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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 3

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 3. Blood

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 7,445
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.

Theme1:Anger, Theme2:Twilight

Edward awoke, slowly, smelled a house smell he wasn’t familiar with, couldn’t quite pin point it. He opened his eyes and looked around at the bare cream colored walls that surrounded him, the dresser, the closet and closed door. Where... Oh he was at Roy’s house.

Sighing and feeling like he was an idiot, he slipped out of bed and quietly opened his bedroom door, seeking a clock. He found one in the living room; a grandfather clock who told him it was a little after five am. As far as he knew Roy didn’t have to be to work until eight am, at least that’s how it had been two years ago. It could have changed but he was betting it hadn’t.

So he meandered down the hall to the bathroom and along the way grabbed a towel from the towel closet.

After a quick shower, dressing in clean clothes, his brown pants and vest over a white dress shirt, and pulling his hair back into a pony tail, he went to the kitchen and poked around. He was starving. He’d not had much to eat yesterday and the train food along the way hadn’t been very good.

After starting a pot of coffee he found some eggs and bacon in the ice box, some bread in the bread box, and pin pointed where all the cooking utensils and dished were located and got to work.

About half an hour later, he had breakfast for two set on the table, the sink ready with dishwater to receive the dirty dishes because that’s how he and Alphonse Hinderick had done it and it was habit, and a cup of coffee in his hand to take to Roy’s room to wake him up. He just hoped Roy still liked it black.

Ed knocked upon the door and waited a moment. There was no answer. He yawned as he opened the door softly and entered. He smiled seeing the General still sleeping in his bed and tiptoed over to sit upon the edge of the bed. He looked so different sleeping, completely relaxed, peaceful and gorgeous. Looking at him like this, Ed would never think he had a temper that could rival his.

Setting the cup of coffee aside he rested his hand upon Roy’s shoulder and leaned over to kiss his temple. "Hey, wake up."

The smell of coffee was what first woke him, stirring his stomach into a complaint. Then a tender voice and touch and a pair of lips on his head. Roy smiled, opening his eye to greet Ed though it blurred at first. Blinking the sleep out of it he tilted his head up to look at the cup of coffee. "You made coffee?"

Pushing himself up into a sitting position he rubbed his eye gently before reaching for the cup. He usually didn't sleep with his eye patch on. But after bring Ed home last night he had slept with it on, on a whim... still somewhat conscious about the mess beneath that

Ed smirked, "Surprised or something? I made breakfast too. It was kind of rule when I live with someone named Alphonse Hinderick. Who ever was up first took care of breakfast." He shrugged. "I’ll tell you about it later. I figure you probably want to know where exactly it was and what I was doing for the last two years before I showed up again."

He rose slowly, pocketing one hand. "I wasn’t sure what time you had to be up, sorry if I woke you too early." Well this was certainly different, kind of nice. "So you’d better hurry up before breakfast gets cold, you get the paper here or just at the office?"

"That's an interesting setup. Would make sense, unless one of you was always sleeping late." Though he couldn't see Ed sleeping in often. Not at all. "I'd like to hear about that time, Ed." He pushed himself to the edge of the bed and swung his legs out. "Perhaps tonight at dinner."

Pulling a robe on and slipping his house shoes on he felt severely under dressed compare. His uniform could wait though, he hadn't had breakfast with someone he wanted to sit with for a long while. Taking his coffee he sipped at it thankfully. "Paper should be on the porch by now."

And he’d tell him, he’d tell him all he wanted to know, not that there really was too much to tell. His life in the other world hadn’t been nearly as exciting as it had been here... No it had been more calm and peaceful up until the end.

He nodded and slipped from the room to get the paper. Remembering that his now ex-superior officer pretty much read what was most important and the entertainment page, he’d have to wait for those when Roy was finished with them. Really all he wanted was the help wanted section incase the help with the reconstruction of Central didn’t pan out, although he figured it would. Still better to be safe than sorry as life had inevitably taught him.

He found the paper upon the porch and picked it up, kicking the door shut softly before heading to the kitchen. Quickly he opened it and pulled out what he was looking for, slid the rest of it toward Roy, and took his seat, picking up his fork.

