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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 6

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 6. Cold

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 1,308
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.

1:Anger, 2:Twilight, 3:Blood, 4:Calm, 5:Children's Games

It was glowing blue into yellow into white, crimson raining down like a waterfall, last words of a dead man echoing against the stone walls, and delighted chuckling. So many distorted images, so much chaos. There was pain, there was confusion, and there was falling, down down and a sharp, stabbing crash.

Edward’s eyes snapped open as he felt his body jerk, his lungs gasp. “Ugh,” He groaned, lifting a hand to his forehead to wipe the cold sweat and tears away. He could feel his body trembling, could feel his heart racing inside his chest, and the crisp chill of his bedroom. He’d been crying again, in his sleep and he wondered if Roy had heard him. He listened but heard not a sound but the sound of rain pitter patting against his window.

Groaning again, he threw the blankets back and began to get out of bed and drug himself to the bathroom. He flicked on the light, relieved himself, and washed his hands and face before taking a look in the mirror. He looked… not so good. He was still dressed, clothes wrinkled, hair mussed, pale, and he looked as cold as he felt. Damn it was freezing in here. He hated waking like this, trembling, cold, and to almost no sounds. It was… He didn’t really know but he hated to be alone on nights like these.

Back in the other world, Alphonse Heindrick would hear him up and sit with him. Here, his brother would do the same. But he wasn’t near either of those two.

Ed turned off the light in the bathroom and went back to his room to change into his pajamas but he didn’t crawl back into bed. Instead he crept down the hall to Roy’s bedroom, pausing at the door in indecision for a moment. He didn’t want to wake the General for Roy needed his sleep, but he didn’t was to be so cold and alone.

Sighing, Edward, tiptoed up to the bed, pulled back the blankets and crawled in. Roy’s bed was a little higher up, but at this point he didn’t care. He curled up beside him and made himself comfortable, closing his eyes.

When Roy woke it was because of a physical disturbance in his room. In a blind instinct heavy with sleep he threw a fist at the intruder and then jumped away for his gun. He always kept his military issued revolver nearby. It was faster to squeeze a trigger than to peel on a pair of gloves in some cases.

Cocking the weapon he aimed it at the shadow... who now looked familiar. "Ed?!" He groaned, the sudden burst of adrenaline now leaving him feeling physically pummeled. Lowering the gun back to his uniform he found a light switch and flicked it on.

He’d just settled and suddenly there was a fist to his right eye and a flash and shaking of movement. Edward had taken blows to the face before, plenty, but none of them left him so shocked and dumbfounded as this one. What left him more shocked and shaken was the fact that for a few brief seconds he was staring at the barrel of a gun before the light was flicked on and Roy’s voice saying his name.

For a moment he just lay there holding the right side of his face then he glared. “I can’t believe you fucking hit me you bastard! I didn’t come in here to kill you but now I’m having second thoughts!”

Worried now that he could see he had actually hit Ed, Roy climbed back on the bed and grabbed Ed's arm. Gently prying his hand away from his face, Roy sighed as he saw the start of a black eye. "I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you or I wouldn't have done that... I wasn't thinking. Just reacting."

He sighed and released Ed's arm. Aside from the pain that came with a black eye there wasn't usually a lot to do unless there was vision problems. Having had a few black eyes himself when he was younger, Roy hoped he hadn't damaged Ed's eye seriously. "Stay here, I'll get some ice."

He returned with a bag of ice wrapped in a soft wash cloth and handed it to Ed. "Can you see alright?"

Edward glared. “I could see just fine and pain free before you hit me.” He bit. Roy did look sorry but his emotions were raw, raw and had just been salted. “What’s with you?! Do you do this to everyone who gets into your bed just to get warm?”

He sat up already previously having Roy’s completely understandable explanation. He was pissed but still freezing, the ice not helping that matter at all and being cold outweighed his anger. He paused then said: “Well what are you standing there for? If you want to be forgiven then get your ass back in bed and warm me up damn it.”

Sighing, Roy wondered if he could go one day without having Ed blow a fuse. But this time it was justified he knew, and so he gave up his argument and climbed back into bed. "Open your eye..." He said softly, wanting a better look as he gently moved Ed's hand with the ice away.

He quietly nudged Ed's head up to the light and looked at his eye. "I don't see any permanent damage," he nudged Ed's hand back up. "But I don't want you working tomorrow. We don't need any accidents out there."

He pulled the covers up around Ed's shoulders and pressed close to share his warmth. "Is this better?"

Edward nodded still sulking a little. He still couldn’t believe Roy had hit him even though it had been an accident, an honest one. He sighed and decided to let it go, there wasn’t any use arguing about it anymore nor was there any reason. However, it didn’t mean he couldn’t work.

“I can work just fine and I’ll be okay in the morning. Besides they need me there and I’ve worked with a lot worse, you know that…” He sighed again finally beginning to warm up. This was rather nice, aside from getting clocked…

He frowned, wincing from the sharp pain it caused. “Hey… who else were you expecting to crawl into bed with you? Is there someone else? If there is I’d like to know.” He hoped, no prayed there wasn’t. He knew enough about himself and the way he felt about Roy to know if there was someone else, he wouldn’t handle it well.

"Would I have thrown my fist at someone if I was expecting them to crawl in with me?" Roy lightly kissed Ed's temple above his eye. "No, I haven't had someone keep me warm here for a long time. But if you're volunteering..." He smiled sweetly. "I have no objection."

He closed his good eye with a relieved smile. “Then you’re all mine, good.” And if there were no objections to him coming in to sleep with him, Ed might do so more often after tonight, only he’d come when Roy was awake to avoid being hit again.

Edward turned upon his side to that the ice pace was between his face and the pillow and reached behind him for Roy. “Over here, I’m still a little cold.” He yawned.

Pulling up behind Ed to spoon, Roy wrapped an arm around Ed and hugged him close. Glad that his body wasn't responding to this form of intimate contact he closed his eye. "Don't leave the ice on too long, you shouldn't sleep like that," he nuzzled the back of Ed's neck.

When sleep claimed him he couldn't help the dreams he had. Ed was there and Ed was moaning and wriggling and sweating. Ed felt wonderful...
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