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FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 7

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Word Count: 9,218

Summary: He pulled Ed back, kneeling to take a look at the bite mark.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted at

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Roy lay very still for several moments as he caught his breath and waited for his mind to stop reeling. Then, he pounced. Sitting on Ed, he straddled his hips and glared down at him. He was fuming, but at the moment that's all he could manage to do. He wanted to do something to Ed, but they were both exhausted.

"This time I will have something in store for you, Ed." His voice was cool and calm, already calculating and planning... "It might be five minutes from now; it might be tomorrow night..." He trailed off. Despite his anger at Ed, he still had to admit his lover had done him
good. He reached down and grabbed his lover's jaw to hold his head still as he leaned in and kissed him roughly, angrily.

Ed whimpered into Roy’s kiss, yep he was dead or toast. He broke free of the kiss gasping for air and smiled as he reached up to frame his lovers face. Hell hath no fury like an angry, utterly sexy Flame Alchemist. “Ah but you still have to do something I want, you lost…” He widened his eyes and gave Roy his most innocent look and began to blink. “I love you,”

Roy sighed, relaxing a bit. And that look... Roy nearly felt guilty for the things they did when Ed looked like that. It made his heart skip for a moment. And if they hadn't just had sex he knew that look would be the cause of an instant erection. "Fine... I lost." He released his lover's face, soothing his fingers over his jaw. "What do you want me to do?"

Wow, Ed thought. He’d have to use this look more often. He laughed more at himself than anything else. He didn’t have a clue really, he had just about everything he could want right here sitting atop him. Everything but Al returned to his body. He knew he could ask for just about anything but the truth was he didn’t really want anything else… Well no, that wasn’t true, he did want something.

His laughter died and his expression sobered as he ghosted his fingers over Roy’s lips. He frowned glancing down at those perfect lips then back into Roy’s eyes. He swallowed. “You to let me in and love me, doesn’t have to be today, I can wait.”

Roy kissed the fingers touching his lips before he reached up to take that hand in his own. Laying down beside Ed, he propped his head up on his other hand and looked at Ed. "Ed... I've loved you for a long time already." He threaded their fingers together. "But I may need some help on that other part..." He never thought too much about it, but he’d never really had a meaningful and deep relationship before.

Ed was quiet a moment. He didn’t know how to help, didn’t know how to tell Roy how to let someone in; he’d done it almost unconsciously but he didn’t know how or when, just knew he had.

He smiled though, Roy had told he loved him again and those words were like magic, better and more fulfilling than any alchemy. He sat up long enough to pull the blanket and pillow over, covering them up, and then settled down. It was warm here by the fire, nice. He could stay here forever, trap time in a bottle or stop the pouring sands of the hourglass.

An odd thought came to him and he turned his head to look at Roy. “Do you like your job?”

Roy cocked a brow at that question. Where had that suddenly come from? "Its... complicated," he mused. "I live to serve my country however I can. I'll make this world a better place. But as you know there are things you have to do that you might not understand and sometimes they eat at you... they never let you be."

He shrugged with a sigh. "I don't think it's a matter of liking or disliking. It’s what I know I have to do." He looked at Ed closely. "Why?"

Ed snorted. “Because you take naps at your desk, avoid paper work, waiting until the last minute to do it, and I’ve heard you grumble about going to a meeting or two before.” He turned over, slipping his arm under his head. “I’ve thought about waking you up sometimes when I’ve come in and you’ve been drooling on the desk, but I couldn’t do it. I like watching you sleep. It’s the only time I ever see you so calm.”

Roy chuckled and shrugged. "So sometimes it's slow. You honestly think I make Colonel by sleeping at my desk though?" He smirked. "There's more to it than you might not ever see... I have to make decisions for my subordinates, sometimes difficult decisions that send them into dangerous places where they don't come back."

He frowned and rolled onto his back. "I never want that to happen. Sometimes it’s a dirty job, Ed. But if I don't do it, someone else will... and they might do it better. Or they might abuse it."

Ed had kind of thought for awhile that Roy walked on people, used his power and others to get him farther but as time passed he slowly began to see what Havoc had said one day, that he’d learn. There simply was more to Roy than met the eye and he did give a damn about the people around him, probably more than Ed could see at the moment.

“I hate to admit it but I kind of like mine,” Ed said softly. “Some of the assignments are stupid but there’s an up side. I get to go places I might not have otherwise and Al likes the trains and some of the people we meet.” He paused. “Did you ever do what I do?”

