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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 5

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 5. Children's Games

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 5,417
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.

1:Anger, 2:Twilight, 3:Blood, 4:Calm

He put the car back on the road home. "At least, I hope you're up for a game or two."

Brow perked, Ed glanced at the General from the corner of his eye and scratched his head. What was he...

“Eh, I suppose.” He looked down at himself more than feeling the dirt and grime that covered him. “Mind if I take a shower first? Oh and before I forget, Mr. Shaffer asked me to tell you thanks for helping today…” He turned in the seat, wondering just what the elder man was up to. “What kind of games?”

"Whatever game you want. I'll let you choose after you take a shower," Roy smirked.

Parked in front of his house he held the front door open for Ed and locked it when they were inside. "I'll get something cooking while you wash up," he placed a hand on Ed's shoulder and leaned in, doing what he had wanted to this afternoon: kiss Ed.

Ed nearly pushed him away out of fear of getting him dirty but his lips felt so good, he was helpless against them and the warmth of Roy’s had was back upon his shoulder, sending slight shivers up his spine.

Slowly he pulled away and nodded, swallowing, almost in a daze. “Um, sure, I can think of something.” And with that he found the linen closet and some clothes to change into after his shower.

Ed hurried but was careful to get all the dirt and sweat from his body and hair. As he stepped out of the tub upon the light blue bath mat he got an idea. He knew exactly what they could play. Roy would of course have to change from his uniform and into something more comfortable and he’d have to explain the rules, but he thought it was fun.

He dried himself off and dressed, brushed his hair out and pulled it back, then went into the kitchen. “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have colored markers and an old sheet you wouldn’t mind being marked up?”

Roy looked up from the pot he was stirring. "There are some rags beneath the good sheets..." He idly wondered what Ed was up to. "I'll check my office for markers." He turned the heat under the pot down and whiped his hands on the towel he had over one shoulder.

He had taken his dress shirt off and just wore a white shirt, sleeves rolled up and buttons open halfway down his chest. But that was as far as he had went in changing his clothes so far.

Inside his office room he opened a few drawers before finding what he hoped Ed needed. A few colors, but not ink. Paint tubes was all he had. "Sorry, this is all I have for color. I can't even remember why I have them..." Perhaps they had been left once when Hughes had brought his daughter for a visit.

Ed smiled, there were only red, green, yellow and blue, but that would do just fine and the paint could dry while they were eating supper, he’d just hang it outside to let the wind do all the work.

“This will work; I’ll be back in a minute.” He paused letting his eyes roam down Roy’s body. He couldn’t help but pause a moment to steal a look where he man’s shirt was unbuttoned. “You’re going to want to change into something more comfortable, you’ll be moving.” Then he left Roy in the office to find one of those old sheets.

Once it was found and retrieved, he slipped out the back door and sat upon the well kept lawn, spreading the sheet out. He had to use his shoes to hold the sheet down so the wind wouldn’t blow it away and transmuted some earth to hold the other two corners. He supposed he could do this the easy way and just use alchemy to do this, but well he had always liked to finger paint as a kid.

So he got to work and made circles of red, green, yellow and blue down and across the sheet. When he was finished with that he transmuted two die from twigs he found under the maple tree. He painted colored circles upon those as well, marking one with dots in the center of the circles to indicate it being the die for hands and set them upon the back step to dry.

Satisfied with his small work, Ed picked up the paint and headed inside to wash his hands and put the paint away and returned to kitchen.

Curious what Ed was up to, but not wanting to be nosey Roy returned to the kitchen after he changed into some slacks and rolled his sleeves up. He had also taken off his boots to go barefoot.

He had dished two bowls of stir fry when Ed returned. "Right on time..." He said and handed Ed a bowl. "So what was that?" He asked.

Ed grinned as he took his dinner and went to the table. “It’s a game Alphonse Hendrick showed me. Someone taught him how to play it but he doesn’t know who or where it came from. It was something to do when we got tired of studying.”

