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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 41 - Spurked!

Feb. 7th, 2011 10:27 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 41

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 41
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 41

Reno advanced upon Cloud, for the moment a soulless construct bent on destruction. an animal driven to extremes for survival. The only thing keeping him from turning that rage on the injured blond was the familiar scent ingrained upon his most closely guarded memories. It was a scent mingled with the saltiness of tears and the coppery tang of blood, and it was also tainted with the foul essence of Roy.

Reno snarled and tangled a bloody hand in Cloud's hair to wrench his head back and leave his bared throat vulnerable. It wouldn't take much. He knew it. As injured as he was the animal inside Reno knew he was stronger, could exert just a little more pressure and snap the blond's neck. He held them in that dangerous tableau, his whole frame vibrating with pain and conflicting emotions and instincts.

Something inside urged him to do it, end all the pain with a simple burst of strength, eradicate his one weakness. His fingers tightened painfully and his other hand swept Cloud's fallen sword too far away to be of any help. The alien voice whispered across his senses, and it was just...wrong.

"No," Reno hissed.

He released Cloud and moved back to hover in a defensive position.

"Reno..." Cloud whimpered and stared at him. He turned his eyes to his sword, too far away now and useless anyway- his arms and hands were still in their metal sleeves.

He looked down at his arms and then at Roy's motionless body. Narrowing his cat-like eyes he crawled back to the bloody form that had been Roy. He didn't know how to help Reno, but there was a deep set fear and instinct to destroy their tormentor. What he had suffered was nothing compared to what the freak had done to his husband. Cloud didn't remember much from that night (day?) but he remembered enough to piece events together.

With a frightened whimper, Cloud lifted his bound arms and brough the thick bindings down hard on the body. He flinched away as it caused the body to move. But it gave him courage to do it again. And again. He grit his teeth and growled. Each blow landing harder and harder until the bar inbetween his restraints snapped, leaving both arms independent now.

He beat the lifeless body until blood and pulp had sprayed his naked body. He smashed the rest of Roy's skull into a mass of torn tissue and brain matter inbetween bits of skull. Every hit brought forth a memory of what this man had done. Every hit drove Cloud further and further into a rage.

A movement at the door made him jerk his head to the side. He probably looked like one of Kotef's chimeras by now; more animal than human. Cloud growled and scooted towards the so-called doctor. "Some prize," he sputtered. His arms shook from exhaustion and anger.

Kotef raised a little radio and pointed the antenna at Cloud. He breathed hard and shook in anger himself. The redhead had destroyed his most valued specimen because of this failure. The sleeves Cloud wore carried enough juice to end his pathetic life once and for all. When he pressed the button one sleeve sizzled and short circuited but instead of thrasing in agony, Cloud cried out and smashed the sleeve against the ground in surprise. Kotef hadn't realized that the reciever between the sleeves had been snapped in two and beaten into uselessness.

"You don't..." Cloud wailed and smashed the other sleeve to shards. With both hands free, he stood and charged the scientist. "You don't win!"

Reno remained crouched where he was and stayed there as he watched Cloud's destruction of Roy's body. The entrance of Kotef himself couldn't even make him move. His eyes were dull with exhaustion and his face emotionless except for the single lifted eyebrow he gave as a response when Kotef was stupid enough to look to *him* for help. Heh, no fucking way.

Reno lazily drew patterns in the blood and gore on the floor and watched the show. Part of his mind acknowledged the sound of other voices and booted feet pounding closer to the lab, but he wasn't concerned. He could kill some more if he had to. But...a couple of the voices sounded familiar. He shook his head, making his long tail of hair lash the air and flinging droplets of blood everywhere. So familiar, but he couldn't remember.

With his hands around Kotef's throat, Cloud's little green-eyed demon became more and more sated. By the time Kotef dropped to the ground, he was feeling almost in control. Almost aware. He couldn't be hurt anymore. For now. They were safe. Weren't they?