"No." Roy's voice lowered. "I was new. 23 when the Ishbal war started. It opened my eyes to what I had decided to join... how the military would use me." He was silent for a long time. "It was then I also decided I couldn't leave. I had to change it. Even if I was ordered to kill thousands, I know I saved hundreds."

He laughed, but there wasn't humor in it. "That's what people had me believe at least... sometimes I'm not so sure." He stared up at the ceiling, his hand that held Ed's had grown clammy and though he didn't notice it, it trembled slightly.

Ed felt the tremble in his lover’s hand, how it sweated and it, it scared him a little, made him nervous and sad. Ed remembered something from when he was little, younger when the war in the east was going on. He remembered tired, worn, and wounded soldiers passing his home in Resembool a few times. His mother had always ushered he and Al from the window or doorway, not because she was afraid of them but to spare them from seeing people like that, so worn and beaten.

He remembered all the horrible things he’d seen in his time as a state alchemist, Nina, Majahal, and others, all the blood… He had never been to war, had never been ordered to kill anyone and his point of view, the dark terrible things were only a taste of what Roy had seen and done. He knew that and he didn’t want to know that.

Ed smiled a soft smile and climbed upon Roy’s waist, planting his hands on either side of his head. “I’m glad you stayed, you saved me and Al that night you showed up at Aunt Pinako’s.” He leaned down and kissed him tenderly. “Probably me more than Al but that’s got to count for something, right?”

How could he argue with that? He gazed up into his lover's eyes of fire and felt something he never had before... it made him hurt in a way he couldn't place. It hurt him deep. An ache he knew was something like love, but so much deeper and didn't have a word.

Squeezing his hand, Roy pulled him down and kissed him. Tenderly. Softly. When he pulled back for a breath he licked their saliva off his lover's mouth before seeking his eyes again.

Edward smiled seeing something different in his lover’s eyes, they were softer and yet brighter. He didn’t think Roy’s eyes could get any darker but they were darker as well. It made his heart beat faster inside his chest in a different way, made his heart constrict painfully but in a good kind of way.

He leaned upon his auto-mail arm and lifted his flesh hand to smooth down Roy’s hair. It was a mess and he bet his was too. He sighed contently before easing down and resting his head upon Roy’s shoulder, his face in the crook of his neck. “It’s nice like this,”

Wrapping his arms around Ed, he rubbed his bare back slowly. "I like your weight on me," he said softly. Warm and soft, and he could feel his strong heart beat against his own. Turning his head he inhaled his lover's scent. Shampoo, and sweat, and Ed's own special scent all mixed together.

Ed nodded, nuzzling Roy’s neck. Roy was pretty comfortable to lay on or sit on, always warm, always strong, and always soft. His skin felt nice pressed against his and he always smelled good. And as always his hands felt wonderful upon him. He loved the way Roy touched him, gently, slowly, and sometimes roughly.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, listening to the inner sounds of Roy’s body. He could hear the air filling his lungs and exiting, hear his heart beat…It was a beautiful symphony, something he wished he could hear in his little brother too. He would hear it someday, then everything would be perfect. But for now, the sounds he was hearing were lulling him to sleep slowly.

“Don’t want to sleep…yet.” He murmured.

He could keep him awake, Roy mused. But for what he had planned he needed his lover awake, not groggy. "It's okay." He soothed, his hands continuing to lightly massage and rub his back. "I'll wake you soon."

Edward tried to stay awake but Roy’s voice and hands were just too comforting. He closed his eyes and curled up as much as he could while still laying atop his lover. Roy was just so warm, so comfortable, so safe. “Don’t…let…go…” he mumbled before surrendering to a gentle sleep.

He wasn't going to let go. Ever. He held Ed and listened to the fire, felt his lover's steady breathing on his chest... he didn't realize when he dozed off. His grip on Ed tightened in his sleep; as if afraid he'd slip away.

It was opening, opening to take him too but Al wasn’t there, he couldn’t see him. Black hands reached out and thousands of those laughing, haunting eyes opened just to snicker. They were speaking to him, telling him of his crimes. He turned to run finding nothing but darkness ahead, no all around him and knew there was no escape. He could feel them almost touching him, claws scraping at his clothes.

Edward awoke with a start confused at first of his surroundings. He blinked trying to clear his vision, sitting up, and get his bearings and felt something warm beneath him. He looked down hearing steady breathing, the crackling fire near by. Roy… He sighed in relief and lay back down; pulling the blanket that had fallen from his shoulders back up as if it would protect him from all that he was afraid of.

