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FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 9

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Word Count: 6,202

Summary: Wow... I think this is the first chapter without any sex in it. *blink* Uh yeah... summary: "I know what you're going to say, Maes. And maybe you're right. But..." He shrugged. "I think, for once, I'm actually happy with someone."

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted at

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He smiled as they got closer and held on tighter. He had in mind not to let go and just wished he could move to wrap his legs around Roy’s waist and hug and cling to him like a bear hugged a tree. That was one sure way of holding on. He’d mastered that technique of hanging on with Al, especially when there was trouble. Al could run faster if motivated and didn’t tire with him on his back.

Though there was still time before the sun set, Roy wasn't heading to the bedroom for rest. Laying Ed on the sheets he bent over to nuzzle his neck with a light, teasing nip to his flesh. "We should get dressed," he murmured. "We can go watch the sun set." He pulled back to look at Ed. "Do you want to?"

Well, Ed thought with a smile, Roy certainly was getting romantic. He liked it. “Sure,” He always did like sunsets better than sunrises. Not that sunrises weren’t pretty it was just sunsets could be more brilliant and violent with color. It had been a long time since he’d really seen one, just sat and watched, at least without being upon a speeding train. It was different to sit in one place and see it, at least that’s how he felt. When on trains the hills and trees got in the way.

“Where will we go?”

Roy thought a moment. They had to stay out of sight until nightfall. The park was out of the question for this. Perhaps...

"We'll use the rooftop," he decided. The neighborhood was quiet, no one of any merit would take notice of them if they sat low on the opposite side of the street.

Digging into his closet he dressed in a pair of slacks and a plain shirt.

Ed rolled over and slipped off the bed, heading for his suit case. He pawed through his clothes until he found his only red shirt, a long sleeved one at that, a pair of boxers, some socks, a spare set of gloves, and yet another pair of black pants. Then he tugged everything on and found his hair brush, after of course finding his boots.

While tugging the brush through his hair, annoyed with some of the tangles, he contemplated leaving it down or pulling it back into a braid. Well Roy said he liked it down so maybe this time he’d leave it down, it might help for later on.

When he was finished he tossed his brush back into his suitcase and picked up his discarded towel and dropped it in the hamper. Then he shoved his gloved hands into his pockets and smiled. Roy looked nice, then again he usually did. He couldn't help the still bubbly warm feeling he had from earlier. It was strange, like being on some happy drug or something. Oh well, he wasn't going to complain, it was interesting.

“’K, I’m ready when you are.”

The look Ed gave him when he said that made Roy smirk knowingly. Nodding, he walked to the window and opened it. There was a slight ledge, though nothing to compare to a balcony on the first and only floor of his house. Still, it offered enough space to step up onto
and turn.

Reaching up, Roy partially hefted his weight upwards and, using his bare toes, climbed the rest of the way to the roof. He'd seen Ed climb worse and so didn't immediately offer his help as he turned and looked over the edge.

They could have just gone out the back and he could have just transmuted a ladder, but it wasn’t like this would be complicated, Ed thought as he poked his head out the window. He sighed and climbed out the window, then upon the roof with ease. He never really did like heights but after so many years of climbing, scaling walls one got used to them after awhile. And after taking a look around, this was rather nice; Roy did have a nice view of Central, at least this quiet part of it. He could see the roofs of Head Quarters from here and the tree tops turning in their autumn color painted a rather beautiful picture. Not to mention the chilled breeze felt so refreshing after being inside for most of yesterday, last night, and all of today.

He gave Roy a small smile and found a nice place to sit. Plopping down casually he pat the place beside him and relaxed, letting his eyes trail over the landscape and finally back to his lover. “It’s nice up here…” He grinned. “Didn’t think you climbed up on roofs.”

Roy sat next to Ed, wanting to drape an arm over his shoulders but not daring to risk it. People still might see them but if there wasn't physical, intimate contact he could argue it was a lesson. Hopefully people would believe that...

"On occasion," Roy shrugged. It wasn't like he did this all the time though. Shading his eyes from the glare of the darkening sun, he began to wonder if hiding this relationship was necessary. Ed was under his command, but as far as he knew there was no policy against relationships... it might make it easy for others to make it hard on him though. Especially where promotions lay.