Kotef struggled feebly but Cloud didn't want to kill him. That was too nice a fate for the monster. He could barely see him past the tears.

He recognized the voices of Turks but he wasn't concerned with them: he was looking at his husband. Reno had barely moved during the entire outburst. Beating Roy into an unrecognizable slab of meat and almost finishing Kotef had been just the outlet Cloud had needed to bring his mind around. He still felt that edge, but not as sharply now.

"Reno..." his voice was unsteady. He cleared his throat and knelt on the ground. "Reno?" He scooted to within a few feet and held a hand out. "We can go now," his voice broke.

Reno's head jerked up at the sound of Cloud's voice. His eyes flitted between the sights of Roy's destroyed body, Kotef slumped against the wall, two approaching Turks and...his husband.

"Gods!" a second voice breathed the word in horrified awe, making Reno flinch and whimper. "Reno? Cloud?"

Reno finally moved to slide closer to Cloud until Rude stopped a few feet away. He couldn't look at his partner just then, didn't want to see what Rude thought of him now. Reno whined deep in his throat and tentatively touched the back of Cloud's hand, almost expecting to be slapped away. He had failed to protect his husband, his mate, and...Reno could still smell the vile stench of Roy's essence on Cloud. Even if Roy was dead, even if Kotef was now in custody and could be made to pay for his crimes, Reno hadn't been able to prevent Cloud being used, violated and hurt again. His throat worked to say something. He didn't get the chance as he turned away just in time for his stomach to violently expel its contents on the bloody floor.

Fully aware of his nudity, Cloud didn't look at the other Turks and he avoided looking in Rude's direction. Reaching out he pressed his hand against Reno's back until his husband's heaving subsided. Then he pulled him closer with a silent sob. "It's over," he whispered.

He flinched as he felt something drop over his shoulders. Looking sidelong he saw Rude had covered his shoulders and back with a black jacket. His own clothes had been ripped to shreds, he recalled. Except his boots? He looked down and saw he was barefoot. He couldn't remember when those had come off. He had been unconscious, or something like it, for a while.

Tugging gently on Reno's arm, he looked at Rude's feet and then up into Reno's face. "I'm okay," he said quietly, trying hard to control his voice. "Are you?"

Reno nodded his head although his eyes clearly said no. He wanted them away from there, wanted away from yet another lab and the already deteriorating remains of Roy. He wanted Cloud away from Kotef since the mad doctor still lived even if only barely. As far as Reno was concerned if the man still breathed he was a threat.

He accidentally met Tseng's gaze and pressed even closer to Cloud in response to the blank, neutral look that could be hiding anything. Rude, long attuned to his partner's moods, stepped between them and shielded the two from the other Turks with his big, strong body.

"Take them back to the other island, Rude," Tseng ordered. "Stay with them there. I'll contact you when the...clean up is done."

Rude dipped his head in acknowledgment and accepted a couple of emergency blankets from another Turk. He draped one over each man, careful not to touch them yet, and ushered them from the bunker back to the helicopter. Once they reached it Reno was too exhausted to argue about who was flying and settled into the troops area with his back to the wall. He made a nest of the blanket and held his hand out to Cloud.

"Come here," he whispered, voice scratchy and broken from abuse.

Now that they were away from the bunker his first priority was to hold his husband and soothe them both.

With the blanket held tight around his body, Cloud stiffly settled next to Reno. The drying blood and gore were beginning to make him more and more aware of all that just happened. He felt filthier than ever, and sore.

Every movement only reminded him of what it felt like to be touched and fucked by someone he had no desire for whatsoever... someone who was not his husband. It made his skin crawl in memory of Roy's breath and flesh on his own. The nasty words that pushed Reno into something Cloud had never seen before. That light...

Leaning against his husband Cloud closed his eyes and butted his head against a familiar shoulder. As the chopper began to lift off, he groaned and pressed in closer. He already felt disgusted and didn't need motion sickness to top everything off.

