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FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 10

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Word Count: 4,607

Summary: Park sex.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted at

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Looking at the place, it looked pretty nice, nicer than a lot of places he’d been too in back water towns and otherwise. Then again it was across from a park and could he really expect Roy to go to some dive? Thinking about it, he just couldn’t see Roy in some of the run down places he’d been too and kicked out of.

He sighed heavily. “That’s not really helping me, anything means too many possibilities. And is that all you eat? Sandwiches? Never mind, I’ll have what you’re having. I’m not that picky as long as it’s food.”

"Fine," Roy chuckled. "Then let's get their chicken breasts." Something messy. Something that would give Roy an excuse to lick Ed clean. Not that he needed one.

Entering the bar, Roy made his way to the front end of the service and took a seat on a stool. It would be a minute before they got noticed.

Edward nodded as chicken sounded good and followed Roy’s suit, sticking close to him. His eyes darted this way and that, looking for anyone who might come near to throw him out or ask him to leave. It was a really nice place, clean floors, not a lot of smoke hanging in the air. There were a few pictures hanging upon the walls, a billiard table off to the side with a couple people playing. There weren’t a lot of people but enough to indicate that this place did well and it was loud and boisterous. It didn’t even have that over bearing heavy alcohol scent; no it actually smelled like food was being cooked. All in all it was the cleanest and nicest bar he’d ever been in.

He tensed a little as the bar tender noticed them and approached, the man’s eyes first upon his lover and then upon him. Then he smiled stopping before them, lifting a small glass from behind the counter. “Nice to see you again Colonel Mustang, would you like your usual?” He set the glass upon the bar and reached for another. “And what for your friend?”
Ed shook his head. “Oh no I don’t drink,”

The bar tender smiled. “We’ve got juice, water, soda, and milk kid.”

His eyebrow twitched. He was not a kid! Counting to ten, just like Al had suggested Ed took a deep breath. “Juice will be fine,”

The bar tender looked to Roy. “Colonel?”

Roy raised a hand slightly and shook his head. "We won't be staying. Give us a chicken basket to go." He had to get Ed out of here before someone else said something to upset him. So far he was doing good at getting his anger in check.

Handing the bar keep some cash he watched the man nod and leave to place their order. "You okay?" He asked Ed, looking at him sideways.

Ed resisted the urge to glare at said receding man and chose to shrug, giving Roy a small smile. He just bet Roy was wondering when he was going to blow his top and wondered himself if Roy thought he’d embarrass him in public or make him look bad or something. He wasn’t that bad was he? “Yeah, fine why?”

"No reason," Roy murmured. He didn't want to get into that now, though fights were often fun with Ed he didn't need a public fight. They were pushing their chances just being in this bar together.

When their food came out he breathed a silent sigh of relief. Taking the bag he nodded at the tender as he accepted his change. "That was fast, thank you." He looked at Ed as he stood to leave. "Anything else?"

“Your welcome Colonel, have a good evening.”

Ed shook his head. “Nope,” He glanced at the bar tender from the corner of his eye, quickly. The man was smirking oddly and he didn’t like it. He slipped off the stool and began to back toward the door. “So what’s next? I mean I’ve got the burning of paper down. Shouldn’t we work on control?” Play along please, humor my paranoia, He thought.

Roy nodded. "I'll start a flame that you'll have to put out." He lead Ed towards the door and to safety. "Sometimes extinguishing a fire teaches you more about the alchemy than by starting one."

He wasn't just playing along, it was something he had wanted Ed to practice anyways- controlling and extinguishing flames so if he ever created something too big, no accidents would come of it. Assuming he didn't panic and remembered how to control himself, then there wouldn't be any fire Ed couldn't handle.

Leaving the bar, Roy held the basket in one arm and looked down at Ed. "Did you bring the gloves I gave you?"

Well, Edward thought. He’d get a lesson, dinner, and nice walk in the park all in one night. How fortuitous for him. He was glad he’d thought of that little conversation. He checked his pockets and thankfully it was there. He must have grabbed his pants from yesterday by mistake. But he didn’t take it out, simply nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve got it. Thanks he was looking at us funny, strange like. I thought talking about alchemy might lead him away from part of the truth.” He spoke softly in case a passer by happened to overhear, though there wasn’t any one near enough at this point.

