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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 42 - Spurked!

Feb. 12th, 2011 05:29 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 42

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 42
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 42

Seeing the brimming emotion on his husband's face, Cloud sobbed softly
and nodded. "We'll always win," he smiled, his voice rough with
overwhelming emotions. "Together." He kissed Reno's face, peppering
his lips over his nose and cheeks before taking his lips in a gentle

Small, whimpering noises escaped Cloud everytime his husband's cock
brushed and rubbed his sweet spot. Always, always felt so beautiful
having Reno inside him. Inside him and around him, holding him.
"Feels wonderful, winning," Cloud moaned and ran a hand up into Reno's
hair. He rubbed their cheeks together and gasped. "Reno..."

Gods. So full and deep. It was always so intense when they became
one, but this time it was a victory and was so much more than sex and
love. A celebration of their lives continuing, stronger than before
and undefeated from hell.

Reno started to rock his hips in steady, deep thrusts. It just felt too good to stay still any longer. He licked and nibbled Cloud's ear lobe then moved further down to the mark that always drew him in. His teeth grazed over it followed by soothing sweeps of his tongue.

"Can you take more?"

Reno didn't wait for an answer. He could feel Cloud's cock, hot and hard, trapped between their bodies. He sat back on his knees and put his arms under Cloud's legs to shift them higher and wider then His thrusts became a bit harder and were accompanied by twisting strokes to Cloud's rigid sex. Reno thrust until the cock in his hand started to leak and he paused only to gather the wetness on his fingers and bring them to his mouth.

"Come for me, Cloud. Give me everything they tried to steal."

Whining deep in his throat, Cloud buried a hand in his own hair to
grip it tightly. Every thrust, hard and deep, rubbed that sweet place
inside him. Every stroke on his rigid flesh was tight and hot. Cloud
arched and gasped, his other hand grabbing and pulling on the sheets.

His ass tightened and quivered around Reno's cock, trying to keep him
locked and secured inside. Deep inside where Cloud hurt and soared
with his husband.

It didn't take him long; Reno knew his body too well. With a few more
knowing strokes and thrusts, Cloud arched and moaned as his cock
erupted. It painted a wet line from his chest to his navel and
spurted over Reno's knuckles in the aftershocks. Cloud remained
almost frozen until his cock began to soften, his bodt feeling like an
electric current ran straight through it. He felt high.

Chest heaving for breath, he gazed up at Reno through thick lashes.
His husband. This kind and wonderful man who brought him home from
the brink everytime.

"Yes, that's it!" Reno hissed between his teeth, desperately trying to hold back his own climax. "Gods, you're gorgeous!"

Cloud in the throes of orgasm was one of the most erotic and touching scenes the Turk had ever witnessed. He puffed with pride and it made his cock throb painfully hard to know he was the one responsible. Flexible as a cat, Reno leaned forward and bent Cloud nearly in half to run his tongue through the sticky mess while purring loudly. Once he had his husband clean he once again took Cloud's lips and thrust his tongue between them to share the musky taste.

Reno couldn't hold back anymore. He was trembling with effort and nearly burning up with need. He sat back up and held Cloud by the waist as his thrusts became deeper, harder, more frantic. Finally it crashed over him in a tidal wave, drowning him in bliss and stealing his breath. His seed spurted deep in Cloud's body, his cock gripped by almost painful tightness.

When he could think again Reno fell to the bed and rolled to his back, settling Cloud on top of him and still buried deep in his husband's body. His eyes glowed with love and satisfaction as he reached with a shaking hand to tenderly brush the sweat soaked hair from Cloud's eyes before cupping the back of his head and drawing him forward for a deep, possessive kiss. Their lovemaking had been wonderful, all consuming and a balm to Reno's soul. His only regret had been getting a little rough towards the end, and he searched Cloud's eyes anxiously for reassurance.

"You're okay?"

Cloud gazed into Reno's eyes, his eyelashes making a veil. Content
and oh so very satisfied he wasn't sure what Reno meant for a moment.
Then the gears began to move again, albeit slowly, and Cloud rubbed
his cheek against Reno's before kissing his lips.