He lifted his fork and took a bite. Damn this was pretty good; he didn’t know Roy could cook. Quickly chewing, he washed it down with his water. “It’s a physical sort of game but nothing too difficult. You just do what the dice tell you. Mm, basically one of us rolls the die and tells the other what they come up as and then we both do it. You’ll see it’s easy, easy enough for even an old man like you to do and not as dull as chess.” Of course he'd let the General learn that it would give Ed an excuse to touch him again, to get close again without him blushing.

He nodded, but he wasn't exactly sure what Ed was talking about. He would find out soon enough and so let the matter go. He took a seat at the table with his bowl and looked at Ed while he ate. They had spent a few nights now in the same house and so far both of them were still whole. He wondered if this game of Ed's would change that. He couldn't really afford to lose another eye.

"You'll have to show me. It sounds interesting," he said between bites. Washing his meal down with a glass of water he stood and put the bowl in the sink. "However, just because I'm an 'old man' I hope you won't mind me beating you senseless at this game."

Ed merely gave Roy his best shit eating grin before finishing up his dinner. The man was on! �Sure, just wait for me in the living room, oh and clear a large area.� and with that, Ed hopped up from the table, placed his bowl in the sink and hurried out the back door to check the sheet.

The sheet was dry, thankfully and so were the dice. So he whipped them up and walked back into the house to set things up.

Roy looked up from moving the coffee table to the side of the couch, clearing a good sized area for the sheet. Seeing it colored with dots made Roy perk a brow and frown. What was this? "Are you sure it's dry?" He asked.

Ed gave him a brief nod… Well okay he’d not checked all of the dots but if it wasn’t it wasn’t like they didn’t have a bathroom or that he wouldn’t clean up. He was an alchemist and was very good at getting unwanted substances out of clothing and material.

He looked around at the space Roy had cleared then laid the sheet upon the ground making sure to smooth out all of the wrinkles then set the die upon the floor. “Okay, I’ll start. Basically I’ll roll the dice, the one with the dots with dots in the center of those dots is for hands, and the other is for feet. Say the red foot die comes up, we both put a
foot in a red circle upon the sheet. And say a yellow dot on the hand die comes up, and then we put a hand on a yellow circle. The object is not to fall, first to fall loses. Oh and we take turns rolling the dice. Got it?”

This was going to be interesting... being so close to Ed. He nodded and watched Ed roll the die. He did have a question but thought it might be more fun to let it happen, and find the answer out that way.

Hands blue, feet red. Roy waited for Ed to arrange himself on the sheet before he followed. Being so close to Ed... having an excuse to touch him... already his blood pressure was rising. "So, it's my turn to roll?" He asked, half hovering over Ed.

Ed was very aware once again of exactly how close The Flame Alchemist was to him and once again it made him feel that funny feeling in his stomach. He swallowed and nodded his head slowly, keeping his eyes fixed upon the dice. If he didn’t knock it off soon, get his feelings under control, this could become a very vexing problem for already Edward had the urge to touch Roy.

“Yeah,” He replied and wet his lips, lips that suddenly wanted very much to seek out and conquer a pair not so far away.

He could feel the heat from Ed's body coming in waves as he picked up on hand to retrieve and drop the die. The color for their feet remained the same, but their hands had to be moved to green. Roy waited for Ed to move and then chose circles that would bring him even closer to Ed. Placing one hand slightly under Ed he brushed beneath Ed's arm and reached over Ed to place his other hand on a circle. He was now completely over Ed.

"Your roll..."

Ed swallowed, feeling a blush creep into his cheeks. He tried to control his breathing, tried to keep it from hitching in his throat. Roy was just so close, pressed along his back and he felt his groin stir as his mind left the game and took a small adventure in to the land of things better left to time alone. He could just imagine an instance such as this, no he had imagined it many many times before only they weren’t dressed. Weren’t playing this game, and were in bed or on the floor, both of them sweat slicked and panting, groaning.

He shifted a bit; accidentally backing into Roy, pressing them closer together and very nearly froze but reached for the dice and rolled. Red for feet, blue for hands. He moved so that he wasn’t so beneath the General and his rear was safe from Roy’s front.