“Mm,” Ed said and turned his attention to the setting sun. It was pretty and just like he liked the burning rays of gold, ocher, and faint hints of scarlet bathed everything in a warm blanket. There were a few clouds upon the horizon, nice carroty colored clouds that might bring another bout of autumn rain perhaps later in the night or early morning.
He smiled as he let his eyes roam, catching one of Roy’s neighbors down the way setting dinner upon the table through their window. A few kids came from else where in that house and sat and it looked as if they were chatting happily about who knew what. Edward could take any number of guesses but chose not too. A cat chased a leaf blowing down the side walk along the street, a car passed upon the next street over, and someone came home from work, getting a happy greeting from who Ed assumed was his wife. It was so peaceful despite being the city.

Also it was quiet kind of like Resembool was which Edward found a little odd as nothing ever seemed to happen in Resembool and something was always happening here in Central good or bad. Life was just carrying on like it always did. It was comforting and a little different yet the same all in the same instant. After every place he’d been, no matter where he went and compared it to home, people still maintained slightly mundane lives with routines and such. It was something Edward often wished silently that he and Al still had. Carrying on like other people, living normal lives, not running from danger or constantly searching for something they may never find. Well at least he couldn’t say life was boring, dangerous sometimes, but not boring.

As he yawned and stretched his arms over his head, gaining a little protest from his left shoulder and upper arm, the wind blew his hair into his face. Shaking his head, he watched Roy from the corner of his eye and hinted a smile. The Colonel looked just as handsome as ever, his skin nearly glowed in the dying sunlight adding a little color to his normally porcelain skin. It suited him, the colors and maybe it was because he was the Flame Alchemist, and maybe not but Ed could picture him in some painting somewhere in a book telling depicting some god of fire, with the sunlight behind him and flame being released from his hand either protectively or vengefully.

It was all very fanciful he supposed but he didn’t mind letting his imagination run away with him.

Watching the scenes of everyday life below them and out there, in Central, Roy was struck with a sense of normalcy. His life was always so odd and complicated, dangerous and unforgiving that he often lost sight of those he was protecting. He had this cruel life so the people down there could have their setting suns and bicycles.

Feeling eyes on him, Ed's eyes, he took his own gaze off all the normal things happening below and looked at his lover. Ed's life had strayed from being normal the moment he began playing with alchemy. Roy wondered exactly how young the boy had been then.

"This is odd..." Roy smirked. "Us, up here, doing something every other couple does."
He felt his cheeks flush and couldn’t help the smile that stole the use of his lips. Back to being a silly school girl again, he thought with a hint of annoyance. Still it touched him to hear Roy say the word ‘couple’ in reference to them and warmed him to think Roy could pull such a reaction from him. For all intents and purposes Edward had to envy him sometimes, not too much though.

The wind blew his hair again and he left it alone this time. “Doing something mundane and normal isn’t always bad.” He shrugged. “Odd for us probably, would you prefer a tiff Colonel?” he asked with a nefarious grin.

Roy couldn't help it- he chuckled. "Edward, makeup sex is always something to look forward to..." And though they had had fights, Roy knew worse was yet to come. And though he disliked them, he spoke the truth that the sex after a fight was usually some of the best to be had.

"But I would never willingly start a fight with you," he added. Red suited Ed's face. He loved the pink hue of a blush on his light skin.

Okay he had a point there, at least with the very few instances they’d had. He hoped that was what Roy was thinking of too else he might have to get a little jealous.

Ed scooted a little closer and moved his hand so his fingers could touch Roy’s. “Admit it, you enjoy provoking me and just because you are going to admit it.” He nudged Roy with his shoulder. “I’ll admit that I kind of like that stupid smug smirk you get far too often.”
Roy shrugged but would not admit such a thing. It would give Ed far too much credit to tell him he was right. He let his lover play with his fingertips, doubting anyone could see that from up here. "Guess you must be an expert on relationships, Ed. After all, you've had one now for nearly a week." Ed was right; he couldn't help but enjoy pushing those buttons.

