eyes had gone green, and his words had been a clear demand. Did Cloud feel the same desire and need as he or was he angry over Reno's responses? For once, the Turk was completely at Cloud's mercy, exposed and vulnerable, and...utterly turned on by it.

Reno begged with his whole body, writhing on his back like a cat in heat. He tried to push himself down onto the dildo but Cloud's grip on him was too strong. Frustrated whines pushed from his throat, and he tossed his head on the pillows, long strands of red hair flying about and clinging to his damp skin. He closed his eyes and imagined Rude as the one crouched over him, large cock poised to pierce him. Reno could easily see it, that stunningly built body ripped with muscle and darker skin gleaming with sweat. But he couldn't envision Rude's eyes, and he really wanted that, wanted to see his partner's face as he was fucked by him. Cloud would be there too, alway, maybe even the one holding his legs back and apart, spreading him for Rude to see, to appreciate, to take.

"Cloud," Reno whispered then with more volume, "Please, oh Gods, please fuck me, fill me up...Rude, please."

The large head of the dildo pressing into him made Reno gasp and shudder. He flung his arms wide and arched back to bare his throat as he bore down to take it in.

"More," he pleaded between harsh, pained, pants of breath. "Please, Rude, more!"

Cloud pressed his free hand on Reno's upper stomach to calm his
outcries. Reno had said he felt cherished in the dream... well, no
matter how much Cloud wanted to impale him and fuck him with the dildo
now before his husband was ready, he didn't want to break that dream.
He eased the dildo in slowly as his free hand rubbed his chest and
stomach to soothe his cries for more. Bending over he pressed his
nose to Reno's exposed neck and licked a damp spot before he nipped at
it lightly.

Biting enough to hold in his teeth he sealed his lips and began to
raise a welt, sucking hard as he pushed the dildo further. He
trembled with desire and jealousy, unaware that he was treading that
fine line of sanity and madness. Leaving a moist spot on Reno's neck,
he lavished it with his tongue and pulled up to admire the mark before
he took Reno's mouth in a heated kiss, nipping at Reno's lips and
forcing his tongue inside with a deep groan.

As the base of the dildo pressed against Reno's ass, Cloud removed his
hand to give Reno a moment to adjust. Running his hands over his
abdomen and chest, he felt and kneaded the warm, sweat-slick flesh
before him. So gorgeous. How Rude had not claimed him already...
well, tomorrow. And Cloud would be there to take it all in. To see
it all, and hear every cry and grunt of Rude joining their bed. Or
couch... wherever they ended up. Cloud allowed himself a smirk at
that, there was no telling where they'd lose themselves to one

Laying himself over Reno, their cocks lined up, Cloud stroked a hand
through his red hair. "When Rude's inside you, filling you up, making
you helpless with desire I want to be like this. Right up against
you. Your breath against my face. Cock leaking up against my
stomach. We'll both cherish you until you adjust to Rude's massive
cock. Touching you, kissing you... and when you're ready to go, I'll
turn around. I'll have two men at my back... two trusted men."

There might always be a hint of jealousy, if only because his husband
and Rude had been through so much together... and now this. But that
couldn't be helped.

Reno's body struggled to adjust to the girth of the dildo, but his mind was fighting it. Wisps of memory, ghosts of the past, threatened. To keep them out bay he opened his eyes wide and cried out the name of the man who could protect him best.


Reno had one fist in Cloud's hair, holding him down in a devouring kiss, sucking at his tongue and nipping hard enough to draw blood. The other hand fisted their cocks together. Every stroke moved the dildo within him and he moaned into the kiss, the combination of pleasure and pain drawing out the animal further. His damp fingers trailed back behind Cloud's balls to circle and tease at his entrance before pressing two in deep.

"Yes!" Reno hissed. "We'll both fuck you, him through me, and when the time's right I'll watch him take *you*, and I'll bet he'll treat you like glass. Make you cry with his gentleness."

Reno pulled his fingers free and aligned his cock with Cloud's entrance as he raised an eyebrow in a cocky, feral challenge.

"You up for it, baby? You think you, me or both of us can tame the big guy and make him ours?"

Cloud's eyes flashed at the challenge and the taste of his own blood,
the itch as the bite marks began to heal... he saw the edge in his
husband's eyes. Felt it in himself. Rude was going to have his hands
full with the two of them, and gods it was going to be fantastic.

"Yes!" He growled softly and pushed back, taking Reno's cock deep
inside his body with a groan. He wasn't as prepared as he should have
been, but their insatiable lust the last few days kept him ready for
the pain. "He's ours." Pushing himself up he reached back to thrust
the dildo. "I want to feel his strength flow through you like this.
I'll feel your lust, your desire like I've never felt before." He
panted and slammed the toy into his husband as he began to ride him.

"Aah... nng, Reno. Does he feel good?"

