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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 7

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 7. Common Interests

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 10,377
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated NC-17 (yes, finally, teh sex!...but they have more in common than this...)

1:Anger, 2:Twilight, 3:Blood, 4:Calm, 5:Children's Games, 6:Cold

Roy woke with his heart hammering his ribs and a certain tightness in his boxers. He groaned softly when he felt Ed still in his arms and forced his eye open. Hoping he hadn't woke the younger man he scooted his hips away from Ed before the temptation to seduce him overwhelmed his will power.

Ed whined, feeling something or rather someone move behind him. He was just on the brink of wakefulness and didn’t want to venture toward it. He was cozy and warm and… why did his face hurt?

He opened his eyes to get his bearings and remembered. Slowly he turned over in Roy’s arms. “Don’t get up.” He mumbled and snuggled closer, slipping his arm around the man.

He hadn't realized just how... uncomfortable he was until he found Ed facing him and pressing in again. He cleared his throat softly before speaking. "How did you sleep?" For now he could just hope the pressing need would go away... but he knew he was kidding himself.

Ed smiled faintly. Once they’d settled down, despite the ache in his face, Ed had slipped off quite easily. “A lot better than I had before despite being punched by my boyfriend who thought I was a scary monster.” Wow that just slipped out and he was blushing so read he could feel it in his ears and tried to bury his face in Roy’s throat.

"Ed," his voice pleaded. "I am sorry." He pushed Ed back so he could look at his eye. He frowned at how blue and black it was. Gingerly, afraid he'd break something, he touched the outer edges. "At least put something over it since you insist on going in. That dust will make it worse."

He sighed. "Let me get you some more ice," and pushed away to get up. Keeping his back to Ed until he had his robe on to hide the obvious bulge, he then left for the kitchen.

"Here," he returned and sat next to Ed, handing him the ice wrapped in a cloth. He eyed Ed. He had never seen him in the morning before he had dressed. With the tousled hair and sleepy posture he was too much to resist. Leaning in he lightly kissed him on the lips. "So, are you going to start telling people about us?" He chuckled. "They might kidnap you away if they know I've done that to you."

Edward smiled, setting the ice aside and tugged upon the robe, drawing Roy in closer. “I’ll put up a good fight. There isn’t much that would take me from you now. I can only think of two things. Al and death.” He kissed him then lay back placing the ice over his face.

“If you make me breakfast and let me stay in your bed, I’ll stay home today, but I’m going in tomorrow no matter what. If people ask I’ll just say I’m living with you and wanted to talk and simply scared you awake. I don’t want everyone to know about us yet, I don’t think many people will like it too much and I don’t want to cause any problems or you at work ‘k?”

"That's fine. I'd prefer to let people wonder," Roy put a hand next to Ed's shoulder and leaned over him. He kissed him lightly again, then ran his tongue along those lips asking for entrance.

He parted his lips and coaxed Roy’s tongue inside his mouth with a soft moan, shifting in the bed. Ed lifted his arm and wrapped it around Roy’s neck as he ran his tongue over his. To be kissed like this first thing in the morning was simply bliss. He hoped he’d have many more of these mornings.

Slowly pulled upon the Flame Alchemist, trying to get him closer, get him to lie down again. Truth be told, he rather liked being next to him, feeling his warmth and body against his, smell his scent, and feel his breath upon his neck. He deepened the kiss for incentive.

Suddenly he pulled away with a slight frown. “Why don’t you touch me?”

Laying partly on top of Ed after he had been pulled down made Roy feel weak. And that mouth. Ed tasted sweet even just out of bed.

He looked at Ed and didn't hesitate in answering. "I want to..." He searched those eyes of fire a moment before deciding it was alright. "I've wanted to," he reached up and caressed Ed's neck.

Ed felt a stirring in his loins as Roy lay half upon him, he was a little heavy but he didn’t mind, the warmth was back again. As Roy said those words and touched his neck, he closed his eyes with a smile, letting his own hands explore Roy’s shoulders again. He could feel that racing in his chest again, was beginning to become accustomed to it.

Slowly he opened his eyes and wet his lips, searching Roy’s dark eye. He was a little scared, but he had to…

“Roy… I love you. I have for a long time.” There it was said and he felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest in a different sort of way. It wasn’t a relief from guilt; it was the kind of relief that made him feel lighter, happier, and terrified at the same time. He didn’t know what came next, what would be said, or how it would be taken, but now Roy knew how he felt.

Roy smiled. "I love you too, Ed," he whispered. "I thought I would never get to tell you." He sought Ed's lips once more, kissing Ed deeply.

Pulling back he looked Ed in the eye and ran his hand up to brush his bangs away from his face. "Ed... I want to do more than touch you right now." He watched Ed closely for any fear or anger. "If you want me to, I will."

A little dazed from the intensity of the kiss, Ed was quiet a moment then he glanced at the alarm clock upon the bed stand. More? He did want more, he wanted to feel Roy’s hands and lips upon his skin, feel his warm breath, know what he felt like but… He chewed his lower lip a moment, nearly trembling. There was this strange feeling in the pit of his stomach, not an unpleasant one but it was rather new, elevating his heart rate more than it already was. It made his breaths shallower, fainter.

“I want to, but is there enough time?” He asked a little timidly.

"I'm not going to rush this," Roy said gently. "I can make time." Pushing up on one elbo he moved his other hand to gently rub Ed's chest. His fingers skillfully opened Ed's shirt and then slipped inside to feel his skin.

Leaning down again he placed a line of soft kisses from Ed's neck to his chest. "If you want me to stop at any time, just tell me..." His breath was hot against Ed. He inhaled deeply. Ed smelled wonderful.

He felt strange, nervous, excited and he could feel himself beginning to tremble. He could barely breathe and almost couldn’t as Roy told him he’d make time for him, wouldn’t rush, and gave him the option to stop. But Ed wasn’t a quitter, especially when he truly wanted something.

