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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 48; nc-17 reno/cloud - Spurked!

Feb. 14th, 2011 06:53 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 48; nc-17 reno/cloud

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 48
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 47

Cloud nodded silently, his eyes blazing fiercely. But his breathing
had calmed and his heart rate had slowed. "For you, I would do
anything," he said softly. "I just needed a break... that chamber,
and the darkness..." he sighed.

And now he had to be undressed. The only men he had ever been
undressed for were Reno, and the unwanted doctors and torturers.
Shrugging his shirt off, Cloud's eyes blazed dangerously. He sought
to distract himself in Reno's kiss briefly, until he remembered Peggy,
the only person who had touched him recently, in a rather intimate
place, and hadn't hurt him had been female. "Vesner wouldn't be a
female...?" he asked, a little doubtful.

Running a hand over his eyes he bit his lip. "I don't want to hurt
him. But I-" he cut himself short. No, he would not hurt an innocent
man. No matter what. Gods, how could he even think that? He was
terrified, but that wasn't an excuse. He had more control than that.

"You won't," Reno soothed, bending down a little to let his lips follow the path of his hands.

Such gorgeous fair skin. It made his mouth water and want to add a few more nips and bruises to reinforce to the world the claim that Cloud was his. He allowed himself one long, lazy lick against Cloud's bruised neck and straightened with another unhappy sigh.

"If anyone tried to hurt him it would most likely be me. I absolutely hate the idea of anyone but me touching you." A quiet snarl escaped his control. "If he hurts you or makes you cry out for any reason I'll be at his throat," Reno promised grimly.

The redhead gently undid Cloud's belt and pants and slipped the garments off leaving his husband in only his boxers. Reno shed his own clothes quickly and before he hopped on his own table he moved in between Cloud's legs again for another embrace, this time skin to skin. His hands stroked through Cloud's hair and down the length of his graceful back.

"I can't wait for this to be over with so we can get out of here, go home, lock the door and just be alone," Reno murmured. "I promise to make it wonderful for you if you still want to try that."

The door reopened before Reno got to hear Cloud's answer, Rude and Dr. Langley coming back in. He reluctantly released his husband to sit on the table. Following the pattern Reno had established the doctor started with the redhead first while Rude stood next to Cloud.

It started out easy enough: heart, lungs, bowel sounds listened to with the stethescope. Reflexes were checked with the small hammers. Ears and eyes had already been examined during the previous tests so Reno opened his mouth for the doctor to peer inside. Everything was noted down in a chart. The doctor then made sure to keep his movements slow and gentle when he next had to put his hands on Reno to feel arms and legs to check flexibility and range of motion of all the joints and also to palpate his abdomen. Once or twice Reno did have to grit his teeth against a hiss as the doctor's hands moved low on his belly. He also couldn't help the faint tremors when the doctor politely asked him to remove his underwear to examine his more intimate parts.

The most difficult part came when Dr. Langley asked him to bend over the table. Reno started to feel nauseated and nearly refused. Fucking hell! Did the doctor have to be *that* thorough? He reined in his fear with effort to keep from frightening or setting off his husband, but Reno reached for Cloud's hand and clasped it tightly.

"Try to relax," Dr. Langley advised quietly. Reno's reactions had given the doctor the clues needed to guess exactly what else had happened to at least one of the men. "I'll try to be as quick and gentle as I can."

Rude edged closer to Cloud until their arms touched, once again both as silent comfort and also to be close enough to restrain the blond if necessary. But when he started to politely avert his eyes Reno's other hand shot out to grab his wrist in an iron grip.

"Don't you dare!" Reno hissed, his trembling voice betraying his distress and his fear taking precedence over modesty or embarrassment. "Don't you dare look away for a moment. You promised!"

Rude swallowed, nodded and kept his eyes fixed on the doctor's hands. Reno clung to both hands, shaking and sweating, but he endured it. Afterwards, the doctor removed his gloves and washed his hands before making a few more notes. Reno moved towards Cloud on rubbery legs and again ran his hands soothingly over the man's arms and back. Rude shifted position so that he was standing at Reno's back as his partner cuddled his husband close. The doctor had been extremely gentle and compassionate with him, but Reno still warned him with a soft growl as he approached Cloud to begin the exam.

