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50_rps: Ed/Roy yaoi, theme 2

This is a post for 50_rps.

Title: Where He Belongs
Theme(s): 2. Twilight

Authors: crimson_lantern as Ed and grygon as Roy
Characters: Edward Elric and Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Theme Set: HW3
Word count: 4,588
Warnings and Notes: Spoilers for movie. Rated PG13.


Roy sat at the bar inside Harushigoya. He hadn't ordered their drinks yet as he waited for Fullmetal. He was reluctent to release Ed from the military and had nearly decided to leave the forms in his office. But holding Ed against his will wasn't his idea of fun. So a folder sat under his folder arms on the bar he leaned against, lost in thought and brooding on the past.

Edward looked around Harushigoya. It was a nice place, looked like a bar to him and he’d seen a few. It was also pretty quiet. Oh there were people; about half of them military, the rest civilians, but it wasn’t loud like some of the one’s he’d been in, in the other world.

Spotting Mustang wasn’t difficult and after two years of not seeing his back... Who was Edward kidding, he’d always remember Roy.

Sighing he slipped up to the bar and sat upon a stool beside him, noting the folder under the man’s arms. The barkeeper meandered over before Edward had a chance to say anything to Roy.

"What can I get for you?"

Ed took a deep breath, "Whisky," He watched Roy from the corner of his eye to get his reaction.

Roy gestured at the keep for the same before he looked at Ed. He wasn't surprised he favored something strong, after the life he had. "You always hated the paperwork," he smirked and slid the folder over to Ed. He had tucked a pen inside and it made an unslightly bump in what would be a rather flat folder.

Edward smiled, in a much better temperament than before. "So did you." He could remember times when he’d seen Roy shirking it until the last minute then signing it like a mad man.

He let his amber eyes drop to the folder and lifted it, opening it, catching the pen before it rolled to the floor. He read it over carefully as their drinks came then placed it upon the bar and signed his name where needed.

He took a sip from his drink, letting the alcohol burn on it’s way down his throat before placing everything neatly back inside the folder and sliding it back to Roy. Well he was glad that was over with. "Thank you,"

He sighed and rested his elbo on the folder again. "I was hoping you'd change your mind." He took a drink from his own glass. "But I guess it can't be helped."

He took another drink. "Did Al's memories come back?"

Edward sighed, that had been a surprise when he’d come home, finding Alphonse with no memory of the all their trouble. And then he’d learned that Mustang had helped to watch out for him. It was something he’d... felt guilty about. He should have been here taking care of Al and he would have been if it had been possible.

"Most of them, not all," He paused. "Winry and Aunt Pinako said you helped to take care of him. Thanks you didn’t have to do that it means a lot to me. He asked me to say ‘Hello’ for him, that you should take some leave sometime and come visit."

He smiled again warmly before taking another drink. "And Winry asked me to tell you that if you didn’t come sometime within the next two years she’d drag you herself." Seeing Winry go up against The Flame Alchemist was definitely something Edward would pay good money to see. He kind of liked this, talking to Roy without it having to do with work or the search for the stone; he’d missed these small conversations and was reluctant to leave for more than one reason. One of those reasons was to find out what happened to him while fighting with Bradley, if that’s where he’d lost his eye.

He hadn't really had a choice in taking care of Al. The younger brother had pestered him about Ed from the moment they met. Asking him about all they'd done, and all those memories that had been lost.

And Winry... they hadn't exactly mended fences. Roy couldn't look at her without seeing her parents, the two medics he had murdered under military orders. She may have forgiven him then, but he couldn't so easily.

"You know, it's a nice night out. Let's go for a walk," he stood, knowing the drinks would be added to his tab. He was regular here, though not often any more with guests. Not since Hughes.

Ed took a drink of his whiskey before following Roy’s suit. Leaving the bar into the cool night air was a little refreshing. The sky was clear and the stars shining brightly and visible even with the glow of the street lamps and tall buildings.

Falling into step beside Mustang he looked up at him. It was easier now that he’d grown a few more inches and he stood about shoulder height. He’d hoped that one day he’d have grown to look Roy directly in the eyes.