Ed’s eyebrow twitched but he closed his eyes and gently ran his fingers along Roy’s. For a moment he wished to ask Roy if he wanted to learn how to fly but cast that aside for something better. He slapped a smirk upon his face. “And since it’s with you, ours must be a record for you.” Yeah, chew on that ya bastard. “I’ve seen it personally. One night you were with some red head and the next you were with a blonde.”

Roy smirked and shrugged. "I have to be careful, Ed. I never know which of them will use her charm and body to steal classified information from me. But you... you're only after one thing I know little about- a little mythical stone." He tilted his head and smiled at Ed.

He returned the smile with a light chuckle and took his hand. “Nice, but I don’t quite buy it. Okay I believe someone might try it but you’re too damned smart for that. Besides all you have to do is talk sweet and give some poor innocent girl a smile and she’ll practically eat out of your hand. I’ve heard about that from Havoc and given that he was upset at the time because you stole one of his girlfriends I don’t think he’d lie.” He laced their fingers together.

"You give me too much credit," Roy chuckled. "So do you think I'm still seeing women? It's been a few days after all. Shouldn't I be bored by now?" It was getting dark by now; the sun's blinding rays now a browning orange glow on the horizon. He squeezed Ed's hand once.

Edward shrugged, the smile fading from his face. He hoped Roy wasn’t bored with him, didn’t really think he was. He scratched his head and pulled his lover’s hand into his lap. “You said you loved me. I believe you.” He smiled. “And I’ve demanded nearly every second of your free time so when would you have had time to see anyone else?” He paused a moment, brows knitting. “You’d tell me right, if I was letting you down, becoming a bore?”

He couldn't help but laugh, softly and chiding. "Ed..." He pulled his lover's hand to his chest. "You will never be a bore," he reached up with his other hand and caressed Ed's ear and cheek. "You worry too much."

Scooting closer, Ed rested his head against Roy’s upper arm. He couldn’t quite reach the man’s shoulder, a light annoyance, but not too much of one. “Probably,” He sighed with a slight smile. He was glad for that though he wasn’t really sure what was to come in the future, he tried not to think of that too much since nothing ever seemed to go according to plan and because of that he’d learned to not make too many. Still if it could happen, if that’s this one card, this high card as he’d like to think of it, was one he got to hold on to for even a little while, he’d like to plan stay within Mustang’s favor. He’d never really felt like this for anyone before, it was different than how he felt for his brother, his mother, Winry, and friends, what few he had and he liked it even if he did blush like an idiot.

He suddenly had a thought and jerked his head up. It was purely random and why it came to him now of all times, he didn’t know. “Hey if you know your gloves don’t work when wet why haven’t you come up with a way to fix that? Seems a little strange that you’d let something so silly hold you up. Maybe I can do something about that hm? What with you working so hard to become Fuher and all.”

"I'll be fine, Ed," Roy smiled. Perhaps wet gloves were a nuisance, but all he needed was a match then. He put his arm around Ed's shoulders. "Just worry about you and your brother." He could barely see Ed in the darkening night air now but reached up with his hand to brush his bangs away from his face.

Edward leaned into the touch and returned Roy’s smile before resting his head against his lover’s warm body. He slipped his arms around him, hugging him tight, but not too tight. He didn’t know why Roy kept saying to just worry about himself and his brother; didn’t understand really. He’d thought when you loved someone you worried about them too. Well he was his own person and he could worry for who ever he chose.

“Can’t I worry for you too?” He asked, nuzzling his lover’s shoulder. “Would that be wrong of me?”

"There's no reason to, but I suppose it can't be helped," Roy chided, holding Ed close a moment. Leaning down, he kissed the top of Ed's head. "But try not to worry too much. It might make me look bad at work."

Roy glanced around at the night. "I think it'll be safe now," he said. "Should we go?"

“There’s plenty of reason to worry about you Roy. You step on the toes of people above you in rank. You annoy Lt. Hawkeye and sometimes she can be scary. And I love you.” Ed protested quietly. “And I’ve never made you look bad…” Okay maybe he might have once or twice but it wasn’t intentional but that wasn’t the point. “Much…”

He sighed. He didn’t want to argue. “Yeah, let’s go.” He smiled then, slowly releasing his lover. Ed shifted a little and reached up to pull Roy’s head down for a kiss.