Reno gently tugged until he had Cloud in his lap and wrapped his husband up tight in the blanket and his arms. Even though the lingering scent of that monster clung to Cloud's skin enough to stir the embers of Reno's rage his hands remained loving and tender. He needed Cloud to know that he was still loved and treasured despite this latest ordeal.

Reno kneaded the tense muscles in Cloud's neck and shoulders and stroked his hands over his back and arms. Usually soft and silky blond hair was too matted with blood for him to run his fingers through. Reno decided that as soon as they landed he was going to pour a couple of potions into Cloud then lock them both in the bathroom where he intended to use all the hot water and soap available to clean them both. He wouldn't be able to rest until that horrible stench was gone and he didn't think Cloud could either.

"You're still mine," he murmured against Cloud's temple. "Nothing has changed that. Nothing ever will."

Inhaling a shallow, shakey breath, Cloud gritted his teeth against a cry. Opening his eyes, he hesitated a moment and avoided meeting his husband's. Those words opened the flood gates on Cloud's fear- maybe Roy had tainted him, ruined him for his husband. That Reno still claimed him, even with Roy's bitter stench on his flesh, was the most beautiful thing Cloud had ever heard.

Reaching up, Cloud wrapped his arms around Reno's neck. He nodded and looked into Reno's eyes, his own moist with unshed tears. "I- I love you." He pressed his face into the side of Reno's neck and wept with relief. "I thought, maybe-" he stopped, unable even to say it. How dare he had even thought such a thing! Reno would never leave him.

"Whatever you might have worried about you're still my husband and I'm yours. We're joined for life, and no matter what you are still the one I love most in this world. You're still perfect to me."

All through the flight Reno cuddled and soothed his husband. When they finally landed back at the safe house Rude told them he would secure the chopper. With a grateful nod to his partner, Reno set Cloud on his feet and guided him straight to the bathroom, only stopping to snag a couple of potions from the infirmary. He turned on the shower so the water could heat up and uncapped the first potion to hand to Cloud.

"Drink up, baby," he said as he stroked his fingertips over Cloud's cheek.

Cloud took the potion with numbed fingers and tipped it to his lips. He barely tasted it as it went down. Setting the empty vile aside he dropped his blanket and grabbed the soap bar.

"I-I need you to-" he sniffed and pressed the bar to his temple, squeezing it hard enough that it broke into pieces. "E-erase him." He looked at Reno. Just the thought of touching himself and knowing Roy was still there... his eyes were wide and while they shone a bright blue, the pupils were thin slits and threatened to take over.

When his vision distorted, Cloud closed his eyes and rubbed the broken soap over his forehead. Taking a deep shakey breath, he took another and a third and fourth until they were smooth and calm.

"i'll take care of it," Rthe water ran clear feno promised.

He quickly shed his torn and filthy clothes then gently pulled Cloud under the stream of water. Reno took the crumbled remains of the soap and set them aside in favor of some shampoo. He'd start at the top of his husband's head and make his way to his toes. Not a single spot would be neglected.

Reno lathered and rinsed three times until the water ran clear from Cloud's silky blond hair. Then he slicked a conditioner through the soft mass and took up a cloth to wash away any traces of blood from Cloud's face. His every touch only spoke of love, concern and adoration.

"I love you, Cloud. You're mine."

Reno repeated the words over and over as he washed over chest and arms, between each finger, abdomen and down each leg to soap between each toe. When it was time to wash Cloud's most intimate parts Reno held up the cloth and questioned Cloud quietly.

"Do you want to, or do you want me to...?"

Cloud looked at the cloth and hesitated a moment before he looked back into Reno's eyes. "You. Please," he stepped closer and tentatively put his hands on Reno's shoulders.

His husband's touch was nothing like that creature's, but Cloud couldn't help the instinctual tension in his body as he closed the distance to give Reno access. He couldn't turn away, though that would have made it easier; he needed to see Reno, know it was him touching him down there. A meltdown right here and now... well, he trusted Reno to keep him grounded.