He watched in fascination as Roy unbuttoned his shirt and laid kisses upon his neck. He never thought he’d feel this, know how warm… God it felt so good. He wet his lips and swallowed feeling a blush creep over his skin. “I-I don’t know what to do,”

Lifting his head, Roy smiled. He remembered his first ackward time with another man. He had been fortunate to have someone who cared deeply about him, and tenderly showed him what it was all about.

"You don't have to do anything," he said softly, his hand caressing Ed's stomach. "But if there's something you want to, or if it just feels right, then I want you to do it..."

Untieing his robe he let it fall off his shoulders and then lay it aside. "I don't want you to be scared," he leaned in and whispered against Ed's ear. "But it's natural to be nervous." He kissed Ed's ear lightly with a lick. His hands began to guide the shirt off of Ed's metal arm.

Edward shivered as Roy whispered to him and licked his ear. He rested his hand upon Roy’s to stop him from taking his top off. “Okay,” he barely got out, not looking at the man next to him. He sat up and removed his own shirt then his pants and boxers, tossing them to the floor all the while his flesh hand shook and his body trembled.

He swallowed, wetting his lips and lay down, naked before someone who wasn’t family for the first time ever. It was… He wasn’t scared but… He smiled and turned over to look at the one he loved, finally. Roy still was still beautiful, perfect. His amber eyes found a scar upon his shoulder he’d missed the morning before and more scars along his side, his left arm, and lifted his hand to touch them. He knew what carrying scars like these felt like and it made his heart throb inside his chest to see them upon The General.

Ed decided to attend to them later, when there was more time, time to ask about them and try to ease the pain if only for a moment. He smiled again letting his fingers trail across Roy’s soft flesh. He was pale here, upon his chest and abdomen. Of course he would be, wearing those white dress shirts and uniform all the time but he had fair skin anyhow.

He flattened his hand and smoothed it up Roy’s chest to his strong shoulders, up his neck to caress his cheek. “Someday, not today I’d like you to tell me what happened and let me see,” He touched the strap of the eye patch and followed it to the actual patch before he leaned in to place a kiss upon it. “I know it hurts,” He whispered. “But it’ll never change how much I love you.” He sighed softly, letting his fingers trail down to Roy’s neck. “And it’s my fault, I let you fight him alone.”

"I knew what I was doing, Ed." Roy couldn't help the slight tremble when Ed touched his eyepatch. The scars on his torso were old. But his arm, chest, and eye still ached at times. "I knew I might not come out of there alive, but I had to do it. Alone."

He knew Ed would understand that. Avenging someone's death even if it meant your own death. "Someday I'll share this pain," he promised. But not now. He was still raw from it.

His touch was soft and caring, something Roy had wondered about. What it would feel like for Ed to touch him. Turning his head he embraced Ed and pulled him close. He inhaled Ed's scent in a sigh and kissed his shoulder.

Pulling away to discard his own boxers he stood before Ed completely nude. His eye flitted over Ed from head to toe, wanting to take him in slowly but not wanting to make Ed self conscious. Then he leaned down to kiss Ed slow and deep, pulling him close again and touching him. Hands roamed his shoulders and back down to his hips and thighs.

Edward did understand, he understood all too well, but it didn’t change the fact that he felt he should have been there, taken the brunt of what ever Pride dished out. He and Al had worked hard to try and keep the homunculi away from those they loved and cared about. He couldn’t change it for Roy any more than he could for himself, things happened as they’d happened. He wouldn’t forget and he’d wait for Roy to tell him and then be there for him where he’d not been before.

As Roy stood naked before him he smiled. Roy Mustang was a very beautiful creature, something unique and yet perfect, like he’d stepped right out of the Central museum of art. He looked like one of those nude statues from centuries ago all he had to do was strike a pose.

Then Roy came back to him and kissed him, relighting the nervous fire within him. When his hands touched him in places he’d not before, the fire grew stronger, driving him to want more. That was until Roy’s hands reached his thighs and then he began to giggle and squirm. “Stop that.”

Roy chuckled lightly. "Sorry, that tickles?" He pressed his hand more firmly and moved it to the inside of Ed's thigh. He watched him as he moved his hand in a slow rubbing motion ever upwards until he touched Ed there. Where his flesh was more sensitive, and warmer, and firmer.

The tickling sensation melted away as Roy touched him more firmly and he could barely breathe as his hand moved higher. He could feel himself, already hard, grow harder as the warm blood in his veins flowed to where Roy’s fingers seem to direct it. He couldn’t look down but he couldn’t look Roy in the eye either for fear of blushing. So he nuzzled his neck, more to hide his face than anything else, and let his own hand wander to and over Roy’s shoulder, down his back.

Ed gasped softly then his breath hitched in his throat as his now lover’s hand made contact with the part of him no one had ever touched but him. It made his head swim almost so much that he couldn’t think. How was it Roy could turn him to mere goop and make him feel so small in almost any situation, whether it be from scolding him when he was younger, to a glance, watching him transmute for the first time and every time after, to now in his bed, like this?

“T-tell me how you do this.” He breathed, closing his eyes.

"Its alright. Easy," Roy said softly, touching Ed. He was so warm and firm. Roy stroked him slowly a few times before gently squeezing his base. He understood Ed wanting to hide his face. So he nuzzled his neck, kissing and sucking his flesh as his hand left Ed's cock and slid over his hip.

"When I push in it might hurt. But I can stretch you first... it will help." He nibbled his neck and rubbed his lower back. "Can you get on your knees?"

Well he figured it might hurt since noting had ever gone in, only gone out and it wasn’t that large of a hold to begin with… why was he thinking about this? Oh right, he was more nervous now than he’d been when taking his alchemy exam. Good thing he wasn’t talking else he’d be a bumbling idiot.

But he trusted Roy to be kind and gentle. Ed nodded into Roy’s neck and turned over upon his stomach, then brought his weak, trembling knees under him so his rear was in the air. He felt like he was offering himself up on some platter and in one sense he
was. He’d not let anyone touch him and saved himself for General Mustang only, even knowing he might never see him again. Roy was who he’d wanted to touch him. Roy was who he wanted share himself with like this.

