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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 4

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 4. Blood

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 3,772
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.

Theme1:Anger, Theme2:Twilight, Theme3:Blood

When he woke he started on breakfast deciding on sausage instead of bacon and made note that he was going to have to go to the market before too long. Just like yesterday he crept into Roy’s room and sat upon the bed beside him. Only this time he sat for a moment longer watching him sleep.

Ed set the coffee aside upon the nightstand, wondering why Roy wore such a large patch… Was the damage that terrible? He shook his head and dared to run his finger’s thought Roy’s messy ebony hair. Hmm… it was softer than he’d imagined. Then he leaned over and pressed his lips to Roy’s just because he could, just because they were slightly parted, just because Roy looked utterly kissable while he slept, just because he loved him and wanted to.

He could get used to waking like this. The feel of Ed's lips every morning would be all he needed to wake happy. Stirring gently, he slitted his one eye open to look at Ed. "Ed," he smiled. "Are you always up so early?"

That one sleepy smile could make Edward fall in love with Roy all over again. He hoped he’d get so see it again. It was certainly making him feel all sorts of mushy things inside if now down right leaving him as light headed as their kissing last night in the living room had.

He returned the smile with a light shrug. “Not always…” He ran his fingers through Roy’s hair again, smoothing it down where it stuck up a little, and then he leaned down and placed a kiss upon his lips. He glanced at the clock. There was a little time, not much, but just a little.

Ed gave Roy a timid smile and lay down as much as he could, with his nose pressed against Roy’s neck. He’d always wanted to do this but even now it made him a little… nervous and mostly because he wasn’t certain what would come of it.

Roy put an arm around Ed as Ed laid next to him. He could feel his warmth, even through the blankets and it made his heart race. How long his will would hold up when Ed kept tempting him like this... was anyone's guess. "Did you sleep well?" He asked quietly.

Ed nodded inhaling Roy’s scent. He smelled faintly of soap, the same soap he’d used last night, a soap that had a hint of sandalwood in it. Ed rather liked it and wondered where Roy got it since he’d never come across it before, not that he’d ever stood in the market sniffing soap before.

And Roy felt so warm and comforting Edward wanted to curl up and stay here. It was… safe like this. But he was aware of everything, each breath he and Roy took, the way his stomach felt fluttery again.

He swallowed and let out a soft, trembling sigh and lifted his face a little to give Roy a kiss. “I did, did you?”

Roy nodded slightly in answer. He wanted Ed so bad right now he was afraid for a moment. Ed wasn't ready. And he deserved more than a morning quick fuck for their first time.

"We should get up," he whispered and returned Ed's kiss. "Are you still sore from yesterday?"

"A little," Ed admitted. But he didn't want to get up; he wanted to stay a little while longer, forget Central, people, friends, jobs and duties, breakfast. This just felt too good for him to want to let it go so quickly.

"I don't want to get up yet Roy." And with that, he slipped his arm around him.

Roy looked fondly at Ed. "We have a moment I suppose," he replied. Glad there was a layer of sheets and blankets between them, he tightened his arm around Ed.

Rubbing Ed's back slowly for a moment, Roy then brought his hand up to caress Ed's ear and cheek. "But just a moment. No longer," he added, and kissed Ed softly. His kiss lingered, tasting Ed with gentle and deep sweeps of his tongue.

His eyes closed of their own volition. His breath caught in his throat. His heart thudded in his chest, and he'd be damned if he wasn't getting a hard on. But Ed was too caught up in the kiss to be embarrassed by it like he'd been before in his life.

Edward kissed Roy in return, letting his hand wander up to Roy's back and hummed into their kiss. He wanted... He wanted the General to... do more than kiss him but even in the back of his mind, he knew there wasn't time. Still, if he could just have a moment longer...

Damn. He could feel Ed's desire radiating off his body in waves. But... Roy couldn't. Not right now. Pulling from the kiss gently, Roy was briefly awed by what he saw written on Ed's face and in his eyes.

Clearing his throat, he smiled. "We have to get up, Ed."

Swallowing, Ed nodded but hesitated in sitting up for a moment. He wanted to look at him for a second.

When he finally did sit up, he reached for Roy's coffee and handed it to him. He had to think of something to kill his arousal. If he went to his room or went to the bathroom Roy would undoubtedly know what he was up too and while that was okay in some respects, it was a little... embarrassing in others.