He shrugged casting his eyes along Roy’s body and then to the ground they walked upon. He smiled a little to himself. “Not that I would ever dream of turning down a lesson, but you don’t have to teach tonight if you don’t want too. It may not seem like it but I can be very patient when I want to be. Doesn’t really show much I guess. Al says I tend to be a bit impulsive…” He was rambling. Since when did he ramble like this?

There was a small smile on his face as Ed went on. Though he'd never admit it out loud, especially to Ed, he thought Ed could be cute now and then. Going on the way he was, a little bit paranoid and worried, Roy was also glad his lover wanted this relationship under cover as much as he did.

"Let's find a place out of the way," or out of people's line of sight. Though the park appeared to be losing most of its night walkers. Roy led the way into the park. "If you want to try some alchemy, here would be ideal," he looked at Ed.

Finding a spot with a lot of shelter from a hill and surrounding shrubs and trees, Roy handed the basket to Ed and unrolled the blanket onto the grass.

Well that wasn’t exactly an ‘I want to have a lesson tonight, or I don’t’, but he didn’t think it really mattered at the moment.

Ed held the basket, watching his lover lay out the blanket. He had half a mind to set the basket down and tackle Roy here and now, the view was spectacular. As soon as it was down he plopped down near the middle, set the basket aside and removed his boots. He had every intention of getting comfortable. “Hm, okay.”

He looked around quickly. It was a great spot, nice and hidden from the rest of the world and yet not, kind of like it was their own hide away. “Sit, I’m starving and we can’t be out all night.” He grinned mischievously, up at his lover, silently sending him a message saying ‘I’m not letting you go to bed early so hurry up and eat so I can touch you’.

Roy chuckled. He knew that look. His lover seemed to never be fully sated. Though Roy had to admit, neither was he when it came to Ed.

Sitting across from Ed he opened the basket and sat out their dinner between them. He wasn't about to hurry though, after all food could easily become part of the process to being and getting touched.

And as usual, there didn't seem to be nearly enough napkins for such a messy meal. Picking up a wing, dripping with barbeque sauce, Roy used a napkin to make sure nothing dripped on his clothes as he bit into the meat.

For a moment Edward just remained still, watching then he smirked and ever so softly snickered before reaching for drumstick. Perhaps to a normal person it wasn’t so amusing but this was the first time Edward had really seen Roy eat anything remotely messy and with his hands. It wasn’t that the food was messy it was that Roy was being well Roy, concerned with his image, at least that’s what he assumed. If he was really all that worried why didn’t he just grab a bib?

“You know even if you did get your clothes dirty it really wouldn’t be that hard to clean them. I can even clean them with alchemy no problems.” He moved closer making sure not to knock over the food. “And even if you did get messy I’d be happy to clean you up.” Probably not the best dinner conversation but the thought of licking his lover clean was very tempting. In fact…

Ed got upon his knees, turned to Roy, and pushed his hands down before he could protest. Then with his own barbeque sauce smeared finger he traced the man’s jaw, quickly and leaned in to lick him clean.

Somewhat shocked, Roy blinked at Ed. That was risky. And erotic. But... Ed was forgetting something.

"Ed, don't you think I could easily clean myself up the same way?" He supposed an alchemy 'lesson' was in order after all. "Alchemy spoils us from time to time. Or didn't you learn that from your teacher?"

He didn't fight for use of his hands, at the moment he wasn't bothered by Ed's proximity... and lecturing him at such a close distance might push his button that Roy loved to push so much. "Besides, keeping my clothes clean in the first place prevents any need at all from taking my mind off you for some unnecessary chores..." He perked a brow with the slightest of smirks.

Uh huh, not getting off that easy, smirking bastard, Ed thought and he licked his lips. Not bad, it was actually really good.

He perked his brow and sat back upon his heels. Okay so what if he knew how to clean his clothes with alchemy, he couldn’t do it nearly as quickly as Ed could and he’d have to stop to draw out a circle. Also he knew Roy could think about him and do his laundry at the same time, he thought about plenty of things while doing his laundry all the time.

He shrugged. “My teacher worked on the ‘if you can do it with your hands don’t use alchemy’, principle, but when on the road away from a washboard and the luxury of time alchemy works much better.” His idea from earlier was not going as planned, leave it to Roy to foul it up. No, he wasn’t going to let him.