Real nice, he thought sarcastically. To have a dream like that when I’m in a place like this. Just another reminder of the hell he’d caused and lived when he wanted to drive it away to have a little time where he was happy. Figured, maybe he wasn’t ever supposed to feel like this for long. How very cynical.

He huffed and he turned his face to look at the fire. Well he wasn’t going to let it bother him today. Tomorrow it could bother him all it wanted but not today. He’d have one damned day to himself where there was no alchemy, no reminders of the past to haunt him, no missions, and no danger. He just wanted one day where he felt like he was home and he was going to get it period.

"You alright?" Roy murmured groggily. He wasn't sure what had woken him but Ed seemed upset, his brows furrowed and an intense look in his eyes... Roy wrapped his arms around Ed, rubbing his back and holding him tight.

Edward let out a sigh. Damn it, he’d woken Roy. He’d not meant to do that and he certainly didn’t want to talk about that stupid dream. Roy didn’t need to know about…that place or those things that mocked him.

He lifted his head. “Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.” He gave him a half smile. “Didn’t mean to fall asleep on ya either but it looks like you got a nap. I wasn’t too heavy or poked you with my auto-mail?” Just keep the conversation away from what woke him and things would be okay. He just didn’t want to talk about it. It was his burden, his sin, no one else’s.

Roy knew his lover was avoiding the question, but for now that didn't bother him. "No," he answered. "I slept fine." He smiled. "Better than fine, I liked your weight on me." He had been an insomniac who tossed and turned up until Ed started sleeping with him. He'd never slept so well in his life.

Ed didn’t quite understand how anyone could actually like someone else sleeping on top of them for long periods of time. Still it was an upside for he liked sleeping or sitting upon the man. He liked to feel how warm he was and any time he’d done either in the last few days his lover’s hands or arms touched or wrapped around him. Ed really hadn’t let anyone touch him in years, always afraid to get too close and lose them. With Roy, well the bastard was too stubborn to let anything happen to him so Ed felt a little safer in that.

He bent his head and brushed his lips against Roy’s. “That’s good,” He kissed him gently. “So what do you usually do on days off?”

"What do I usually do? Or what are we going to do?" Roy perked a brow. Until now his days off and even the nights after work, had been spent with women. Or alone in his house, drinking. Now and then Hughes had dragged him to a bar or to his house for a party.

But he liked this more, Ed lying atop him next to the fire. They still had half a day to do whatever they liked. "It's been much more interesting with you," he returned his lover's kisses, nibbling on his lips lightly. "And I think I owe you one..."

Oh no, he was in trouble, he just knew it. Part of him wanted to run and hide but he supposed that would just make it worse. The other part tingled with anticipation and curiosity. After all he did deserve what ever came; he’d been very mean to his lover.

Edward sighed with a smile and ran his tongue along Roy’s lower lip before propping himself up on his hands. “Would it be better for me to surrender now or resist?” He sighed again. “I’ll do what ever you want.” He probably shouldn’t have said that, too late to take it back now.

Roy smirked. "If you resist, it will only make it more interesting," he purred. Sitting up, he held onto Ed's hips to keep him on his lap as he licked his neck. "I'll go slow," he murmured against his flesh before biting down on a tendon.

A rush of excitement and anticipation filled Ed and he shivered when Roy’s tongue licked his flesh. He winced a little from the bite, closing his eyes, whimpering softly. Yeah, he’d slowly torture him. He thought. Maybe he really should run. There was something almost dangerous in the way he smirked and purred those words. He knew Roy wouldn't hurt him, would stop if asked too.

Ed pushed upon Roy’s chest with his hands a little half heartedly. It just felt…so… He pushed harder and tried to wiggle free from Roy’s grasp but the man wouldn’t let go. His heart beat a little faster inside of his chest. If he hadn’t attacked his neck first… He tried to wiggle free again.

"Relax," Roy cooed. Grabbing his lover's upper arms, he pushed him down on the ground, attempting to sit, straddling his thighs. "You'll like this." He wasn't about to let go. Dipping his head he licked Ed's chest, running his tongue over a nipple until it was nice and
erect. What he needed, and currently couldn't make as long as Ed was squirming, was something to tie his lover with.

"If you run," he said, licking the other nipple now. "I'll only have to catch you..." He sat up to look at Ed. "You're not going to make me catch you though, are you Ed?"