Ed cleared his throat, hiding his face in his hair. “Now what?”

He had kept the oil there more for himself than for any partners he could have had. He reaching over into his bedside table's drawer and fished out the bottle. Most oils were cold on the flesh, but he had opted for something with a little alchemy involved. Touching the array on the lid he instantly warmed the contents and set it aside for the

Gently tugging on Ed's shoulder he pulled the younger man back up. "You can still hold onto me," he said. "And I would like to see you," he kissed him and brushed the hair out of his face. "There's nothing to hide here, Ed. What we're doing is beautiful and natural."

Could Roy be anymore wonderful than he already was? Ed took a deep breath calmed almost entirely as the General brushed his hair from his face, and lifted his eyes. He smiled reaching for his face, holding it in his hand and turned around.

Edward began to lift his auto-mail hand but let it fall back to the bed. Roy probably wouldn’t want cold metal touching him at a time like this. “How do you want me? On my back or on my knees?” he whispered, leaning in closer to kiss his jaw.

"Right here is fine," Roy murmered sweetly. He had needed Ed up off the bed a bit, but he wanted to keep him close as well. He noticed Ed's reluctance to touch him with the cold metal arm and made a mental note.

Nudging Ed's knees apart with one of his own to get closer, Roy reached for the oil. "Put your arms around me," he smiled and kissed the corner of Ed's mouth. Dipping two fingers into the warmed oil he reached around Ed and slid a finger between his cheeks. Gently he massaged and teased Ed's entrance to get the muscle to relax. Then he pushed his index finger in slightly.

Wrapping his arms around Mustang’s neck, Ed inched a little closer. He felt Roy shifting and then his warm finger, slick and smooth. At first he wasn’t sure what to make of this, it was new but felt rather nice. Then he felt pressure and tensed from the slight intrusion. That was a little uncomfortable but he pressed the lower half of his body back slowly on Roy’s finger, gasping softly.

Swallowing, Ed sought the General’s lips to tell him he was alright, that he wanted more for he couldn’t talk, he couldn’t find his voice at the moment.

Kissing him, Roy tilted his head and moaned. Ed was so warm and tight around his finger. He pushed it as deep as he could from this angle. Then he added his middle finger, gently sliding it in with the first.

He began to slide both fingers in and out, letting Ed's body grow accustomed to the strange sensation while spreading the oil.

The first was uncomfortable but the second hurt, not a lot but enough to make him wince a little. Ed bore it and soon the pain washed away. It felt weird at first but the slipperiness of it felt really good and very quickly he relaxed and began to feel something very pleasing, very… good god he needed more, needed to be touched in other places, anywhere.

Ed broke the kiss, panting, and moved closer, straddling Roy’s leg and rested his forehead against his lover’s and found his voice. “I should probably tell you… Mmm,” Roy’s fingers were still stroking him from the inside. He took a breath. “I like to be touched. Nng, probably didn’t seem like it before, but I… haaa, do.”

He smiled and trailed his flesh fingers down the General’s toned chest and lower until his fingers brushed over the heard of his cock and lightly down his shaft. “A-along my spine. I think I’m sensitive there.” And he wrapped his hand around him and tugged gently.

"Nnh..." Roy gasped softly as Ed touched him there and tugged. "Like here?" Roy slipped his other hand around and began to caress and trace Ed's spine. His fingers below continued to slowly pump. As much as he wanted to add a third finger to help stretch, at this angle it was difficult.

"If you like being touched here," his hand traced each lumbar. "Then I bet you'd like being licked as well." Removing his fingers from within Ed, Roy put his hand on Ed's hip and ducked his head. He ran his tongue over a nipple, bathing it with warm saliva. "Would you like me to lick your spine?"

Edward moaned the instant Roy’s fingers touched his spine and nodded, panting hard. He’d denied himself the touch of another, anyone in anyway for so long… Roy was making his head swim.

He tugged a little harder upon Roy’s cock, beginning to stroke him. It was odd to have someone else’s cock in his hand but he liked it especially when his lover moaned and gasped like he was. And then Roy removed his fingers and he whimpered in protest and cried out as The General’s hot, wet tongue caressed his nipple.

When the question about whether or not he wanted his spin licked was asked, Ed nearly crumbled and came, trembling not in nervousness but in pleasure and they’d not even really had sex yet.

He groaned, stroking Roy a little faster and tried rubbing himself against his lover’s leg. “Yes, please,”

"Ed," Roy gasped and moaned. "Easy..." He pried himself from Ed. "Slow down, Edo..." He was nearly there himself, but he didn't want it to end so soon.

"Here," he guided Ed onto his hands and knees. "Take it easy," he rubbed up between Ed's shoulders, taking a moment to breath himself so he wouldn't hurt Ed in his need for release.

Dipping his fingers into the oil again he liberally spread it along his length. "This might hurt... but give it a moment," he whispered as he positioned himself behind Ed. He met with resistence at first, but then he was pushing inside.

Damn it, he didn’t want to slow down but he let The General maneuver him how he wanted him. As soon as Roy’s hand rubbed between his shoulders he moaned. Then he felt it, Roy pushing inside of him, and gasped, whimpering.

Roy was right it did hurt, more than he expected it too. As impatient as he was, especially now, he regarded and took heed of his lover’s words, relaxed, letting himself adjust to his size.

He felt very intruded but the oil, god the oil so slick combined with Roy so warm and hard… Edward’s hands fisted the sheets as he sucked his bit his lower lip, groaning. “Mmm…I’m alright.”

Ed felt so wonderful. Tight and hot. He moaned and leaned down, running his tongue up Ed's spine between his shoulders. He set a slow pace, letting Ed adjust to the movement of thrusts. "Nnh..." He panted, licking Ed's neck.

His hand wrapped around and, finding Ed's erect nipple, squeezed and pulled. This was more beautiful and perfect than he had ever dreamed. And this moment had plagued his dreams often.