Ed slipped his hands into his pockets. "So I’ve got a couple of questions for you, things that have been on my mind. I don’t know if you even want to answer them," He cast his eyes to the sidewalk. "One is why you really called me in, you didn’t really answer me that one. The second is what happened with Bradley? I hear rumors every now and then, but I want the truth and from you. Is that why you lost your eye, because you fought with him?" Good god it was painful the think about let alone ask. He knew Roy might not want to answer that one. But Ed needed and wanted to know and he wanted to hear it from Mustang lips. His mind could imagine that fight, could almost feel the fear of fighting a being you didn’t think was real and knowing you might very well die in your efforts.

"You have to ask the hard questions, don't you?" Roy sighed and looked up at the night sky. "Why did I call you here..." He shrugged with a smile. "If you figure that one out Ed, let me know."

If Ed ever did figure it out, Roy wondered what might come of it. But it was a long shot, and they would both probobly be better off if he didn't.

"And yes, I fought with Pride and I lost my eye." He looked at Ed. "I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Hawkeye has to remind me to give it a rest... she tells me I'm squinting and straining it."

Edward didn’t like the sound of the latter and he wished there was something he could do to give him back his eye, make a new one, but he knew there wasn’t. That didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. But Riza was right; he did need to give his remaining eye a rest from time to time.

As for the first reply... Well he didn’t like that reply either. Why was it he could never get a straight answer to some thing?

Ed walked a little quicker and maneuvered himself around in front of Roy, turning and holding his hand out to stop him. "Don’t give me that Roy, don’t tell me to figure it out and let you know. I asked because... because I’m confused. Two months ago you gave me a look that to put it frankly fucking hurt!" He needed to keep his voice down as they were in public and he had learned a little more about decorum while he’d been away.

"It was after Al and I defeated Chairman Ekhart, when I came out and you asked me what I was going to do. I decided to stay, I couldn’t bear to be away from... from Al and... and... did he dare say it? He knew it was true in his heart. "You. You gave me a look like you didn’t want me to stay, like you wanted me to go back there. So why call me here damn it?!"

This wasn't the place. Not here. Glancing at a pair of passersby slowed to look, he waved them on with a smile.

When it looked clear he looked at Ed and tried to remain calm. Had he just admitted what he thought he had?

"That was..." He couldn't stand it. "Damn it Ed, you base all of that on a LOOK I gave you?" He kept this voice low though still managed to get a dirty look from another passerby.

Haulting any further comments by looking away he lowered his voice. "We shouldn't do this here. There are too many people." He began walking.

Glaring, Ed whirled around. "Fine!" He bit and hurried after him. He’d chase him all the way back to his house or apartment, or dorm, which ever he lived in to get a damned straight answer.

"And what else was I supposed to base it on huh?" He asked more quietly. "How would you feel if the person you looked up too, admired, had fallen for, and missed for two years gave you a look like that huh? Explain that one too me Mustang." Shit did he really just... and out on the street? Ah hell, he didn’t give a damn. If anyone had overheard him they could go shove it.

Roy stopped dead, stammered a moment and then sealed his mouth shut to digest what he'd just heard Ed admit.

"Sometimes..." he tasted the word as if not sure it was the right one. He spoke slowly, not sure what he wanted to say... or how. "A look can be..." he paused, searching, remembering that day, that moment, how he had felt when he saw Ed.

He hadn't expected to see him again. Ed had taken off, leaving Roy clutching his brother on that flying machine... he hadn't expected to ever see him again. And it had torn him in two.

Then... Ed had been there. Asking Roy to give him a direction, an order, or something. He'd been in shock. Confused. Elated. Hurt, even. He was so mixed up, how was he to know what was on his face?

"Interpreted the wrong way."

Edward blinked not sure... He swallowed searching Roy’s face for some clue, but really all he could see was a hint of surprise. Okay... okay he’d give him that. But even now Edward could decipher that image and it still stung whenever he recalled it to his mind. It just... he didn’t...

Wetting his lips he asked, "Then what were you thinking? Are you angry with me is that why? Hurt, confused, is there something you want to know? Please tell me because I’ve spent the last two months trying to figure it out and can’t make ends meet of it. Didn’t you miss me at all?"