He didn't want to be reminded that he was vulnerable at times, and pushed those around him so he didn't argue with Ed any more. The boy loved him, and would worry, and Roy couldn't stop that. Just as Ed couldn't stop Roy from things he did.

Returning Ed's kiss, he wrapped an arm loosely around his shoulders. "I love you too, Ed." He said, pulling back a moment to look at him.

Edward didn’t ever think he’d get tried of hearing that from those lips and smiled. He lifted his hand to Roy’s face, just to touch his skin, feel its softness and wet his lips.
“There’s something I can’t figure out.” He traced his lover’s cheek and moment before continuing. “Maybe it’s the way the light plays…”

Ed sighed letting that rest for now. It might just be better to leave it until later, something to ponder on times away. He slowly rose to his feet and held out his hand. His auto-mail knee, the muscles in his thighs and left arm gave him little protests but like earlier today he let it slip his mind in favor of happier things. He wasn’t going to let his body spoil his time, time that wouldn’t come everyday.


Taking his lover's hand, Roy stood and walked with him to the edge. It wasn't a far drop, and he'd had to jump further while in war. And he was certain Ed had had jumped off higher buildings as well but.... "Ed..." Something was bothering him though; something Ed seemed stubbornly set on ignoring. "Why are you favoring your auto-mail leg?"

“Huh, oh,” Ed shrugged. “It’s a little wobbly, don’t worry I’ll oil it up and it’ll be just fine. It’s done this before and it won’t take too long take care of.” He smiled and let go of his lover’s hand and began to climb down. If Roy was noticing he’d probably better just oil it up and get it over with.

He trusted Ed to know his body and let it go at that, perhaps it just bothered him because he'd rarely seen the daily maintenance auto-mail took. He was used to seeing Ed in good health and had never spent so much time with him...

Following Ed down; Roy closed the window and latched it shut. "It should be nice out tonight; I'll bring a blanket for us to sit on." He went in search of an older blanket in the bathroom's towel closet.

Ed smiled as he finished up oiling the knee joint and put the oil away, noticing that he was going to have to get some more soon. He rose and tested his leg bending and unbending it. Well it was still a little resistant but better. Satisfied, he pulled on his pants and then his socks and boots. He began to reach for his red coat but thought better of it. It really was nice out tonight and he didn’t need it.

So he went in search of Roy, finding him at the towel closet. “Done, told you it wouldn’t take long. I’ll have to go out and pick up some more oil tomorrow. Don’t let me forget, last time I forgot and ran out I couldn’t find a place to get any for days and my wrist locked up. Winry about killed me though the phone when I called to ask what to do.”
"If she could find a way I'm sure she would have. She makes some of the best for it to survive your rough treatment." Roy smirked and folded a blanket under his arm. He suppressed a short joke while he changed his shoes.

"Something to snack on?" Though Ed was probably enough of a snack, Roy's eyes darkened at the very thought of his lover trying to suppress cries of passion while they hid in a bush or empty children's play area.

Clearing his throat, Roy tried not to dwell on that image too long. "There's a bar we can get something at on our way back."

He would have had to have been blind not to see the change in Roy’s eyes and since they’d been… He wondered what road the Colonel’s mind was traveling down. He had a feeling it had nothing to do with food but more along the lines of bare skin touching, heavy breathing and… Ed shook his head and focused on the food bit.

“A bar?” He didn’t even want to mention what had happened the last time he’d walked into one of those while away on a mission. He’d been mistaken for a kid again and been thrown out. It wasn’t like he’d gone in for a drink, he’d only wanted dinner. Well if he was with Roy he probably wouldn’t get kicked out this time, he hoped.


He couldn't help it now. His mind had gone that way again. And though he fought it he knew it was only a matter of time now. Where would this lust end?