Ed shook his head and stilled his wriggling. “No,” He breathed. He really didn’t think he could get that far away way and what was he supposed to do, run outside in the middle of the day stark naked for all of Central to see?

On second thought, Ed changed his mind and moved as quickly as he could, somehow managing to wiggle out from under Roy’s weight, slipping upon the blanket as he got to his feet. He let out a startled cry and tried like mad to get away.

With a sigh, Roy released Ed. He watched his lover bolt away, knowing he'd catch him again sooner or later. For now, he had to prepare.

Turning to the fire he reached for the edge and snatched a piece of burned wood. Near the edge of the carpet on the wood floor he sketched out a circle with the crispy stick and sat the stick aside. Using the array he made a pole that went up about six feet and then over the carpet about two feet.

It looked odd in his den, but it would be reversed when he was done. Looking around he found his robe and slipped it back on, tying the middle loosely. Now where had his lover gone to...

Ed ran into the bedroom and closed the door quietly. Shit what was he some little kid? He wondered as the space under the bed looked highly appealing. What the hell?! He could face someone about to kill him with more balls than he was facing Roy. What was with him? Fuck if he knew. He glanced at the closet then the bed again debating on whether or not to just crawl under the covers and pray Roy mistook him for a lump in the bed.

Damn it! He wasn’t really all that scared, just…He scratched his head trying to decide what to do, where to go. Sighing he perked a brow and plopped down upon the bed to wait. He knew Roy would find him and then… Then as soon as that door opened he’d run somewhere else. He may be small but he was fast and he was hoping he could slip passed Roy quickly enough to make it to a room that had a door that locked. Like the bathroom. Wait that room didn’t have a window so no exit unless… Oh making a door of his own might cause a problem since he wasn’t sure where all the wires and pipes were.

Roy began to search for Ed first in the storage closet... which was tantalizingly near the kitchen. He hadn't realized he was hungry until now. And he had to guess it would be a long fight with Ed until he had him where he wanted him. So he opened the refrigerator and
began to pile things out for a sandwich, partially hoping the idea of food would bring Ed out of hiding and right into his arms.

Edward listened. At first he didn’t hear a thing then… What the hell?! Was Roy in the damned kitchen…and in the refrigerator?! That bastard! It was almost an insult to think he could fit in that damned thing with all that food and the shelves. Oh he was going to wipe that smug smirk off his face once and for all.

Huffing, he got to his feet and yanked open the bedroom door, he stomped down the hall and into the kitchen. “You bastard! I can’t fit in there and you know it!” He was still approaching him and realized a little too late that maybe that’s exactly what his lover wanted. Wait was that food out on the counter? He was going to eat now?! Why that…

Turning, Roy blinked at Ed in shock at the outburst. Then he shrugged. "I thought you might get hungry. All that running must make you tired," he smirked as he sat the mustard out and shut the door. "So are you hungry or not?" He was very aware of how close Ed was now... but he was also still high strung and ready to run again. He had to time his mode of capture just right.

Setting out four slices of bread he pushed two aside in Ed's direction as he began to spread mustard on his own. "I only have turkey and ham," he commented.

Ed stood a moment blinking in confusion. Was he serious?! Turkey sounded oddly appealing at the moment though. He narrowed his eyes and hesitantly reached for the bread, getting a little closer, but still watching his lover carefully for any sudden moves. There were none. Maybe he really was just hungry. Huh, that was just bizarre.

He shivered from the cool air, wishing he’d grabbed at least a pair of boxers before leaving the bedroom. He’d not run around naked like this since he was a kid and very small at that. Sighing, he reached for the mustard. “Turkey’s fine.” He muttered slowly relaxing. He knew he probably shouldn’t relax, Roy was known to be sneaky and devious but he was kind of hungry too.

Roy frowned. "You're cold," he scolded. "Let me..." He stepped closer, pulling Ed in front of him and against his body. His grip was loose and one handed as he reached for his bread again. This wasn't the time to catch his lover... he had to lull him into a false sense of security, though now he wondered if there might be a way to persuade him...

Edward pressed himself against his lover, wrapping his arm around him tighter. Roy wasn’t yanking him toward the den, seemed more focused upon lunch. He still wasn’t sure if he was safe but… He sighed and rested his head back against Roy’s chest beginning to relax. He shouldn’t run, just take what ever it was he was going to throw at him. After all Roy had agreed to what he’d pulled earlier and he had said he’d do what ever it was Roy wanted. He’d never gone back on his word before and wasn’t going to start now.