“Nnngahhh!” Ed cried out, feeling his lover’s wet slick tongue sliding up the middle of his back and almost came too soon. “Uhh… uhhh…” He panted, never imaging he’d ever be this vocal during sex, but Roy’s pace was perfect though at first a little painful.

He closed his eyes, moaning louder through it as pleasure he’d never known washed over the nuisance of the pain. Roy licked his neck, found his nipple, and he pushed himself back into him in effort to drive his lover deeper, fill him completely.

Edward lost all ability to compose a complete thought inside his head. It was all he could do to stay upon his knees, his fingers and hands digging into the sheets. It was more real and more powerful than anything he’d ever felt in his life! So good! So wonderful!

He felt something, a coiling, tightening in his stomach, fast, and cried out, arching his back as much as he could, jabbering something akin to nonsense. Then he burst, cumming, shuddering, gasping for air and whimpering Roy’s name into the morning air.

Holding onto him tight, Roy felt him begin to lose it and then erupt. He thrust harder, faster, following hot on Ed's heels with a strangled moan. He came hard and long, nearly painfully. His hips continued to thrust, milking his seed into Ed until he slipped free.

Shaking, panting, and glistening with sweat, Roy lowered himself onto the bed next to Ed. "Ed..." He panted, gripping his automail arm and rubbing it. Not aware, or perhaps not caring, that it was automail. It was Ed he looked at.

Ed, still upon his arms and knees, lifted his still swimming head at the sound of his name. He could feel… It was indescribable, beautiful, and amazing. So much so that he almost missed the light pressure upon his auto-mail arm.

He wet his lips, swallowed, and with one very trembling body moved. Or tried too at least, it was more of a slow collapse and as soon as his full body met the bed, he rolled over to curl up beside the General, panting.

He opened his eyes slowly, his face mere inches away from his lover’s, and smiled, reaching to brush the sweat dampened hair from Roy’s eye. His hair had grown, or Roy had let it grow, probably to hide the patch, but it was still soft and still beautiful just like Roy was.

“Hmm?” He asked and then he felt something strange, something he didn’t expect. It had to be Roy’s semen that was trickling from his rear and down the side of his butt cheek. As alarming as it was, he just didn’t care, not when he felt like this.

He reached up and took Ed's hand. Kissing the knuckles he breathed in deeply. Ed's scent, their sex, and sweat hung in the air. "Are you alright?" he asked softly. He could tell Ed was actually in bliss, but he had to ask to be sure.

Edward nodded, “Yeah,” He whispered softly and smiled again. Gently, he moved closer, pushing Roy upon his back, and curled up along his side with his head upon his chest. He closed his eyes and slipped his hand up to Roy’s neck.

“I know you have to go to work, but could you stay a little longer?” he was growing sleepy and almost laughed. To think, him, Edward Elric, getting sleepy after a little physical activity. “And when you go, could you stop by the site and tell them I’m out sick today? I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ll make it up to you and have dinner ready when you get home.”

"I have time," Roy murmered. It had been a while for him since he had exerted himself this way.

"And I still owe you breakfast. You're going to be hungrier than usual in a while," he chuckled. He was hungry himself. He didn't know anyone where sex didn't have that effect on.

“One of these days,” Ed paused to yawn, “you’re going to have to let me take care of you. Have to make it up to you for all you’ve done for me. And you’re not saying no or putting up a fuss. You more than deserve it.”

He lifted his head, opened his eyes, and moved up and little, up enough to turn The General’s face and place a kiss upon his lips before laying his head down again and nuzzling his neck. “I love you,” He whispered. If he got anymore comfortable he was going to fall asleep, but he didn’t want to be separated from Roy’s warmth or his touch, not so soon.

"If you insist," Roy didn't need a butler. He wanted a lover and friend. But there was no purpose in arguing over something so trivial. He knew Ed meant well.

"But since you promised to stay home today, I'm going to see to breakfast," he reminded his lover. "Just as soon as the strength returns to my legs," he chuckled and planted kisses on top of Ed's head.

This moment was sweet and perfect, all too perfect to be spoiled by either of them getting up. He grinned wickedly and lifted his hand from Roy’s neck, lightly ghosting his fingers down his chest. He drew little patterns and circles along his path, to his main target, pausing a moment before he touched the relaxed member of Roy he wanted to harden.

“Hm… and what if I don’t want the strength to return to your legs? What if I,” He paused to raise upon his elbow and look into his lover’s handsome face as he touched him there ever so lightly. “Want you to stay right where you are so I can learn all the little things that make you weak in the knees? It’s only fair you know,” He said grasping his cock gently, teasingly. “Since I told you about one of mine.”

This made Edward a little nervous as he didn’t know how to do these things right or at all, just want he wanted to do, what he’d dreamed and imagined himself doing. Still he gave Roy a good few strokes. “I wonder what you taste like and I wonder if when you came in my mouth if it’d be warm down my throat. I used to ponder that you know?”

Edward let out a heavy sigh and let go of Roy’s harden member. “But if you insist, I’ll let you go. I wouldn’t want to keep you from your duties today.”

Roy hissed softly as Ed touched his softened member. "Ed..." He tried to warn. But it was too late. He tried to fight it, but pictures and feelings came to mind that Ed graphically painted for him.

Then that hand left him. Growling softly he rolled over and hovered over Ed. "Don't start something if you don't plan on finishing it," he said huskily and leaned down to kiss Ed. "Touch me. But I'm not going to make it easy, I won't tell you where to touch," he smiled.

Edward chuckled placing his flesh hand upon Roy’s chest, still a little wary of touching the man’s bare flesh with his auto-mail. That little growl of his was quite the turn on, stirring his own erection in to being. “You’re such a bastard.”

He wet his lips, gazing into Roy’s dark eye. Oh there was a lustful need there alright and had it been there before it might have intimidated him. But there was something else there, something drawing him in and it was a might bit difficult to look away.