As he began to read he took a bite and suddenly remembered something. Chewing and swallowing quickly, he looked up. "I’m supposed to remind you about that number." Wow, Roy looked really good, no fantastic, hair a little on the wild side and kind of sleepy in that bathrobe. It was an odd thing not to see him without the uniform as he had in the past. Coem to think of it he'd only seen Roy in civies a few times, maybe three or four times, not that the uniform wasn't attractive.

Roy looked up and smiled at Ed. "It's by the phone. I wrote it for you before I turned in last night."

He wasn't interested in the paper though. He had plenty of time laterto catch up on the news from abroad. Right now he was content to drink his coffee and eat... knowing Ed had made him this. And surprisingly was very good in the kitchen.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked.

Edward nodded, reaching for his own cup of coffee. In fact he’d slept really well, hadn’t had any nightmares, didn’t awaken, and had fallen asleep rather quickly. Although a little confused when he’d first awoken, he’d felt rather good this morning too. He had felt a little awkward moving around in Roy’s house though, but he’d always felt that way when staying with anyone and anytime he was in a new place.

"Yeah, how’s breakfast and did you sleep okay?" His cooking wasn’t the best in the world, no this one and not the other one, but it was pretty good, at least he thought so and no one had ever complained. In fact his little brother had been shocked when Ed had made dinner one evening while still at Pinako’s. He was used to this polite small talk at breakfast as he’d become accustomed to it in the other world, mostly because of his father when they’d lived together. But having it with Roy seemed... a little different, better, and he was actually very interested in what he had to say. Then again he supposed things would be different from now on.

"I slept well," Roy regarded Ed for a moment. He had grown in more ways than one. He could see it in his eyes. What all had he seen beyond the gate? He'd hear about at some point, he supposed.

"Thanks for breakfast," he said when he finished, standing. "I should get ready now."

"Do you plan on staying in today?" He approached Ed and leaned down to lightly kiss his lips. "Wait for me if not, I'll drive you over."

Ed caught a hold of Roy and pulled him back for another kiss, a longer deeper one. His lips felt so warm, so good… Being able to do this, to kiss him like this, to talk to him, have a little moment was more than he’d ever hoped for and he was… happy for it.

Pulling away Ed nodded. He was going out today, to see about a job and he’d have one or his name wasn’t Edward Elric. He could do the dishes while Roy was getting ready for work, clean up the kitchen. “Sure, drive me over where?”

"Wherever you're going," Roy replied. He would have to call Havoc to pick them up since he'd left his car at HQ last night.

"I'll be right out," he said then and turned to the hall.

First he placed a quick call to Havoc to 'give him thirty minutes'.

In the shower he couldn't help but indulge himself, thinking of Ed as the hot water made it impossible not to touch himself. Knowing, or hoping, someday it would be Ed himself and not some images behind closed eyelids, Roy kept his voice low as he spoke Ed's name and grunted softly.

The day would go easier now that he'd started his morning right. Having those urges at work was never fair. Stuck behind a desk most days it was difficult to keep those stray thoughts from forming about Ed.

Rinsing his body and hair, Roy then dried himself and dressed in a crisp uniform. After changing his eye patch he then made his way back to the kitchen.

Ed waited until he heard the water in the bathroom turn off before he stared the dishes, concentrating on wiping down the counter and table, stacking up the news paper. He wondered what Al was doing right now, probably helping Winry with the auto-mail, still he almost couldn’t resist the urge to call him up and check. He did though, thinking it would be better to call his little brother later when they had more time to talk, just in case Al had remembered something new or wanted to tell him something in detail.

Once the dishes were speedily washed and in the drying rack, he made sure to check to see if he’d forgotten anything. He hadn’t and satisfied to let the dishes air dry, he started for the entrance way as he heard a car pull up into the drive. That would be Havoc. He smiled, feeling a twinge of excitement spark in his stomach. He’d not seen Lt. Havoc for two years, or Lt. Hawkeye, or the rest of Roy’s unit for that matter, just Roy, and he wondered what had changed and not changed with them.

He took a deep breath and let it out as he grabbed his coat from the coat tree. It was really good to be back. “Hey Roy!” He called and nearly jumped, startled to see the Flame Alchemist so close as he turned. What was he a cat? Didn’t he make any noise? Had that
uniform always fit so well, looked so nice on him? Could he get away with snagging a kiss before they opened the door and left or would they be interrupted.