"I'm fine," his voice was groggy. "Wonderful. You were..." he
trailed off and just smiled. He couldn't think of a word worthy
enough to describe his giving and caring husband. Even when rough and
frantic, his body and hands were mind blowing. Cloud hadn't minded
the hard, deep thrusts.

They were going to be fine. If that monster hadn't broke them,
nothing could and nothing ever would.

Sighing in content and relaxion, Cloud nuzzled his neck and shoulder
before he settled down to feel their shared sweat cool their heated
bodies. He didn't want Reno to leave his body. Their intimate
connection was what made him feel beautiful right now.

Relieved to know that he hadn't hurt or traumatized his husband by losing control at the end Reno cuddled the blond close and smoothed his hands up and down his strong back. The purr that he couldn't stop voicing softened and continued to fill the room with the sound of his contentment. Reno didn't mind that part of his new enhancements although it was a little odd. He wondered how Cloud felt about it. His husband hadn't said anything.

Reno sighed and brushed his fingertips over the bruised mark on Cloud's neck, the only outward, physical sign of his claim on the man. His thoughts turned toward their lost wedding bands. Sadness and anger fought to dispel his contentment until he reminded himself that what mattered most was safe in his arms. His own ring was probably beyond hope of retrieval, but he supposed it was possible the one he had lovingly designed for Cloud might be found.

The Turk pushed those thoughts away and any thoughts about whether or not the changes to himself could be reversed and just let his hands stroke soothingly and possessively over Cloud's bare skin until his softened cock finally slipped from his husband's body. Reno kissed Cloud's temple and eased him down to the bed onto his side then pulled the sheet over him so he wouldn't get chilled.

"I'm going to get a couple of warm cloths to clean us up, baby, then I'll come back to bed. I think a little sleep will be good for us." He ran his hand over Cloud's sheet covered bottom. "Think you can rest now?"

Cloud nuzzled his cheek against the soft pillow and looked at Reno.
"I think so. I'm tired," if that wasn't an understatement. But now
that he'd worked through the hardest part of what Roy had done to
them, he wasn't as wound up as before.

"Don't be long," Cloud sat up as Reno moved to leave the bed.
Reaching out, Cloud ran his hand down Reno's arm to his hand. He
squeezed his fingers then let them slip from his grip. Watching Reno
go, he settled back against the pillow.

He watched the bathroom door with calm, hooded eyes. Reflecting on
their celebration, he smiled softly. After all they had lost, they
hadn't lost one another. As long as Cloud still had Reno to catch him
when he fell, he would be alright.

Reno walked calmly into the bathroom, shut the door then slid to the floor to sit with his head in his hands. Every bit of fear, anxiety, terror and pain that he had been able to hide from Cloud came crashing down on him, and he shuddered through muffling gasping sobs of relief. Not very manly, no, but everyone had a breaking point. After a few minutes Reno got up to clean himself up, splash some cold water over his face and wet a few warm cloths to take back to his husband.

What a gorgeous sight, Cloud relaxed against the pillows and lovely body barely concealed by the thin sheet. Reno pulled back the sheet long enough to gently clean up the evidence of their passion then scooted in close. He curled around Cloud like some sort of protective wrapping and nuzzled against his neck.

Fuck the rest of the world and everyone in it that wanted to hurt them. He had what he wanted and needed. Maybe, someday, there would be no more nightmares.

Something made Cloud tense for a moment, and he pulled away a bare
inch with the idea to turn over and look at Reno. But whatever the
subconscious tension was, warmth and the scent of Reno surrounding him
knocked Cloud out before he had time to register the moment of fear.
Sighing, he pushed against Reno and mumbled softly as he drifted off.

Cloud slept deeply for a few hours before he twitched. He could feel
weight against his back, and breath on his neck. Jerking awake, his
eyes flew open and he gasped. A darkroom. And he could smell sex.
Cloud began to breath hard as he felt panic rise.

Roy was dead. This was not a dream. Reno was in bed with him. That
was Reno's weight and Reno's breath, Reno's sweat and Reno's scent.
But that flood of memory didn't stop his racing heart or the fact that
his limbs seemed frozen in place, torn between two memories.

"Reno..." his whisper was so small and the letter so choked he wasn't
sure that anyone even heard them.