Cloud clung to Reno for another moment, running his hand over his
husband's face in an attempt to reassure him as well as himself. His
nerves were on edge and he couldn't relax, but he moved back enough to
allow the doctor to begin his examination. He locked eyes with Reno
as a stranger's hands prodded and explored his torso and limbs.

But when he was asked to bend over the table he froze. Forcing
himself to move was like unfreezing his legs from blocks of ice. He
grabbed Reno's hand and pulled the Turk closer. Focusing on his
husband's face, his own was frightened and grim as he felt strange
hands on his most intimate area. He jumped and suppressed a whimper,
even though he had plenty of warning for how thorough the doctor would

Baring and gritting his teeth as memories swarmed, his eyes glazed and
brimmed with unshed tears. Just when he couldn't take anymore he felt
the doctor withdraw and Cloud rushed to cover himself, shaking
violently as his vision blurred. He fumbled with his boxers and
slammed a fist on the table in frustration, tearing the tight leather
cover under the soft sheets.

Reno shook off the hands Rude had placed on his shoulders. During Cloud's exam he had been shaking and growling with increasing volume and growing distress to see his husband handled by another man. It didn't matter that the doctor was being caring and gentle. All Reno could see was Cloud's fear. He could *smell* it.

Reno took the sheet off the table to wrap his husband in it from head to toe and cuddled him close. Dr. Langley made a few more notes then turned back to face the couple, his face drawn with sadness and pity in his eyes. He cleared his throat nervously and clasped his hands in front of himself.

"Gentlemen, I won't ask what else happened to you other than the medical experimentation, but I can guess and I...just want you to know that *nothing* like that will ever occur here. A doctor is oath-bound ethically and morally to care for his patients and first do no harm. The monsters that hurt you had no right to call themselves such."

Reno dimly heard the doctor's words through a haze of pain and aggression. It was a good thing they were through for the day, because he didn't think they could take anymore. All he wanted was to take Cloud home, but first he had to take his husband back to the suite and get him into the shower. Cloud's skin was ice cold, and Reno could smell a scent other than his own covering his mate's body.

Dr. Langley left the room after softly voiced goodbyes. Rude stayed to stand guard over his partner and his partner's husband. It pained him to see both men so shaken and distraught, but he wisely didn't move to help as Reno quickly dressed Cloud then struggled into his own clothes. Rude did place a hand on Reno's elbow, though, during the short walk back to the suite. The redhead looked like his legs might collapse at any moment, and Rude also couldn't be completely sure his partner wouldn't turn around and attack the doctor now that Cloud was safely out of 'danger'.

Back in the suite Reno all but ripped their clothes off again and herded Cloud into the shower. He washed his husband clean of the doctor's faint scent with near frantic motions, trying hard to keep his rising aggression under control. He couldn't snap, not now, not when Cloud needed him. His husband's beautiful eyes still hadn't returned to their normal pure blue, and Reno was getting worried. After the frenzied cleaning he dressed them again in different clothes and held Cloud against his body, nuzzling against his hair and pale face.

"C'mon, baby. We're going home now. It's all over for the day, and nothing like that will ever happen again. Cloud, please baby, talk to me."

Numbed, Cloud lifted his arms to lightly fist his hands in the back of
Reno's shirt. "I'll be okay," he whispered, his voice on the edge.
Laying his head on Reno's shoulder he pressed in closer until he felt
himself enveloped in a tight embrace. "Just hold me a minute."

In those arms, surrounded by the scents of their love making from the
morning and soaps from their recent shower, he gradually felt the
warmth from his husband seeping into his skin. He tightened his hold
as unwanted thoughts and sensations crept into his mind. He wouldn't
be able to relax, not here and now.

"Take me home," he sighed. "I'll be okay." Looking down at the floor
he picked up his swords and slung them onto his back. His face was
still in shock, the expression blank and unfeeling. He took his
husband's hand on auto-drive and forgot to make his legs move as he
zoned out.