Suddenly he remembered his watch. "Hey where did you put my pocket watch?"

Sitting up and letting the covers fall around his hips, Roy took the coffee with a nod of thanks. He could tell Ed needed to find some relief. The way he was moving screamed of an erection.

"Hmm?" He looked at Ed a moment before the question registered. Taking his mind off Ed's obvious problem, he reached past him, his arm brushing Ed's hip as he opened the bedside table drawer.

A bottle of lubricant, some tweezers, nail file, book, and Ed's pocket watch all lay inside the drawer.

Edward kept his eyes low, trying to follow Roy’s hand and where it was going. He was a very… Ed hadn’t ever seen Roy this naked before and it only made his breath catch in his throat. He was gorgeous, not too over muscular like Armstrong and well Armstrong was damned scary and over bearing. No Roy was toned and defined, perfect.

As soon as Roy’s hand brushed his hip Ed had to bite his tongue to keep a whimper from escaping, to keep from jumping. A trip to the bathroom might just happen.

He forced his attention to the bedside table and smiled. That was so… It meant a lot, probably more than he could ever express to know Roy had kept it in here, in that drawer and not in his office.

“You kept it in there?”

Taking a drink of his coffee, Roy eyed Ed. How he longed to pull him beneath the sheets right now. How he was managing to not do just that was a wonder and a miracle.

"I did..." It had been a silly, childish thing to do. He remembered kissing that watch once. He had held it against his cheek one lonely night. But it kept hope alive.

Reaching inside the drawer, Ed lifted his watch out and looked it over. It was in one piece, a few scratches from his gallivanting a few years ago, but almost in perfect condition. He opened it and found what he’d scratched there when he’d first received it and been alone.

More than deeply touched and annoyed with himself, Ed fought back tears. He wasn’t a damned girl, but he couldn’t help it. This stupid thing, getting it back, was almost like finding a favorite much loved book again, or even seeing Al again. It was strange; he didn’t know how much he’d missed this dumb thing until now. And knowing that it had been kept safe for his return and in a place like this no less…

Slowly he rose and slipped his watch in his pocket where it belonged. “Thanks,” He scratched his head. “Breakfast is getting cold.” He wanted to say something else but… Ed just smiled and began to back out of Roy’s bedroom for the kitchen.

"I'll be there in a moment," Roy waited until Ed was out the door before he stood. His boxers couldn't hide his erection and it was beginning to ache.

Some day he wouldn't have to hide his arousal from Ed. For now, he would have to plan trips into his bathroom. With the door closed he made a mess with his hand inside his boxers, and his other hand muffling his moans.

When he was done and dressed, he walked to the kitchen.

Thinking about different unpleasant things to kill his erection had worked once Ed had sat down at the table and was away from Roy. But in doing so his mind had wandered farther than he’d wanted it too and he found himself depressed. Too depressed to really eat, especially with certain last memories of his father, his mother, and other things that had ended badly. It wasn’t a good way to begin a morning, not after such comfort and warmth.

Eh, he was getting too emotional again and just needed to do something to… Roy walked in and Ed found himself watching the General make his way to his chair and sitting to eat.

He cleared his throat. “Al’s sending my things; should be here this weekend…” He grinned as he lifted his cup of coffee to his lips. “He asked if I’d kissed you yet.”

"And what did you tell him?" Roy smirked, lifting his fork. "I hope nothing too detailed." He remembered that kiss last night. Remembered how on edge it made him. Ed was doing a good job of driving him completely mad to feel his body next to his own.

“What do you think I am?” Ed asked accusingly and took the sip of coffee he’d intended then set his cup down, deciding he could eat now, but he’d better hurry. “I only make one exception to the ‘I don’t kiss and tell’ saying and that’s for my brother. Of course he wanted details but I have to draw the line somewhere.”

He paused then shrugged. “I’ll have to kiss you more that way I can give him the full story.” He teased then began to eat.

Roy shook his head and laughed. He wouldn't mind indulging that. "Thanks for breakfast, Ed." He ate his meal gratefully and drank the coffee. When had Ed developed a taste for coffee? he wondered.

"Since I'm driving this morning, is there anywhere you need to go before I drop you off?"

Ed paused. Roy laughed, no he really laughed, not a snicker, not a chuckle, not that maniacal slightly scary twisted laugh he sometimes did when stressed, he really laughed. He’d not heard The Flame Alchemist laugh in years. It was… nice.