Perhaps that had been too close... Roy tried not to think about how firm Ed had just been when pressed against his crotch. But he wasn't going to let Ed escape all together.

"You know," he said, moving his arms near Ed again so he could smell Ed. "If we alternated the colors this might become more interesting... one hand on red and the other on yellow... one foot on red and the other on blue..." he moved his feet but kept them away from Ed's this time.

He rolled the die again. "Right hand green, left foot yellow..." he kept the other two limbs in place. As he moved his hand he purposefully reached over Ed again, having to touch his ribs, in what could be a tickling or teasing touch but wasn't meant to be, to find a green circle near enough.

That sounded like a great idea, Ed thought. “Okay,” He watched the dice roll and stop and began to move. Suddenly Roy’s hand graced his ribs. He let out a startled gasp and jumped bumping his body right against the General’s.

Having Ed's shoulders hit his chest wasn't what he had hoped to accomplish by getting this close. Had he hit a bruise? "Ed, are you hurt here?" He reached up and gently laid his fingers on the spot that had caused Ed to jump, wondering...

Edward jerked his body away, nearly losing his balance, snorting, trying hard not to giggle. Damn that bastard! He wasn’t kid anymore so why the fuck was he still ticklish?! But then again it wasn’t like he’d ever been touched like that before. Oh sure he and Al had had tickle fights when they were younger but no one had touched him there since in that manner.

“No! Cut that out!” He reached for the dice hoping to end what ever thoughts Roy was having and put them back in the game. The last thing he needed was for Roy to have another advantage over him, at least not one like that! “Blue left foot, Red right hand.”

Ed was ticklish? Suddenly this game was getting interesting. But Roy wasn't interested in moving his hands and feet again. He moved his questing fingers up and down Ed's side, this time with a soft chuckle.

Squirming and jerking, Ed tried to move and ignore the bastard’s fingers. But he couldn’t, he just couldn’t! His intended growl turned into a fit of giggles and laughter as he squirmed some more, trying to get away. Getting away was a little difficult while being tickled and having someone else’s body around one’s own, especially when trying not to lose a game. And Roy was chuckling, that bastard was enjoying this which was never a good thing, not like this!

“Stop it!”

"Why?" Roy didn't stop. He liked the sound of Ed's pure laughter. "If I stop, what do I get?"

He was going to hurt him! He�d wait until Roy was asleep then exact his revenge, but he could barely think straight, he was laughing so hard and since he was laughing so hard his flesh limbs became weak and he just fell. Since he was upon the floor, he tried to scoot away from those vile fingers.

�I don�t know!� Ed cried in a fit of laughter. �I�m gonna hurt you!�

"Hurt me?" Roy followed him off the sheet, trapping him between his arms as he stopped tickling. "I just like to see you laugh." He bent down and lay a soft kiss on Ed's ear. "I'm sorry. I'll stop."

As he caught his breath, Ed thought of all sorts of rude things to say but found after hearing something nice from Roy, he didn’t want to say them.

He wet his lips and pushed gently against the General’s chest. For a moment he just gazed up at him, panting and swallowed. Roy’s hair was longer, longer to most likely hide the patch. Hiding it like Ed tried to hide his auto-mail with long sleeves and a glove. But he liked it so it didn’t really matter to him.

He smiled, wondering what it’d be like… This closeness, Roy hovering over him was bringing back the butterflies in his stomach, making him feel nervous and excited and almost breathless all over again.

His tongue swept out to wet his lips again. “Find another way to make me laugh, bastard. I-I hate being tickled.” Then he dared to reach up to trail his fingers through a strand of soft midnight hair. He wanted to…

Ed sat upon his elbows and placed a kiss upon Roy’s slightly parted lips remembering how wonderful it’d felt to have his warmth, his slight weight along his back. He wanted to know that feeling again and gently tugged as he wrapped an arm about his neck.

"I won't promise that I'll never tickle you again," Roy whispered against Ed's lips. Making someone laugh wasn't something Roy did every day. And if tickling Ed worked, then it was the easiest thing to do... and it was intimate. You couldn't touch like that just anywhere.