“Fine, hurry up and eat.” With that Edward set about eating his own piece of chicken.
Roy watched Ed eat for a moment before returning to his own food. "Is there a reason you wanted me to get my clothes messy, perhaps?" He knew what was on Ed's mind, but he wanted to hear it. He wanted him to say it.

"If you got messy, I'd draw circles all over your body," he sat his finished wing aside and reached out for another.

Ed nearly choked. He wasn’t expecting that. Sighing softly he shrugged. He wanted to get him messy so he’d get to lick him clean and have a reason to remove his lover’s clothes and with them gone fondle him and other such things. But he wasn’t going to say that just yet.
“No particular reason. Just wanted to get your attention… Regular circles or transmutation circles, you planning to transmute me into something?” just the thought of having Roy’s fingers touching him followed by his slick wet tongue made his pants a little tight.

He chanced a glance at his lover as he reached for another piece of chicken, finishing with the one he had.

"Aside from cleaning you up... maybe a taller lover," Roy shrugged and bit into the drum stick he had pulled out.

The piece of chicken Ed held suddenly had one moment in it’s life where it knew what it was like to really fly, sadly it landed in a bush not too far away. Edward’s eyebrow twitched in that brief moment but he didn’t yell, didn’t say his usual lines. Instead he twisted and pounced upon his lover, knocking him upon his back. He was annoyed, no pissed, why was it everyone had to poke fun at his height issues?!

Still, since he knew Roy wanted to push his buttons, and ever attempting to try and rein in his temper for his brother’s sake, and because he didn’t want to fight, he wasn’t going to give Roy what he was going for. As far as he was concerned dinner was over. He'd put his idea into play and make his lover pay at the same time.

“You egotistical morally bankrupt annoying bastard, you’re going to pay for that.” Ed bit quietly, in a low tone, then he crushed his lips over his lovers and pressed himself against him, rubbing their groins against one another.

With the wind knocked out of his lungs, Roy went wide eyed and spread his hands in mock innocence as he tried to catch his breath and promptly found Ed's mouth devouring his own. Groaning, he thrust upwards against Ed's grinding.

"We can't," he gasped, pushing Ed up by his shoulders.

Edward grinned wickedly, grinding into him again. “Actually we can, we just shouldn’t just like we shouldn’t have in the library or in your office. You’re the one who likes public places.”

He caught hold of the hand that had the barbeque sauce and licked the goop from his lover’s finger, using his tongue to get every last trace as he planted himself upon Roy’s legs, more to hold him down than anything else. With his other hand, he reached down and undid and unzipped Roy’s pants, and began to stroke him through his underwear.

“Isn’t that what makes it so arousing? The possibility of being caught? Your words remember? Am I going to have to restrain you again? You wouldn’t really make me have to resort to that would you?”

Despite himself, Roy was rock hard in Ed's grip. Biting back a moan he grabbed Ed's wrist and pulled it away. "If that's what you want," he bit out in a whisper as he flipped Ed off of his legs and grabbed his belt. Loosening his pants he pulled them down his legs, pausing to pull Ed's shoes off.

Whoa! Ed thought as he was flipped and his pants were leaving his waist, this wasn’t what he had planned at all. His whole plan was to do something nice for his lover, do something he knew Roy liked.

He fought his lover’s hands so he could sit up, but he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “You bastard,” Time for a little damage control to salvage this little adventure. “Slow down a minute okay?” He didn’t give Roy a chance to reply and tackled him again with a hug, pulling him down against his body after kicking off his pants.

Oh that was great; tell him to slow down when I started it.

“Let me do something, please?”

"All right," Roy said slowly, perking a brow. Pushing up off Ed he wondered what Ed was up to.

Ed took a second to collect his thoughts before sitting up again. He’d need Roy to take off his pants and to lie down. He’d felt how hard his lover was while rubbing against him, been utterly turned on by it.

Slowly he reached for Roy, gently resting his hands upon his shoulders, and began to direct him with his hands. “Pants get rid of them, underwear too.” He wasn’t going to take anything less, wouldn’t tolerate it and gave him a stern look to prove it. And he listened to make sure no one was passing by. No one was, so for now they were safe.

He could have started a power struggle with Ed that would have ended in mad, fast paced sex. But he was curious where his lover was heading and so pushed his pants down his legs. Setting his pants, boxers, and shoes aside he then looked at Ed.