Finishing off his breakfast he shook his head. “Nope, I’m good to go.” He checked the wall clock for the time and there was just enough to wash up the dishes. So he rose and took his plate to the sink and started the dish water and came back for Roy’s.

He watched Ed lift his plate and utensils. He was still awed by how much Ed had matured. Not only were there minor physical changes, but in other ways as well... the way he held himself, the way he talked...

As Ed turned from him he caught him by his hips. Roy held him close as he stood. "Take it easy today," he whispered, his lips brushing Ed's neck as he moved his hair aside.

Edward stilled as Roy touched him, stood behind him, and held him. As soon as his lips and warm breath touched his neck he swallowed and almost dropped his dishes.

“O-okay,” He managed and wet his lips. He was going to have to go to his bedroom after all, but he lingered a moment before slowly detaching himself from the General. “I’ll just be a minute, almost forgot something.” Then he set the dishes in the sink as causally as possible and made way to his room. He’d grab one of the books he’d brought just so it didn’t look like he’d just fibbed.

As soon as he was behind the safety of his locked bedroom door, he dropped his pants, sat upon the bed, and touched himself. It didn’t take too long and all the while he had several images of Roy sitting in bed, half naked to help him along.

When he was done, he cleaned himself up, straightened his clothes, grabbed his gloves since he’d forgotten those and the book, and headed for the front door.

Roy was waiting by the door. When he saw Ed, he knew by the look in his eye, the way they looked a bit glossy, what Ed had just done. And it made him frustrated. That he was waiting "until it felt right" to be with Ed. Clearly they both wanted it, but Roy didn't want to push Ed into it.

Opening the door, he locked it behind Ed and followed him to the car. He would wait a few more days before deciding how to address this... or simply making a move. He doubted Ed would fight his advances by then. Perhaps by then it would be the right time.

Driving Ed to the work site he pulled over to let Ed out. "I might be early this afternoon," he glanced at Ed. "Try not to exhaust yourself, Edward..." he lightly touched Ed's hand.

Ed nodded and opened the door with a slight smile. “I already said I would, geeze.” Then he grinned and gave him a wave. “I’ll be waiting,” Then he closed the door and hurried off to find the man in charge.

Once he arrived at his office he was bombarded with paperwork, emergencies, and interviews. There simply was too much to do to keep his mind pondering his current relationship with Ed. Partly thankful for that, Roy heaved a sigh when he got a break in the work load.

But he took the opportunity in that break to fill it with more work. He made a quick trip down to the site Ed was working on. It would look odd if he immediately sought out Ed in the workers and rubble, so instead Roy set about transmuting larger piles here and there into their former walls, or streets, or sign posts.

Someone working beside Edward tapped his shoulder just as he was about to transmute a section of destroyed sidewalk. That was really getting annoying. If they'd just leave him alone so he could do this without bothering him every five minutes for any number of things, he could get more done.

"What?" He asked trying not to snap.

The dust covered man pointed down the street. "Hey did you ask your boss for help, there's another one of you here."

Ed frowned and wiped the sweat from his brow. "No," He moved around the construction worker to get a better view. Shouldn't the state spread out the alchemists to get more done in various... Wait a minute... That was...

Ed smiled. "That's my superior, be back in a minute." And then he hurried down the street surprised and filled with a strange sense of excitement.

As he neared the Flame Alchemist he cleared his throat. "And I thought you were only good at blowing stuff up and making me run for my life."

"Then you underestimate me," Roy turned and smiled at Ed. "Though I think you'd remember that, too."

He looked at the dust and dirt smudging Ed's face and clothes and sighed. "But even I have my limits," he knelt down and began sketching an array on the broken sidewalk. In front of them lay what had been a building complex.

Of course he remembered. Ed’s smile deepened as Roy drew out the circle. He’d never noticed before but Roy’s hands moved so smoothly and expertly when he wrote. They had a slender quality to them, large but not massive, had a slightly delicate and smooth look He wondered
what they’d feel like upon his...

Ed cleared his throat and clapped his hands, getting down to kneel beside the General. He’d never had the opportunity to do alchemy beside Roy before, not like this and it warmed and
touched him so much he almost felt like a giddy idiot. Then there was of course the rush of adrenaline that came with alchemy. But all in all, he was happy to see Roy here and helping when he could be in his office.