Reno's instinctive response in his sleepy state was to clutch Cloud tighter to his body and murmur against the back of his neck while purring softly.

"Hush now, I'm here. We're safe. Nothing can get in here while Rude's on guard, and nothing is going to touch you while I'm holding you."

Reno stroked his fingers through Cloud's hair and over his throat and chest. They lingered over the mark that would only have any meaning to the two of them. He skimmed his lips over his husband's ear and jaw.

"It's okay, Cloud. Stay with me, baby."

Cloud was torn. He knew this was Reno. It hadn't been a question
when he woke. But his body and subconscious were not cooperating.
Squirming in Reno's arms, Cloud gasped and cried in frustration. He
didn't want to hurt his husband, but he felt his grip on reality

The touch was familiar. That was just Reno's place where Roy had
never bothered. Still- "No, no no..." He whispered as if the chant
would keep him grounded. He had to *see*.

Squirming against Reno, Cloud turned onto his side and looked at
Reno's face. He stared as if committing it to memory all over again.

Quietly, he completed the turn and pressed his face into Reno's chest.
How could he ever think he wasn't safe in these arms? Breathing Reno
in, Cloud felt his heart begin to slow. He hoped Reno hadn't woke
completely and seen his panic. Reno was his only safety and he had
almost associated him with that *thing*.

Torn between soothing Cloud's pride and giving in to his own need to comfort, Reno only shifted to accommodate his husband's new position. It seemed they both had a way to go towards healing no matter that they had metaphorically slain some monsters in the last few days. He couldn't pretend to be fully asleep. As good as he was at subterfuge, Cloud's enhanced senses would pick up on the changes in his heartrate and breathing. Reno only sighed and snuggled closer, offering the warmth and shelter of his arms.

But inwardly...he raged. Fucking bastards. Sick men who got their jollies by reducing a warrior to crying out in the dark and playing with him as their next disgusting experiment. They didn't care that their 'toys' had hearts and feelings. It was easier to forget that he, too, had been hurt by their actions when he had someone to protect, someone to focus on. Reno ruthlessly shoved his own pain and fears to the deepest part of his mind and locked them down. He was needed too much, and by the only person he would give his life for, to allow himself any more moments of weakness.

Cloud needed to be reminded that he was just as strong. Reno rolled to his back and pulled Cloud atop himself between his spread legs.

"I know you're awake," he whispered, a hint of a snarl leaking into his purr. "You never have reclaimed me after what Roy did. I want you to take me back."

Reno ground their hips together and arched back to bare his throat to his husband, a taunting, submissive act that he knew would appeal to the beast inside of Cloud. The look he gave his husband from beneath lowered lashes was both defiant and seductive even as part of him shivered over the thought of being vulnerable again, even to Cloud. There was always an element of danger when deliberately provoking Cloud.

"Or are you going to let them have that? Are you going to let them stay in my memory?"

The startled twitch in Cloud's muscles was both physical and mental.
It was like he had been slapped. He quirked a brow and then lowered
it as he felt a little threatened... well, taunted.

No, he never had reclaimed Reno. He had just accepted his husband's
bravado, never once thinking what his love was going through. Well,
now he *knew* what he was going through and it killed him that he
hadn't seen it before.

Face softening, Cloud leaned down and kissed Reno. "I'm sorry," he
whispered. Gods, he never felt so selfish. But he was going to do
this right. Raising to his knees to cut off the stimulation he moved
his lips to Reno's neck. Licking and sucking in gentle, teasing
kisses he left a soft, rosy path from his earlobe down to his collar

His fingers worked behind Reno's ear, rubbing in slow circles. He
idly wondered if Reno's purr tickled his husband's throat and he
played his lips back upwards to feel the vibrations on his lips and

"Are you sure you want this?" he asked softly, lifting his head to
look at Reno again.

Reno leaned into every kiss, every touch of his husband's lips, tilting his chin and turning his head to expose more of his throat. He made a small whimper of loss when Cloud raised up off his body and clutched at his husband's shoulders. So strong, so beautiful. Cloud should never have been made to feel anything but.