Smiling at Ed, he hadn't meant to scare him, Roy reached for his own coat. There was a knock on the door but Roy didn't open the door right away. He opened his uniform jacket and showed Ed the envelope containing his dismissal forms. "You're sure about this?"

Ed let his eyes fall to the envelope and bit his lower lip for a moment. He wasn’t, he really wasn’t. Last night it had been so easy, so very easy to sign his name and dismiss that part of his life but that part… It was… It was part of who he was, who he used to be. He was Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist and even though some of it had been bad, he liked who he’d been, some of what he’d done and seen. It had brought him to Roy, to the Hughes, to the other people that he knew mattered and he’d missed. But all the fighting, all the danger, the…

Ed sighed and took the envelope from Roy’s hands and honestly replied. “No, no I’m not. I thought… Hell I don’t know what I thought. I barely talked about it to Al and he asked the same thing. Maybe… Maybe a desk job would be alright, after I help clean up Central. Is that alright with you?”

He could barely imagine Fullmetal at a desk all day, but he nodded his head. "I'll leave it to you, Ed. You can burn it... or turn it in if you decide to."

There came another, more insistent knock at the door and Roy's eyes briefly flitted from Ed's at the distraction but didn't stray altogether. He kissed Ed again, briefly, before he finally opened the door to find Havoc saluting him. Then Havoc with his jaw on the floor after seeing Ed.

Okay this was something they were going to have to work on; Ed thought as Roy pulled away and opened the door. Their kisses were much to brief for his liking. Maybe he could arrange that after dinner when they were home tonight.

He turned to see Havoc with his jaw wide, eyes wide and grinned, leaning over to place the envelope upon the table beside the door. He shrugged still holding his smile. “Hey, long time no see. You find a girlfriend yet?”

Roy suppressed a chuckle and pushed past havoc to walk to the car.

After recovering from his initial shock, his mood turned to one of good humor, thought he comment stung.... cause, no, ofcourse he hadn't. "Yeah, good to see you too I guess," he rolled his eyes and turned to follow the General.

"We dropping Bean off somewhere?" Havoc mumbled as he got behind the wheel.

"Fullmetal's going to be helping in the reconstruction of Central. The nearest construction site should do," Roy smirked as he settled into the back seat.

Ed winced as his eyes narrowed, locked, closed the door to Roy’s house quickly, running after them. He slipped into the back seat and slammed the door. “Bean, who are you calling a bean?!” he bit as old habits died hard and being called short was one that still irked him. He’d grown a few inches or hadn’t he noticed?

He sighed, sitting back against the seat. Well at least that hadn’t changed, people he knew taunting him. There were things he wanted to ask, hell he just wanted to see what was new with Havoc but figured he could ask a little later. Guess he’d not found himself a girl yet. Maybe he could talk Roy in to helping the poor guy after all it wasn’t like Ed was going to let Roy steal Havoc’s girl friends anymore.

Havoc noticably calmed down as he began driving. "So Ed, was it hard not using alchemy for so long...?" He wasn't an alchemist himself, but it wasn't hard not to notice how much this world depended on the science.

Roy glanced at Ed, wondering how Ed had faired in that sense as well. So often Roy had taken alchemy for granted it was hard to imagine a world without it.

Geeze how much had Al told people? He knew his little brother had called Central at least once in his two month absence but he didn’t think he’d been on the phone that long and hadn’t know who exactly he’d been talking too.

He turned his attention to the passing scenery and shrugged. “At first, yeah… but after awhile I got used to it. I had some other things to occupy me, mostly trying to get home…” He trailed off for a moment, thinking of all the times he’d wished he’d had it, all the times he knew he’d taken it for granted and had used it when he hadn’t needed too.

“I got along okay, wasn’t difficult. And I had it again when I really needed it…” That was what was important, at least to him. “How much did Al tell anyway and who did he talk to exactly?” He turned to Roy waiting.

"While you were gone, Al came around now and then to talk about you. He dreamed about that other world before he saw it and asked me about that place... but what was I to know." Roy glanced sideways at Ed. "He told me later that he'd been there, then. Knew how to get you back." Roy chuckled. "He never had given up."