Slowly, Ed scooted up the bed, sitting up. He smiled a little nervously as guided Roy to lay upon his back and he was beside him. It was then that Edward moved down the bed deciding to start with Roy’s feet and move up. He hesitated to admire the at attention erection, an erection that wasn’t his own, one that was new that he wanted to get to know very intimately.

“You don’t have anything against biting do you? I won’t bit hard, just… well do you?”

Roy's breath hitched slightly. If only Ed knew how excited he was making him. "No, Ed. I would like it if you bit me." He eyed Ed hungrily. He wanted Ed to explore his body but there was that renewed desire for release that he had to suppress.

Edward shivered in response to the look he received and the tone of his lover’s voice. He wet his lips and… He wasn’t sure what to do really and tried to think as quickly as possible. He decided doing what he thought might feel good on himself, things he’d been curious about, and try them out upon Roy.

Gently he parted Roy’s legs, admiring them, and moved in between them. For a moment he examined his feet with his golden eyes. Roy had very beautiful feet, slender. What should he do? Nah, he didn’t want to start with his legs, not today.

Slowly he crawled up the Flame alchemist’s body, nudging his legs apart with his flesh knee, and hovered over him a moment. He let his eyes travel up his frame, putting to memory everything he saw, every scar, every line and curve, the way he breathed… He was enchanted with the lines of Roy’s shoulder, his jaw line, the curve of his lips, and the slant of his obsidian eye, the arch of his eyebrow even.

Softly, Ed smiled and lifted his flesh hand to trace his lover’s eyebrow, down his temple, his cheek bone, and lips, to the curve of his jaw. “You’re gorgeous, you know that?” He asked just above a whisper, blushing. That was so sentimental and mushy, but it was true. So he wouldn’t hear some smart assed retort, Ed kissed him passionately, tenderly upon the lips before trailing down his chin to his neck, nipping and licking, tracing his throat.

"Mmmn..." Roy couldn't ruin such a tender moment by speaking. Instead he let his body and hands speak for him as Ed explored the lines of his flesh. He had always dreamt how this would feel. Though Ed wasn't experienced, he didn't need it to make Roy shiver in anticipation. His moist tongue and silky lips and dangerous teeth all had Roy vibrating

"Aah," he vocalized as Ed found a tender spot on his neck. So close. Putting his hands on Ed's body he gently rubbed his back and neck. Slowly, subtly, he guided Ed lower. Letting him taste and tease but leading him to a corner of his collar bone. He coiled with anticipation and his heart pounded.

There were times in every person’s life where they were blindsided and even subtle hints seemed to fly over one’s head. He’d had a few of those himself even though he was a prodigy. Today, however, he caught Roy’s subtle hints and guidance clear enough. How could he miss those wonderful hands upon his body?

Edward smiled as he lifted his head long enough to move his hair out of his face, then he ducked his head and gently nipped along his lover’s collar bone, lapping. He wasn’t even half way down Roy’s breathtaking frame and he was already being rewarded with little moans. It was all terribly exciting, setting his nerves on edge, begging to hear more and his lips yearning to feel the little vibrations of Roy’s vocals.

Roy tilted his head back with a groan. Either Ed was lying that he had never done this... or it had been way too long since he had been touched so carefully by a lover. In fact, Roy couldn't remember the last red mark he had sported on his neck from being sucked on there where his pulse throbbed.

Letting his hands slide over Ed's flesh, he traced his upper spine with nimble fingers, found a rib and followed it down to Ed's side. "Would you like to mark me?" His voice was low and husky. "The uniform will hide it."

Ed groaned as Roy’s fingers traced his spine and then one of his ribs. Just that one little touch made his already hard erection ache with need. But he couldn’t give into what his desires, not yet, not when he wanted to map out and memorize Roy’s body, when he wanted to feel his groans and moans beneath his lips.

He thought about The General’s question for a moment as he paid attention to lonely side of his collar bone. He could do that and he supposed it would be like claiming him for his own. At least he knew there were two places that Roy liked, a certain place upon his neck and his collar bone, well at least that’s what he could gather. More study was needed and he planned to do a lot of that.

Gently, Ed moved his head a little and latched on to Roy’s neck right where he could feel his life beat pulsing under his lips. He was gentle at first, sucking with ease but gradually sucking harder. His intent wasn’t to hurt; he never wanted to hurt Roy.

When he was finished he approved of his handiwork and quickly began where he left off, kissing down Roy’s toned chest. He decided to forgo playing with Roy’s nipples for a later time and traveled down to his stomach. He kissed each scar tenderly, loving then as much as he loved the one who bore them.

“So perfect,” He murmured softly.

Roy moaned softly as Ed caressed the scars along his abdomen. He gently stroked Ed's hair as he watched the younger man through slitted eyes. That mouth was beautiful.

"If I'm so perfect, it's only because you've made me that way." His voice was a husky whisper. "You've changed me, Ed."

Edward wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. Sure Roy was a little different, less of a bastard, but… He’d talk about it later when he had more time to really think about it. For now he leaned his head into his lover’s hand. He’d always liked it when someone pet his hair or brushed it or just touched it. That was the reason why he let it grow so long, even if the tangles were a pain.

He did take a moment to turn his face and lick Roy’s wrist and kiss his palm. He wanted to lick and suckle his fingers but he’d save that for later, maybe after dinner or just sometime.

Abandoning his lover’s hand he set his tongue to Roy’s warm flesh and trailed it down to his belly button and over to his left hip. Then he bit him, not hard and sucked and nipped his way over to the right doing the same there. All the while he was listening for indications of pleasure or displeasure.

He was nearly reeling in ecstacy as Ed came dangerously close to his erect cock with that mouth. Small noises escaped his lips. Reaching down he gently guided Ed a bit higher just above his hip bone and moaned.

Slipping, his tongue along Roy’s flesh, Ed lapped the drool escaping from his mouth. Then he bit the soft flesh a little harder than before. He could probably go at this all day, this touching, licking, biting, kissing, but his own cock was receiving many signals of delight and pleasure from his brain and ached to be touched. He decided that it had been denied a little of the action when Roy had entered into him.