He needed Reno to guide him back to their ride and then he held on
tightly, his mind going blank as he felt the wind on his face and
through his hair. The world passed by but Cloud didn't pay it much
attention until they came to a stop and he felt Reno's weight shift to
dismount the bike.

Reno secured the bike and made sure they had all their weapons then wrapped a supportive arm around his husband for the walk to the elevators. Luckily, the one or two people they passed didn't try to detain them. Most of the inhabitants of the high class apartments knew Reno was a Turk anyway and had rarely ever spoken to him. They had the elevator to themselves and were quickly home. Reno swiped his key card and led Cloud inside, throwing every lock once the door closed.

"Home safe, baby," he murmured and carefully eased the heavy swords and sheath from Cloud's back. He made sure to take his EMR and gun to the bedroom with the, though. Reno wasn't ready, and probably never would be, to not have his weapons close at hand.

The redhead divested them of their clothes again and urged Cloud to crawl between the sheets of their large bed. They could eat something later. Right now he just wanted to bring his husband back from his traumatized state. Reno sat up with his back against the headboard and shifts Cloud until the blond was lying on his side between his outstretched legs, cheek resting against Reno's bare chest. His left hand stroked through silky fine hair and his right alternately smoothed over Cloud's bruised neck and traced patterns over his back.

"It's okay, love," Reno whispered, using his most precious endearment. "We're safe, we're alone, and no one will bother us anymore tonight. Come back to me, baby. Come away from all those horrible memories."

Cloud closed his eyes and listened to Reno's breathing and heart beat.
He let his mind go blank as Reno's touch and voice willed him to
relax. Sighing, he rubbed his cheek against his husband's chest,
enjoying the smooth flesh against his own.

He never wanted another man to lay a finger on either one of them. As
far as he was concerned, he would break the next man's hand before he
had the chance. Doctor or not. "No one deserves to touch you," he

Pressing a kiss next to his husband's nipple, he raised his head and
nuzzled his neck. "I love you so much." He scooted up a little to
look Reno in the eye, knowing the little green eyed creature inside
him was resting again.

"Come here," Reno asked, his heart aching with love. He tugged gently until Cloud was straddling his lap. He pressed his face against his husband's neck skimmed his lips over the soft skin. "I wanted to kill him," he admitted, referring to the doctor. "It didn't matter that he meant nothing by it or that he was trying his best to be kind. I hated that he had his hands on you, and the minute he made you afraid I wanted to rip his throat out."

Reno muffled a whimper against Cloud's skin. "Rufus is right. When it comes to you I'm outta control when it comes to anything threatening you. If I can't leash it they might as well put me down like a rabid animal. I've tried so hard to be something more than a trained killer." Reno brought his head up, his face pained, and stared into eyes that were once again beautifully blue. His fingertips ghosted over Cloud's pale cheek. "How can you still love me when I'm more animal than man now, more like Sephiroth than human?"

This time he couldn't stop the whining growl that escaped and moved his hands down to grip Cloud's hips possessively. "And yet...I can't let you go."

Reno brought one hand to his lips and licked at the fingers then reached behind Cloud to dip between his cheeks and press against his tight entrance.

"He touched you here, and I wanted to kill him because only I should ever do that." Reno kept his touch light without penetrating and moved his other hand between Cloud's spread thighs to fondle his cock, teasing at the tiny slit with his fingernail. "I want to erase his touch, but I want to make your fear go away, not make it worse or bring back more bad memories."

"You are nothing like Sephiroth," Cloud's heart broke just hearing
Reno compare himself to that monster. He dipped his head to nuzzle
and trail moist kisses over Reno's neck and collar bone. "Nothing at
all." He sighed and pressed a loving kiss to his husband's lips. "I
trust you. You can make this right, you've already soothed so many

His hands rubbed and lightly scratched Reno's upper arms as his cock
hardened. That touch always felt so good. He moaned at the
fingernail teasing his slit. "We can do that tonight. I want to feel
you inside there. Right now... I need you to help me."