He dropped his bread and turned around, slipping his hands into the robe. The sudden absence of warmth to his backside made him shiver even more and he smiled a little. “Warm me up,”

Roy looked down at Ed and perked a brow. "You won't run?" He was a patient man, but he hadn't expected Ed to hand himself in. "It might get too hot for you," he leaned down and nibbled Ed's ear lobe. "Wait here," after a lingering nibble he walked into the storage closet again, coming out with something tucked inside his robe.

Ed sighed and watched him go. No, he wasn’t going to run away this time. He shifted his weight upon his auto-mail, feeling it wobble a little. Okay that was getting a little annoying. Maybe he should just take care of it now. He shifted again and lifted his leg, bending it at the knee. Eh it seemed okay, it could wait for a bit.

Wait a minute… “Hey, what did you mean by it might get too hot for me. What are you planning to do to me?”

"It'd ruin the fun if I told you," Roy mused with a smirk. "Now close your eyes," he held up a blind fold for his lover. He didn't want the surprise he had set up in the den to be ruined either.

Ed chewed his lower lip a moment then closed his eyes. He felt fabric being placed over his eyes. A blindfold, oh god what was his lover up to now? He didn’t like being in the dark about things, didn’t like not being able to see what was ahead of him, but he let go of his hesitation and the slight tremor of fear coursing through his veins and just trusted Roy. He reached for him with his flesh hand. “Still cold,”

"Not for long," Roy took his hand and guided him into the den slowly. Walking behind him until they came to the fire place, Roy took out a short piece of cloth from his robe. Taking Ed's wrists he put his hands together and loosely tied the wrists. Then with a rope, he tied
a knot between his wrists on the cloth and threw the other end over the pole.

Stretching his lover's arms above his head, Roy made the slack barely enough for Ed to stand flat on his feet. "Are you warming up?" He asked, reaching up and touching, but not yet removing the blindfold.

Ed let him lead him, let him tie his wrists and pull his arms over his head. It was so strange. Then he was…practically standing on the balls of his feet. He felt Roy’s fingers upon the fabric of the blind fold and a tremor of excitement ran through him. He could feel the warmth of the fire upon his skin. He nodded, swallowing.

“Yeah, what…” he trailed off guessing he was obviously tied to something but what he didn’t know. He couldn’t remember anything in the den at all that he could be tied to like this. Right now he just wanted to be touched again, could care less if he saw anything or not. “Roy,”
Grazing his lips against Ed's, he kissed him briefly before Roy pulled away. Adding more wood to the fire he doubled the heat it was emitting before he left the room. He smiled to himself as he searched for the candle sticks, hoping Ed didn't panic and escape in his short absence.

Ed frowned beneath the blindfold. It was a bit warmer now; one side of his body warmer than the other and still it was enough to make him begin to sweat. “Roy?” He couldn’t hear or feel him anymore after the all too short kiss and the sound of logs being added to the fire. Oh no, that bastard had left him! Or no maybe he was sitting near by waiting to pounce. Shit!

He waited a moment, then another, and another. Where was he, what was he doing? Ed had never left him alone this long. What if someone deiced to come over and saw him like this? He didn’t know how Roy subordinates were when they came over for a visit. Sure they would be at work now, but what if they decided to drop by, what if Maes… Oh no… He began to tug upon the rope. “Roy!” He called. “Hey!”

"Hmmph," Roy shook his head as he reappeared next to his lover, touching his stomach to make sure Ed knew he was there. "So impatient." He ran his hand up Ed's stomach to his chest. Already he was sweating from the heat.

Shedding his robe, Roy cupped Ed's face and kissed him. He wasn't very skilled at this. Tying someone up and making them wait, teasing them... he just wasn't sure how. He could barely control himself when there was something he wanted...

Kissing Ed, he pushed his blindfold up over his forehead and let it fall to the floor.

Ed nearly jumped when he felt Roy’s hand upon him, then heard his voice. His hand felt so nice. He leaned, hummed into his lovers kiss, feeling the blindfold come off. Then he broke away but didn’t open his eyes just yet. He wet his lips and slowly opened his eyes, focusing upon his lover and only him, nothing around them. As long as he was here he didn’t really care if someone came in, he wouldn’t be alone, and the awkwardness and humiliation would be shared. But he’d ask anyway. “You locked the door last night right? And Major Hughes isn’t going to come randomly bursting in on us? He’s sneaky like that.”