"Let's go, then," Roy rolled the blanket a little tighter as they left his house, locking it securely before heading to the street. "Park isn't far," he glanced down at Ed as they walked. The neighborhood was quiet and people were too busy arriving home to their families to pay them much attention. Across from the park there was a business section with a bar.

Ed let his eyes take in everything. He’d seen it all before but it looked a little different tonight, lighter somehow. It was just like it had been the other night with the absence of rain. The street lights were aglow lighting their way. A few people were out and about but not many at all and they all seemed set upon getting to where ever it was they were going and didn’t give them a second glance if one at all.

He began to relax a little not realizing that he’d been tense. Casting his amber eyes around, he inched a little closer to Roy, wishing he could take his hand but even he knew that would be pushing it.

Roy hadn’t realized just how popular this park was at night. There were plenty of lights that kept Roy from touching Ed. An approaching couple looked somewhat familiar and as they drew nearer Roy silently cursed. Maes and Gracia, taking some time away from their daughter, greeted them on the path.

Maes spotted his best friend and grinned giving him a little wave. “Hi Roy,” He also noticed a certain short blonde alchemist walking beside him. Hmm… he thought. “Hey Ed, it’s nice to see you too, haven’t seen you in a couple of days.”

For once in his life Edward Elric was caught flatfooted and hadn’t a clue as to what to do. So he did the first thing that came to mind. “Hello Major Hughes, Mrs. Hughes,”
"I loaned him some reading material to help in his search," Roy explained for Ed, but he knew Hughes could see right through him. Hughes knew people. Sometimes too well.
For a brief second Maes Hughes was stunned. The way Roy was… Wait a minute. He looked from Roy to Ed back to Roy and again to Ed and back again quickly. Oh boy, he thought and grinned in a knowing wicked sort of way. This could be trouble, why was it Roy did these things to himself? Why couldn’t he just find a nice young woman to make his wife? Oh well if he and Ed could stand each other without trying to kill each other he wasn’t going to say anything. At least as long as things didn’t get out of hand. They both had goals, high ones.

“Really, must be some pretty interesting material to have Ed walking with you in the park.”

At this point Edward sensed something was up. Trying to remain calm he lifted his hand and scratched his head. “It’s flame alchemy. I decided I wanted to learn and since this bastard’s the only one I know who knows it who else was I going to go to? Killing time until Al gets back; can't look at anything without him.” And some how he didn't think he was all that convincing. It was the truth, sort of, after a fashion. Could they leave now? Or at least get away from Hughes and his smiling wife?

"Oh that's nice of you Roy. How is Edward faring?" Gracia asked. "Hopefully better than you did when you were learning."

Roy grimaced at Hughes. "I don't know what stories this lunatic has told you, but don't believe everything he says about me, Gracia." Roy then smiled softly. He couldn't help it, and he wasn't sure he had to worry about Hughes even if his best friend disapproved.

"Ed's doing better than I thought he would when he first asked me..." He smiled at Gracia, ignoring Hughes' smug remark. "I was hesitant to begin teaching him."

Gracia smiled. “That’s great Edward; you’ll have to show me sometime. Oh and Elicia asked about you yesterday. She wanted to know when you and Al would pay her a visit.”

Ed returned her smile a little nervously. “I can do that, um I’ll have to ask Al when he gets back but we’ll come soon.” He really wanted to get away now, the grin upon Maes’s face just made him cringe inwardly. Maes definitely knew something. They’d been caught and they hadn’t even been doing anything but walking in the damned park! Did that god he didn’t believe in anymore hate him or something?

He was so going to die for this but what the hell it would be worth it. “Uh huh, so Ed came to you then, did think he’d ever cross the line into being submissive to you Roy. The way you two bicker at each other one would have thought you two disliked each other.”

Roy just about choked. He wasn't expecting Maes to confront him in front of Gracia. Though she was so innocent and he doubted she'd pick up on that nuance. Still...

He couldn't look at Ed; in fact he avoided the face of his lover, as he answered. "He wanted to learn, and knowing his stubborn childish ways I couldn't let some random armature off the streets teach him how it's done. If he was going to learn it the proper way," he also couldn't look at Gracia as he finished. "Then who better to show him the ropes?" He knew Hughes wasn't talking just about alchemy... if he was at all.

“Stubborn childish ways?!” Ed snapped. Oh he’d show him stubborn childish ways. He wasn’t a damned kid!

Maes adjusted his glasses and interrupted before there was a fight or least of all a scene. “I see,” He paused a moment looking for an excuse. “Oh that reminds me I wanted to ask you something but you weren’t in today. Uh would you excuse us a moment?” He asked his wife and Edward.

Gracia nodded and smiled at Edward. “Edward can keep me company,”

“Great, won’t take too long,” Maes assured them and motioned for Roy to follow him off to the side, stopping a good five feet away.

Roy ignored Ed's outburst, but knew he'd pay later. Walking with Hughes a bit away he didn't wait for Hughes to start but raised a hand anyway to shut him up. He kept his voice low and back turned on Ed. "I know what you're going to say, Maes. And maybe you're right. But..." He shrugged. "I think, for once, I'm actually happy with someone."

Maes was quiet a moment the sighed. “I’m not disapproving, exactly. I just, well its Ed and he’s kind of young. I’m not so much worried about what other people will say. I know you can handle that on your own; you’ve been doing that for years just fine. Roy…” He paused to collect his thoughts. “I don’t want to see either of you hurt, but if you’re happy then what does it matter what I think? It’s your life not mine.”

Ed wished he could hear them, wished he knew exactly what they were talking about. He could guess and even though he was upset about the comment he was worried, worried Roy might lose something, his friend. He didn’t want that.

“Something wrong Edward, you look a little nervous?” Gracia asked.

“Huh?” Ed asked. “Oh…” He smiled a half smile, hoping it was believable. “I’m fine,” His mind searched for something to say, something to keep the conversation going and kept his eyes upon her. “Oh uh I wanted to ask you something,”

“Alright,” she paused. “You know they’re probably just talking about something work related. Maes said something about a case they just closed yesterday.”

Ed nodded. “Yeah, I heard about that too. Anyway, um, I was wondering if you might be willing to teach me how to cook? I never really learned and Al says my cooking is awful. I figure I’ll have to learn sometime and yours is really good.”

Gracia smiled. “Why thank you Ed, that’s sweet. You’re really expanding your education Edward, learning flame alchemy from Roy and cooking from me. I’d be happy too, just call me and let me know when you have time and are ready.”

Roy smiled, somewhat relieved. "It matters because you're my friend, Maes. We've been through a lot, and sometimes I count on you to wake me up," he chuckled. "I hate to admit it, but I think I've gotten myself in deep this time." And so fast! "No one else needs to know, though. Can I count on you for rumor control?"

Maes adjusted his glasses, glancing back at Edward and his wife. He didn’t know what they were talking about, but he would soon. Ed of all people, man… He sighed and draped his arm over Roy’s shoulder. “You nitwit of course you can count on me. Just be careful, both of you. Come on,”

Ed smiled in relief. “Thanks Gracia you’re the best.”

"Thanks, Maes." Rejoining his lover and Gracia, Roy gently disengaged himself from his best friend's arm. "We should get going, Ed. Early day tomorrow." He nodded at Gracia, "I see you're keeping this bum well fed."

“Speaking of food,” Maes said with a grin, “Why don’t you and Ed come over for dinner some night, how about tomorrow?”

“What a wonderful idea Maes and if you come early I can start Edward’s lessons.”
Ed shook his head, wide-eyed. “Uh…”

“Lessons? Are you teaching Edward how to cook?” Maes asked.

“Oh come now Edward, as smart and as quick as Maes and Roy say you catch on to things, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Gracia encouraged.

Ed wanted to hide. He’d kind of wanted to make dinner for Roy some night or at least breakfast and surprise him. He scratched his head. Hey wait a minute, Roy talked about him? He looked up at his lover.

Roy shrugged down at Ed. "We'll be there," he replied. He couldn't really say no to Hughes after what they'd just talked about. But Ed was going to learn how to cook? Roy had a hard time picturing that, except the mental image of him in an apron was strangely erotic.