"I'm sorry," Cloud said softly against Reno's neck. "All those times I teased you... about other men. I-I never meant it."

"It's okay," Reno hushed him. "I know you didn't want it, him. I know you want only to be mine forever."

The Turk wrapped one arm around behind Cloud's shoulders, trailed his fingers up and down his graceful neck and brushed over the the faint traces of the mark he had left. He caught Cloud's gaze and held it, letting Cloud see the love, his every emotion, reflected in his eyes as he carefully washed Cloud's cock and balls clean of any evidence of Roy.

Before continuing to the most abused area Reno pulled Cloud closer into hs body and nuzzled against his temple. The he drew back to lay his lips softly against his husband's in a tender kiss.

"Halfway there, baby. You're doing great. Just hold on to me, and I'll take care of you. I'm going to drop the cloth, though. It's too rough for what I need to do."

Reno had already noticed that the potion hadn't healed all the damage, probably something to do with Roy's fucked up physiology and tainted essence. He was more than a little nervous about this. Would Cloud push him away? Would he freak out? Would he misinterpret Reno's actions. All the Turk wanted to do was follow Cloud's wishes while hurting or traumatizing him further. Reno took a deep, shaky, breath and slowly eased his soapy fingers down the top of Cloud's cleft to brush gently against his violated anus.

Wrapping his arms around Reno's neck, Cloud trembled at the first touch. He wanted to look away. He felt ashamed. Nervous. But he couldn't do this himself. He buried his face into the crook of Reno's neck and tightened his hold.

"It's okay," he whispered. "K-keep going." Reno was his everything. He had seen Cloud at his highest, and now his lowest. If he gave in to his shame and fear and ran from his husband now he could never forgive himself. So he held on.

When his husband penetrated him, Cloud shifted his head to open his eyes. He didn't want to see Roy imprinted on the back of his eyelids. Staring at Reno's hair with wide eyes he fisted his hands against Reno's back. "It's okay," he repeated, as much to Reno as himself.

Feeling Cloud tremble against him, Reno did a quick and thorough cleaning while still bein as gentle as possible. He had felt a few tears on the inside, and his own eyes stung with tears. Whether the toxic quality of Roy's essence was real or imagined Reno hoped that now it was gone Cloud would continue healing with the potion. When he was finished he held Cloud tightly to his body under the falling water before stepping back a pace to scrub at his own hair and body.

As soon as Reno felt they were both as clean as one shower would get them he shut off the water and bundled Cloud in a large towel and took his hand to lead him back to the bedroom. His husband needed sleep, needed peace and quiet. Reno would make sure he got it.

Cloud slipped a pair of sweat pants up his legs before he crawled under the sheets. When Reno joined him, he took his husband's hand and pressed up against the length of his body for warmth. He squeezed his hand and looked down at his fingers. Roy hadn't left his wedding band. Or maybe it had slipped under the sleeves that had bonded him in place.

If it was in the goop that had once been Roy, he hoped the Turks found it and returned it. His brows furrowed as he stared as his naked hand. Blinking away a tear he cupped Reno's cheek, running his thumb over a scar. "How are you? Really? Don't tell me to rest, or not to worry... you know I will. I am."

It had been on the tip of Reno's tongue to say he was fine, but the sadness and concern in Cloud's eyes forced the truth from him. Instead, he leaned into Cloud's touch, savoring the warmth of his husband's fingers against his cool cheek before turning his head to press a kiss to the palm. Reno had noticed the absence of Cloud's wedding band, too, and he mourned the loss of yet another thing ripped from them.

"I feel a little weirded out over this whole 'animal/feline' part of my body. Rude made sure than Kotef couldn't be controlling me with the nanites, so all my reactions, everything I did, it was all...me." Reno dropped his eyes for a moment, but when he raised them again they contained a hint of the green gowe and his voice was roughened by a snarl. "I wish I could have killed that monster before he ever laid a hand on you."