He couldn't answer most that. At the time he wasn't sure what he was thinking. So many things, all jumbled in on top of one another, making a mess of his emotions.

"I was angry. Confused. Yes. And at the time... I thought I'd go on missing you for the rest of my life," he remembered something then. "When I saw you again there was something I wanted to do. At the time, maybe it scared me." That might explain 'the look'.

Ed shook his head. This was telling him... nothing really. If Roy was upset with him he wanted to know why. If he was confused, he wanted him to tell him what was confusing him so he could explain it, make sense of it. He could guarantee that he had all of the answers but what he did have, he’d give it too him.

He looked around to make sure the way was clear at least a little ways before he spoke again. "What did you want to do? Come on tell me, I just put myself on the line here and I’ll do it again if I have too. Just tell me." Please tell me, Ed thought, tell me because I can’t stand this. I love you.

Reaching out, perhaps to whisper in his ear, Roy took Ed's shoulder and pulled him in closer. Tilting his head he softly pressed his lips to Ed's.

How he had longed to do this two months before.

The kiss was brief, he pulled back to measure Ed's reaction after a moment.

For a moment Edward couldn’t breathe. He just stood there in a mild state of shock, his heart pounding wildly inside his chest. It was so short, too short lived and he wanted to return it.

When he remembered that he needed to have oxygen and thus breathe else die, and he didn’t not want to die now, not after that, Ed took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Kissing me scared you?" He asked somewhat stupidly. Hell it would have scared him a
little except that he’d wanted to do that when he’d seen Roy show up in that balloon and would have if he’d not been busy at the time. He’d wanted too when he appeared before leaving for Resembool.

Sighing, Ed gave him a small smile. "Want to do it again?"

No, you taste disgusting. Roy rolled his eyes just enough to let Ed know what a stupid question that was before he pulled Ed closer and kissed him again.

This time he lingered, savoring the softness and slightly moistness of Ed's lips on his. Parting his lips he sought out something deeper and smoother.

Yes, he did suppose it was a stupid question and probably would have admitted to it had Roy’s soft lips not covered his own in the kind of kiss Ed’s had longed for, for so many years.

He felt Roy open his mouth and not caring who saw, or what was said, or that they were still upon the street, Ed parted his lips to meet Roy’s seeking tongue. He might not have had sex, but he had kissed another before and knew what to do, what he wanted.

Edward had imagined what Roy tasted and felt like, but nothing his imagination had cooked up could compare to this. He could taste whiskey upon his tongue but he didn’t care he probably tasted the same. What he felt was warm and silky wet sliding against his own and deepened the kiss with a soft moan, lifting his hands to bunch up in Roy’s uniform jacket to keep him close, make it last a second or two longer because this was heaven.

Ed had grown, Roy finally noticed. He didn't have to stoop as he wrapped his arms around Ed's shoulders, though he was forced to tilt his head. The world around them seemed to melt away as he held Ed, kissed Ed, and finally admitted to himself that he was in love with Ed.

He remembered sulking in the bitter cold, waiting for Ed to return from... wherever he had disapeared to. The haunting dreams that always left him feeling empty and aching. So often the dreams had moments like this... but this time it was real. And Ed might disapear again, but at least Roy knew how to find him now.

As they surfaced, Roy let the tingling linger on his lips a moment before he opened his eyes. Ed's eyes seemed to glow with a brighter flame... or maybe it was just in his mind. "I should have done that a long time ago," he said softly.

Kissing strangers and kissing the one he loved was in Ed’s book different, better, had more meaning and emotion. If felt like... it felt like waking up from a long nightmare and finding yourself in a warm and comforting place, it felt like coming home. Well he’d already come home but this made it more real, less like a dream.

Edward grinned, letting go of Roy’s uniform and slipped his arms around him. "Mmm, definitely but you can make it up to me." His mind was already deciding on a place to stay, possible jobs he could do here in Central, what he’d tell his brother, anything to see where this kiss and his
admission went next.

"I don’t have to go back to Resembool tonight or tomorrow... But I’ll only stay here in Central as long as you want me too. So what’s it going to be Roy?"