He placed his hands upon the sidewalk and began to transmute. "I’m glad you’re here," He would have said more if there weren’t people afoot and coming to watch.

Roy noticed the growing audience as well and so kept his reply to a simple smile at Ed. Then he looked ahead at the complex they were rebuilding together.

He had rarely had the opportunity to share alchemy since it's power was so individualistic. There was a thrill to sharing alchemy. One's alchemy joining another's to create something stronger and more complicated. Though it didn't look like it to the people watching, it was one of the most intimate things Roy had ever experienced.

When they were done, Roy looked at their handywork and then back at Ed. Had Ed felt what he had? They hadn't even touched... but Roy had felt something of his power weaving and entangling with Ed's.

There was always something terribly satisfying about transmuting something that was once broken or destroyed into what it had been before, working and how it was supposed to be. But there was something about transmuting with another person, something almost indescribable and connecting, like sharing a part of ones self and essentially two alchemists transmuting together were, they were sharing their energy, but it was more than that on an emotional level.

With his teacher he felt it made their student and teacher bond stronger. With Al it had always been a brotherly thing, when they transmuted together it was always for each other, everything up until recently when he came back to Central had always been for Al. But here and now with Roy Mustang, Ed didn’t quite know how to describe it. It was a positive and good feeling to be sure and he certainly felt touched on an emotional level, but it was a little different than when transmuting with Izumi or Al.

Ed felt Roy’s eyes upon him and rose from his kneeling position, casually glancing at him. “Well that’s done,” He said hoping everyone else would have had their fill of the show and would move on. Still he nodded and gave Roy a smile. “Thanks, Mr. Shaffer will be pleased with that out of the way.” But the thank you was intended not only for the work they had just completed. It was a thanks for presenting the opportunity to share this with him.

"We'll do it again some day," Roy nodded. He cast a blank glance at some of the milling people, sending them back to work. When they were finally left alone he relaxed. "You look like you're enjoying your job," he commented.

Ed shrugged, looking around at the mess and already fixed things. “I’m being useful.” He frowned a moment and pulled out his pocket watch to check the time. “Is this what meant as early?” he asked.

"Not exactly. I just thought I'd surprise you," he smiled softly. "You're doing good out here," Roy placed a hand on Ed's shoulder in a brief squeeze and then turned to leave. "I'll be back in a few hours."

“Alright,” He replied, watching Roy’s receding back. He caught himself reaching for his shoulder and scratched his neck. He could still almost feel the warmth from Roy’s gloved hand and surprised, boy was he ever.

As Ed turned he nearly jumped out of his skin to find Mr. Shaffer, just as dust covered as he was, so close to him. “He checking up on you?”

“Uh, I guess,” Ed replied. Honestly he didn’t know Roy’s real reason for being coming today. Whether it was because he was bored, if he wanted to see the progress going on, or if he was just making sure Ed was good on his promise to take it easy, or all of the above, he wasn’t clear. Roy was a little tricky sometimes.

Mr. Shaffer shrugged and pocketed his hands. “General Mustang picks you up and drops you off right?”


“Tell him I said thanks,” And with that Mr. Shaffer pulled a set of papers from his pocket. “Now that we have that out of the way, here’s the next section.”

Ed blew his blonde bangs from his eyes and followed him toward a work table to look over the street blue prints. As Mr. Shaffer explained what needed to be done, Ed nodded and tried to pay attention but his mind kept wandering back to what he and Roy had done together.

By the end of the day, and Mr. Shaffer called it quits early mainly due to being ahead of schedule and secondly because he didn’t want to burn out their only alchemist, Ed was a little tired and thankful. He stood at the worktable again looking over tomorrow morning’s plans. Mr. Shaffer stood near by talking with some of the other workers.

Ed sighed, following the map of the water main right beneath where they would be working in the morning. They’d have to be careful and it was lucky it’s not broken in the attack. The next section was pretty bad as far as damage went. Well at least he knew where it was and so forth. There was a note that there had been a crack in the main line not too long ago and if he did it just right he could possibly strengthen that as well.

Carefully folding everything up and placing a hammer upon the papers so they wouldn’t blow away, Ed said his good evenings and hurried down the street to await Mustang.

Pleased to find Ed ready and waiting, Roy pulled up and looked at Ed as he climbed in. "I hope you're not too tired," he smiled.
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