Still his voiced wonderings nagged at him and he pushed Roy’s hand away so his tongue could caress the
crown of Roy’s warm, stiff cock. “Mm,” he let out softly. His lover was salty and a little of something else he couldn’t put his finger on.

“May I?” He asked almost hesitantly. This was one thing he really didn’t know how to do or how to go about doing in the first place. He’d never experienced it himself but he certainly didn’t want to disappoint. Right now, everything was for Roy and it had to be good so he’d do his best.

Roy moaned lowly. There between his thighs was the most seductive thing on earth. Licking his lips once he nodded. "Please," his voice was husky with want. In the back of his mind he knew Ed was new to this... but that's what made him so damn hard. Ed didn't know how to fake this,
it was all genuine.

Edward cast his eyes to the erect piece of Roy’s anatomy. Maybe he should have also asked how this was done… Trial and error to avoid such an awkward situation, he decided slipping his tongue passed his lips again.

He licked up the underside of Roy’s cock from base to tip, bathing it lovingly as if it were the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. He thought he could feel Roy’s heart beat in the prominent vein, but he figured he was just imagining it.

Then all of his attention was upon the head, licking, lapping his drool away, and finally taking that much into his mouth and sucking. Ed slipped his flesh hand down to cup and run his fingers tips over the General’s sac. He liked touching his own and guessed Roy might like the same.

The noises that came from Roy's throat said what he couldn't. That Ed was doing a fine job. That he didn't want Ed to stop. Gripping the sheets in one hand and Ed's hair in the other, he arched slightly with a moan.

Finding his voice wasn't easy but he did manage to utter "yes" and "Ed... uhn..." Between his gasps and moans. He could probobly teach Ed how to give a mind blowing blow job, but the younger man was doing fine for now.

Filled with a new sense of excitement and receiving such encouraging noises from the General’s throat, Ed got a little more confident and took more of his lover into his mouth. Roy was like throbbing heat against his tongue. At first Ed gagged a little, his saliva seeping from the corners of his mouth but he continued to beg Roy’s cock to spill with his mouth.

He felt his lover tense, the slight arch of his back and then he got what he wanted, the answer to all his improper ponderings that began when he was too young to really realize just how improper they really
were. Roy was warm. His taste was nothing Edward had ever tasted before and curious.

Edward let it fill his mouth, let his lover’s cum sit upon his tongue before swallowing so he could taste it a bit longer, decide if he liked it. After a mere second of thought, he decided he did and used his tongue to lap any that had escaped his mouth. By then he was so hard it hurt and moved, straddling Roy’s waist, placing his lover’s hand upon him, whimpering.

Seeing the look of raw need on Ed's face made Roy moan. Gently removing his hand he sat up against the pillows slightly and guided Ed to straddle his chest instead. As much as he would ahve enjoyed teasing his lover now, he knew Ed was close enough to the edge that it wasn't needed, and would only frustrate. So he took Ed into his mouth as he caressed his ass and thighs.

Bobbing his head he sucked softly, moaning at the taste coating his tongue as Ed dripped onto it.

Edward grunted in protest as he moved where Roy wanted him then cried out in surprise as Roy took him into his mouth. He’d never thought this would feel this good!

Sucking his lower lip, he let his fingers bury themselves in Roy’s hair but he didn’t dare impede his lover’s amazing movements. Once again his head was swimming round and round and he was helpless to stop it, not that he wanted too.

His back arched as he came, shuddering, and he let out a guttural moan, spilling into Roy’s mouth. He didn’t move one bit until he was spent and softening then he scooted himself down, but not from his lover’s warm body.

Ed, trembling and fully stated still mustered enough energy to kiss Roy, lazily, but forcing his tongue into his mouth. He found that he rather liked tasting himself there.

When he pulled away he let his eyes caress Roy’s visage and smiled as he lifted his hand to touch his skin. He’d never felt so wonderful and warm in his life and his heart thudded with joy and an immense overpowering feeling love. It made his heart ache and for once in his life, after so many years, he felt complete, home, like everything was perfect.

He kissed Roy again and whispered against his lips, “I’m really home.” He kissed him again and again. “And I missed you and I promise never to leave again.” He grinned as leaned up to kiss the eye patch again. “I love you, my perfect General.”

Floating in gentle waves of fulfillment, Roy smiled and took Ed's face between his hands. He was careful not to touch the bruise surrounding his eye. "If you ever forget that promise, I'll follow you to the ends of the earth." He kissed Ed again. "I promise."

Rubbing his lover's back, Roy laughed. "Now I'm very late... and you know there's already a dozen rumors going around as to why."

“Mm, good” Ed hummed, delighted and thrilled beyond measure to have been promised something that meant just as much to him as his dear little brother.

This time Roy’s hands upon his back didn’t excite him as they had before but the touch wasn’t meant to arouse but soothe, he could tell. “I’m sure you can handle them, you’ve handled plenty of them in the past.” He whispered with a smile.

Ed sighed and slipped from Roy’s body then proceeded to push him from the bed. “Forget breakfast, go to work. I’ll have a big supper wait for you when you get home. Come on move it.”

"Keep ice on that," Roy pointed at Ed's eye as he stood from the bed. Grabbing his clothes a piece at a time he threw them on and then ran a hand through his dark hair.

Unable to resist, he pulled Ed close for a deep kiss and gentle nuzzle. "I'll see you tonight."

“Sure,” Ed replied and watched him depart. Sighing contently, he lay back in the large bed, gazing at the ceiling in thought.

He never would have thought, a few days ago when he returned to Central things would turn out this way. But then again he’d not made any plans for his life pertaining to his future after he resigned. He’d just assumed he’d wander a little on his way back to Resembool; see what caught his fancy.

But he was here now and he didn’t think he could ever turn back, leave. But… what was he going to do? Sure this reconstruction thing was nice but it would all be over soon and then what? A desk job, returning to the field? No, he didn’t think he’d want to see the world without his brother by his side and certainly not without Roy.

Ed sighed, turning over in the bed. A desk job would be nice. It was true he didn’t like paperwork, but if it kept him home, he’d do it. He felt he deserved a little peace. And with that thought in mind, his brain explored some of the routes a desk job could take him. Surely there was one that would fit him and his talents within the military. Perhaps even something pertaining to alchemy.

Eh, he talk to Roy about it, he was in the know so he’d have more knowledge of what was what and where he thought Ed would perform the best.

Now it was time to get some more ice for his face and snoop in their icebox to see what he could whip up for supper.

- - -

He had had a funny feeling the first time he had seen Ed's supervisor at the site. Passing it off as nerves from hiding their relationship at first, Roy had forgotten about those feelings until now. That uneasy feeling returned as he parked and approached Shaffer.

"Shaffer, right?" Roy tapped his shoulder to get his attention.

Jack Shaffer looked up from the reconstruction plans in his hand and turned, examining the General from head to foot. This ought to be interesting since Major Elric hadn’t shown at the usual time; in fact the blonde alchemist didn’t appear to have come with him. He rather liked Edward, he worked hard. So for now until he found or saw any evidence, he'd give the kid the beneift of the doubt.

“Yes General Mustang, that would be me.” He replied with a strained smile. “I assume you’re here to explain why Major Elric hasn’t bothered to show today. State business? Or did he need a day off?”

Keeping his face neutral and professional, Roy informed the man that Major Elric was on ordered leave today and would return the next morning. He didn't think any further explanation was needed but paused before leaving and asked, "Do you have any questions?"

Ordered leave… He guessed Mustang didn’t want Elric worn out by the days end. Edward wouldn’t be of much use to him that way. “No, that’s enough of an explanation for me. Thanks for loaning him out to us General; we’re a lot farther than we would have been without him.”

"Ofcourse," Roy nodded curtly and then turned on his heel.

That day at work was slow and Mustang left his office empty once to check on another reconstruction site where he lent his skill during the noon hours. As he returned he spied Havoc reading a book and so set him on an errand that left his subordinate grinning stupidly. Well, let his friends wonder and gossip. They weren't any threat.


Edward glared at the pot of potatoes on the stove; said pot had boiled over while he was out of the kitchen and made a watery mess. He’d only been out of the room for ten minutes, just long enough to grab a quick shower and he’d left the stove heat on low. He was sure of it. However, when he’d come back there was a mess and the control knob for the heat had inched its way up to high.

He sighed and quickly cleaned up the mess and while doing so remembering what the Alphonse of the other world had lectured him on about leaving the kitchen unattended while cooking. Then Ed noticed something he’d not really paid too much attention to prior this cooking event. High and low were backwards on this stove, backwards from the stove in the apartment in the other world.

“Ha!” He half shouted pointing at the stove. “It’s not my fault, it’s yours!” Well now that he knew that he checked the oven to make sure he’d not turned it too high as well. He’d not. That was a relief, he’d hate to have to start over again just so Roy wouldn’t choke and die on burnt food.

It was strange; Roy’s deep freeze in the laundry room had more food in it than the ice box. What good did that do him if it all got freezer burned before he could use it? And what good did it do if it was frozen unless he set it out to thaw while he was at work or did he just snap his fingers and thaw it out that way?

Still, Edward had managed to find a ham in that deep freeze and thawed it out with alchemy. So far it smelled and looked good. Now if he could just get these potatoes to do what he wanted he’d be half way finished.

Pounding at the door cut him short of his current cooking thoughts. He frowned, wondering who it was and what they wanted and made his way to the door. When he checked the peep hole he found Lt. Havoc upon the porch and quickly opened the door, alarm bells ringing in his head. “What happened?”

Havoc scratched the back of his head as he rang the General's doorbell. So Ed was staying here... flicking the ash off the tip of his habit stick, Havoc grinned as the door opened.

"Hi Ed. Listen, Mustangs orders were vague but he wants you dressed and in the car," he pointed a thumb over his shoulder at the car. "I can't tell you anything more until we're there so..." He held out a plastic wrapped suit on a hanger. "Guess you better put this on."

Edward looked from Lt. Havoc to the suit the back up to Havoc dumbfounded. “Um… okay. Want to come in?” he asked not sure what else to say as he hesitantly took the suit from the man and stepped aside. Just what the hell was going on and why?

"Sure. Take your time, Ed." Havoc glanced around as he entered the house. Wrinkling his nose he looked at Ed. "Problem?"

Ed closed the door with a sigh. “You’re really not going to tell me anything are you?” He could tell Havoc wasn’t going to budge. “Didn’t think so.” He muttered and went to his bedroom to change.

While Ed changed, Havoc snuck a peek into the kitchen and eyed the mess. He had already figured as much but now he knew for sure who the General was currently dating. No wonder this relationship was the only one he hadn't bragged about... either he was afraid, or it was serious. Or both... who knew in this situation.

Returning to the den, Havoc took a seat on the edge of the couch and waited for Ed.

Looking in the mirror, Ed had to silently applaud his lover. The black suit actually fit him, no alchemy needed to adjust it. But something was missing… Ah, he knew what. Quickly he dug thought his closet to find his best tie, it was red, but it would look just fine with his white dress shirt and this suit.

He found his black dress shoes; shoes Alphonse had made him buy since his old ones were just about worn out, and put them on. Checking the mirror one more time he nodded, he looked rather nice and this was as good as Roy was going to get right now, considering he had a shiner. Hmm, what to do about that? Eh, he’d just make sure his bangs were in his face for that one. Or not.

Letting out a sigh, he left his room and went to the kitchen to turn off the stove and oven then found Havoc. “Alright, we’re making a stop and you’re going in to get cover up and no bitching about it either.”

"Yes, sir," Havoc grinned. "Are you ready then?" He opened the door and lead Ed down to the car. Once inside he looked back at Ed. "So, can I ask how long you two have been...? Or how you got that eye?"