"We're safe," Roy assured him with a gentle stroke up his arm. He already knew he wasn't going to be able to draw this out as he envisioned. It was going to test his will power... and when it came to sex and Ed his will power was fragile.

"I'm not going to make any rules for you... they'd only punish us both." He said and dipped his head to lick Ed's neck. The salty sweat that beaded and shimmered on his skin tasted so sweet to Roy as he licked it up.
Ed whimpered as Roy’s fingers touched his arm and told him they were safe. No rules? Huh, that was odd. Then Roy licked his neck and he let out a soft groan, feeling a stir in his loins. Roy anywhere near his neck always made him weak, always left him open for just about anything.

As Roy kept his lover distracted by nibbling and kissing his neck, he was wondering about auto-mail. It seemed smooth. And Ed's design had grooves up the shin...

He lowered his mouth to Ed's collar bone before pulling away to kneel in front of him. He was stretched, and probably couldn't handle too much pressure... but Roy wasn't planning on being rough.

Looking up at his lover he ran a finger along his auto-mail leg, making sure it was smooth. Then, closer, he pressed his cock against Ed's auto-mail. The cool metal made him hesitate a moment, but then he pressed forward and rubbed himself against it with a low moan.

Ed watched Roy kneel, watched his finger trail up his auto-mail leg. His eyes almost bugged out of his skull in slight shock as Roy rubbed his member against the cold metal of his leg. The moan his lover let out, what he was doing…Ed’s breath caught in his throat. He couldn’t believe what Roy was doing. It was… kind of arousing, but reached deeper than that, to a place Roy had touched several times in the last few days. He whimpered softly. “Isn’t that cold?”

It was cold. But warming thanks to his body heat and the fire. He didn't answer Ed though. His face burning with desire as he looked up at Ed. He knew he wasn't made for this kind of game. With one hand on his leg he used the other to grip Ed tightly, stroking him slowly as he licked his crown.

Edward shuddered a breath and whimpered, closing his eyes. He couldn’t look at Roy like that and last too long, not with the look in his eyes, not when he looked so damned good, sexy. His hand, his tongue, they were making his flesh knee weak and he wanted to touch him so badly. He pulled on his restraints, growling a little when they held firm. It wasn’t fair! Yes, it was, he reminded himself. “Uhh what do you want?” he breathed.

He just wanted Ed at this point. Thoughts of his revenge had long since fled. Though that didn't mean he wasn't going to have some fun "Just you," Roy purred as he blew cool air along Ed's length. The candle stick he had brought with him he ran up the back of Ed's thigh.

Ed shivered from the cool air Roy blew upon him, held back a giggle as what ever it was that Roy held in his hand was trailed up the back of his thigh. Just you, he repeated Roy’s words in his head and closed his eyes. That was nice but now he wondered what was touching him, what Roy wanted to do to him.
He guided the candle stick to press against his lover's tight bud. As he pushed the tip inside he took Ed into his warm mouth, sucking softly with a moan. His taste was addicting. The moans and whimpers he made like fresh air. The feel of his metal leg against his cock like nothing he'd done before.

"Mmmnn..." He moaned, rubbing against his leg a little harder. He pushed the candle in deeper, thrusting it in and out of Ed slowly.

“Nn,” Ed whimpered, feeling something round and slender being pushed inside of him. It hurt a little but Roy’s mouth was upon him, distracting him, mixing the sensations, add that to what Roy was doing to his leg, not being able to touch the man when he wanted too and he was starting to go a little nuts. If he could just get his…

And his mind took a vacation from planning some sort of escape from the ropes that held his hands as Roy moaned and pushed the candle deeper. He whimpered, panting softly. “Nn…uhh…” He was too damned close to losing it… “Roy…Unn!” He didn’t mean too but he bucked his hips a little as he exploded.

Roy took it in stride, taking Ed into his mouth to the hilt as he released. He drank Ed up, sucking harder as his lover's orgasm wore itself out. When the seed stopped its flow, Roy released Ed's cock and rested his forehead on his hip.

He had stopped moving as Ed came to give him the full attention he needed, and now he pressed his hips forward again. "Aah..." He breathed, thrusting against Ed's leg. Harder. Faster. "Nnnng!" He bit Ed's hip, muffling his cry as he came.