Kissing Ed, he settled his weight down on top of him as Ed tugged. Ed was becoming bolder and Roy wondered just how much longer he could wait to feel his smooth flesh rubbing against his own. Letting Ed set the pace had it's rewards in that he was being reminded what a slow, worthwhile relationship was built of. But it also had it's frustrations... a frustration he had to keep in check right now pressed against Ed's thigh.

"But maybe," he added, nipping at Ed's lips between words. "I can be gentle next time. If you're good."

Edward closed his eyes a moment, relishing the weight, the warmth of the man above him. His heart was racing again, so fast he didn’t think he could keep count and he barely breathed. It wasn’t until the General’s words sunk in that he opened his eyes, perking a dark blonde brow.

“Hey! I’ve never been bad. And you’d better be gentle. I’ve been known to bite.” To prove it he nipped Roy’s chin gently, not hard then met his lips again and finally, finally let his hands wander a little. He’d been a little afraid to do so before, but now… He was curious to know what The Flame Alchemist’s back felt like. Was it toned, was it smooth, was his skin soft? Did he have scars there? Was he just as fair skinned there as he was upon his face and hands?

His shirt was thin, to save him from the heat of the uniform that went over it. Roy wondered if Ed could feel the scars that painted his side through the material. But he didn't flinch as Ed touched him. Even his metal hand was soft and brought a flush of heat to Roy's body.

He kissed him deeply, loving the way he tasted even it was of stirfry. He had to suppress a moan. Vocally expressing any of the pleasure that currently coarsed his body now would inevitably tell his cock it was ok to act up now. But it was not ok, he didn't want to scare Ed or make him feel trapped or committed to doing something he might not be ready

The slick, soft, but delving tongue sweeping against his made Edward’s breath hitch inside his throat. He let his own play along, seeking and exploring, tasting. He wanted… just a bit more, wondered if he could…

Ed coaxed Roy’s tongue into his mouth and when he had it where he wanted it, he gently sucked upon it and in doing so, let out a soft involuntary moan, his fingers gripping the fabric of Roy’s shirt. His pants felt… snug but he didn’t care; he didn’t want to lose this. He’d waited for this, longed for it, dreamt of it, needed it just a bit more.

He let go of control and melted, became weak as Ed sucked on his tongue. Where had he learned to do that? His hands trembled and then fisted on the floor. He moaned. If Ed wanted something, it was clear that Ed would get it.

Oh god, that sound, that wonderful sound coming from Roy’s throat was delicious! It sparked and sent shivers down his spine, through his veins on a dead heading for his groin.

But Edward wanted… this wasn’t the place, but he just couldn’t stop kissing Roy. He had envisioned something else; imagined what he wanted to happen a different way, not on the floor in the living room. It was a little terrifying, made him tremble which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense to him. He’d faced so many dangerous things and this situation was hardly dangerous.

But… He was such a damned coward! Perhaps it was his own insecurities or hell, he didn’t even know. His head was a damned mess at the moment he wasn’t sure what was up or down or here or there…

He broke their kiss a little afraid of disappointing the elder alchemist. He swallowed, nervously. “You cheated… Is that how you always win games?” He smiled a little so the man above him wouldn’t think he was offended or angry. He wasn’t, just needed a different topic so he could think, get his thoughts in order.

Slowly he reached up and let his fingers caress Roy’s cheek. Did he have any idea how utterly handsome he was? Of course he did, who was Ed even bothering to ask?! Even still, he wondered what Roy would do if he knew how much he’d been needed, how much he’d been dearly missed, even his lectures and teasing

Roy sensed the slight change in Ed's arousal that verged on fear and didn't mind when Ed pulled his lips away... though he wished he could ease Ed's confusion.

Reaching up he touched Ed's hand on his cheek and took it into his own, gently wrapping his fingers around Ed's. "Maybe it worked this time... but next time I'm not sure you'll be so easily seduced." He smiled and sat up, helping Ed sit up by clasping his wrist. His pulse was strong beneath Roy's fingers...