It could get complicated, but it didn't have to be. Roy took a moment to think it over. They'd already gone this far, why not see where else they went? And Ed was willing to try, he should be as well.

"I think I have a spare key," he said. "And a spare room." He wasn't sure Ed would be willing to jump into his bed right away, which was fine with him. He thought a lot higher of Ed than a beautiful bed buddy.

A spare key and a spare room, that meant staying with him. Well Edward was no stranger to staying with another man, he’d done it before. The only difference was that he loved this one and not like a brother or a friend. Despite the nervousness of something new, something that could go down hill, he shrugged.

"Alright, my hotel isn’t that far from here. I can get my things but I’ll only stay with you under one condition. You’ll let me pay half of the bills, groceries, that sort of thing. I’ll go look for something in the way of work tomorrow. Just tell me where you live and I’ll come either tonight or tomorrow." He paused, taking a hesitant breath. "Truth is if it’s okay with you, I’d rather come tonight. I don’t really want to let you out of my sight." But he’d shuck his personal preferences aside if Roy was uncomfortable with him going home with him tonight. Admitting that he loved Roy was one milestone, he didn’t want to push it and run him off.

"Then I'll tell you what," Roy chuckled. "I'll help you pack your things and bring them over." He wasn't sure he wanted to let Ed out of his sight either. He had been afraid this might turn into a mess but now that they were in it he wasn't going to go about it without his full input.

"Lead the way."

Edward nodded slowly letting go of Roy and walked the two blocks toward his hotel. Really there wasn’t much to pack, just a book or two he’d taken from his suit case this afternoon.

He unlocked his door quietly, flicking on the light. Going about it as casually as possible, though his heart was racing a little inside his chest, he swiped the two books from the small nightstand beside the bed and placed them in his open suitcase which rested upon the dresser. Then he closed his suitcase and lifted it.

"I really don’t have that much, Al has the rest back at Winry’s. Guess he kept everything of mine after..." Ed sighed shaking his bangs from his face. "I can send for it tomorrow evening." He shrugged. "Don’t worry it’s not much either, mostly books and notes."

He watched Ed go about gathering his belongings with a calm face, though secretly he couldn't help thinking Ed's facade endearing. How they both had changed over the years, how they had stayed the same.

"It's alright, I have plenty of room." He smiled. "You should be comfortable so send for whatever you want." He idly wondered how Al would take news that Ed was staying with him.

"Lets go turn your key in," he turned for the door, fully aware that for the first time since he could remember he wasn't taking advantage of ahotel room. The thought had entered his mind, ofcourse. But for Ed... no, he deserved better from him.

Edward smiled heading toward the door and Roy. It was kind of exciting, made his heart a little fluttery, no very fluttery. He was really going to be living with Roy and come what may it was still somewhat terrifying, new, and surreal. It was almost like he was... maybe dreams did come true.

He pulled his key from his pocket and turned out the light. Walking down the hall to the service desk, he glanced at Roy. He was still so... He was still the same and different too, it was going to be interesting to get to know him again, see what’d changed, get to know him more than he had before.

He handed the key to the desk clerk then headed for the door, holding it open for the Flame Alchemist and once outside, back in the night air; Ed decided something wasn’t entirely right. Roy had done so much for him and his brother and gotten very little in return. Well he was here now, he could change that, give back. Most of all Roy Mustang deserved to be happy and Ed always got the sense that Roy wasn’t entirely, content maybe, but not completely happy. He wanted to make him happy and he’d try his best to make it happen.

"Lead the way General,"

Ed was a bundle of nerves. Roy had to restrain his smile at seeing Ed so wound up and trying to hide it. It touched him inside, seeing Ed act so differently around him. Though now, his outbursts when he was younger seemed to make sense. Hormones? Frustration? Unrequited love?

They didn't have to walk everywhere tonight, he supposed. But it was too late now. He didn't live far from headquarters, though he kept a seperate house further away for long weekends.

"Please, Ed. Don't call me that," he could feel the folder and pen inside his shirt, reminding him it definetly wasn't the same between him and Ed. "Call me Roy." He began to walk down the sidewalk, leading the way home.