Ed’s breath caught in his throat. What a wonderful sight, his lover hard and waiting to be touched, so hard, so beautiful. Damn Ed wasn’t sure if he wanted to wait, might have to mount him before… No he’d put his own lust aside for awhile.

He grinned and crawled upon his hands and knees, forcing his way in between his lovers legs and kissed him, smoothing his hands down Roy’s shirt and under it. He pushed him back ever so gently. He moved his lips to Roy’s jaw, his neck, his collar bone and down further, kissing through the shirt until he came to his lover’s cock. That he kissed too, slipping his tongue passed his lips to lick the tip, humming softly. Then he took Roy’s member tenderly in his auto-mail hand and began to stroke him slowly, hiding his face in his hair so he could lick his own fingers clean of the barbeque sauce.

Once that was done, he took Roy into his mouth and down his throat, remembering to relax. He hoped he didn’t hurt him as he let his flesh fingers find his lover’s tight ring and pressed one finger inside him, looking for that sweet spot again.

Roy let out a soft groan as Ed crawled towards him. He held his breath as Ed kissed down his body, letting it out in a sigh when those hands and lips found his cock. Lifting his hips he reached down to touch his lover's hair, moaning softly.

Biting his other hand to muffle his moaning Roy let out a sharp grunt when Ed hit a sensitive spot inside him, causing him to buck.

Ed nearly gagged and decided maybe it wasn’t best to take his lover so far into his mouth, leave a little room in case his hips took on a life of their own again. But he must have found it.

He lifted his head a little, making a slurping sound and began to work with his tongue, moving it back and forth up and down, around, changing the pattern every so often, sucking. His thumb found the vein upon the underside of his lovers cock and while rubbing it gently, he stroked that sensitive place inside Roy, hoping he was doing everything right.

Suddenly if they were caught didn't matter to him at all any more, Ed was rubbing just the right spot inside him and his tongue! He was so excited in the way he was licking and sucking that Roy was on the edge of orgasm already.

"Ed..." He tried to keep his voice low, and to muffle his moans and grunts of pleasure with his hand. "I... nng... aah..." He grabbed Ed's hair and gently pulled. "Stop... aaah! I'm... gonna come..."

Well that’s the point, Ed thought and took Roy down his throat, stroking that place in his rear more fervently. He wanted him to come, wanted him to do it in his mouth so he could taste him again, get used to him, learn to like it. He was sure after a few minutes he could get Roy hard again; it didn’t seem to take much.

Ed moved his thumb and pressed it against Roy’s sac, rubbing in time with his fingers. If he was lucky this would do the trick, if it didn’t oh well it didn’t matter, he was happy just knowing he was satisfying his lover.

When he realized Ed wasn't pulling away at his warning, Roy nearly pushed him away forcefully before he realized Ed wanted this. Wanted to taste him. He gasped and grabbed the blanket in both fists. When he came he was on his elbows, head thrown back and teeth clenched hard to muffle his moans.

Edward felt him tense just before he came but didn’t stop, just pulled his head back just a tad. It was warm even inside his mouth and there was a lot of it, but he swallowed it all save for a little that dribbled from the corner of his mouth. It really wasn’t so bad anymore; the taste and he didn’t want to gag anymore.

Ed licked his lover clean as he softened then cleaned up his own chin before he crawled up Roy’s body and met his lips. He kissed his lover, slipping his tongue inside his mouth a little forcefully, passionately, rubbing himself against his leg. He was so hard now it was painful and whimpered softly. Still it didn’t seem to matter so much, not when he’d gotten such a reaction.

He hadn't thought he'd ever get Ed to do that. And now, tasting himself on Ed's tongue, he not only felt touched but also like he had accomplished in perverting his lover one step further. He sucked on Ed's tongue greedily, scrubbed it with his own, and when he felt Ed begin to hump his leg he pulled away to look at him.

"This isn't like you," he panted. But wasn't it? Over the last few days he'd seen Ed make some changes; he was becoming more and more accepting of Roy's perversions. "Will you come on my leg?" He lifted his leg slightly, rubbing it a little harder between Ed's.

He couldn’t stop, was almost there, his lover’s lifted leg; the added friction only intensified his need. But his lover’s words still reached his ears. Somehow they bothered him and he’d address them later, for now he was so close he couldn’t help himself.