Ed smiled a little. No, his little brother hadn’t given up on his sorry ass but that sure did explain a lot, or a little. Al had mentioned the dreams to him. He’d had dreams too, but dreams like Al had had, his dreams were his subconscious mind coming to play, reminding him of Amestris, Roy, Al, Winry, and everyone else he missed, all he’d done, and still wanted to do. Sometimes they’d wounded him and he’d woken weeping and so homesick he hadn’t known what to do, but those were the times he could see everyone’s faces to clearly.

His smile faded a little. “It felt like a dream I couldn’t wake up from. Everything I thought would be the key to bringing me back here turned out not too work… They do have the concept of alchemy over there, it’s in texts and some in stories, just not in the sense that we do. There isn’t more like magic and spells and whatnot but not science… My Dad said… Doesn’t matter I’m here now, where I belong and it’s real.”

It pained Roy to hear Ed talk like that. About that time. He wanted to comfort him. Havoc knew well enough how he had mourned Ed's absence. He had seen his darkest hour out there in that snow. So Roy didn't hesitate when he laid a hand on Ed's and squeezed gently, then withdrew his hand.

"Where you belong," he agreed.

The touch, the words from Roy, he needed that, needed it from him more than he’d needed it from anyone else, even his brother and he didn’t feel that it was wrong. He glanced at Roy as Havoc came to a stop. He wanted to say thank you and that he loved him, but he didn’t think he could with Havoc in the car. So he smiled instead, “I’ll see you later,”

As he reached for the door handle his eyes met the construction, the people working to clean up the city and rebuild, he winced internally. He had to tell himself this mess wasn’t just because he’d come home, it was because bad people had been working to
destroy this place and it could have been a lot worse than it was. Still this was home and… and he was going to help make it right, in any way he could. He should have been here earlier.

“I’ll see you later too Havoc, say ‘Hi’ to everyone for me.” And he got out of the car, closing the door softly.

Roy watched him go, clearing his throat to signal Havoc that he was lingering too long. When the car finally took off again, Roy stared at the front seat with a whirl wind of emotions swirling around inside him. He didn't see Havoc's knowing look as the other man glanced back at him.

Once they arrived at head quarters Roy had managed to come out of his reverie. The day went as usual; lots of forms to sign, a few out of line locals to deal with, and a window to stare out... now and then catching sight of Edward far in the distance clearing the sector he'd been dropped off at this morning.

He had considered taking lunch with Ed. Considered bringing the younger man lunch. But something held him back. Something saying he needed to slow it down, that they had time, and that people weren't ready for this... even if he was.

So he waited for quiting time before he left his office and, finding his car that he had left the other night, drove to pick Ed up.

At first the man in charge just looked at Edward as if he were nuts, not believing that he was indeed the Fullmetal Alchemist. The man even asked to see his watch. Well Edward didn’t have his watch; he’d not had it for two years, not since he’d placed it in the hands of Major Armstrong. So he had to prove himself and then luckily someone on the clean up crew recognized him, someone he couldn’t even remember the name of or remembered seeing. But that didn’t matter; they put him to work right away after that.

With every building he came too, every section of street, he transmuted back to what it had been, Edward thought some of the weight that was hanging upon him would lift, but it wasn’t. It seemed to only depress him even more, anger him. This was his home. Years ago he’d considered himself a drifter, hell even in that damned other world he’s said so… But now more than ever he realized just how much this place meant to him, how many memories it held.

He remembered this street. He remembered the buildings, the few shops on either side of the cobblestone road. He remembered walking up and down the sidewalk with his brother, with Hughes…

Ed sighed and plopped down upon bench when the man in charge, Mr. Shaffer called it day and thanked him for his help. Thanked him for making it so much easier. Ed didn’t care about making it easier, he was exhausted, in need of a shower from all the dirt and dust that had been stirred up, the sweat. And damn it he was hungry and just wanted to crawl into bed, after he saw Roy and called his little brother of course.

He surveyed his work from a sitting position and sighed. Well, he had to say he’d done pretty well for a days work if he did say so himself. He spotted a black car, knew it was Roy coming to get him. Good he wouldn’t have to walk home.