He reached under the pillow and took the bottle of lube, pressing it
into Reno's hand. Pushing off the bed he took Reno's free hand and
tugged him along. Walking him to the door, Cloud ran his hands over
his chest and abdomen. "Just let me know it's you with every word and
touch. If I need to, I can take my hands down."

He pulled Reno against him and turned, taking a long moment to just
feel Reno wrapped around him and pressed against his back. Then he
lifted his arms and lightly rested his fingers on the top of the door

Reno dropped the lube and wrapped his arms around Cloud's chest, holding the blond tightly while he kissed over his jaw and neck.

"You don't know how beautiful you look when you're all spread out for me like this," he murmured. "You never see it...but I do."

His hands reached up to trail his fingers down Cloud's arms and lightly over his sides to grip his hips. Reno kept up the nuzzling kisses, whispering into Cloud's ear even as his heart pounded with desire.

"What you're asking me to do, baby, requires absolute trust. If you still want it we'll start out very slowly, and I'll stop immediately if you find that you don't like it or can't take it." Reno turned Cloud's head for a deep kiss. "I'll be right back. I need to get some things. Just stay here and relax. There's no one here but you and me."

Reno rummaged through his chest until he withdrew a small, velvet lined box that contained an assortment of thin glass rods of varying thickness and length. He chose the smallest and thinnest, one with a small ball on the end. Returning to Cloud, he nuzzled against his husband again and purred his desire against his cheek. Reno coated both his hands and the small rod with a liberal amount of the lube and stood behind Cloud with one hand stroking his cock to full hardness, teasing the slit over and over with his smallest finger. After a few minutes he switched the rod in place of his finger and smoothed the body warmed glass around the plump head. Each time he circled inward he pressed a little harder against the slit.

Reno hooked his chin over Cloud's shoulder so he could see better and keep perfect control over his actions.

"Look at me, baby, only at me. It's just me touching you. Just your Reno who loves you more than anything."

Reno held the rod perfectly steady and pressed until the ball slipped smoothly into the slit, dilating it all around and just barely stretching the skin. He held Cloud's cock in his hand and gently pushed until the rod slipped in a fraction of an inch.

"Okay?" he breathed the question into Cloud's ear.

Cloud was more than okay. Fuck, he was in awe as the glass stimulated
the bare inside of his crown. He had never been touched inside there.
Never felt that tissue rubbed.

"Nnn... yeah..." he breathed out huskily. "Feels nice." He gently
touched Reno's arm, taking one of his hands down but leaving the other
up, encouraging him to continue. It was what Reno's finger had done
to his slit, but so much more. So intimate and invasive. He looked
at Reno, his eyes hooded with lust as he moaned.

A little deeper and another moan. Cloud leaned his head against
Reno's and looked down at his lover's hands. He watched, mesmerized
as the tube slowly sunk into his cock. Lightly pressing, lightly
stretching him open just a little more than his own urethra's size.
As the last bit pressed in, Cloud turned his head to seek his
husband's mouth. His hand paused Reno's hand from moving while he
pressed for a deep, invasive kiss.

"This feels real good," he whispered. He had forgotten about where
Reno stood, or that he had an arm over his head, mimicking what Roy
had done to him. The new, intense sensation inside his most private
place, a place that had never been touched, was a fitting distraction
for working past that fear.

"Good," Reno whispered back.

He carefully pulled the rod back out, twisting it as it emerged. It was laid to the side in favor of one slightly larger and thicker. More lube and he was pushing it in with as much care as the last. There was no place for rough and tumble actions when attempting something so delicate. Thoughtless could cause intense pain, and Reno wanted his husband to feel nothing but pleasure. He left the second rod in place. Just having it remain inside Cloud's cock would continue to stimulate him.

"I love you," Reno murmured against the back of Cloud's neck. He smoothed his hands in gentle, worshipful caresses all lover Cloud's arms, chest and back.

His own eyes were dilated with desire and he purred continuously as he lavished loving attention on his mate. His cocked throbbed and ached with need, but he ignored it for the moment. It wasn't lost on him that he was standing at Cloud's back, and his husband was showing none of the fear that broke Reno's heart.