Reno thrust hard up into Cloud, using the grip he had on one hip to pull his husband back onto his cock. He closed his eyes from the always wonderful feeling of that tight heat gripping him so beautifully and tears of pain and pleasure escaped to trail down the side of his face.

"Oh yes," he breathed, wincing from the next shove of the dildo into his widely stretched hole. It was almost too much, but he knew that Rude was even larger. But...he also felt that Rude would be careful of him and make it fantastic.

Reno fisted Cloud's slick cock with one hand and released his hip to once again pull him down to where he could reach that lovely mouth. He was racing fast to orgasm. The dream, the telling of it, the feeling of being filled as he pumped into Cloud were all combining to bring him a fast and quaking release. He thought of what it would be like to suck Cloud off as Rude fucked his husband slowly over his reclining body and *that* didn't help his control at all. Reno moaned his desire into Cloud's mouth as he gently sucked on his tongue and stroke him harder and faster.

"I love you, Cloud," Reno spoke the words against Cloud's lips. "You are my heart, my joy, my everything, but I don't think we'll regret making room to love another. And I think he'll love, cherish and protect us with everything he has.

Reno rocked between the dildo and Cloud's tight body, his cries growing louder and wilder. He was going to come hard, and there was nothing he could do to stop it, his imagination and reality drowning him in sensory overload.

"P-please, Rude. Please, Cloud," he stuttered, arching his neck in submission, tears running freely now down his face. "I...I c-can't...nghhh...h-hold it! I'm gonna co..."

Reno came screaming hoarsely, burying himself balls deep in his husband and fisting his cock relentlessly. It seemed to go on and on, draining him, burning him up, shattering him. Oh gods! What would it be like when Rude really *was* there with them? Reno's body bucked and thrashed and trembled beyond his control until his eyes rolled up and he went limp and unconscious.

Cloud took his cock in his fist and with a final jerk he came over his
husband's abdomen and chest. He panted hard and sat there, leaning
over Reno, until he felt he could support his own weight on his legs.
He eased the dildo from Reno's body and made a fast, though slightly
wobbly, trip to the bathroom to get a warm cloth and lay the dildo in
the sink to be washed later.

Cleaning them both up Cloud then wrapped Reno in a soft blanket and
curled up inside it, against his husband's warmth. He rearranged the
pillows into a comfortable nest and then settled down next to his
unconscious husband, wrapping his legs and arms around him. If that
had been mind-blowing for Reno, he wondered what the real deal was
going to be like...

"I don't think Rude knows what's gonna hit him," Cloud whispered to
Reno. He stroked his damp bangs away from his face and kissed his
jaw. Then he closed his eyes, his forehead pressed to Reno's temple.
One thing he did know- Reno was like an angel when in the throes.
Damp hair and sweat-shined skin glowing as his face... gods, his face
would make other men and women moan just looking at him like that.

But he would only ever share that with Rude. He trusted Reno, and if
the redhead thought this was a good thing then it was a good thing.
He knew Rude better than anyone, too. All it had taken was the notion
to set Reno's imagination on this road, but his dream was set hard in
reality; he knew exactly how Rude would treat them in this situation.

Sighing, Cloud relaxed tensed muscles with a thought and soon felt his
thoughts disappearing. All but one- the image of Reno like he had
never seen him before. Under him. Baring his throat. Calling his
and Rude's names before he lost all control.

Reno actually slept the night through, mind and body equally exhausted and demanding rest. And rest he did, feeling completely safe and secure within his husband's embrace. When the alarm on his phone reached his extra sensitive hearing from in the bedroom he roused feeling more content and relaxed than he had in weeks then his lips turned down in a frown and he made a face. Another day of testing awaited them. The redhead wrinkled his nose in distaste but, for the moment, it didn't inspire any fear or wariness in his heart. The wonderful night spent alone with his husband plus the new revelation about Rude had taken care of that for now.

Reno was suddenly impatient to see his partner and scrambled from the pillow nest after carefully untangling himself from Cloud and making sure his husband was swaddled snugly in the blankets. He knew Cloud had been getting as little sleep as he had and wanted his love to have the extra rest. Reno stretched sore muscles in the hot shower as he washed carefully, paying extra attention to himself as he shaved and cared for his hair, making sure to use his best conditioner and nicest smelling products. He was also glad he had a moment alone to compose himself before they returned to headquarters. He couldn't seem to control at all the nervous excitement in his eyes of the scalding blushes that kept coming and going on his fair skin. Gods, he was behaving like a teenage girl, him a Turk and married to the most wonderful man on the planet.