Smiling, feeling a small bit of excited energy, he got to his feet and made his way toward the end of the block.

Reaching over the seat, Roy opened the passenger door for Ed. He blinked, not expecting at first to see Ed disheveled and crusty with dust... and then smiled softly. This was the Ed he knew. Working himself to exhaustion and yet there was still guilt in those eyes, those firey eyes... he never had hid his emotions, always wearing them for the world to see.

"You must be exhausted." He could see it in Ed's face, the way he stood. "What do you want to eat?"

Thankful, Ed flopped down in the car and closed the door. “At this point I don’t care,” He paused, giving Roy a sideways glance. “Except milk.” He returned the smile though, wishing he could just scoot over and crawl up next to the General, but he wouldn’t dare, not like this, not until he’d had a shower.

He sighed and cracked the window a little. “So how was work? And do you remember what happened to my state watch, you know the one Archer messed with that Al was supposed to give me back? I’m gonna need a replacement you know, they didn’t believe me at first and even asked to see it this morning.”

"I saved it for you... when you didn't come back." Roy put the car back on the road. "I have it at home." He didn't yet want to say where at home he had kept it. He briefly hoped Ed wouldn't mind where he had kept it.

But before he had to show him that, Roy pulled over to park along the front of a restaurant. It was on the way home and the service was fast. "Do you want to go in? I can order something to go..."

He’d kept it for him? Ed was touched, truly touched and couldn’t wait to see it again. He’d kind of missed it, missed running his fingers over the cover absently, missed the ticking hands.

He looked down at himself. Go in like this and with Roy… “Uhh…” Some how he figured if he ever ate in a restaurant with Roy he wouldn’t look like he’d had a war with an army of dust bunnies and lost. “Order to go,” he looked up, he remembered this place, he’d been here a couple of times. “I’ll just have the fettuccini alfrado,” And with that he reached into
his pants pocket, pulled out some cens, and shoved them into Roy’s hand. “No arguing, you’re not going to win.”

He looked at Ed a moment and considered an arguing. But seeing the tired look and same stubborn will in his eyes he relented with a slight chuckle and pocketed the money. "Won't be long," he commented and got out.

Grateful for the fast service it wasn't long before Roy was reopening the driver's door with 2 to-go bags. "You shouldn't push yourself too hard, Ed. You won't last very long trying to rebuild this city in just a week. I want you to take it easy tomorrow..."

Ed snorted as he took the bags from Roy’s hand and placed them upon his lap. “A week, that’s funny. Even I couldn’t do that.” He really couldn’t and he knew it as much as he wanted to make it happen. He did however find Roy’s concern heart warming.

He watched him for a moment as he got in, debating whether or not to slide over on the seat to get closer. No, he couldn’t, not yet. He settled upon reaching for Roy’s hand instead. “I’m going to take a shower before I eat. I’ve got to call Alphonse too, don’t let me forget… and I’ll try to take it easy tomorrow.” He paused a moment, squeezing Roy’s hand before letting it go. “The car only moves if you start the engine and such.”

"I won't let you forget," Roy smiled at the simple touch. Driving home he was lost on conversation, but not uneasy in the silence between them. The silence was comforting. They didn't have to talk now, it said. For now there wasn't much to say. Had there been anything to discuss it would have only been made uncomfortable by the bumps and lurches of the car.

Parking in the street outside his house, Roy left the bags for Ed to carry while he dug out his house key and opened the door for Ed. After Ed walked through he locked the door and found the light switch. "Here," he said, taking the bags to the kitchen. "Let me get you a towel." He opened the linen closet and took out a towel and wash cloth, handing them to Ed. "Everything else is in the shower."

Edward nodded thankfully and headed toward the bathroom. He took a quick shower, making sure to scrub all the dirt and grime from his skin and hair. When he was finished he went to his bedroom, picking up his dirty laundry along the way and tossing it into the corner next to the dresser. He dressed quickly, yawning as he did so, and then brushed out his hair, leaving it down to air dry.

Slipping on a pair of socks, he wandered into the kitchen and eased into his seat, eager to attack his supper. Just smelling the food after his shower was making his stomach ache with demands to be filled. His tired body nearly countered that in protest, but Edward had other things in
mind and his body nagging him for sleep could just damn well wait a bit. He had a brother to call and a Flame Alchemist to talk to.