Those animal instincts insisted he make amends to his mate, and his snarl changed into a rumbling purr as he hugged Cloud close. Reno kneaded at his husband's shoulders and back while nuzzling and snuffling through his hair. He forced the 'animal' down enough that he could speak again.

"I was afraid I would really lose you this time. I'm sorry that I couldn't stop him before he..."

Returning the tight hug, Cloud fisted his hand against Reno's back and
trembled. "You didn't know what he was capable of... his strength,"
he whispered urgently. "It wasn't your fault! They were prepared for
us and we were blind."

Cloud sniffled and pushed his forehead against Reno's. "I'm not going
anywhere. Ever. You hear me?" He met Reno's gaze, his eyes a fierce
blue and brimming. "Damnit, Reno, they won't win. We *will* live and
love in peace. They can't break us."

A quiet sob broke Cloud's voice and he gritted his teeth, angry and
frustrated and... fuck, pain and sorrow were old friends by now. But
above all he held onto the love and trust in his husband. Everything
else would come and go.

"I love you," his voice quivered. "All of you."

Reno rolled to his back taking Cloud with him and settling his husband until Cloud's head rested over his heart. His hands moved from kneading Cloud's back to stroking through feather soft hair. He could feel his husband's every breath puff across his bare chest, and it reasurred him more than anything that they were together and safe.

"I love you, too. You're my only love."

Reno's fingers brushed against Cloud's jaw and traced over his finely shaped lips.

"You need some rest. Do you think you can sleep?"

Cloud nuzzled into Reno's bare flesh and kissed his fingers as they
touched his lips. He shifted his weight into a comfortable position
and sighed. He was tired. And tense and scared and angry...

"Stay with me," he murmered. Reno's heart beat in his ear and his
scent was what Cloud needed in his dreams. If they came.

Taking Reno's hand he interlaced their fingers and hid his eyes behind
their knuckles for a deep breath. "Stay, and I'll try. But... I
don't know."

Closing his eyes he tried. Tried to relax. Tried to let sleep come.
To make it come. He didn't realize how tired he was, how exhausted
and sore until Reno mentioned it. But behind his eyelids he saw Roy.
His pulpy body. His erection. His claws.

Opening his eyes wide, Cloud snorted softly and stared at the bedside table.

All of Cloud's discreet movements kept Reno awake. In any case, he was afraid to fall asleep himself in the event that Cloud might need him. When it became obvious Cloud wasn't going to sleep Reno shifted them again to roll Cloud to his back. Reno propped his head on his fist as he lay beside his husband and admired him

"You're gorgeous," Reno whispered with a smile. "Beautiful, in fact."

And it was simply the truth. In the darkness the mako glow in Cloud's eyes was more noticeable. It always filled Reno with a sense of pride and overwhelming gratitude that such beautiful, noble and powerful man had pledged himself to the Turk for life. They would get past this, just like everythiing else, then Reno intended to care for and shamelessly spoil his husband with all the love and attention he had to give.

"Relax. I'm right here."

He brought their lips together in a soft kiss, tracing Cloud's lips with the tip of his tongue to encourage the blond to open for him. He kept it all slow and achingly gentle with plenty of time for Cloud to object. In addition to satisfying his own needy instincts, Reno wanted to give Cloud a loving reminder of the differences between himself and Roy. The horrible monster was dead, but Reno was still here to cherish his husband.

There were no rules for healing the mind and body. Part of Cloud
insisted it was 'too soon' whatever that meant, but he knew he had to
trust his instincts and his husband. His husband had been there, he
knew more than anyone the turmoil Cloud was in. Knew what he needed
to ease the tension.

"Beautiful?" Cloud asked. He opened for Reno, for a brief and chaste
kiss. Cloud touched Reno's neck, his fingers tracing his nape and
idly feeling the hair line tickle his nails. He searched his
husband's eyes.

He didn't think he was beautiful, but he liked to hear Reno say it.
He could never tan, and his freckles had never fully blended in. His
hair was a constant puzzle. And until he had been nabbed by Shinra,
he had been weak and thin.