As Edward followed him, he smiled to himself. He’d called Roy by his first name earlier but now... Well it was nice not to have to use titles, not that he’d ever really cared about using them before what with calling him a bastard and by his last name vocally, and other things not so nice in his head. He’d called him by his first name inside his head a few times when younger and while he was in the other world, mostly in just thinking about him, wondering if he was alright. He’d told him all sorts of things inside his head, things he’d never said before, things he wouldn’t have, but now had the chance too.

His thoughts strayed to other things before he landed upon something Mustang had said earlier. Hmm... that was a thought; he’d check it out tomorrow but first he needed to know a few things. "Hey is the military in charge of rebuilding or working with a contractor and construction crew?"

"We're helping where and when we can," Roy was certain he knew where this was leading and shrugged. He couldn't drag Ed back to the military. And if he had said he'd find a job, Roy knew his stubborn attitude would find him one. "I'll give you a number you can call tomorrow." He would pull some strings if he had to, but they could use every able body for the reconstruction... especially an alchemist.

No, Roy wouldn't have to pull strings once Ed was recognized. Roy chuckled to himself.

Pulling his keys from his pocket he opened the door for Ed, flicking on the lights. Locking it behind them he paused and looked at Ed. "It's not quite as small as it looks from the outside," he commented. "Make yourself at home." He dropped his keys on a table by the door, and after digging inside the drawer a bit, produced an extra key he handed to Ed.

Ed eyed the key a moment then took it with a small smile. That number would be very helpful and knowing Roy, he’d get it. At least this lead wasn’t dangerous.

Slipping the key into his pocket and setting his suitcase down for a moment he shrugged out of his coat and hung it upon the coat tree. "Thanks, you’ve probably guessed why I asked. If I can help things should move faster." He grinned. "You remember Youswell; I fix the inn after it was destroyed." He’d kind of left that out of his report, mostly to hide what else he’d done there. "And it’ll be nice to use alchemy again. Haven’t really used it much lately."

He bent over and picked up his suitcase again. "So where’s this room?"

"Remind me in the morning," Roy nodded. Then gestured for Ed to follow him. He pointed out the linen closet, kitchen, bathroom, and his own bedroom as they walked. Then he opened a closed door and switched the light on. "And this one's yours." He kept the bed made and the dresser dusted. You never knew who would be popping in.

All in all it was really nice, but he never expected anywhere Roy lived not to be. It also had a very homey, comfortable air about it. As he stepped into the bedroom and set his suit case down, he noted he was going to have to transmute a bookshelf for his books and notebooks. But he liked it and the bed looked comfortable and inviting. Even though he’d had a small nap in his hotel room today, the train ride had been long and he’d had little sleep upon it, his head not quieting down enough for him to really do so and he was tired, still nervous and excited but tired none the less.

He smiled as he pulled off his gloves and placed them upon the dresser. "Thanks, if you don’t mind I’m going to go ahead and get some sleep." He approached Roy and stood on his tiptoes to kiss him goodnight.

"I'll see you in the morning," Roy slipped an arm around Ed to hold him closer and kiss him longer. "Sleep well." He reluctantly released Ed after another, though brief, kiss. He would never tire of that mouth.

"Night," he murmered with a smightly smile.

He couldn't sleep himself just yet. Leaving Ed to his own devices, Roy changed out of his uniform and headed for the kitchen.

Edward closed the door behind Roy after watching him head down the hall. He smiled to himself and let out a soft sigh as he turned to his suitcase. He kind of wanted to call his little brother and tell him. He’d missed talking to Al before sleep in the other world and had tried to make up for it while in Resembool and of course he just had to hear everything Al had done while he’d been gone as well.

But, he decided it could wait until tomorrow, no need to confirm his little brother’s suspicions of him liking the General and missing him so soon. It would be good to let him worry a little bit, at least about this anyway.

He quietly went to the dresser and began to pull open the drawers, then lay his suit case upon it and unpacked, then changed for bed. Just before he climbed under the covers, he pulled his hair tie out and put his suitcase in the closet.

Settling down, he closed his eyes and drifted off almost immediately.

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