�So what do you want to know first?� He asked.

He could see Ed was just about ready to fall asleep in his chair. While Ed had showered he had taken his uniform off to hang and slipping into some more comfortable house clothes and had set their food out. Now he pushed a fork at Ed, demanding he eat. "Why not start at the beginning. But you don't have to finish tonight," he sat back down and began to eat his own meal. He had ordered the same thing Ed had, out of curiousity.

Ed picked up the fork and began to eat instantly, pondering, getting his thoughts in order. He probably wouldn’t have time or the energy to finish telling Roy everything tonight and what he was going to tell him wasn’t going to exactly be easy. Not all of it could be told simply. But he’d had time and practice in relaying details and events of his life many times before.

He nodded slowly and took a another bite of his past, chewing and swallowing before beginning to talk, ever remember when his brother had scolded him years ago about talking with his mouth full.

“Dante, I don’t know if you know too much about her or not, but she sent me there first. Used Rose’s baby to open the gate, thinking she could get rid of me. I ended up in a place called London, in Britain. My Dad was there and explained things to me while we were running.” He shook his head and decided to leave out the part about look a likes. “I… died there and I’m not sure how I got back here, that’s always been a bit fuzzy.”

He swallowed and moved right along; refusing to meet Roy’s gaze or even his person and locked his eyes upon the table top. “I fought with Envy when I got back and he…” Ed trailed off. This probably wasn’t making too much sense. “He…” He could still remember how it felt, still remember feeling his life drain from him a second time, remember the shock, the thoughts all jumbled together.

“Envy killed me. Al brought me back and I was whole again but he was…gone…” Ed remembered that most of all, that terrible heart tearing feeling of waking to find his little brother gone with no trace left of him. He remembered knowing what he needed to do and just doing it.

“So I brought him back and ended up back in London. My Dad said I might have ended up there in an attempt to save myself the same way he did when Dante sent him through the gate…” He frowned and set about eating for awhile. He’d answer questions as he knew he’d not really explained this all very well and certainly dying twice in one day had to be confusing to hear as it had been to experience.

"Hoenheim of Light is in the other world? London?" Roy shook his head. So his search for this alchemist had been pointless from the start.

But that wasn't important now. Ed had told him a lot in a small amount of detail. Roy recalled this "Envy" from before. And the realization that this homunculus nearly claimed two of his loved ones made Roy pause in thought before he said anything more. When he did, it was in thought of Al. "You have a courageous brother. He never told me about that..."

Was in the other world, his father was dead now, but Edward didn’t want to talk about that at the moment. It was still… too painful. Maybe later when he wasn’t so tired.

He was quiet too for a moment, taking a few more bites of his dinner before speaking again. “He wouldn’t, he’s too modest,” Ed smiled faintly. “And he didn’t remember for awhile.” He shrugged and finished his dinner. He got up and threw away his trash, placing the fork in the sink.

As he reached for the breakfast dishes he’d left to air dry, he paused, half turning. “You’re awfully quiet; I thought you’d demand details, ask more questions.

Roy shrugged and smiled. Standing up he took the dish from Ed's fingers. "I'm just happy you're here. We can talk more later," he leaned in and lightly kissed Ed. "Call Al, I can get these."

Ed felt his heart flutter inside his chest. He was glad Roy was glad, more than glad. He shook his head and plucked the dish back from Roy’s hands, setting it aside. They didn’t have to be put away just yet and since he remembered what he had thought about this morning before leaving, he tugged upon Roy’s shirt to bring him back. He needed Roy to kiss him, make him feel like… He just needed and wanted Roy to be here, to be with in reach, to smile, to talk with him, to… to love him and need
him as much had he needed him.

He sighed with annoyance. “All those years working for you I had to hear how great you were with the women, yet your kisses are entirely too short.” He started to turn so his back was toward the living room and began to step back, still tugging upon the General’s shirt. “I know you can do better than that, or is that all you’ve got?”

He was persistent, Roy had known that from the first night they had met. While he had wanted to spend longer hours with Ed, part of him was reluctant. He wanted to let Ed guide when this relationship took it's next steps until he was sure it was alright to push the younger man. Roy was patient. And he liked to do things right.