"You make me feel beautiful," he whispered softly. "Without you, I-"
he shook his head. He needed to feel beautiful again. Roy had
tainted that by making him feel like a cheap toy. Right now he just
wanted to hide.

Tilting his chin, he kissed Reno again. He opened for his husband and
nearly startled himself at the small whimper of a moan that he
couldn't help. Pulling back, Cloud took a steadying breath and
touched Reno's face. "Make love to me," he whispered. "Just... Take
it slow. Please."

Reno answered the only way he could at the moment, with another kiss. He took his time relearning his husband, the look of love, frank admiration and wonder in his eyes telling Cloud that, yes, he *was* beautiful, and to Reno the most beautiful in the world. Reno parted Cloud's lips, tracing them with the tp of his tongue before dipping inside for a deeper taste. He explored the soft, vulnerable inside of his cheeks, the hard ridges of his straight teeth, then stroked invitingly over Cloud's tonigue.

With a small moan of want Reno trailed kisses from Cloud's lips to his jaw then skimmed his lips down the arch of Cloud's neck to the mark that always seemed to call to him. He sucked and licked at it, grazing over it with his teeth. Here was visible proof that Cloud belonged to him. The animal side of him was very pleased and happy with the mark, and he purred softly as he kissed over it.

It occurred to Reno that this would be the first time he would make love to Cloud since the nanites' signal was blocked. He turned Cloud's face until he could look him in the eyes.

"It's just me this time. No one controlling my emotions. It's just me now loving and wanting you."

His hand smoothed over Cloud's chest, smooth silky skin covering hard muscle, and down his side to rub over the jut of a sharp hipbone.

"Nothing, *nothing*, could ever make me love you any less." He rubbed lightly over Cloud's cock through his sweats. "Tell me again if you want me, that you are ready for this. If you're not then we'll stop and I'll just hold you all night."

The intensity in Cloud's eyes had softened under Reno's tender touches and kisses. He ached to go further, but he knew he might not make it all the way. Nudging his hips forward he encouraged Reno to put a little more pressure on his half hard cock. Long and thick eyelashes fluttered at the sensation.

Bringing their lips back together for a slow and sensual kiss, Cloud lightly ran his hand over Reno's shoulder and bicep. Pulling back he took a few moments to touch and feel his husband's torso and chest.

He pulled forth memories of Reno moving over him, sweat clinging to his body and love and desire painted over his face. He remembered such intimate words against his ear and loving embraces inside those strong arms. A small moan escaped Cloud's lips at a particularly intense memory of clinging to Reno as he burst.

Pressing a kiss over Reno's heart, Cloud closed his eyes and nuzzled against the familiar thump-thump. "Yes," he murmured. "I want you."

"Okay then. Stay right here. I just need to get a few things."

Reno tilted Cloud's chin up for another kiss then climbed off the bed to hurry into the bathroom. He returned with a small paper cup and the remaining vial of potion. He had an idea for making this easier for Cloud that he wanted to try. Once back at the bed he slid his sleeping pants over his hips and shimmied them off with an unconsciously enticing wiggle.

Reno set his items on the bedside table and fished the lube from a drawer before getting back into bed. He nuzzled Cloud's bare chest and neck, that soft rumbling purr returning and growing louder. More kisses, nips and licks to dark pink nipples and more of the soft, fair skin Reno loved to touch. Reno made his way down Cloud's body and was pleased to see his husband hardening under his touch. He gently eased the sweats over Cloud's hips and down his legs while watching his face the whole time to make sure it was okay.

Reno admired the rosy flush of the stiff flesh revealed and flicked his tongue over the crown. This was something that remained Reno's alone. Roy had never done this to Cloud, would never have even considered trying to please his victim. Reno's eyelashes fluttered and he moaned at the familiar taste as he let the satiny head slip past his lips into the heat of his mouth. His hands massaged and stroked the tops of Cloud's thighs, and one thumb smoothed over and over the tattoo of his name while he sucked.