A strong wave of revulsion coursed through Reno's body at the memory of someone other than his husband being inside of him. Roy had humiliated him, degraded him and treated him like a whore in front of his own husband. That monster had used his love for Cloud against him and had taken his pride in exchange for a broken promise not to touch Cloud. It made Reno furious and sick that he had been used that way and still unable to protect Cloud. Only Cloud could take away those feelings. Only he could ease the bitter memory.

Reno spread his legs wider and exposed himself completely to his husband. He skimmed his fingertips down his own chest and lower.

"Yes...please," he choked out. "You're the *only* person I've ever willingly let take me since..." He drew in a gasp of air. No, no, that memory needed to stay in the past as well. Cloud had already soothed the burn of that one once. "Please, take me back. Don't let them keep that. You're the only one I want and the only one who can make it right. Only you, husband."

Stroking his hand through Reno's hair, Cloud tried to sooth his
husband as he spoke. He could see the memories written like a book
over his face. "You don't have to be strong for me," he murmered.
"You know I'm here for you, and I'll never stop wanting you."

Tilting his chin back down, Cloud took his lips in a deep kiss. He
explored every curve and tooth, every twist of his tongue before he
surfaced to gently bite his lower lip. "I'll never stop loving you,"
he breathed. Running his hand over Reno's neck and chest, he skimmed
his side down to his hip.

Lowering his hips back down, he pushed their groins together with a
sharp breath. He watched Reno for any signs that he should redirect
his movements. Sliding his hand over Reno's thigh, he lightly dug his
fingers into the muscle as he began to rub against his husband.

"This is mine. This is ours. No one will ever take you or me the way
we do. Roy didn't take us. We didn't give anything to him.

Reno released his held breath in a low moan of fearful desire, and *hated* the fear still present. It shouldn't be there. He wrapped his legs around Cloud's hips and ground them together. The gentle touches had made him hard and aching. No one else had ever been as careful and considerate with him, and it made him feel...cherished. The purr was back, stronger and blurred by a growing whine of need.

Reno flicked his tongue over Cloud's lips and scratched lightly with his nails up the blond's back to tangle in his hair. He writhed under Cloud's strong body with the need to feel more, to let go and relinquish control so demons could be put to rest. Only in Cloud's hands did he feel safe enough for that.

His lips wandered over Cloud's chest and neck in teasing, seductive kisses. He skimmed them up Cloud's neck and fisted blond hair to draw Cloud's head down.

"Hold me, take me, fill me up," Reno whispered, his lips caressing his husband's sensitive ear with every word. "I need you to. *You* need to do this."

He nipped hard the soft lobe then soothed it with soft licks.

A low hiss swept past Cloud's lips. Pushing his hips against Reno's
in shallow thrusts he turned his head to take that whicked tongue with
his own. He kissed Reno deeply and stroked his hair soothingly. He
was right- Cloud needed this, too.

Somehow it still felt like the bastard was alive and taunting them.
Inside, Cloud could feel his green-eyed beast wanting to let loose and
take Reno hard and fast. But he could see Roy's satisfied smirk and
knew that wouldn't be himself; that would be the result of his anger
at Roy.

Ending the kiss with a gentle, playful lick, Cloud ran his hand down
Reno's thigh to his side. "I need to get somethings- more lube, and
another potion. It might hurt more than usual this time, and I don't
want to hurt you." He leaned in to nuzzle and kiss Reno's neck,
relishing in the feel of their bodies pressed so perfectly together
from head to groin.

"It will just be a few seconds," he whispered. "And then I'm going to
do this right." He kissed his husband again before he reluctantly
pushed himself up. Rubbing Reno's chest, he sighed at the sight below
him and then headed to the bathroom. Reno had been a genius to
combine the lube and potion and Cloud intended to follow his example.

With the jar once again mixed with the combination, Cloud returned to
the bed and knelt between Reno's legs. Dipping two fingers into the
mixture, Cloud leaned over to rest his forehead against Reno's. He
teased and rubbed his husband's entrance with the tip of one finger,
not yet pushing inside. The anticipation of that tight heat made his
cock jump and he moaned.

"Do you remember that time you made love to me in front of the mirror?
I couldn't take my eyes off your face, your arms. I couldn't stop
watching your cock slide in and out of my body."