"Then I guess it's time you found out, I'm horrible at kissing," he teased, but allowed himself to be lead to the couch. "So you listened to those stories about me? What all did they say?" He sat next to Ed and relaxed into the cushions.

Edward laughed and it sounded a little strange to him, he’d not really laughed in awhile. Oh he’d had a chuckle or two, but nothing like this and it made him feel completely at ease, stilled the butterflies of excitement fluttering about in his stomach that threatened to tickle him silly.

He shook his head as he sat beside the General and made sure to sit close so their shoulders touched. “I’m not telling, the last thing you need is an ego boost. Besides I’d rather see for myself.” He perked a brow in invitation.

He found Ed's nervous assertion endearing and smiled to himself. Turning so he could face Ed and touch him, he reached up and gently took Ed's chin to tilt his face up. He looked him in the eye before he leaned in and took Ed's lips with his own.

He knew the taste of Ed's mouth already, but in taking the time to truly appreciate his mouth Roy found himself thinking Ed was right; he should have taken this chance earlier. Smooth and warm, Roy kissed this piece of heaven slowly but not so gently. His tongue and lips held an edge of demand but not one that meant to overdominate.

His fingers left Ed's chin as they kissed to grace his jaw, briefly feeling the muscles in Ed's jaw working, before touching his ear lobe and neck.

Roy�s deep, dark eyes held a hint of intensity that threatened to swallow Edward whole and never let him go. As soon as their lips met and he felt Roy�s warm tongue against his, his head swam, his heart skipped a few beats and he wanted to give it all back, never mind what his fingers felt like against his skin, that was another story.

Ed closed his eyes and returned their kiss as if it might be their last, savoring it, needing it, loving it, letting his hands reach for Roy�s neck to hold him close. He let his tongue battle for dominance and explored the Flame Alchemist�s mouth then slowly surface, almost panting.

He looked into those dark, slanted eyes for a moment then came back for another kiss, not quite able to say the three little words he�d wanted to say for so long, had sort of said but not outright last night, strangely afraid if he did, this would all disappear.

Unbidden urges and thoughts were currently dancing inside Roy's head. It was will power alone that kept him from taking this any further. He knew he'd be together with Ed someday... and knew it was worth the wait. But right now, his tongue longed to taste the young man's vibrating moans.

He idly wondered if Ed had been with anyone. And at that sudden irrational jealously he kissed Ed harder, his tongue delving deeper and lips pressing firmer. His fingers remained light in their caresses though as they touched Ed's neck.

Edward let out a soft moan, leaning into Roy’s touch and deep kiss. He wanted more, could feel the blood rushing to a place in between his legs making a certain something hard, but… As much as he wanted it, he wasn’t quite ready for that kind of situation. The reason, he was a little uncomfortable with the thought of Roy seeing him nude, seeing the ports and metal, afraid he’d see the scars.

His body wasn’t something perfect or to be admired even though he was coming to terms that he’d never be whole again. He was just fine with the auto-mail even if it was cold and hurt sometimes.

But this, this was alright for now. Roy probably wanted more, might even need more and he’d give it to him, just not tonight. He did however, let his flesh hand slip from Roy’s neck to his shoulder and around to keep him close, bring himself closer.

To give Ed another taste of what it was like to be kissed by him, Roy reached back up with his hand and lightly pinched Ed's lower lip between two fingers. The deep kiss suddenly became very teasing and shallow as Roy pulled back just enough to look Ed in the eye while his tongue continued to lure Ed's into dancing with it.

He couldn't keep this going before he lost the will to not take Ed as his lover tonight... so he gradually ceased his teasing and released Ed's lip, placing a gentle peck on his now rosey mouth. "I think you should call Al. Before I take this further than we're ready to go..." His voice nearly trembled with the desire he felt to do just that.

Edward nodded slowly, slightly dazed, and wet his lips slowly. “Uh… Okay.” He rose from the sofa, hoping he’d ease away without going back for more; his body certainly wanted it and made no suggestions about calming down let alone being too discreet about. But then again ever since he was young, he always felt as if everyone could tell when he had a damned boner. Something Al mentioned about him wearing his heart on his sleeve. He just hoped Roy didn’t notice, not yet anyway.