Cloud watched his husband through a viel of lashes. As warmth spread
into his groin and thighs he found the tension and anxiety in his body
slowly disapating. Whimpering, he ran a hand through Reno's hair and
kneaded his shoulder. Lowering himself back into the pillows, he
gradually took his eyes off his husband and relaxed his neck.

Roy had never touched him there. Not once had he brought Cloud
pleasure. As Reno sucked and licked his cock, Cloud became harder in
his mouth. His cock throbbed and twitched with the much needed
attention. And his tattoo... that hypersensitive hot-button had
Cloud's heel digging against the bed, the side of his foot rubbing
against Reno's thigh and hip.

Moaning lowly, Cloud tangled a hand in his own hair and arched back.
His eyes fluttered closed for a moment and all he saw was Reno, lips
stretched over his aching cock. All he felt was a building pleasure.
Roy lurked in his mind, somewhere, but this moment was for Cloud and
his husband.

Reno's eyes glowed with satisfaction as he watched his husband. He loved to give Cloud pleasure, loved knowing that he was trusted and that his touch could still make Cloud shiver with need and desire. When he was sure Cloud was relaxing and focusing solely on him, Reno replaced his mouth with his hand so he could trace the letters of the tattoo with his tongue while giving Cloud's cock firm strokes. The scent of his husband's arousal was making his own desire rise and burn so he gave a last kiss to that special spot and sat up between Cloud's thighs.

Reno smiled at Cloud as he squeezed a generous portion of the lube into the paper cup then emptied the vial of potion into it before mixing it together. He hoped the direct application would complete the healing of any internal injuries and spare Cloud any further pain. Reno leaned up for a reassuring kiss.

"Keep looking at me, baby. Remember that it's me touching you, and I want to bring you pleasure, never pain."

Reno lay down on his side to cradle Cloud against his chest with one arm and reached between his husband's legs with the fingers of his left hand slicked with the lube mixture. He gently circled the tensed pucker of flesh, spreading the slick gel, and kept his eyes locked with Cloud's.

"My beautiful husband," he murmured. "No one can *ever* make you anything less."

He kept up the teasing circles, just barely slipping the tip of one finger inside and withdrawing again, and waited for Cloud.

Gazing into Reno's eyes, Cloud tried to remember to breath. The
familiar touch and gentle pressure against his opening was making his
cock twitch. But that recently rooted anxiety was trying to turn the
tables on his desire.

Leaning his forehead against Reno's, he released a held breath and
took another. "Feels good," he murmered. Hearing his own breathless
desire, he knew he wanted this. Wanted Reno inside him. "Little
more..." he shifted a leg's position for his husband.

He moaned softly and touched Reno's neck and jaw from the added
pressure against his entrance. The tremble that cruised his limbs
wasn't from anxiety. As he locked eyes with Reno he nudged himself
against Reno's finger with a whimper. Anticipating the extra
pressure, he kneaded Reno's shoulder and neck.

His breath caught in his throat at the feel of Reno's finger easing
inside him. Letting out a soft cry of pleasure, he held on for more
and kept his eyes trained on Reno. "Mor-" he broke off with a sudden
hiss, tensing as the lube and potion rubbed into a tear. The sharp
pain was quickly replaced with a tingling as it mended up.

As the pain quickly faded and brought with it a sensation like no
other, Cloud moaned and gasped softly. "Don't stop," he breathed.

Reno nearly stopped when Cloud flinched in pain, afraid that his idea wasn't going to work. His relief when Cloud relaxed again made him tremble with pent up emotion. After everything they had been through Reno couldn't bear the thought of causing his husband any more pain, especially in such an intimate way.

"You feel wonderful," Reno whispered into Cloud's hair. "So tight, so hot. When I'm inside you it feels perfect."

He kept talking between kisses, needing to keep Cloud with him in the present, as he slowly thrust and withdrew that single finger. He went a little deeper each time, spreading the lube and potion, and pumped out completely once to get more. The sheets would be a sloppy mess later, but that mattered little. Reno could easily bundle Cloud into blankets in a chair while he changed the linen. All that mattered now was pleasing his husband and helping to banish his fear.