He panted hard, thrust hard, whimpering, remembering to keep quiet and he moved his flesh hand to find Roy’s, gripping it. “Nnng…” almost there. Ed tensed as he came, shuddering, whimpering. He didn’t collapse however, not like he wanted. Instead he crawled back, losing his balance a little, saving himself on his auto-mail knee and hand, feeling something shift where it wasn’t supposed too inside the mechanism.

Edward ignored it in favor of slowly lapping his own cum from his lover’s leg and hip. He’d never really tasted himself, not like this. It was similar to Roy’s but not by much.

Roy watched Ed's tongue dart out to lap up his own seed. He groaned softly at the sight of that pink tongue, tasting his own white, sticky cream. He waited until Ed surfaced again to bend down and take his mouth in another heated kiss, letting their flavors mix and become one.

Talk about one breath stealing kiss, Ed was helpless against it but fought to regain himself so he could sit upon his lover’s lap. It was a little difficult, trying to move and not break their kiss not to mention his auto-mail seemed to not want to cooperate.

Still he managed it with a soft moan when his member touched part of Roy. Only now he didn’t just want to kiss his lover’s mouth. So he moved to his jaw and neck accepting no resistance. They didn’t have to have sex, he just want to touch and kiss him.

Roy’s last words came back to the surface of his mind and he slowed, pulling his head back, searching his lover’s eyes and face. He didn’t understand them and Roy didn’t look repulsed, quiet the opposite, in fact in the dim cool night, he look rather breathtaking, but he had to ask.

“Did I do something wrong? You said this wasn’t like me.”

Giving a little groan as Ed stopped what he was doing, Roy looked at Ed. He shook his head. "No. That was great... but you did surprise me," he chuckled softly. "And out here of all places," he took Ed's chin between his fingers and kissed his lips softly. "It was perfect. Thank you."

He smiled into the kiss, filled with accomplishment and an odd sense of happiness. He was thrilled beyond words that he’d made his lover happy, satisfied, and he wanted to do it again but maybe later and differently.

“You’re welcome,” he whispered, shivering a little. With all their activity now finished the sweat was drying in the wind and if he didn’t know better the air smelled like rain.
He sighed before kissing Roy once more, reluctant to leave his lap. “It’s probably going to rain. We should get dressed at least, finish dinner that sort of thing.” He perked a brow and smiled mischievously. “Besides you said you’d give me a back rub. I intend to make you good on your word. I promise to make it worth your effort.”

"I'm sure it will be," Roy looked around for his pants, and reaching over for them also grabbed his shoes. He was famished now. Pulling his pants back on, he lay back to pull them up around his hips.

Edward hunted for his pants with his eyes, finding on the other side of Roy. When he rose to claim them his auto-mail knee buckled and gave way. He let out a startled cry and he nearly face planted into the blanket. What the hell?! He rolled over upon his back and sat up quickly to assess the problem. He tried to bend his leg only it wouldn’t move.

Panicking a little Ed tried again, no go. As far as he could see nothing was wrong, but there wasn’t enough light here and for the life of him he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. He’d not done anything to it, not banged it around lately.

Embarrassed to the core Ed cleared his throat. “Could you… hand me my pants?” This was just great, lovely, how the hell was he supposed to get back to Roy’s house if he couldn’t even bend his own leg?! Secondly how was he going to explain this to Winry if he couldn’t fix it himself?

Concerned, Roy grabbed his pants and knelt next to his lover. "How long has something been wrong, Ed?" He looked at his lover's leg. A flame wouldn't offer enough light to see what was wrong.

Taking his pants he grabbed Ed's foot and stuck it into the pant leg.

Ed reached to stop Roy’s hands. Letting Roy undress him was one thing, but having the man dress him made him feel like a child and he was mortified. “Stop, I can dress myself,” He bit and tried to move his leg again. Nothing. “Damn it! And I don’t know, a day maybe. I thought I took care of it. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.”

Winry was going to kill him or at least beat him a good one, he could hear her screaming at him now. Abandoning his pants he caught Roy’s shoulders. “Don’t you dare call Winry.” He didn’t know if he was more scared of her and her wrench or of her finding out about him and Roy or both together. Winry wouldn’t take it well and frankly he had no idea what her reaction would be.

"I'm not going to call her," Roy said, pulling away to grab his auto-mail leg and push it through the other pant leg. "Because you are." He gave Ed a stern look. "Now pull your pants up, we're going home." He packed the rest of their meal back into the basket and began to roll the corner of the blanket.
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