Reno sank to his knees while kissing and licking over Cloud's back. He brushed his fingers against Cloud's inner thighs as he rubbed his cheeks over the gentle swell of his husband's toned and gorgeous ass.

"Spread wider for me."

Reno squeezed Cloud's cheeks then parted them to lick a hot trail from the base of his balls to the small of his back.

"I'm going to make you feel even better," he promised huskily and licked teasing circles around Cloud's entrance. "Fill up every part of you with me."

Reno used his thumbs to further open the softening ring of muscle and snaked his tongue inside.

"Nn... ooh," Cloud replaced his other hand on the door frame to hold
himself up. His knees felt weak as his body flushed with heat. His
cock ached and twitched as his ass was teased. Every tiny movement
that caused his cock to twitch and jump also caused the rod to move,
and each slight sensation of friction inside his cock made Cloud
breath, gasp, and moan his approval.

"Reno... ooh gods... ooh!" Cloud cried out softly as a particularly
sensitive spot was glanced over with Reno's amazing tongue. The
muscles in his thighs began to quiver from the overwhelming care and
stimulation his husband was lavishing on his body.

Lowering his hand again, Cloud reached down and back to lightly
scratch Reno's scalp in appreciation. Threading his fingers through
that head of hair he moaned lowly. His body was so hypersensitive now
that even Reno's hair inbetween his fingers felt softer and silkier
than ever. "Oooh... I love your tongue... your fingers..." He trailed
off in another soft cry.

"Ride me, babe. I need you so much."

Reno managed to lean into Cloud's touches while continuing to lick, torment, and tease. He pushed insistently against Cloud's fingers, shamelessly begging for more of the petting he couldn't seem to get enough of these days.

Reno tongued his husband until he was thoroughly wet and relaxed, but didn't give Cloud his fingers. He wanted his baby to still be a little tight so only coated his own cock with the lube as he lifted Cloud's hand from his hair and pressed a lingering kiss to the palm.

The redhead draped himself over Cloud's back and nestled the head of his cock between sweet cheeks, rubbing his swollen head against the softened ring.

"A larger rod can keep you from coming," Reno murmured into Cloud's ear. "But that's not what I want this time, baby. I want you to come with it *iinside* you." He held Cloud's hips steady and nuzzled through his damp hair, licking the dew of sweat and purring over the salty, musky taste. "You want me to ride? Then you better hold on to something."

Reno checked once last time to make sure he was lubed well since he still refused to let Cloud feel any pain then started slowly pushing his crown into his husband's luscious body. He hissed in pleasure over the tight heat gripping him and paused every few seconds to allow Cloud to adjust.

Taking his hands off the top of the door frame, Cloud turned so he
could hold onto the side itself. It felt like home to have Reno
pressed up against his back again. This time there was no question of
who it was, no bad memory trying to taint the wonderful euphoria of
having Reno all around him and in him like this. Roy was the furthest
thing from his mind as Reno slowly pushed into his body, filling him
up so deep and stretching him open. Gods, it was so good.

"Mmn..." he arched his back for his husband as a jolt of pleasure went
up his spine, Reno's cock rubbing just right as he pressed in to his
hilt. His cock ached and he didn't think he could be any harder with
that glass pipe causing constant friction and stimulation inside him.
Like a domino effect, each movement from Reno's cock inside him caused
the tube to move slightly, which felt almost like a mirrored reaction.
He was surrounded, inside and out, by the man he cherished more than

Turning his head he looked his lover, friend, husband in the eye and
kissed him. "You make everything feel right," his voice was laden
with emotions. Lustful and vulnerable and he had never felt so close
to anyone. Reaching back he lightly scratched his nails over Reno's
hip and thigh. "I wouldn't let anyone else do this. Not even

Reno kissed Cloud's shoulders in a flurry of satisfied purrs and passionate growls.

'Mine' each kiss, each lick, each bite proclaimed. He could see pearls of Cloud's essence gathering around the glass rod and sliding down his swollen, bobbing length and knew his husband was close. Reno wrapped one arm around Cloud's waist to hold him steady then changed the angle of his thrusts. Where before each deep slide had grazed over the prostate now each one placed direct pressure on the sensitive little gland. Reno had long ago lovingly mapped and memorized his husband's body and knew just where to touch to make him howl in pleasure.

Reno thrust harder, rocking his hips and grinding against Cloud's toned, beautiful ass. Words of love, praise and admiration fell from his panting lips. Gods, how he loved this man, treasured him above all else. Reno skimmed light fingertips down Cloud's taut abdomen to stroke over the tattoo of his name. He plunged his tongue between Cloud's lips, filling him everywhere as promised with tongue, rod and cock. He could feel his own release approaching and fought it so that he could feel his husband come in his arms.

Overwhelmed with the sensations of being filled and rubbed and touched
everywhere it counted, Cloud didn't have room to think. He just felt.
Each sensation eventually combining into powerful knots inside his
chest and abdomen. He was unaware that one hand had released the door
frame and just hovered, lost on whichever road it had set out on. The
other was chewing into the wood with a vice-like grip.

This was the trust he could only give to his husband. Even if he
could somehow manage to lose himself like this to his own hand and his
own manipulation it would be too dangerous, leave him too vulnerable
to attack. No, it was only Reno who he trusted to give this
mind-blowing... fuck? Love making? It was too blurred to say for sure
what they were doing now.

His cries were swallowed by Reno's tongue. The ones that did escape
were gaining pitch, until Cloud bucked. His orgasm snuck around him
and clocked him right on the jaw. He screamed as his seed pulsed and
shot from around the glass rod to paint the door frame and wall with a
thick milky splash. His ass clenched tight, pulling at Reno's cock
and begging to be filled with his essence as Cloud shuddered and
bucked in his throes. The glass rod's continued stimulation drew his
orgasm out.
Reno moaned from the nearly painful pleasure of having his cock gripped so tight. He ground his hips hard against Cloud's ass and came deep inside his husband's body. Reno reached blindly for the doorframe to keep them upright as they panted and shivered in the aftermath. His knees threatened to buckle, but he remained standing and held Cloud tightly around the waist as he licked at the sweat at his husband's temple.

"You were wonderful, baby," Reno sighed. "Our lovemaking is for no one else." He gently started to remove the glass rod from Cloud's softening cock, twisting it a little to make it easier. "No one else gets to touch this."

Once he had the rod out Reno turned Cloud to face him then dropped to his knees to lick away with broad swipes of his tongue the evidence of their passion. Deep, rumbling purrs vibrated his throat as his hands roamed and kneaded Cloud's flesh. Reno;s touch was reverently gentle and his glowing eyes half lidded with pleasure as he willingly gave in to the instinct to groom and soothe his mate.

Leaning heavily against the wall, Cloud watched his husband with
hooded eyes for a moment and then let them flutter close. Damn. As
he floated on gentle waves of his afterglow he idly thought how
different his life would have turned without this man.

He stroked a hand through redhair and sighed happily. As Reno stood
from cleaning him up, he cupped Reno's elbos and lightly pulled him in
to taste himself on those lips and tongue. He sighed again at the
taste of himself inside Reno and delved a little deeper in a languid,
slow kiss. He still tingled everywhere Reno had filled, could still
feel him inside.

At the angry growl from his stomach, Cloud smiled a little against
Reno's lips. His knees still felt like goo, and he knew Reno's needed
to recover, too. "Just hold me a moment," he murmered against Reno's
lips. He didn't want this to end. Not yet. His stomach could wait.
Gods, he had never felt so close to anyone before.

He barely made it across the room and onto the bed on his wobbly legs.
Sinking into Reno's arms he nuzzled into the warmth and safety.
Closing his eyes he pressed his lips to Reno's neck. "I love you,
Reno. So much..."

Reno curled around Cloud protectively, throwing one leg over his hip to draw him into a full body embrace. Soft blond spikes tickled his nose, and the feel of warm lips against his throat made him purr louder. He ran one hand up and down Cloud's back, pausing on the upstroke to knead and massage the nape of his neck.

They lay twined together on their comfortable bed in the quiet stillness, and Reno reflected on his life before finally winning Cloud. He had always been busy. His job as a Turk had been heavily altered after Meteor, Rufus' Geostigma, the battle with the Remnants and the subsequent rebuilding of Shinra. There really hadn't been time to think about it then, but Reno had been lonely. He had taken a lover at times, sure, but there had never been any emotional connection, and there had never been anyone else that he wanted to keep beside him for the night let alone for life.

Reno had simply been waiting for Cloud, waiting for the one man that he had seemingly always been in love with, even when they were on opposite sides of a fight. He tightened his arms and buried his face in Cloud's hair. Well, he had him now, had him in his bed, his life, and had somehow also managed to win the unimaginably precious gift of his love.

Reno tilted Cloud's chin until he could lay a tender kiss against those soft lips.

"I love you, too, baby. There's *never* been anyone else for me but you. I've never loved or wanted anyone like I do you. As long as you want me I'll be your husband, friend, lover...hell, with what they've done to me I can even be your damn pet. But however you want or need me I'll always be here for you." Another annoyed growl from Cloud's stomach made him grin. "And it looks like right now I need to feed you before you start gnawing on my neck." He patted Cloud's tight bottom affectionately. "Why don't you go hop into the pillow nest while I throw together something for us?"

Reno rose and stretched his lithe body like a cat before searching through their clothes to find two pairs of his own soft sleeping pants. They might be a little long on his husband, but Reno enjoyed having Cloud wrapped in his scent. He stepped into his pants, skimmed his fingertips over his husband's flushed cheek and left for the kitchen feeling much better than he had when they arrived home. Getting to spend the evening and night home alone with Cloud made the idea of going back to the medical wing the next day more bearable.

The Turk also hoped his partner was getting some much needed rest. Reno paused in the act of pouring them both some juice. Something was up with Rude, but with his anxiety and concern for Cloud foremost in his mind Reno couldn't quite pin it down. He'd ask Cloud about it while they ate. Maybe he had noticed it, too.

Cloud slipped into the soft pants of his husband's and followed Reno
out of the bedroom. He rubbed his husband's shoulders and back before
he turned to the den where their nest was. They were *home* and it
finally hit him. The scents. Everything they could do. The
comforts. Their nest, right in front of the fireplace.

Kneeling in front of the fireplace, Cloud inhaled the aroma of old
burns. Though it felt too warm for a fire now, just it's sight and
scent made him smile. He crawled back and into the pillows, laying on
his stomach where he could easily see in the direction of the kitchen.
He still felt a little high from being sounded. Though most of the
physical feelings had worn off, there was still a thick residue on his
emotions and psyche from the intense experience.

Laying his chin down on his arm he watched the hall to the kitchen for
a moment and then turned his head to a more comfortable angle, closing
his eyes. He dozed, floating on that high that was slowly winding
down, and reflected on the feelings moments before. Those thoughts
gradually faded as his stomach became more adamant about being fed.
He didn't remember being quite so famished after sex before, and that
made him smile and blush.

He didn't know when he dozed off, but when he heard his husband
approach and the smell of food greeted his nostrils, he knew it had
only been for a few moments. Sitting up he made room for Reno,
threading their legs together as he pressed up against his side and
reached back to pull some of the pillows down to support their backs.
"Smells good," he said softly, rubbing his jaw against Reno's

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Date:February 15th, 2011 05:25 am (UTC)
What an awesome Valentine's Day present! <3 Six chapters in one day is very impressive and they were all beautifully written. I'm glad to see the couple home and safe and I hope they both have a clean bill of health. I hope you had a wonderful day and I look forward to the continuation of this story :D
Date:February 16th, 2011 05:35 am (UTC)

i thought ya'll deserved something very special for v-day. :) 6 chapters seemed about right lol
Date:February 17th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Wow...I'm loving catching up so many chapters in a row...
its surely wonderful to have them home again. Now they start comparing notes about Rude...have to wonder what direction that will go!