Reno tried to focus on the pleasant, sensual memory Cloud was talking about, but it was hard. Cloud's single intimate touch opened a floodgate of horror that the Turk had firmly put away in order to take care of his stricken mate. Reno hadn't expected it to hit him so strongly. His whole body clenched as his husband's gentle touch was overwhelmed by the feel of hard plastic, uncaring hands and intense, burning pain.

Reno panted and trembled, ducking his head to rub his cheek against Cloud's jaw in a feline way of looking for reassurance. His arms circled Cloud's shoulders and held on tightly. It took a few minutes until Reno was able to beat the hated memories back and realize his husband's touch was pleasing.

"I remember," Reno whispered into the soft skin of his husband's neck. "You looked...incredible. Wanton and wild and...all mine."

He moved his hips against the slight pressure of Cloud's finger until the tip barely breached him. His eyes opened wide to see the familiar and beloved glowing gaze watching him, and he relaxed back into the pillows, hands releasing their tense grip to glide over Cloud's smooth chest. Reno ached for more. He needed more, needed Cloud to make it better. Reno knew how to entice the beast inside his husband.

Reno held Cloud's gaze and lifted his arms above his head while tilting his head back in total submission. The pose made him look completely vulnerable and willing. He licked his lips and let a soft moan be heard.


"Reno..." Cloud breathed out in awe. He rarely saw his husband like
this. So completely trusting and arousing and enticing. "Mine," he
moaned. Leaning in he licked Reno's offered neck. He ran his lips
over the soft flesh and followed with his teeth in gentle bites.

He gradually eased the first knuckle past the tight ring. Moaning
lowly, he massaged the muscle as he sucked and licked and relearned
the wonders of Reno's neck and jaw. As the muscle relaxed he eased
the second and third knuckle inside. "Good. Real good... yeah."

Cloud began to move his finger in a slow pumping motion. So tight.
So hot. Cloud moaned and bit Reno's neck a little harder. Fuck yes.
He moved his teeth down and bit his collar bone. Growling softly he
scooted down Reno's body to leave a trail of teeth marks across his

Running across a nipple, Cloud bathed it with his tongue and blew a
jet of cold air across it. "Mine," he looked up at Reno as he teased
his husband with a second finger. Pushing it inside he returned his
mouth to the nipple and began to suck on it, hard.

"You're all mine," he whispered as he pulled back to admire the erect
flesh. "Tell me." He gently bit onto the sensitive nipple and tugged
with a growl as he pumped his two fingers in and out, spreading the
lube mixture and stretching him open.

Reno arched into the bites on his neck and chest. The slight stinging pain helped distract him from the penetration of his body. Cloud wasn't hurting him, but was stretching him and touching him in ways that had last time been only pain and terror filled moments.

He whined high in his throat and whined, nearly bringing his arms down. Teeth. Teeth and tongue on his nipple. That husky, passion filled voice claiming his and demanding he submit. Reno swallowed another cry and pushed back against Cloud's fingers, seeking something harder, deeper. His breath caught when those fingers brushed over his sweet spot firmly.

"Yours," he said with a shaken moan. He finally brought his hands down to thread his fingers through Cloud's hair, holding that wicked mouth to his chest. "Yours, please, Cloud."

His hips rolled, fucking himself on Cloud's fingers, but it wasn't enough. The fear came back, stronger and sharper, when he realized only one thing could ease his need. Reno's body clenched involuntarily around Cloud's fingers and he whimpered softly as he scratched gently at the nape of the man's neck. He was unable to say anything and so, so afraid his husband would *stop*.

Cloud did hesitate. But Reno wasn't pushing him away, he was holding
him close by. "It's me, red," Cloud murmured. His brow twitched at
the pet name that just seemed to come out of nowhere. Since when did
he call his husband anything other than his name? It had always been
on the back of his mind, but he hadn't thought Reno would appreciate

"Relax," he pushed his fingers a little deeper despite the clutching
tightness surrounding them.

Inhaling deeply against Reno's flesh, he could practically taste the
sharp tang of fear now. "You know it's me. That I can't hurt you..."
Cloud's mind whirled. He knew one of two things could either relax
his husband, or terrify him. But there was one thing that he didn't
seem to remember Roy doing to him... and he just hoped his memory was

Scooting down between Reno's thighs, Cloud rubbed his cheek against
his throbbing cock. He *did* remember Reno cleaning them both up, and
he was glad he didn't have to stop now to do so. Running his tongue
from base to head in a quick, jolting move, he watched Reno's face.
"Just me," he whispered. "No one else can do this for you."

Taking the head between his lips, Cloud lavished the slit with his
tongue. He moaned low, almost a growl, as he tasted his husband's
musky, velvety cock. Pumping his fingers a little faster against his
sweet spot, Cloud swallowed his husband until his nose pressed into
the soft red hair.

Reno's response was a choked off scream that faded again to whimpers. It was so *good* and he was helpless against it. His hands fisted the bed sheets as his body twisted. Cloud had him held fast, unable to get away from the rising pleasure. It was the most vulnerable he had allowed himself to be willingly in a long time. Their mutual claiming on their wedding night paled in comparison. Reno couldn't help the tears that streaked down his cheeks as his husband drove him higher, the man refusing to allow him to succumb to pain and fear.

Reno reached down and his fingers scrabbled at Cloud's shoulders and stroked his cheeks.

"Please, please! Cloud, I need..." the plea folded under another gasp. "Take me," he finally managed, tugging on Cloud's hair to bring him back up his body.

Relief and then lust flooded through Cloud's veins. Groaning, he
quickly coated his erection with the lube and lifted Reno's legs to
rest on his shoulders. Guiding his crown to push against his
husband's entrance, Cloud leaned down to claim his mouth as he pushed

Tight. Hot. His. Cloud moaned and delved deep- his tongue stroking
deep as his cock pushed in to his balls. Oh gods! His arms trembled
from the waves of pleasure enveloping him. "Reno..." He gasped and
pulled back just enough to see husband's face. "Hold on to me."

And he began to move. Pulling out almost to his crown before
thrusting deep. Again and again. Pushing his arms under Reno's
shoulders he held him close, his cheek pressed against Reno's hair and
ear. "Love you," he moaned against his ear. "Love you so much."

Reno clung to Cloud's body as the strength of each thrust threatened to push him into the headboard. He broke from the kiss to smear his tears into Cloud's flesh and pant encouragements into his ear.

"Yes, Cloud, yes! I need you, needed this." He groaned low and long at a particularly hard thrust. He'd never been fucked by a man of Cloud's strength and it was a wild ride. "Oh gods..."

Cloud was holding him so tight he didn't even need to touch his cock. Every slick movement pressed it tight between their abdomens, giving him delicious friction. It left his hands free to scratch his nails at Cloud's lower back to spur him on as a high pitched shriek that sounded horrifyingly like a cat in heat issued from his throat. The eerie sound echoed through the room as Reno ground himself down on his husband's thick cock. It was too good, and Reno didn't want it to end too soon. He could feel his body tightening and thrust a hand between them to grasp the base of his cock so he wouldn't come.

Reno nipped and licked at Cloud's jaw and scratched a line up his back with one hand while he snarled in his ear.

"Harder! I'm yours, make me feel it!"

Growling, Cloud surged forward. He drove himself harder and faster.
He *fucked* his husband and it felt so fucking good.

When he felt the headboard slam against his own head more than once he
finally snarled in annoyance and pushed Reno into a sitting position
up against the board. It slapped and banged against the wall with
every thrust as Cloud gripped his husband's hips and rammed his cock
home over and over. Oh gods, so hot and tight and his and good and...

Biting into the crook of Reno's neck, Cloud held onto him there along
with the bruising grip on his hips. This was his. This man was his,
and only his. He intended to mark Reno with every hard thrust and
every bite from his teeth, Reno would feel it as he requested. Would
feel that he was Cloud's and no one could ever take his place.

Cloud growled with every hard thrust home and his breath came and went
through his nose in harsh pants against Reno's neck. Angling his hips
he aimed to brush and rub that sweet spot with every thrust. He could
feel Reno's fist holding back his orgasm, wrapped tightly around the
base of his cock, his knuckles brushing Cloud's abdomen as the blonde
moved with him.

He didn't relinquish his hold on his neck. It felt too... right. He
couldn't taste blood. Just sweat and desire and the last tang of fear
that was quickly being overridden by lust and want and need.