“Your funeral,” Ed muttered under his breath. The last thing he wanted to do was give his lover a case of food poisoning just in the first week of being with him let alone the Hughes. But if Roy wanted to have dinner with them and had already said yes, he supposed he couldn’t exactly counter that. He could mysteriously slip away if he had too, before they began eating. Yeah, that was a plan. He’d just check the train schedules tomorrow and make sure there was one he could get on at the last minute.

Gracia chuckled. “Don’t worry Edward, I won’t let you fail.”

Maes wanted to say what was on his mind but he wasn’t sure how his wife would handle it at the moment so he shrugged. “Trust me Edward; with Gracia’s help you’ll be great. Well we’ll see you tomorrow then. Stay out of trouble,” That last comment he directed to his best friend.

Ed waved before slipping his hands into his pockets. “Bye,”

Roy only smiled at his friend's comment. "Look who you're talking to," he shrugged as he waved goodnight and led Ed away.

When he had lost sight of his friend and wife, Roy looked down at Ed. "So, what did you two talk about?"

Ed perked a brow, following his lover. Uh huh, nosey. “Stuff, what did you and Maes talk about and what was the comment, ‘Look who you’re talking too’? What’s that supposed to mean?” Oh he’d show him. He’d cook and edible dinner if it killed him. Then he’d make Roy eat his words. And when they got home if Roy had been good Ed might take pity upon him and do something nice. Something that involved parts of Roy in certain parts of him in certain parts of the house at certain angles and certain house hold items. Two could play at that game.

"He knows about us." Roy watched Ed as he told him. "He said he'd do rumor control. So we're somewhat covered if any one does start to suspect." Roy smiled. "But we still need to be careful."

Ed stopped in his tracks and blinked several times. Major Hughes knew… about them... He shook his head. “And he’s okay with it?” Somehow Ed hadn’t thought it would go over so well. He didn’t know exactly what he’d expected exactly but it wasn’t like he thought it’d be that easy. While he found this relationship with Roy to be different and somewhat natural… or no maybe that wasn’t quite…

He sighed. For the society two males together was general unaccepted and frowned upon. For Edward he hadn’t known anything else. Roy was the person he’d been infatuated with and fallen for, loved, no one else. He’d not thought about girls or guys really, just him. Sure he’d seen beautiful girls his age walking around just about every where he went he just hadn’t been interested in them as far as dating and all that came with it.

“Well at least there’s that.” He gave Roy a smile. “Guess we’ll have to be extra good so we don’t cause him more work and trouble.”

Roy returned his smile. "So you're going to have to wear an apron, you know." Why couldn't he keep his mind off that now? He wanted to touch Ed so bad, show him just how that mental image turned him on.

Ed frowned, taking the few small steps to catch up to his lover from where he’d stopped. “Don’t people usually wear aprons when cooking?” Was he worried about his clothes? For crying out loud his clothes saw more problems when he was away on missions than in the kitchen. Wait a second…

“Kinky bastard,” Ed muttered with a roll of his eyes. “You’d better be happy I let you do those kinds of things to me, next thing I’ll know is you want me in a dress.” He stopped and pointed his finger at him sternly. “The day you get me in a dress is the day you wear lipstick to the office. Bright red lipstick with nail polish to match.” Now that he’d pay good money to see. Then again Ed had a thought, maybe something for later, but it just might be an interesting idea.

Roy only smiled. Lipstick and red nail polish for a dress? It might be worth it. Besides, head quarters would just assume the lipstick was from his new girl and the polish some kink of hers. Yes, he might have to do that to Ed.

But for now, an apron is what plagued his thoughts. "Don't worry Ed, even men wear aprons." He shrugged and continued their walk. "Let's get something to eat; we'll bring it back here."

“I know that and I know exactly what you meant.” He followed Roy anyway as food was something he definitely wanted seeing as how there was all that talk of cooking and it made him hungry. He’d not eaten for a good few hours and it was about time. “So what’s this place have to eat anyway?”

"What would you like? They can fix anything to go," Roy mused. "I'm getting a sub with ham." He led his lover to the other side of the park and across the street where a bar's odors and sights beckoned.
Tags: ed/roy, fanfic, pyrometallon

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