As he neared the phone stand beside the arm chair, reaching for the phone, he smirked looked over his shoulder. “Don’t let it go to
your head, but you’re better than the rumors say.” With that said he snatched up the receiver and dialed Winry’s place hoping someone would answer quickly.

“Rockbell auto-mail-“

“Hello Winry,” Ed said quickly. “How are you?”

“Ed! Hey Al, it’s Edward. I told you he’d call tonight… So… What are you doing
and why didn’t you call us last night, Al’s been really worried?!” She said ending in lecture.

Ed chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m still in Central,”

“Well that’s obvious, you’re not home yet.” She replied dryly.

Ed glanced over his shoulder again at Roy. “Hey can I talk to Al?”

“Oh pooh, you don’t want to tell me anything, you two always keep secrets.”

Ed rolled his eyes, some things or rather some people just never changed. “I’ll have Al fill you in, I promise.” He knew Al would know what to tell her right away and what not to tell her. Accepting and forgiving Roy after knowing that he’d killed her parents was one thing, a very big thing, but learning that he was in a relationship with Roy wasn’t exactly going to be a smoothed over event.

“Yeah okay, Al your brother wants to talk to you.”

Ed heard some shuffling in the background and some whispering then his little brother’s voice not disembodied with a hollow or tinny ring to it. It was so wonderful to hear. “Hello Brother I take it things are going alright? Was he mad when you resigned?”

Ed turned and sat in the arm chair, looking across the way to Roy. He half blushed and waved his hand in a shooing motion, telling Roy to scram so he could have a privet conversation. There were some things he wanted to voice to his brother without Roy listening. “About that, Al… I signed the papers but I’m not sure it’s what I really want.”

“Mm, I didn’t think you really would brother. It’s alright, you’re back now and that’s what’s important. It’s good to have a little normalcy to fall into and for a long time your ties to the state was a normal

Ed perked a brow. How was it his brother could always be so… “Yeah,”

“So where are you staying and did you finally… you know?”

Ed sighed. “Yes and no. I’m staying with Mustang a sort of roommate set up.”

“Did you kiss him yet?” Al asked.


Alphonse chortled. “What? Did you?”

Ed found the lint upon his
pants very interesting at that moment and picked it off. “Yes,”

“Well how was it?”

“You’re starting to sound like a girl you know that?”

“Oh come on, I don’t get to see it.” Al reasoned.

“Good,” And to change the subject, “Would you mind sending my stuff here. I can get you the address?”

“That’s okay I already know it. General Mustang sent me letters sometimes and yes I will send your things. Should I leave at least one change of clothes for when you come to visit?”

Ed thought about it a moment. “Yeah that’ll be fine. I’ll
send you some money to pay you back for the shipping and tell Winry I’ll send her something too. Is there anything you need from Central? What does Pinako need?”

“Uh I’m not sure. I’ll ask her and I’ll have to get back to you for me as well. I’ll pack up your stuff tonight and send it on the first train to Central tomorrow morning. Assuming it’s not delayed it should arrive by the weekend.”

That sounded just fine to Edward, he had enough clothes to last him until then and if need be he could always do laundry if he ran out. “So
what have you been up too?”

“Helping Winry and Aunt Pinako. I went down the road and fixed Kent’s plow yesterday other than that, I haven’t been up to much, just the usual.”

“Oh,” Ed paused to yawn. “Well I had better say goodnight for now, I’m beat. I worked today, reconstruction, that sort of thing.”

“Okay, goodnight brother.”

Ed hung up the phone with another yawn. Well that was that. Man he couldn’t believe Al would ask him something like that, was kissing Roy any good? Some times he wondered if Al was right in the head.

Giving Ed his privacy, Roy had taken to his own room and bath. He took a warm shower, and for the second time that day thought of Ed as he touched himself and grunted softly under the spray of water.

Sleep came easy after he dried off, slipped into a pair of boxers, and crawled into his bed.

Edward heard the water running and decided to put the dishes away while Roy was showering. By the time he finished milling about in the kitchen, thinking enough time had passed for Roy to be dried off and dressed, he found Roy already in bed.

Damn, he thought then half smiled, quietly retreating back to his room. He yawned again as he changed for bed and climbed in under the warm covers.

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