"It is an interesting game," he commented. Though he had much prefered the next game that started when Ed lost. He stayed close to Ed though gave him freedom to move away. Leaning in he kissed Ed lightly on the lips and on his cheek. "What else did you bring home from the other world?"

Ed gave him a half smile but didn’t budge, just sat content to be so close to him. He already missed the heat and weight of Roy’s body but he was more comfortable now, felt a little more at ease.

“You mean besides me and whole lot of trouble?” He shrugged. “Nothing, nothing but the knowledge I obtained while there. It’s a different place but at the same time not so different. People are the same as they are here. Some names for things are a little different.”

He chuckled. “I even went to University in a city called Munich. I studied rocket science and engineering as a means to find a way home.” He scratched the base of his pony tail. “It sort of got me home I suppose. There are a few people I miss but not like I’ve missed people here.” And with that said he met the dark depths of Roy’s eyes. “And trying to explain alchemy to someone who doesn’t believe in it is hard, especially when they have and believe in other scientific theories.”

"I can imagine," Roy said softly. He had often wondered about something, and from the way Ed reacted when they were close he was sure he knew the answer... but it might be worth asking in any case. Just to let Ed know where his mind was.

"Ed... when you were there did you see anyone?" He asked.

Edward pressed his lips together a moment and shook his head. �I didn�t date anyone, not really anyway. When I was in London I sort of dated a girl, enough to kiss her but not anything else. Mostly that was because I traveled to Munich, Germany��

He swallowed and felt himself turn a little cold as he turned his face away. He didn�t know how Roy could do it but he always made him feel like a kid or small when there was something so� well in the confession area. �I-uh was sort of waiting to come home. I didn�t want any one there. I-I wanted you.� There it was said and over and done with and he swore if Mustang laughed at him he was going to knock him silly.

Roy frowned when Ed turned from him. He didn't like to think that at home it was "General and Major". Or maybe it was something else... he was still getting used to this side of Ed. Before this 'other world', Roy had never seen Ed shy away, or become quiet.

Ed had wanted him? Even back then. "Ed..." he gently took Ed's chin and turned his face to look him in the eye. "I wanted you too. But we hadn't met in the best circumstances." He smiled. "I'm glad we're finally at a place where we can tell each other this." They had both grown since so long ago...

H-he’d wanted him too?! Ed was struck a little light headed from the thought. Then he frowned. “How is it so easy for you to just say things like that?” He honestly wanted to know. “Me, I get embarrassed and paranoid. Just how many people have you been with and said that to?” He paused, on second thought. “Never mind I don’t think I really want to know that answer.”

“So what’s next?”

This was the Ed he was used to. Paranoid. Accussing.

"It may be hard for you to believe, but you could be a first for me." He wasn't going to explain that just yet. It would be easier for Ed to believe after they'd been together for a longer time and gone through their fights and make ups and bonded in ways Ed couldn't imagine right now...

"We just take it a day at a time. Let things take their course." He moved his fingers from Ed's chin to his jaw. "There's no rushing things here."

A first huh? Well that certainly sounded nice and given what he did know about Roy or really all the things and rumors he’d heard a long time ago he could see it. But it was still all so new to him. He’d made one leap but another he’d have to take in small steps. Thus far he trusted the man.

He was glad there wasn’t a rush or some time table to work by, not that’d he’d ever really thought there’d been one. It just made him more at ease knowing Mustang wasn’t going to be pushy or make demands that he wasn’t ready to comply with.

Edward smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips to Roy’s. “Thank you,”

He didn't need a thank you, but took it anyway. It was he who wanted to thank Ed. For coming back. For opening his eyes. For so much. But he would show his appreciation down the line. Right now, he couldn't explain to Ed why he wanted to thank him. It was a matter of his heart.

Standing up, he held his hand out for Ed. "Leave the sheet out for now, I want to go outside," it was a nice night outdoors. And since his stay in that snow covered cabin he'd grown fond of the night sky.

Ed looked at the offered hand a mere second the reached for it, placing his in Roy’s and though he didn’t really need the help, he took it. Smiling, he didn’t let go and let the Flame Alchemist lead him to the back porch. There was a nice set of patio furniture sitting there over looking the small expanse of the well kept, fenced in back yard.