Ed watched Roy as he recovered, mesmerized by the display at his feet. He swallowed hard as Roy’s voice sounded in the air. Then his lover bit his hip and came. The bite was wonderful, making him moan and he wished he could feel the warmth from Roy’s seed upon him, wished he could feel it trickling down his leg but instead he could only feel the pressure of Roy rubbing against it.

Suddenly he snickered getting a nice image in his head. “If Winry ever saw this she’d kill us…” He paused, balancing upon his auto-mail leg and trailed his flesh foot along Roy’s leg. For some reason the thought of Roy’s semen upon him excited him as much as Roy’s touch and being bound like this. “Am I still in trouble?” He really hoped he was.
"Do you enjoy being punished?" Roy smirked as he stood, feeling sated and drowsy... and hungry.

Reaching up he loosened his lover's rope and brought his bound hands down. "Step over your hands, I want them behind your back."

Ed did as he was told, ignoring the wobble he felt in his auto-mail. He inched closer, just close enough to slip his tongue passed his lips and lick one of Roy’s nipples briefly. “Only by you,” he licked it again, this time sucking gently.

Cupping the back of Ed's head, Roy petted his hair gently. He was a natural with that mouth.

Reluctantly, Roy gently pushed Ed away. Taking his rope, he tied the other end to the pole, leaving room for Ed to sit comfortably and move around. "I'll be right back," he said softly, kissing Ed before he stood and headed to the kitchen.

Sighing, Ed inched closer to the fire. Now what his lover doing? He wanted to call out for him to come back. He looked down at his leg. Well, he was going to have fun cleaning that out of his auto-mail, shouldn’t take too long though. Now that he really thought about it, he hoped a shower would do the trick.

Suddenly his hip itched where Roy had bitten him only with his hands tied behind his back he couldn’t reach to scratch. Shit! He looked around for something to…The sofa arm might work, if he could get over there. Ed walked a little. He growled as he couldn’t reach it. Wait the pole! As soon as he reached that, he rubbed his hip against it. Ahhhh! That was so much better!

Upon returning with two sandwiches and some fruit, Roy stopped and blinked. What was Ed doing? Surely he couldn't already be... well, he was 12 years younger, so it was possible.

Setting the plate down on the floor, Roy managed to get a better look at what Ed was doing. He breathed a silent sigh of relief. "Did I hurt you?" He pulled Ed back, kneeling to take a look at the bite mark.

Ed shook his head. “No, it was nice, you never bite hard enough to hurt me.” his eyes zeroed in on the food and his stomach grumbled on command. He gave Roy an annoyed look. “Now how am I supposed to eat if I can’t use my hands?” Oh he hoped his lover’s idea of punishment wasn’t to make him watch him eat; now that would be just evil.

"Sit down," Roy ordered with a smile. Picking the plate up, he sat it down in front of him and Ed. "You want me to open up to you... I want you to try and depend on others now and then." Ed had grown up doing everything for himself, and Roy rarely saw him relying on other people, trusting them to help out or just letting them do something for Ed at all.

Picking up one half of a sandwich Roy leaned close to Ed and held it up to his lips.

Ed looked from Roy to the sandwich then back again. This wasn’t… He had reasons why he didn’t trust or depend on people, many, two being that they left him or it ended up with him being disappointed or hurt. Doing things on his own made sure that he could control things better, make a safer and more positive outcome in his favor.

But he did trust Roy; he trusted him with his heart and his body, wasn’t that enough? From the look in his lovers face it wasn’t. Damn it! He knew what he wanted and it was so hard but it would be an equivalent exchange of a sort for Roy to open up to him and in return him to go to his lover when he was struggling.

“You want me to come to you when I need help…rely on you.” He sighed; toiling with the decision then hesitated but nodded none the less. “Okay,”

"Then we'll start with me feeding you, since you're tied up," Roy said, and offered Ed a bite of the sandwich.

He knew it might be hard on Ed, just as hard as it would be for Roy to open up. There were scars, both physical and mental, that he just didn't want to touch.

Easy enough, Ed thought and took a bite. He was a little nervous but he could do this if he tried. He just hoped he could keep his end of the bargain and didn’t disappoint his lover least of all hurt him. No, he didn’t ever want to hurt him and risk losing him now, not after knowing him like this. Maybe it would be okay, Roy hadn’t let him down before when he didn’t want his help and got it anyway. Why should he worry about him letting him down later?

He swallowed the food and smiled. “Fine, now tell me something I don’t know, nothing big, just anything.”

Taking a bite of his half, Roy chewed and thought. There was no turning back now, was there? "If you be good today, the rest of the day, maybe I'll show you some alchemy to use in the bedroom." He smirked and shrugged slightly as he offered Ed another bite.

Sneaky Bastard, Ed thought taking the bite. Alchemy in the bedroom…Huh, he wondered what that entailed. He’d never even heard of something like that before. Well what ever it was, it was alchemy and he liked alchemy. “Not exactly what I was looking for, but sure… wait exactly what do you mean by being good?”

There was something else he had brought in with the food, and now Roy turned to grab it under the corner of the rug. "I mean exactly what I say, Ed. Be good." He said as he turned back around with a collar hanging from his index finger.

Ed blinked at the collar for a moment, there was no counting to ten, just breathing as evenly as he could and controlling his temper. A collar…A FUCKING COLLAR?! He wasn’t some dog! Uh huh, that bastard was definitely testing him, trying to push him, and this was one hell of a way to get back at him for earlier. Then again if he liked being tied up… he could do something with this. Well, he perked a brow and smirked, too bad for him.

“What no leash?”

"I don't have one, so I'll have to use a rope instead," Roy leaned forward and, moving Ed's hair, fastened the collar around his neck. Untying the end of the rope around the pole, Roy used it to tie onto the collar before he knelt behind Ed.

He rested his hands on Ed's. "I'll untie you now," he said. "If you promise to be a good boy."

Well at least it wasn’t too tight. Ed nodded and smiled, feeling the rope upon his back. Oh he’d be good, he’d be good all day, do everything Roy wanted then it would be his turn. “I promise…Master.”

Roy frowned, "don't call me that..." He didn't like the glint in Ed's eye. Releasing his hands he used that end to tie to the pole before he returned to sitting across from Ed.

"Here," he handed Ed his sandwich. He knew Ed was scheming already for this, and it made Roy smile inside.

Ed took the sandwich and ate it quickly, dusting the crumbs from his lap, then he sat quietly. So he didn’t want to be called master. Well damn, oh well. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, sitting here naked, and tied to a pole. He’d better not tell anyone else there’d be hell to pay.

He scratched his neck where the collar hung. It was a little irritating and he wasn’t used to things around his neck. It kind of felt like he was about to be choked and he wanted to take it off. He wouldn’t of course, that might make him bad and he didn’t want that.

Edward sighed softly and lay down upon his side; thankfully the rope was long enough to let him do so and he’d not hang himself. He propped his head up and traced Roy’s body with his eyes, smiling a little to himself. He must be in love with him to allow this sort of thing. If anyone else tried this, they’d have been squashed by now.

Roy ate slower, watching Ed as he ate. He was taking this rather well. Roy had expected a fight. In fact, he had wanted one he thought. But this was nice.

Dusting his hands off against one another he pushed their plates aside and sat closer. "Why aren't you angry?" He reached over and scratched Ed's ear.

Ed just smiled, keeping quiet a moment. Roy was officially treating him like a dog, scratching his ear like that and it did make him angry but he wasn’t going to let Roy know that. He could act like a dog and bite his hand for this and he wanted to, he really did. It just wasn’t in his nature to let people control him and even he knew that. Still…

He turned his face and licked his lover’s hand, if Roy wanted a dog he was going to get one. “Being angry isn’t…” He paused and moment and sighed. “Going to help and I don’t really like fighting with you, it hurts.” A mere tiff wouldn’t really bother him but a full scale fight would. They seemed to know how to hurt each other and that wasn’t exactly a good thing. He smirked, wondering if he should have barked his little confession.

“And I thought you wanted me to be good or is it the other way around?” He sighed and brushed his golden hair from his eyes. “You should be more specific in what you want, I hate guessing.”

"What about what you want?" Roy smiled. How cute his lover could be. Endearing. "Do you want to be a dog?"

NO! He snapped in his head. He didn’t mind being tied up and was starting to get used to the collar as it wasn’t so bad, actually it was kind of arousing.

He sat up and got to his knees, inching closer. If the man wanted the honest truth, Ed wanted him to do exactly what he wanted, toy with him, play with him it didn’t matter how kinky it was as long as his lover was touching him. He leaned in closer, feeling the rope lift from his back and placed his hands on Roy’s shoulders, trailing his fingers down his arms. “I already told you what I wanted,” he whispered before brushing his lips against Roy’s lightly. “I want everything there is to have of you and I won’t complain for what you ask for in return. