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FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 8

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Word Count: 4,446

Summary: Ginger huh? Well the shower head had been an interesting experience maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. But food?

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted at

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5a, Chapter 5b, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

“Great,” Ed replied with a little relief. Knowing Roy was there to take care of the flame made him relax. He didn’t know what he would have done if the damned candle had rolled under the sofa or other furniture, the curtains and lit them on fire. He was a little tied up at the moment.

“You know if you’re going to drip wax on me you might want to put it in a place where it won’t possibly get in my auto-mail, just a suggestion for later. Unless you want to clean it out before Winry asks. I’d make you explain it to her too.” He smirked at that. It might be nice to see Winry flinging that death wrench at someone else for a change.

His lover was talking too much. And it wasn't talk he liked to hear when they were doing this... Roy decided to put an end to that soon. Finishing with one piece of root he reached between his lover's legs and, taking him in hand, stroked him a few times. "I won't use wax on you then," he said. "Unless I'm careful."

Then, taking the thin piece of ginger root he let Ed feel it in the very tip of his cock before showing it to Ed. "I'm going to push this inside you," he said, rolling the thin piece between his thumb and index finger for Ed to see. He showed him the small ball at one end. "That part will stop it from going in all the way."

Ed gasped as Roy stroked him. His hands always felt so good. He felt something a little odd and ventured a look, hearing his lover’s words. That looked like… Ginger root? Why Ginger root? Okay… first the shower head and now ginger, what was next? Ed didn’t even really want to think about that right now. He’d cross that bridge when it came.

Ginger huh? Well the shower head had been an interesting experience maybe this wouldn’t be so bad. But food? Somehow when he pictured food with sex it was licking it off each other not inserting it. Why didn’t he just use the shower head or himself for that matter? “Um…okay but why?”

"You'll find out soon," Roy purred. Taking Ed in hand again he gently eased the piece of root into the head of his cock. He could make another plug or toy for his other end, but Roy figured he had punished him in the shower enough- he might still be sore.

As he waited for the root to do it's work, Roy ran his hands over Ed. Down his arms and sides to his hips. Here he leaned in to gently nip at Ed's flesh, leaving a few harder bite marks on his thighs.

Ed bit back a hiss. Somehow he just didn’t think anything should go up that particular orifice. It was uncomfortable in the least and hurt at the most, nothing that he would scream about, just uncomfortable. Roy’s hands upon him helped to soothe him. His teeth felt nice, the bites doing nothing but turning him on more. He just wished he knew what the purpose of…

It started out mild, just warm but after a few minutes it grew hotter, burned. Ed closed his eyes panting, beginning to sweat, gritting his teeth. It didn’t just burn, it really burned like fire or lots and lots of salt in a wound and it was only getting worse. Oh god and it was making him…horny? It was confusing, so very confusing. “Nn, Roy… what’s going on?! It burns!” He wasn’t ready to call his safety word yet, hoping it would go away soon.
His tone of voice, pain and confusion and yearning all mixed up, sent a jolt straight to Roy's groin. But he didn't answer his lover. Wanting to see his face, he reached between his feet and loosened the rope that held his head down by a few inches. Now he could watch the pain and desire on Ed's face.

And to heighten his lover's desire, he let Ed see how much this was turning him on. He didn't touch himself, but he knelt with his knees spread wide in front of Ed while the root grew hotter.

His back and shoulder were beginning to ache from the strain, the backs of his thighs of being like this for so long and when Roy let some of the tension up on his leash he lifted his head a little whimpering, near tears. What his eyes found made him groan. He wanted that, needed his lovers cock so terribly! And the burning was so intense, so… This was torture; an erotic, brilliant hell. He felt like he was going to go crazy right here and now if Roy didn’t touch him! He was so hard he was going to scream! “God please…” He panted through gritted teeth, squirming. “Roy please!”

Ed tried to move forward a little, tried to get closer, grunting in utter frustration. God it burned even worse now and only getting worse by the second. How long was this going to last?! “GOD JUST FUCKING TOUCH ME!” He screamed as he felt the tears come. He was going insane!

His lover was close to losing it. And Roy was torn between wanting to push him over the edge and giving him what he needed now. His own cock throbbed painfully, needing some kind of touch and soon.

"Where do you need me, Ed?" He asked calmly, his hand lifting to trace the underside of his own cock.
Ed could barely think straight, barely registered Roy’s calm soothing voice. He was sobbing now with need, almost in torturously pleasant agony. He could still end it but he didn’t want too…

“Inside me, everywhere…please!” He sobbed, panted. He didn’t care he just desperately needed the burning, the painfully aching need to be taken care of before he lost his damned mind! He was trying so hard not to use the safety word.

Then something shocked him, the lava like burning sensation faded almost instantaneously. He didn’t understand it but it was gone. All that was left in it’s wake was his desperate desire to be fucked into the floor. He squirmed and panted, whimpered still weeping. Never in his life had he ever begged like this but he just didn’t care!

Roy couldn't stand it any more. And since Ed had begged so perfectly... had behaved so well, he stood and rounded his lover. Quickly he coated himself with lube. Quickly he reached around and removed his lover's ginger root. Then he was pushing inside, thrusting.
"Haaa..." Thrusting. Harder. "Nnng!" Faster. Grunting. Gripping Ed's hip with one hand as he moaned and gasped. Gripping and stroking Ed's cock with the other hand as his head reeled.

Ed whimpered as Roy removed the root; cried out as he felt Roy enter him, stroke his cock. His lover was a God, his god! It was just heaven and he wanted more! “AHH… HARDER, GOD ROY HARDER!” He sobbed. “UHH… Nng… Please faster! Uhh…ROY don’t stop!!!” He could feel his orgasm building powerfully, feel himself really begin to lose his mind and he fought as hard as he could to make this last just a little longer, he just needed it a little longer.
Ed screamed, really screamed into the afternoon sex laced air as he came, body tensing, feeling like his body had just been sent into some sort of euphoric overloaded rapture. He came so hard, harder than in the shower and cried out again feeling another orgasm building and ripping through him. It left him weeping and on some ultra high he’d never been on before, floating and so weak, so weak he wanted to collapse.

Roy had half been expecting Ed to become weak and limp when he came, so he slid his other hand under Ed and held him up when Ed began to scream. The intensity of Ed's orgasms pulled his own from his body nearly simultaneously as his lover's. He slammed into him and shuddered with a strangled moan.

Before he could tire or relax he knew he had to untie Ed. His lover was going limp. Reaching up he untied his hands and then lowered him to the floor, arms and body supporting his weight. He pushed the rug with a foot to unroll it while he worked the knots on Ed's ankles off.

Gathering him up in his arms, Roy held him against his chest as he sat on the rug. He gently wiped sweat off his lover's forehead, pushing his bangs out of his eyes so he could look at his face. What he saw there stole his breath and made his chest ache with love.
He could no longer describe this feeling and didn’t think bliss would do it justice. He knew he was weak, knew he was trembling a least a little, and knew he was still catching his breath but more than that, he knew Roy was holding him, looking down at him, touching his face. His lover looked so beautiful he almost wanted to cry and didn’t quite understand why.

Ed lifted his hand to Roy’s face, a little shakily, tracing his cheek ever so lightly. Then he smiled. “Mm…love you so much.” He whispered and moved so he could embrace him, arms around his neck, and still sit, cradled in his lover’s lap.

Roy embraced him tightly, turning his head slightly to feel his lover's hair on his face and smell his sweat. "I love you," he whispered. It hurt and ached. "I haven't loved anyone like this before," he said even lower, barely a whisper.

Pulling Ed back, Roy licked his thumb and ran it over the smear of dried blood on Ed's cheek to clean it off. His tongue throbbed still, but the coppery taste of his own blood had stopped minutes after being bitten.

Ed closed his eyes a moment. Roy’s words felt like home, etched themselves into his heart and very soul. He’d wanted this, needed it like fire needed oxygen, for so long. It hurt to be touched this deeply after so many years of shoving anything like this away too afraid of losing it like his father, his mother, and almost his brother, Nina…

Suddenly he smirked and opened his eyes, pushing Roy’s hand from his face and lacing his fingers with his lover’s. “You’re still a bastard, but you’re my bastard. I won’t let go.” Then he lifted himself a little shakily, just enough to kiss him tenderly.

Smiling, Roy nibbled on his lips. "You're shaking," he purred. Dipping his tongue into Ed's mouth he ran it over Ed's slick tongue. "Let's lay down," he rubbed his back and shoulders gently as he held Ed close and, reaching for the blanket Ed had brought earlier, lay them both down on the rug.

Ed closed his eyes and snuggled as close as humanly possible to his lover. He could care less about the blanket or the fact that the backs of his thighs were sore, his left arm. All he could think about was Roy and that he was happy, safe, and home. It almost seemed a sin to him that he wasn’t really thinking about his brother or how to get him back into his body at the moment, but Al was always saying he should have a little time to himself once in awhile.

He sighed softly, happily, slipping his arm around Roy’s body.

Wrapping the blanket over them both, Roy kissed his lover's forehead and tucked some stray hair behind an ear. "I was 17 with my first, Ed." He didn't know why he was suddenly saying this, but it seemed right to tell Ed. "He had taught me basic alchemy and was going to teach me flame alchemy, or so I hoped that he would trust me... but he died before he could."

He frowned, was Roy really… Ed sat up a little, opening his eyes, searching his lovers a moment. This sort of thing… was painful to think about much less talk about. A first lover, well Roy was his and if he ever lost… No, he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Roy. And this person was a teacher as well. Ed didn’t know how Roy attached himself to people in the past and he really didn’t understand how it worked with him in the present but be bet Roy was at least a little different in the past, maybe more open and less guarded.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered. He wasn’t sure if Roy wanted to say anymore and he certainly wouldn’t push as it might be a little painful but he’d try a little. “How did he die and I don’t understand what you mean by ‘trust’. You don’t have to say if you don’t want too.”
"I was young and... flame alchemy is one of the most dangerous, Ed." He didn't want to think about flame being used in the wrong hands. "After he died, his daughter taught me how to create and control flames. You've met her, you know. We're very close." He wondered if Ed would figure out who he meant.

Ed blinked a moment. The only women Ed knew Roy was close too were Riza and Gracia. But he was closest to Riza… Did that mean? “You mean Lt. Hawkeye… Hey wait a minute I thought she wasn’t an alchemist.” Whoa! Roy was… Sleeping with Riza’s father! He had to wonder if Riza knew about that… Well if she did she must not mind.

Roy shook his head slightly. "She's not. But he left the secret with her, and she passed it on to me..." he smiled somewhat sadly. "I've never asked her if she knew about us. Part of me doesn't want to know... that if she didn't, how she'd react now. She's my stone in the military. Without her support and trust I wouldn't be where I am today."

Oh, that made sense. He nearly shuddered at the thought of a pissed Riza Hawkeye, that was a woman you just didn’t want to cross, not that he’d ever seen anyone cross her. It was just something he suspected might be fatal. He felt privileged and touched to know this information and he won’t tell a soul no matter what. It made him feel closer to his lover to be trusted with such a secret. And he wasn’t going to push for any more.

Ed still felt like he was floating in the clouds but it was getting a little less now as he was calming down and he was starting to really feel the fatigue of what they’d just done. Didn’t matter much he’d dealt with worse fatigue out on assignments and still carried on as if he were fine. But he was getting a little hungry and sleepy. Still he wasn’t inclined to move from this spot.

He grinned and pushed Roy onto his back and climbed atop him, placing his hands on either side of his shoulders. “I’ll never look at ginger the same way again, thanks. Any other house hold items you plan on using on me that I won’t be able to hide a blush when I go to the market?”

"If I told you, that'd ruin any shock and awe for the next time," Roy chuckled. He rubbed Ed's back and shoulders a moment before resting his hands on his hips. "Are you okay? Did you like that?"