After his shower Reno decided to forego wasting another uniform and adding to the drycleaning bill just to be told to undress and be examined and picked at. Instead he chose a pair of washed soft dark grey jeans and a navy blue pullover. His feet went into his favorite pair of ankle boots and his hair was brushed into a glossy fall that he tied back with a leather thong. Reno padded back into the living room and smiled at the tuft of blond spikes that showed above the blankets. He could sense Cloud's regular heartbeat and breathing pattern but couldn't tell if his husband was still asleep or simply allowing them both the time alone to think. Either way, Reno knelt and nuzzled behind Cloud's pierced ear and trailed a line of kisses over his jaw.

"Rise and shine, beautiful. We have another day of being poked at to look forward to, but I thought you might want to hop in the shower while I fix breakfast."

Reno pulled the blankets down to expose Cloud's pretty eyes and gave his husband a coy look from beneath his lashes. Another smile teased at his lips, and he turned his head to show the marks on his neck left by Cloud's teeth and lips. They shown clearly above the neckline of the pullover. Reno had no intention of hiding something he was proud of. Cloud had marked him, claimed him, and it left a warm tingling in his chest.

Cloud hummed sleepily and allowed himself a fatigued smile at the
marking Reno so proudly kept on display. He looked good with a mark.
Cloud pushed himself up to nuzzle the mark. To think tonight it would
have a brother, just next to it... or maybe on the other side. Cloud
suppressed an anxious shiver and kissed the mark tenderly. "It suits
you," he said sleepily and stroked a hand over Reno's cheek.

After a soft kiss he stretched until he had wormed his way halfway out
of the blanket. Then he pushed himself to his knees. He could sleep
all day, but his anxiety and nerves about the tests and Rude were
starting to make him think again. Standing, he saw Reno to the
kitchen and, after another slow kiss, then made his way to the shower.
He tried not to think about the tests or Rude too much, but his
thoughts wandered still from fear, to what-ifs, to jealousy, to anger,
to lust...

Cloud shook his head as if to clear it and focused on drying himself
off once he had stepped out. Above all, he remembered his husband.
He remembered his trust in the man. It had never failed him. HE had
never failed him, despite what Reno thought.

An idle thought to dress in Reno's clothes passed his mind, but in the
end he was dressed in his usual comforting black. He direly needed to
go shopping, his clothes were showing real wear and tear.

Zipping his boots on he followed the wonderful aroma of breakfast to
the kitchen and to his husband. Taking the plate from Reno's hand he
set it aside for the moment and pulled his husband in close. "I'm
scared and confused as hell right now..." he spoke softly. "But I
trust you more than anything." He paused in thought for a moment.
Something had occurred to him in the shower, and he wanted to head it
off before it even had a chance to happen. "You know I haven't let
anyone touch me for a long time... I don't want to freak out and hurt
you, or Rude..."

Reno enfolded Cloud in his arms and nuzzled through his shower damp hair, licking a stray droplet or two of water from his temple and cheek. He was becoming used to the low, comforting purr he could rumble from his throat. Sometimes it expressed his feelings for him better than words could.

"I trust you, baby. I trust Rude as well. I don't think he'll give you a reason to flip out. If anything, he'll probably do everything he can to make you feel safe and comfortable. He's already been doing so." Reno tilted Cloud's chin up for another lingering kiss that eventually left his lips to travel down his neck. He skimmed his teeth over and licked at the marks there. "Now, eat a bite for me. I made fried toast with syrup since I know you like sweet things. Today's tests should be nothing more than an annoyance. We won't let them be anything else 'cause we have bigger things to attend to, yeah?"

Breakfast eaten, they took Cloud's Fenrir to headquarters this time, Reno wrapped snugly and comfortably around Cloud's back. He wanted to keep at bay any fear his husband felt over having someone at his back. It also gave him a handy excuse to snuggle some more the man he adored. The token, visible, guards by the elevators seemed relieved to see Reno in a better mood even if the pair were still armed.

Rude met them at the entrance to the medical wing and waved them on to the suite first, revealing he had coffee and juices ready for them made as each liked.

"You early as usual, partner?"

"Just stayed here," Rude murmured. "Seemed easier than going home."

What he didn't say was that he had slept in the bed Reno and Cloud had previously occupied, surrounded by their scents, his head on Reno's pillow and Cloud's cuddled carefully against his chest. The only tell was the heightened color in his cheeks. Well, the only tell to anyone who *didn't* have enhanced senses.

Reno's eyes sparkled with mischief as he sipped his coffee. He gave his husband a reassuring look as he set the mug down and stepped closer to his partner, rubbing his cheek against Rude's chest in a very feline gesture of greeting and gratitude. Rude's hands came up to grasp his shoulder's and he could only stand there, stunned, as the redhead continued the caress up to nuzzle in the hollow of his throat. Rude's unshaded eyes flicked to Cloud with a pleading look of longing before they closed and he groaned soft and low. There was only so much a man could take, and Reno, at times, could be a force of nature.

"Rude?" Reno purred softly, seductively, "my husband tells me you love me. That true, partner?"

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