Ed slumped back and narrowed his eyes but he shrugged. Havoc knew when and where to keep his mouth shut and he’d trusted Havoc a long time. “Couple of days. This,” He pointed to his face. “Was last night and an accident. Anymore you’ll have to get from Roy himself, he did it. Now drive and tell me how everyone’s been. I haven’t seen anyone except you and Roy since I got back.”

"You'll have to come in and see for yourself, Ed. Not much has changed. There might be some new faces..." Havoc hummed. "I'm sure Hawkeye would like to see you. She's asked about you." He glanced into the ear view mirror at Ed. "You know, he's been happier since you came back."

Havoc pulled over to a likely looking store. Leaning over the seat he took a good look at Ed's face before he disapeared inside to buy a concealer. When he returned he handed the bag to Ed. "Hope that works," he muttered.

“Thanks,” Ed replied, accepting and opening the bag. He moved over so he could use the rear view mirror to apply the make up. He slipped the glove on his flesh hand off and began. “I’ll pay you back soon.”

“I’ll come in sometime soon then. Honestly I’ve really missed everyone, even Armstrong’s stories of his ‘illustrious family heritage’.” He frowned, pausing. “You said Roy’s been happier, what happened while I was gone?”

Havoc frowned and looked out the windshield. "I can't say exactly... but he was worried. He cares about you. I've never seen him like that before..."

He glanced at Ed again. The powder wasn't covering everything but it was making the dark color less apparent. "Well, I guess I can tell you now that you won't be face to face with many people in a well lit place... that should do fine now."

Evening out the make up as best as he could and almost embarrassed to even think that he knew how to so this at all, Ed finished up and stuffed the makeup back into the bag. He took in everything and could only conclude that this place was either a restaurant or theatre, why else would Roy want him so fancy.

He’d check into what little Havoc had told him later and focused upon the prospect of where he was being taken. Ed almost couldn’t keep the smile from tugging at the corners of his mouth and turned his face so Havoc didn’t happen to see it. From the sounds of it he might just be on a surprise date. He’d
been on at least three dates before but not with anyone who mattered as much to him as Roy did. It was kind of exciting and he felt those damned butterflies fluttering about in his stomach again.

As Ed finished covering his black eye, Havoc started the car again and began driving. How could a black eye be an accident? He would have to ask Mustang. Though if it was something he would be teased about, their leader would never say.

Driving Ed into the entertainment part of town, Havoc stopped the car outside the theatre. "He said not to wait outside for him... that you'd understand why," Havoc looked back at Ed. "He'll drive you home though," he grinned. Reaching over the seat he handed Ed his ticket.


Roy had already seated himself early to avoid as much recognition as possible. The disguise certainly helped. Instead of his military uniform or usual street clothes, Roy had donned a longer jacket and blond wig to conceal his identity. He kept his eyes forward, trusting Ed to find his assigned seat right next to him on his own.

Edward glanced at the ticket to make sure he had the right row. Nope, two more. He walked down the steps and gazed down the row. He didn’t see the General anywhere but there were some empty seats still. So he began to make his way in to his, excusing himself to those he had to pass.

When he sat down, he noticed there was an empty chair to his right and an occupied one to his left and that occupied chair had something familiar about it… It was his scent and yep it was Roy. Ed smiled, keeping his voice low. “Blonde?”

"I thought you would like it," Roy replied lowly as well and glanced sidelong at Ed. "You clean up well," he remarked on the suit and tie with a smirk. "Were you surprised?" He asked.

“Thanks, and you could say that.” Ed whispered almost giddy although he kept that under control. He sighed, shifting in his seat until he was more comfortable. “I haven’t been to a theatre for almost a year now. The Marquis outside and the ticket said Brigadoon, what’s it about?” He couldn’t help taking another glance at Roy. It was so weird to see him with blonde hair. He looked good as always, but so different.

Roy turned his head and looked at Ed, almost in shock. "You went to the theatre in," what had he called the other world... "London? Huh..." He smiled. "I think you'll enjoy the story and find it very familiar." He wanted to see Ed's face as the plot unraveled, but he didn't want to tell him beforehand.

“Well don’t look so surprised. There were plenty of plays I wanted to see here but never really got around too it or had the time.” Ed replied a little annoyed with the lack of information Roy would give him about the play. Wasn’t that just typical, Roy told him enough to keep him biting and no more.

He sighed and shook his bangs from his face. “You know my Dad gave me that same look when I demanded he go with me. I’m not alchemy and book centered you know.” The lights in the theatre dimmed to darkness as the curtain began it’s ascension. Ed turned his attention toward the stage.

Roy chuckled softly and shook his head. "No, I guess you're not." He then looked to the stage as the curtains opened and two male figures appeared stage right.

In the end, Edward found the show well done and he really enjoyed it. Well okay, he really liked it and it had a very familiar air about it, something he liked as well. He was going to have to do something really nice for Roy when they reached home, he decided as other people began to get up and file out.

“Ready?” He asked, behind his hand as he moved his knees for an elderly couple passing them.

"Let's wait for the crowd to clear," Roy glanced at Ed. "Did you enjoy the play?" He watched people slowly filter out in the lowly lit theatre seating and when he felt it safe after they were alone he touched Ed's hand.

Edward smiled as he looked at their hands and turned his around, lacing his fingers with Roy’s. “Very much, thank you.” He replied softly. Gently he leaned over and lifting his free hand to his lover’s face, he brought him closer for a kiss. “It was wonderful, like you.” He smirked and gave him another kiss before standing, completely unaware that he and the General had an audience watching them from the shadows, one Mr. Shaffer.

Mr. Shaffer narrowed his eyes as Edward stood and offered his hand to the man sitting beside him, and though the man was wearing a disguise, he was sure it was General Mustang. How vile, how disappointing.

“Let’s go home,” he heard Edward say and nearly shuddered.

Taking his hand, Roy smiled and pulled Ed to him as he stood. Tilting his lover's chin up he took his lips in a slow and passionate kiss. When he broke the kiss it was with a low moan. "The car is out front," he smiled, and held onto Ed's hand until they neared the exit.

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