“Muscles are a little sore, but yeah, I’m fine…Better than fine.” Ed paused then nodded, feeling a flush in his cheeks just at the thought of how intense the experience had been. “Yes, I did.” He smiled bending down and brushed his lips against his lovers. Ed couldn’t believe he was about to admit this and to Roy but it was true. “I like being blind folded too and I don’t mind the collar. Just don’t expect me to wear it out of the house, ever.”

"Blindfold?" Roy smiled. "Fine then. What about a gag?" He wouldn't do anything Ed was opposed to; he'd never take their bondage outside the house now. Aside from not being worth the risk of being caught he didn't want Ed to become scared of their encounters.
He thought about it. A gag, hmm… that might be interesting. Suddenly he narrowed his eyes. “Somehow I think you’re trying to tell me I talk too much or I’m too loud.”

"Is that so?" Roy reached up to lightly cover Ed's mouth with the palm of his hand. Smiling, he removed his hand and touched Ed's neck. "Somehow I think you're thinking too deep into it."

A soft moan escaped Ed’s throat as he closed his eyes. Slowly he reopened his eyes and smiled down at his lover. He simply loved it when this man touched his neck or kissed it or bit it. Suddenly he thought of something nice, well he thought it was nice but he was a little shy in the asking. His muscles were a little sore and he didn’t want them to ache later or least of all be a downer.

Ed frowned a moment, slipping from Roy’s body and sat upon the floor next to him. “Um… would you mind if…” Ed sighed. Roy told him not to be shy and really after that they’d just done it wasn’t like this was going to be anything strange and if he didn’t want too…
He brushed his hair out of his face, blinked a moment then wet his lips, telling himself to just ask. “Could we take a bath together, not shower, a bath?”

Roy nodded. "We should clean up before our walk tonight," he agreed. Today was definitely making him feel sore where he hadn't for a while, and some hot water to ease the pains before a stroll might do him good. Though he wondered if a tub full of hot water wasn't going to lead to another encounter and more aches and pains. The thought made him smile, he wasn't about to complain. Today was something to be remembered.

His lover was probably sore as well, being tied the way Roy had tied him wasn't friendly on the joints and muscles. "And tonight I'll massage your back," he stood and offered Ed his hand.

Eagerly Ed took Roy’s hand with a smile. Well cleaning up was on his agenda but he had something else in mind too. He tugged upon Roy’s hand to get him moving. A back massage sounded great, really great. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a real one, maybe the last time he’d had his auto-mail looked at… no, not then. Oh well it didn’t really matter, he was getting a bath his lover. “Come on,”

"Alright Ed, slow down," Roy let Ed half drag him down the hall and into the bathroom. He had a jar some where... opening the drawers next to the sink he found what he was looking for and sat it aside for Ed to select. Fragranced bath oils in small balls just for baths.
The outer ball melted in the heat of the water and released it's soap.

Ed started the water and plugged up the tub after testing it. It was hot but not scalding. He frowned at the jar as he moved closer to Roy. He picked up the jar, examined it then set it down after removing one ball and tossing it into the water, guessing Roy wanted it for their bath. Country boy or not he’d seen a jar of those bath things before. His mother had had some. That was why she always smelled so nice, but Roy? Roy always smelled like cologne or aftershave and he only knew that because of their recent relationship and the fact that before it he’d put himself close enough to the man out of curiosity just long enough to pick up his scent.

For a moment he looked up at his lover then pointed to the tub with a silent order.
Standing, Roy stepped into the tub, not being able to help the sigh that left his lips as he eased into the hot water. Already he could feel his muscles relaxing in the heat and head clearing at the scent. He watched Ed with a hooded gaze; his eyelids heavy already.
Tucking his hair behind his ears, Ed got into the tub; put himself right on his lover’s lap making himself quite at home. Then he leaned back and took Roy’s hands in his and wrapped them around him before settling down. The water felt so nice and he began to relax deeply inhaling the scent of the melting bath bead. He frowned a moment then closed his eyes with a soft smile. It smelled exactly like the one’s his mother always had, like aloes wood or sandalwood, one of the two.

“My mom used to have some bath beads like this.” He said softly as he rested his head upon Roy’s shoulder.

"I remember my mother using these as well," Roy wrapped his arms a little tighter around Ed. The smell always took him away from life's troubles in a bath. Took him back to a more innocent time of his life. Though such daydreams were short lived.

Deciding that the bath water was high enough, Ed lifted his foot and turned the nozzles off skillfully. He’d learned to do it out of shear laziness. He sighed contentedly and closed his eyes. “Was your mother nice?” He probably shouldn’t ask as Roy had already given him one bit of very personal information but he couldn’t help himself, he wanted to know. To make up for that, he said a little about his own mother.

“Mine was, and so pretty. She cooked like Mrs. Hughes and used to play with Al and me. She didn’t get mad when we made a doll for Winry with alchemy. She said she was proud of us and always smiled when we learned more and transmuted things.”

Roy leaned his chin on Ed's shoulder and closed his eyes. "She was," he answered. He wasn't sure why he had brought his mother up, but he didn't want to delve into that part of his life now.

Sighing, he turned his chin and nuzzled Ed's neck with soft kisses.

That was enough for Edward and he smiled tilting his head a little. Roy’s kisses were soft and sweet, his hold wonderful. He shifted a little so he could kiss his lover, lifting his hand to tangle his fingers in his black hair.

Humming softly into the kiss, Roy's hands began to travel beneath the water, gently massaging Ed's chest and sides. "Is the heat helping?" He breathed out, looking into Ed's eyes as he pulled back.

“Yeah,” Ed replied no more than a whisper, letting his eyes meet his lover’s. He smiled and tried to look into Roy through the inky black depths. In this light they looked a little blue, like a midnight blue. Roy’s hands were soothing and he almost purred. He let his hand fall from Roy’s hair to his neck, trying to do the same for his lover as Roy was doing for him with his fingers.

Roy chuckled softly. "I'm fine," he said huskily, his lover's fingers sparking a sudden desire he tried to hide by taking Ed's hand between his own. He rubbed it gently and threaded one hand's fingers together. "We should get out before the water cools," he added. Though it was so tempting to stay like this forever. So tempting to take advantage of the bath oil and just rub against Ed.

He sighed with a smile and brought Roy’s hand to his lips, placing a gentle kiss there. Then he slipped from his lap and got out of the tub without complaint. He could have stayed there for a little longer but it was okay. He got to curl up to him tonight. That was enough.

Ed reached for a towel and held it out for Roy then grabbed one for himself. “Thank you,”
"For what?" Roy blinked, wondering what it was exactly. How far he and Ed had come? They were never so... polite before the sex.

Taking the towel he padded himself off and wrapped it around his hips.
Edward gave Roy a real honest smile as he wrapped his towel around his waist. Then he hugged him, resting his head upon his chest. He could smell the bath bead upon his slightly damp skin and it was nice. It was funny, he still felt a little fluttery, happy, still on some high but he knew he was coming down, he could feel it. He also knew it was making him act a little strange but he really didn’t care.

“For everything,” He breathed and looked up at his lover. “I never told you before, maybe…” He paused. Did he really want to say this? Did he really think… Yes, he did. “Someday Al and I can help you with your goal.”

His lover was still floating on that cloud, Roy knew. And as much as he didn't want Ed's help in that area of his life, telling him so might not be wise at this moment. So he smiled down at him instead and told him a different kind of truth: "I don't want to talk about that today, Ed. Today is for you and me. Let's forget about everything else until tomorrow morning." His skin felt warm from the bath, and Roy could feel his heart beat against his own flesh. He rubbed Ed's back and shoulders before taking his hand and, hoping for a better reaction this time, scooped him up in his arms to carry him to the bed.

Ed wrapped his arms around Roy’s neck. His left one ached a little but he still held on, resting his head upon his lovers shoulder. There were other little aches in his body saying hello to him a little more strongly now. Aches that would fade soon enough, Ed had been used to having all sorts of aches and pains through out his body for a few years now and had learned to ignore them as much as possible.

He frowned a little upon seeing Roy’s path toward and into the bedroom. He thought they were going to the park today. Well maybe they’d go later, it was still early, at least he thought it was. A little rest wouldn’t hurt.

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