He decided instead of sitting in separate chairs that he was going to sit on Roy’s lap. It kind of scared him but if the elder man would allow it, it held a certain prospect of enjoyment and closeness that he’d longed for while he was away.

Not allowing any time let alone room for any kind of decision making for the General’s very sharp mind to take, Ed moved him into a seat and sat sideways, wrapping his arms about his neck and made himself quite at home.

He hadn't expected this. Roy blinked and looked at Ed, dumbfounded to have a lap full of Fullmetal all of a sudden. But it was a pleasant surprise. And when the shock disapated, he glady wrapped an arm around Ed with a smile.

"Just make yourself comfortable," he chided and then relaxed into the chair. He tightened his arm slightly in case Ed misunderstood the sarcasm and tried to leave. He didn't want Ed any place else right now.

Edward snorted with a grin. “I intend to,” and he wiggled a bit, more out of just being an impish smart ass than for comfort. He was already comfortable but he wasn’t going to tell Roy off the bat.

When he decided a few seconds was enough, he settled down with a contented sigh and rested his head upon his own shoulder, forehead pressed against Roy’s neck. He still smelled so good, so different than anyone else he’d ever smelled. It wasn’t like that strange scent his father left behind, the one that lingered everywhere. No, this was different. It was a scent he wanted to memorize for it was just as nice as curling up beneath warm blankets in the winter.

He tried not to think of anything at all, just be, just relax and enjoy the simplicity and comfort his life had taken on. It was almost perfect! But he was always thinking, his mind almost never idle and he lifted his head to look up at the night’s sky. Hmm…

“Hey, you ever study astronomy?” He asked.

His body was so warm despite the 2 metal limbs. And surprisingly heavier than he would expect because of those limbs. He was sure they were as lightweight as Winry could make them, but they still weren't flesh and blood weight.

"No. The most I've studying I've done up there is just with my eyes," he answered softly. "Why do you ask? Did you study the stars while you were gone?"

“Mm, a little.” He replied looking upward. “The positions of the constellations are a little different. I was wondering if the names were the same. I never studied astronomy here.” He shrugged and pointed up toward long wide road of mist like stars. “There they called that the milky way.” He lay his head down and nuzzled Roy’s neck. “I once wondered if I followed that, if I could get back home. I couldn’t use alchemy there to get home so I was going to use a rocket.”

Ed turned his face away long enough to yawn before laying his head down and closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe how tired he was but he was, however Roy was warm and very comfortable to sit upon and he was very relaxed. “Didn’t happen that way and it was probably foolish. Hm, well doesn’t matter I’m home now.”

Roy gazed up at the stars that Ed had pointed to. The milky way. He never had wondered about the sky himself. Though he loved to look at it, and indeed had seen it in crystal clarity up on that cold mountain without Ed. But he didn't need names to know the depth of their beauty.

"I'm sure Central library has some information on astronomy," Roy commented idly. He took his eyes from the sky to nuzzle Ed. Leaning back against the soft cushion, he held Ed and closed his eyes. He would have to seek out his own bed soon, but for now he was warm enough to doze here.

Edward nodded as sleep called to him. “I’ll look into it sometime.” He said softly. And darkness had him within seconds. He was asleep in a dreamless sleep, warm, comforted, and more relaxed than he’d been in many years.

Roy sighed and smiled. It wasn't until many moments had passed with Ed breathing steadily and deeply and not moving that Roy realized what had happened. He sat a while longer until he began to feel his legs falling asleep before tightly holding onto Ed and carrying him to his bed.

Laying him beneath the sheets, he pulled the covers up to his chin. So this is what a sleeping Edward Elric looked like. Sitting on the edge of the bed he couldn't help but stare. He looked so peaceful and relaxed. He couldn't rememeber the last time he had seen Ed like this. Not even when he had first seen the boy so long ago, missing two limbs and resting fitfully.

"Good night," he whispered, and left for his own room. Tonight had been... something he wouldn't soon forget. Minutes later, in his boxers and with the lights out, Roy found the sandman calling him.

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