Reno shuddered and whimpered under the onslaught. It was becoming too much. His cock ached for release, and a sudden sharp pain and sickening cracking noise in his pelvis went ignored as the transplanted healing factor in his body rushed to heal the damage. An hysterical laugh nearly made its way past Reno's lips before he smothered it against Cloud's sweating flesh. He didn't think the mad doctor meant for the healing properties to be used for the perils of vigorous sex.

Reno finally pulled his hand away from his stiff and leaking cock to hold on to his husband with both arms. He held on, licking the musky tang of healthy sweat from Cloud's neck and chest, submitting to the teeth biting into his neck and the thrusts that rocked his body. A hard push to his sweet spot had him seeing stars and hollering raggedly. Reno's head fell back and he surrendered completely to Cloud, his cock spurting his release and his body tightening in rhythmic waves against the hardness deep inside of him.

Reno whimpered once more, a few last tears sliding down one cheek, and his eyes rolled back into his head, too weak and dazed to move.

The waves of tight tight heat around his cock tore Cloud's own release
from his body. His cries were muffled against Reno's neck as his hips
jerked and pulsed against his husband in his release. He filled Reno
and froze deep inside him as his cock emptied and exhausted itself.
Holding Reno up, Cloud cradled his head and licked the bite mark on
his neck with a satisfied growl. His.

Gently, slowly, he lowered Reno back onto the bed and slid a pillow
under his head. They were filthy again and Cloud dipped his head to
clean up the seed off his husband's belly and chest.

Stroking his damp hair away from his eyes, Cloud rubbed his husband's
forehead as he lay next to him. They were filthy, but Cloud didn't
want to leave for even a second. He pulled the covers up and over
them both and pulled Reno against his chest. Pushing his forehead
against his temple he sighed.

"Don't move, let your body heal," he had felt *something* in his
husband break. His husband would heal, and he hadn't meant to hurt
him... but that didn't stop the twinge of guilt over losing control.

"Wha'ever y'say," Reno slurred.

He was utterly drained and exhausted, his whole body ached and tingled, especially his poor ass. But it was a minor pain that Reno relished. He felt whole again, reclaimed by the only person to whom he had ever pledged himself, body and soul. Any physical hurts would be healed quickly enough. It was his heart that had needed soothing, and Cloud had done a masterful job of that.

Reno had felt his husband's strength and determination and now he allowed himself to be the one held and cuddled close. A soft laugh came from him when he noticed he was purring again. Damn feline adaptations. He managed to muster the strength to turn his head and find Cloud's lips.

"You're everything," he mumbled against them and flicked his tongue over them before pressing in for another kiss.

Cupping Reno's cheek, Cloud kissed him gently and slowly, relishing
his taste. "You are too," he whispered quietly. It was frightening
how much it was true. Without Reno... gods, he didn't even want to
think about that. What an empty shell he would become without this

Pulling the blankets up over their heads he nuzzled Reno close against
his body and rested his head near Reno's. He was exhausted, but
finally truly relaxed and comfortable. Sighing, he closed his eyes
and breathed their mingled scents in.

He smiled and laughed lowly. "You're purring again, like a kitten."
He hummed and rubbed Reno's chest.

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Date:February 13th, 2011 03:39 am (UTC)
What a gorgeous, perfect night for them! This was indeed exactly what they both needed...things would never have been really right again until it happened. So much fear and pain to overcome, but healing, the true kind has at last begun.
Hope restored and a new beginning.
I really, really hope they get their rings back...it would be like a sign from the planet itself, that the horror was really over.
Ah listen to me, such a hopeless romantic! :)
Date:February 14th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
I'm the same. Hopeless. lol. I think that's why I tortured myself forever waiting for any signs that this RP might continue. Just can't help myself. :)

Replying to ours tonight.
Date:February 13th, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)

News for Saturday, February 12th, 2011

User ff_presswatch referenced to your post from News for Saturday, February 12th, 2011 saying: [...] Can Barely Hide (42) (Reno/Cloud) (NC17) (5,428 words) [...]
Date:February 13th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
I'm glad to see that things are getting better for the two of them and I hope it stays that way. This was a wonderful chapter and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to your next chapter!
Date:February 14th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Thanks bb!