Reno took Cloud's lips in a deep kiss as he gently pushed in two fingers and brushed over the little gland inside.

Squirming up against Reno, Cloud tilted his chin and slipped his
tongue against it's companion. As that little spot inside was teased
and rubbed a whine sounded in the back of his throat. Each stroke
over that spot built him up a little higher, making him whimper and
whine. Moving his hand from Reno's graceful neck, he ran his fingers
down his side and around to the small of his back.

Cloud pushed his hips against Reno, his cock bouncing and rubbing and
becoming trapped against his husband. Lifting a thigh he rubbed it
over Reno's with a breathless moan, breaking the kiss but keeping his
lips close. When he opened his eyes he looked into green-blue pools
and moaned.

"I love you," Cloud panted, brushing his lips against Reno's.
Whimpering, he pushed his forehead against Reno. "Feels... so good."

"Love you, too," Reno sighed and skimmed his lips over Cloud's brow and down the side of his face.

He was easily moving two fingers in and out now, the potion evidently haven taken care of healing and soothing any tears. Every time he brushed against the prostate the snug canal would tighten briefly around his fingers, and it would make his breathing hitch. Still so wonderfully responsive. The desire, the *need*, to replace his fingers with his cock became more urgent and Reno could feel a trail of wetness where his cock rubbed against Cloud's hip.

Reno rolled Cloud beneath him and pulled out his fingers so he could settle between his husband's thighs. He lubed himself and let just the head of his cock rest against Cloud's entrance as he nipped at the man's neck.

"Want to be inside you again," he breathed the words in a shaken whisper. "Want to feel your heat and tightness take me deep."

"Yes," Cloud moaned and wrapped himself around Reno. Hanging on
tightly, he kept his husband close. He wanted to feel secure and
covered and protected by his husband's solid body. "Fill me up," he
breathed. "I need you inside me."

His breath hitched as he felt Reno press a little harder and slip
inside his body. Releasing the breath in a groan he dug his nails
into Reno's back. His husband always felt so wonderful. Always so
perfect the way he stretched and filled Cloud up.

"Mmn..." Cloud moaned and writhed under Reno's body. Turning his head
he sought out Reno's gaze as his cock pressed deeper. Roy had never
touched that part of him, that part of him where Reno touched his
soul. As Reno pressed into it, Cloud's brow furrowed with a soft cry.

Reno's vision suddenly blurred with an unexpected upwelling of tears, and the breath whooshed from his lungs in a soft gasp. Still his. This beautiful man was still his and still had the desire to belong to him, still willing and able to reaffirm their bond in the most intimate of ways. Roy and Kotef hadn't broken him. An agonizing tension left Reno's body and he clung to his husband just as tightly as he was being held.

He pulled back and thrust in again just as slow and carefully, savoring the wonderful sensations as every inch of his cock was accepted and welcomed into gripping heat. Just like their wedding night Reno made love to his husband as if it was the first time. A lot of the pain and horror of the last few days faded beneath the slide of sweat slick flesh, the grip of strong fingers and thighs, Reno held himself buried to the hilt and brushed the damp hair away from Cloud's eyes before cupping his cheek and running his tongue over Cloud's bottom lip. He swiveled his hips in sensual circles, nudging the sweet spot.

"We beat them, Cloud. We win."

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Date:February 8th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot DAMN!!! Gettin' a little crazy over here, but its just so freakin' GOOD to see you continuing this!!! *champagne and handsprings*
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These are actually very very old, should have posted them eons ago lol.
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Still good to see it here, babe...it's a great affirmation. *hugs*
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Yeah. And the more she ignores me the more I am determined to end this already. *snug*
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Yay!!!! I'm so happy to see you continuing this fic. I only found it 2 weeks ago and I instantly loved it so I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters. :)
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spread the word, bb! \o/
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