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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 47; nc-17 reno/cloud - Spurked!

Feb. 14th, 2011 06:52 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 47; nc-17 reno/cloud

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 47
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 47

Handing Rude his free arm, Cloud watched the man and his tray
intently. He pumped his fist after the tourniquet was tied and his
eyes widened a fraction at the sight of the needle. But he held still
as he watched the entire ordeal, barely blinking a lash as fear and
trust and protection warred inside him.

After the final vial was drawn, Cloud relaxed with a tremble and a
breath and turned to press his nose into Reno's hair. Inhaling his
scent, he closed his eyes for a moment to calm himself before he
turned back to Rude.

"Thanks," he nodded. "You'll be right next door?" He had a bad
feeling about waking up with the scent of a strange doctor outside
their door.

Rude nodded. "I'll take these back to the lab and make sure the tests are begun then I'll come right back. Remember, no one can access the front door to the suite except the two of you and myself. Your keycard is on the dresser. I'll be right in the other bedroom so you can call anytime if you need anything."

"Got what I need right here," Reno mumbled and yawned, his head drooping further down Cloud's chest.

Rude was startled by the quick twinge around his heart. He knew Reno didn't mean anything hurtful by it, but still...

"I'll leave you to rest then.". Rude carefully gathered up all the labeled vials of blood and closed the door behind him with a soft click.

Reno yawned again, too tired to realize that he was purring quietly while trying unsuccessfully to curl up in a ball on top of his husband. They were too close to the edge and Cloud was still dressed. Reno sat up with an irritated hiss and tugged at Cloud's clothes with impatient hands to hurry him into bed.

"Easy," Cloud said softly, and stilled Reno's hands. He stood from
the bed to quickly, but carefully, undress and pulled on the pair of
soft pants. He laid his clothes on the dresser and lifted his swords
within easier reach of the bed before he pulled the sheets back.

"Right here," he guided Reno to lay between his legs and on his chest
as he settled under the sheets. Wrapping his arms around him, he
kissed his forehead, nose, and lips. "Love you. Get some sleep, I'm
not going anywhere."

He sighed and nosed Reno's hair. This wasn't anything like the other
labs and experiments he had been subjected to, yet. But he still
missed their own bed and loathed the idea of more needles and
equipment being poked into his flesh in the name of science and

Reno settled down but slept fitfully. Several times he awoke with a start at some unfamiliar sound. Only the comforting sound of his husband's heartbeat and the feel of his embrace kept him from bolting. It was still dark out when he woke the last time and faintly heard Rude moving quietly around the small kitchen area and smelled brewing coffee.

Cloud had kept his promise and held him through the night. Reno turned his head to press his lips over his husband's heart then rubbed his cheek against the smooth skin of the nicely muscled chest he lay on. The purring started again as Reno moved up enough to lay beside Cloud and tugged the sleeping man into his own embrace. His heart ached with love for his beautiful, brave, honorable husband. As different as it seemed things were going to be with his trusted partner supervising everything, Reno still wished that Cloud could be spared from it all.

Reno rubbed small circles in the small of Cloud's back with his fingertips and trailed soft kisses and little licks against his temple and cheek. A quiet knock at the door interrupted him before he could taste Cloud's tempting lips.

A soft purring noise and gentle, loving touches tempted Cloud from his
sleep. He began to stir, murmering as the onset of arousal demanded
he answer those licks and touches. But the quiet knock at the door
turned his soft noises into a sigh of defeat as it not only
interrupted his mood but reminded him of where he was.

What had been a pleasant, gradual waking to the loving care of his
husband turned into a groggy clamber as Cloud tried to wake himself
faster than he wanted. His eyes stung at being opened prematurely and
he quickly snaked a hand into his own pants to cup the head of his
stirring member against his belly to hault it's progress.

Grumbling softly, he buried his head under the sheets and against
Reno's belly. "Tell'em to get lost," he gruffed, his voice much
softer from sleep than the anger he had attempted to put in it.

Rude opened the door a crack to peek in after Reno reluctantly answered. A blush darkened his mocha colored cheeks when he noticed Cloud was burrowed under the sheets and his head seemed to be level with...

"Ahem!" Rude ducked back behind the door and spoke through the crack. "We have an hour and a half before we have to report. I thought you two would want some, ah, breakfast. I'm going to the Turks' lounge to get a bite to eat and I can bring you back something."

Reno reached under the sheets to continue rubbing Cloud's back and held back a chuckle over Rude's embarrassment out of gratitude for his partner's thoughtfulness. Although, yeah, the feel of Cloud's warm breath misting softly over his belly was awakening his arousal. He slipped his other hand under the sheets and softly stroked his fingertips over Cloud's cheek and jaw.

"That would be good, partner," Reno answered, desire making his voice husky.

Rude said he'd return in forty-five minutes and left hastily before his mind started providing him with images he probably shouldn't be considering. After he heard the front door close Reno ducked under the sheets, secure in the knowledge that no one else could come in. He scooted down until they were cocooned by warm cotton and cupped Cloud's cheek for a leisurely kiss.

"I always want you," Reno murmured, "anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances. You're a fire in my blood that I don't want to ever go out."

His tongue flicked against Cloud's mouth, coaxing his lips to open as his hand smoothed down his husband's gorgeous body to curl around the hardening shaft he was pleased to find, his thumb gliding over the moist head.

"Mmm, is this for me?" Reno teased and smirked against Cloud's lips.

His pout melted into a smile as his husband's touch and kiss returned
him to the sleepy, aroused state from waking. He knew he was moody in
the morning, but he felt a twinge of guilt at his attitude towards
Rude, having no idea what the Turk thought he had saw.

"You spoil me. Who else would it be for?" he smiled against Reno's
lips, sleep making his voice soft and seductive.

With a sleepy moan he nibbled at his husband's lips before he invited
him in for a heated kiss. Sliding his tongue against it's better half
he slid his hand down Reno's side to lightly scratch his nails up his
back. Oh fuck, he loved waking up like this. The soft and smooth
feel of his husband's flesh warming under his touch. His own flesh
turning into a sensitive instrument for Reno to play.

Pushing his hips, he wriggled closer and whimpered into Reno's mouth.
He pushed his pants down his legs and kicked them off without breaking
the kiss that was growing a little urgent, a little passionate.

Reno hummed his appreciation at being able to run his hands over Cloud's smooth and delightfully firm ass. He cupped the cheeks for a gentle squeeze as he sucked on the tip of his husband's tongue. There was always so much pleasure, so many sensations to taste and feel. Reno loved having Cloud like this, body warm and pliant from sleep, those soft whimpers that called to his instinct to dominate and protect.

Reno rolled Cloud to his back and sat up to throw off the sheets. He nipped at his husband's jaw and pierced ear, bending low to whisper soothing endearments while his hands smoothed over all that lovely bare skin.

"Shh, baby. We have time, there's no need to rush."

Reno grazed his teeth over Cloud's bruised neck to distract him while he rummaged in the bedside table. He smirked when he came up with a brand new tube of lube, the kind that promised extra sensation. His partner really had thought of everything. Reno kissed his way down his husband's torso and couldn't resist lashing his tongue over the swollen head of his cock just to have that much loved taste on his tongue before sitting back again on his heels.

"Hold your legs up, baby. Spread yourself open for me," Reno commanded quietly as he traced the tattoo of his name with a barely there touch.

He opened the lube and slicked himself generously, hissing a little as the initial chilliness of the gel almost immediately became a warm tingling. Oooh, that was going to make things very intense. Reno coated the fingers of his left hand as well.

Eagerly spreading his legs, Cloud whimpered at the sight of Reno
slicking himself. He tried not to react to the hiss but couldn't help
using one heel to urge his husband forward. He didn't know why he was
so impatient, but he just wanted his husband inside him. Now. He was
ready. The idea just moment's ago that his arousal would have to be
put on hold, only to have it reignited had him harder than hell.

The initial pressure as Reno eased his perfect cock inside him was
always fantastic. But slowly Cloud registered the gel's affects and
his moan's changed tone. Looking up at Reno the look on his face was
mixed with awe and pure lust as his body was engulfed with that warm
tingling. He arched back as Reno rubbed his sweet spot, coating it
with the gel and causing his hips to thrust on instinct.

Oh gods, the walls were going to sing with his cries this morning.

A pleased purr rumbled loudly from Reno's throat as he watched his cock move smoothly in and out of his husband's body. The gel made the already fantastic feeling absolutely mindblowingly intense. It felt so good to be able to make love to his husband slowly and with single minded focus.

Reno smeared some of the gel over Cloud's tight nipples then rubbed it into the very sensitive area where his name was tattooed. Nothing else existed for him right then except for the sight of Cloud shifting under him, the sound of his own purrs and soft pants from his husband, the alluring scent of arousal that grew stronger by the second.

Reno held Cloud in place for his slow, forceful thrusts with a grip on one hip and rubbed his slick palm over the head of the pretty cock bobbing with their movements.

"Is it good?" he asked, words blurred by animal sounds of pleasure.

"Aah..." Cloud arched and squirmed and stretched under the sensual
assault on his most sensitive areas. Fuck, good didn't even begin to
cover it. But anything else wouldn't do it justice either. There
simply wasn't a word worthy enough for this.

"Yeah," he panted. "Real good." He clawed at the cover sheet and
brought one hand up to rub his own chest, lightly scratching his
tingling nipples. "Ooh yeah..." The warmth and wonderful tingling
made his voice a little softer and a little more breathy than usual
when under Reno's expertise.

Reaching down he touched his fingers to the side of Reno's abdomen,
feeling him flex and move with each hard thrust that sent a jolt up
his spine. "Uhn!" Cloud grunted as the angle hit just right, sending
a bolt of blinding pleasure right behind his eyes. He moved his leg
to find that spot again and cried out loudly. Oh gods...!

"That's it. Sing for me, baby."

Reno increased the intensity of his efforts to wring more cries from his husband. His hips circled and each thrust pushed deeper. His fingers curled around Cloud's hard shaft to stroke him with knowing familiarity. It never grew stale. Each time was like the first for Reno and carried with it the same love, awe and humility over being able to touch and claim this man.

Reno rubbed his cheek against the smooth leg draped over his shoulder and licked the inside of the knee. He could feel his balls tightening and the heat coiling in his belly. Cloud could always unknowingly drive his husband to the edge with the way he looked, all flushed and wanton, the sweet sounds spilling from his kiss swollen lips, the fantastic grip and heat of his body.

Reno thumbed over the tiny slit in the flared crown and drove in hard.

"Always want you. Always need you."

"For-ever," Cloud gasped. "Love you." He gripped the sheets in two
fists as Reno's strong thrusts pushed every coherent thought out of
his brain and were quickly replaced with feelings, sensations, and
mantras like 'oh gods oh gods oh reno oh fuck oh ooh.'

His cries rang out as his husband surged, driving him higher and
higher in a wild dance. His orgasm hit him blindly: the build up was
slow but suddenly he was over the edge and screaming as his cock
erupted and ass clenched hard. He arched back, hands clawing at the
cover sheet as wave after wave of pure static crashed through his
body. The noises from his mouth were raw and unfiltered.

Flexing his legs, thighs and lower back as the storm ebbed, Cloud
moaned as tiny jolts of pleasure cruised up and down his body from his
groin and Reno's cock still inside him. Panting, he crooned at his
husband and flexed his hips again.

Reno licked his fingers clean with a deep purr of satisfaction as he thrust faster and faster, chasing his own release. When it peaked he surged forward to bury his face against Cloud's neck and shudder against his strong body. Reno brushed aside the damp hair clinging to his husband's face to kiss his shoulder, neck, jaw and finally a tender kiss to his lips.

He slipped from Cloud's body with a small moan of loss and curled on his side to draw the man into his arms. Reno felt relaxed and sleepy but calmer and more centered since yesterday. While he would have liked to doze next to Cloud he knew that time was running short.

"We need to get showered and dressed, baby," he murmured, the reluctance clear in his voice, but the worry and apprehension still wasn't strong enough to erase the content purrs still vibrating his throat.

Despite his words, Reno kneaded Cloud's shoulders and back and nuzzled through his hair until a familiar scent started wafting through the door. There was only once scent in the world that could call to him almost as strongly as that of his sated, snuggling husband...coffee. Rude was back and, as usual, anticipated his partner's morning ritual.

"C'mon, gorgeous. I don't know how long they plan on poking at us, but we'll show them it won't be as long as they might want. Even if it takes a few days we're still going home tonight. We deserve that, at least."

Reno kissed and nuzzled Cloud's face one more time then levered himself off the ravaged bed with a groan.

With a sigh, Cloud crawled off the foot of the bed to follow his
husband into the bathroom. He was tempted to avoid the shower again
but didn't think the doctors would appreciate the heavy, musky aroma
of his and Reno's rutting. Though it did relax him. Something in
Reno's scent had changed along with the other feline parts of him.

His current sated, drowsy state and the idea of going home tonight put
Cloud in a better mood. He turned the water on as hot as he knew he
could stand it, then added a little more cool since he didn't want to
put his husband right back to sleep with the heat. Looking at the
soap and cloth in his hand he hesitated a moment, knowing it could be
a bad idea. Especially here. But damnit, he shouldn't be afraid of
his husband...

Handing Reno the soap and cloth, he stepped back into the spray and
turned to his side. With a moment's thought he turned to face the
spray, tilting his face up into it and exposing his back to Reno

Reno brushed a fleeting touch over Cloud's neck to reassure and soothe before he started washing his husband's back. It still hurt his heart to know that Cloud remained uneasy turning his back to the Turk, but Reno could appreciate the effort Cloud put into trying to overcome the fear. He instinctively kept purring to calm his mate as he moved the soapy cloth in firm, massaging circles over the blond's strong shoulders and back. The sound seemed louder in the confined space and could be heard over the spray of water.

Reno washed to his husband's waist then turned him around before going lower. His arms went around Cloud in a comforting embrace, and he kissed away the drops of water on Cloud's slightly swollen lips as he drew the cloth over and around the firm cheeks of his ass.

"So strong," Reno said between kisses. "You're stronger than they were, baby. We beat them and you'll overcome this."

Reno washed Cloud's chest then knelt at his feet to scrub the cloth all the way down his legs. His wet hair draped over his shoulders and chest and brushed against Cloud's abdomen as he worked.

"Love you," Reno assured his husband and couldn't resist a kiss to the head of his softened cock, tongue flicking out for one more taste.

Cloud swallowed a growing lump in his throat and rested a hand on
Reno's head. There was nothing he loved more and it broke him that he
was afraid to turn his back to his own husband. Rubbing Reno's scalp
with his fingertips he smiled at him and nodded, not trusting his
voice for the moment.

His body, despite his emotions, was still responding to his husband's
touches. It always would when it came to Reno. Whimpering softly at
the soft feeling of his hair and the way the cascade of water made it
move on his skin, Cloud's cock twitched at the teasing lick. Reminded
of something, Cloud cleared his throat.

"Tonight I want more of..." Hell, he didn't know what it was called.
"Put something in my cock." His blood raced just remembering that
moment. "I mean, it's safe? It felt good."

Reno stood back up and cupped Cloud's face in his hands.

"You know I wouldn't do anything to you that wasn't safe or that you wouldn't enjoy." He parted Cloud's lips with his thumb and dipped his tongue inside for a lingering kiss. "Oh, we're definitely going home tonight."

Reno reluctantly moved his hands off his enticing husband and quickly washed his own body and hair, frowning anew at the damn dried and frayed ends. Still needed a trim and some time with his own hair products. Fuck off, he told the little voice snickering in his head at his vanity, have to look good for my baby.

Once clean there was no more excuse for lingering in the shower. Well, Reno *could* think of one gorgeous, wet and slippery reason to stay, but then Rude would be obligated to come get them. Reno stepped out first to grab towels and tenderly wrapped Cloud in a couple in what had become a comforting ritual. The Turk loved being able to pamper and care for his husband. He also managed to get in a few more kisses while he was at it.

Cloud felt his anxiety about the coming day slipping as thoughts of
*home* tonight filtered into his brain. He would focus on that, and
the new wonder that Reno had shown him... well, he wouldn't focus too
much on that part specifically until they were out of the doctors

His eyelids drooped in quiet contentment as Reno rubbed the towel over
his body. He knew he could seduce Reno into staying just a little
longer, and it was so tempting to do it. A look, a kiss, a special
touch and little noise and he'd be plastered against the wall, panting
and moaning in just a few minutes. And it would feel fantastic as it
always did. But he was anxious to get this day over with and be
plastered against the sheets of their own damn bed, wall, kitchen
table... wherever, as long as it was theirs.

Taking the tail of his husband's hair in hand, Cloud wasn't sure
exactly his husband was so upset about. But he insisted that Reno let
him dry his hair in turn, and he tied it at his nape so he could rub
his husband's neck and behind his ears.

Reluctantly, he dressed as thoughts of seducing his husband still
teased his mind. But once his boots were securely on his feet he gave
those thoughts up. He eyed his swords but left them where they laid
and took Reno's hand as they headed for the door.

Reno held on to Cloud's hand reassuringly as they entered the lounge area. He was following the smell of coffee and moved a little faster. Rude was standing at the table fixing a large mug. Without conscious thought Reno slinked toward his partner and rubbed the top of his head then his cheek like a cat asking for treats before nimbly taking the mug. The redhead breathed deeply of the aroma and closed his eyes with the first sip, a rumbling happy purr vibrating his throat before he choked on the hot liquid as he realized what he'd just done.

Reno coughed and sputtered, a rare blush staining his cheeks. "Eh, sorry about that."

Rude stood absolutely still, grateful that his suit coat hid his body's reaction to the uninhibited action then he couldn't help but chuckle over the mortified look on his partner's face. "Actually, these new mannerisms are kind of cute."

Reno snorted softly and covered his embarrassment by seating Cloud between them at the table and fussing over his husband before taking a seat himself. He filled Cloud's plate with a generous helping of eggs, sausage and a couple of biscuits, put an indecent amount of blackberry jam on a biscuit for himself then savored some more of the strong coffee. He gave up trying to control the purring when it started again and satisfied himself with a glare at Rude when his partner chuckled again and offered him some cream.

Cloud found he was, finally, actually hungry. He ignored the slight
scent of arousal in favor of eating a few bites before he realized
that the scent was Rude's. With a sudden jolt of possession he
reached up to touch and rub his husband's neck and shoulders, the
massage a little harder than he intended in his distraction.

He continued to eat with his free hand, trying to rationalize his
sudden jealousy. He knew Rude would never act on whatever he had just
felt, Cloud had recently began to see the man as a comrade instead of
just another fucking Turk. That he was *human* and had feelings like
all the rest of them only added to that bond, though Cloud's instincts
were trying to tell him otherwise.

As he polished off his plate in record timing, he turned to his
husband for a reassuring nuzzle and kiss. His nerves were practically
vibrating though not just from the scents. He closed his eyes as he
sought to calm himself in the warmth and strong scent of just his
husband, taking him in with deep breaths.

Reno was pleased to see Cloud finish everything on his plate. His eyes glowed softly with his emotions and the purr redoubled in strength from his husband's touches although there was something just the slightest bit...off about them. Cloud was rubbing a little harder than usual and there was a certain tension coiled in his lithe frame. Reno leaned into them anyway, contentedly munching his jam slathered biscuits and licking the sticky treat from his fingers when it dripped. He chalked the tension up to nervousness about what they were about to do and simply enjoyed the relatively normal, quiet breakfast with his two favorite people.

Reno returned Cloud's kisses, not worried in the least about displaying his affection if front of Rude. He wiped his hands clean after eating and placed his free hand on his husband's thigh, his other hand still firmly grafted to the mug that Rude kept refilling.

Rude was silent for the most part throughout the meal. He was as uncomfortably aware that Cloud had picked up on his reaction as he was that Reno hadn't at all. The Turk was having more difficulty in concealing his feelings, not just for his partner but for Cloud as well. His attraction and affection for the blond grew stronger everyday. Cloud's strength, bravery, loyalty, his complete devotion to Reno, his fragile trust...Rude forced himself to stop that line of thought and schooled his features. Cloud might never believe that there was affection for himself as well, but Rude would do his best to reassure the man that he was not a threat to their relationship.

"You don't have to worry," Rude said quietly, speaking directly to Cloud and nodding towards the redhead preoccupied with nosing through the soft hair at Cloud's nape.

"Eh, what?" Reno looked up questioningly.

Rude cleared his throat and pried the coffee mug from his partner's hand. "Are you ready to start?"

Reno bristled for a moment and tightened his hold on Cloud, but he reined in the impulse to snarl.

"I'll never be *ready*, but let's get some of it over with. We're going home tonight. We have...plans."

Reno gave his husband a coy look and stood up to brush any crumbs from his pants before offering his hand to Cloud.

Cloud blushed a soft pink and took his husband's hand as he stood. He
still had a hard time believing that his own husband was attracted to
him- though it was never disbelief. He just didn't get it, and it
would have never occured to him that others shared his husband's

So he nodded slightly at Rude in response. He may not have to worry,
but he would often wonder why the two Turks hadn't wound up together
instead. And that thought caused his grip on Reno's hand to tighten

He was so distracted by these thoughts and feelings of jealously and a
growing arousal at the unbidden thoughts that he didn't quite register
when they had entered the medical area. Blinking out of his wondering
daze he tensed at the sudden sights and scents of rubbing alcohol,
cotton, needles, drugs, liquids, gels, bright lights, tables,
machines... freezing in step he stood rock still.

Wide eyed, Cloud took it all in, forcing himself to notice the absence
of shackles, cages, blood, chains, gore, leaking pipes, stains, the
stench of urine and fear... he relaxed gradually and remembered to
breath. It was different. Markedly so. But there was still a slight
tremble in his hand that had gone slack in Reno's.

Reno pulled Cloud back against his chest, pressing against his back and encircling him in his arms protectively. Although faint tremors of apprehension coursed through his own body Reno rubbed his cheek against Cloud's temple and purred softly to soothe his husband.

"I'm right here with you, baby. We're in this together."

From the corner of his eye he saw one of Rude's large hands reach forward to clasp Cloud's shoulder and the other squeeze his own. It made him feel better to know they had strong, capable backup watching over them.

One of the doctors looked up from his microscope and took notice of their arrival.

"Good morning, Mister, ah, *Misters* Strife. Thank you for coming today. My name is Dr. Langley, and my colleague is Dr. Vesner. Today we'll be conducting physical exams, just a little more involved than a yearly physical, and several basic tests such as hearing, vision, etc. Since you'll need to undress for the physicals we'll just do the vision and hearing tests first, shall we? If Mr. Cloud would just go with Dr. Vesner into the audiology booth, I'll take Mr. Reno into the other room for the vision exam then we can..."

"No!" The single word was snarled with absolute finality and sounded considerably less than human. Reno was so furious already that he was reduced to wordless growling and hissing as he all but folded himself around Cloud to protect his mate.

"Dr. Langley," Rude stepped between his enraged partner and the flabbergasted doctor to try to salvage the situation. "You were told repeatedly when you agreed to take this on that they were to never be separated. If you cannot comply with this then you will be removed from duty."

"But it's just some simple, noninvasive tests. They wouldn't even be thirty feet apart," Dr. Langley protested, moving back a few feet from Reno. The redhead had maneuvered Cloud behind himself and stood vibrating with fury and a killing light in his eyes.

"Doctor, you have no idea what these men have been through. A little compassion on your part is a small thing to ask." Rude's voice deepened to a tone that was usually reserved for targets destined to die. "Don't make me repeat myself again. Do *not* attempt to separate them. One is never to be out of the line of sight of the other, and allowing them to maintain physical contact is best for everyone around. Are we in agreement now?"

Doctor Langley finally conceded he had made a grievous error in judgment and swiftly bowed his head to acknowledge his orders. "Yes, of course. We'll proceed with the tests. I'll conduct them myself and Dr. Vesner can continue analyzing the blood collected last night. I'll just...go set up the room and I'll do them together one at a time."

The doctor left on shaky legs to gather what he needed, rubbing a hand over his sweaty forehead and wondering just what in the hell had been done to the two men to provoke such responses. Rude waited until the man was out of earshot then turned to his partner. He didn't flinch away from the spitting hiss directed at him and calmly caught his partner by the shoulders, looking behind him to Cloud for assistance.

"Calm down, Reno. No one's going to try to take Cloud away from you. You'll stay together and no one is going to hurt either of you."

Blinking away his daze, Cloud caught the look from Rude and approached
his husband from behind. Enveloping him in his arms he pressed up
against him, molding himself to his strong frame. "I'm right here,"
he said softly. "I won't go anywhere else but here, by you."

Nuzzling his neck and hairline with gentle puffs of breath, Cloud also
rubbed a hand over his chest in an attempt to calm frayed nerves.
Being this close soothed him as well and Cloud closed his eyes for a
moment of calmness, trusting Rude to guard them while he did so. He
pressed his face into Reno's neck and sighed, waiting for the tension
to ease in his husband's body.

"Reno?" He pulled back after a moment, just enough to turn his
husband to face him so he could see his eyes and touch his face. "See
me? I'm alright. I swear I'm fine." Well, here and now and with
help he was fine. Faced with the need to help his husband he was
fine, it distracted him from his own fear and helped to shine a light
on their flaws as he looked at them from a different perspective.

"We're just going to do some simple tests, together. Then we can go
home and be alone, together." He released a shaky breath and pressed
up against Reno.

It took another few minutes for Reno to calm enough to speak. If nothing else, the small incident brought him the realization just how volatile and unstable he was over anything concerning Cloud. He rubbed his face over Cloud's hair and cheeks, breathing deeply of his husband's scent that was losing the taint of terror, his hands running over Cloud's back, shoulders and chest as if to assure himself the man was indeed safe. When he was calm enough he cupped Cloud's cheeks in his palms and pressed their foreheads together.

"I know. I know, and I'm sorry. It's just that I can't *stand* it! I can't stand the thought that you can be hurt like that again and me not close enough to stop it."

Rude saw the doctor's silent signal that he was ready and again gently clasped both men by the shoulder and squeezed with light pressure, running his thumb over Cloud's collarbone but tactfully staying away from the marks that he understood was Reno's claim. He intended to keep up with the touches and close physical contact both as a means to reassure and because he just *needed* it. Rude felt that both men needed it as well. After all that had happened to them they needed to understand that not everyone was out to use, hurt or imprison them. Rude ushered the pair to the other room and took up his station inside the room, the uncompromising line of his mouth letting the doctor now that this, too, was nonnegotiable.

Reno let them be led to the audiology both but insisted that he be the first tested. He would make sure that he experienced everything first so he would know before anything was attempted on his husband. The redhead indulged in a soft kiss then stepped the few feet away to the booth. Rude stepped up in his place, careful not to stand at Cloud's back but close enough to offer silent support.

The hearing test itself wasn't all that bad although Reno detested being enclosed in the small glass booth. Some of the higher tones were enough to make him want to howl in agony, but the doctor watched his facial expressions carefully and cut off the sound before it became too much. When it was over Reno was placated enough to allow Cloud to take his place...for this test anyway.

Cloud didn't like the small space, nor the glass window. Though it
allowed him to see Reno, it brought back too many vague memories of
mako baths in hauntingly familiar chambers.

Seating himself he looked out the window past Dr. Langley and at Reno
for reassurance. With the headphones on and inside the soundproof
chamber the claustrophobia and feeling of deja-vu only intensified.
He stumbled through the test for each ear and his hands shook as he
removed the headphones once it was over.

Outside the chamber he tried to find comfort in Reno's solid body,
taking his hand and leaning into him.

After Langley had finished his notes and cleared his throat, the
doctor cleared his throat. "The vision test is right over here..."
Cloud refused to step away or relinquish touching Reno as the doctor
instructed the Turk to begin at the first line with his left eye.

The vision test was easy and stress free. Reno had no problem reading to the bottom line, oblivious to the fact that it was quite a feat because he was too occupied trying to maintain his own calm and soothe his ruffled mate. It wasn't until he'd seen Cloud's wide, frightened eyes peering at him from the enclosed audiology booth that Reno realized the small, glassed enclosure could remind Cloud of the mako tube.he'd been imprisoned in for years. He silently cursed himself, holding back on dragging Cloud out of there only because his brave husband seemed to be handling it okay.

When it was Cloud's turn again Reno stood behind him with one arm wrapped snugly around his waist and his other hand high on Cloud's shoulder and stroked his fingers soothingly against his neck. He started purring quietly again, the soft sound in a range that could only be heard by them.

The tests didn't end with visual acuity although both men displayed astonishing results. Dr. Langley included tests involving color, spectrum wavelengths then with only a brief warning plunged the room into darkness to test night vision. Reno's breath hitched slightly. Because of his feline enhancements *he* could see just fine, but he didn't know about Cloud, and his hold on his husband grew noticeably tighter.

"I'm still with you," he murmured, nuzzling Cloud's temple and pressing a soft kiss on the sensitive spot behind his ear before he answered Dr. Langley's questions.

Cloud could see fine in the dark, it's what allowed him to survive
battles in dark places. But that didn't mean he enjoyed the dark lab.
He grew noticably tense and his voice strained when it came to be his
turn. It was only Reno's constant purring that reminded Cloud it was
his husband at his back and not Roy.

When it was over he turned in Reno's embrace and buried his face in
the crook of his neck. His breathing was shallow as he tried to calm
himself, clinging to the man like a lifeline. He trembled in his
efforts to gain some kind of mental balance for the next part.

Dr. Langley cleared his throat and shifted his weight from one foot.
"If you'll disrobe, we can begin the phyicals..."

Cloud twitched, his breath hitching as he tightened his arms around
Reno suddenly. Turning his face from Reno's neck he looked at the
doctor, not realizing his eyes were beginning to change. The soft
gasp from the oblivious Langley stopped the innocent words that Cloud
was going to speak.

From where he stood Rude could clearly see Cloud's face. Although he was a bit startled himself he immediately moved fluidly towards the men, conveniently blocking the doctor's line of sight.

"I think now would be a good time for a short break," Rude spoke as he turned in place to face the doctor. "You know they have been *extensively* modified, doctor. You might want to remember that and school your responses."

Dr. Langley, to give the man some credit, recovered quickly and even seemed a little embarrassed by his unprofessional reaction. He coughed nervously and inclined his head towards Cloud.

"Of course. My apologies, Mr. Cloud."

"Just use our first names, doctor," Reno interrupted. "I realize you're trying to avoid the confusion of calling us both Mr. Strife, but I think we'll be more comfortable if you skip the formalities."

"Whatever is best for you then," the doctor replied, relieved that Reno didn't appear to be too upset with him anymore. "We'll take a twenty minute break before I perform the physicals then, if it's alright with you, we'll let that be the end for today. Dr. Vesner and I will start analyzing what data we've collected, and it will give us a better idea for how to proceed for tomorrow."

Before leaving, the doctor asked if Rude would mind pushing two examining tables closer together then covered them with linen sheets instead of the standard paper. Reno appreciated the doctor's efforts. It seemed the man was willing to be compassionate about their fears. Rude opened the door for the doctor and followed him out, telling the men he would be just outside the door.

Left alone with his husband Reno tilted Cloud's chin up and sighed unhappily to see the green eyes. He cupped Cloud's cheeks and pressed several gentle kisses over his face then led him over to the nearest table. Reno dropped his hands to cup his husband's firm, sweet little bottom to give him an unnecessary boost to sit on the tabletop then stepped between his legs.

"Let me help you undress, baby," he murmured, catching Cloud's lips in a tender kiss and unzipping the sleeveless shirt. His hands smoothed over the shoulders and chest bared for him. "Just a little longer today, then we can go home. Can you hold on for me?"

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Date:February 17th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
A lovely morning interlude! Rude, you are the best friend these two could possibly have...and there's certainly no blame for feeling such an attraction and handling the result so well!
Remarkable effort from both of them to survive such a day, Dr Langley has no idea just how close he's walking to disaster.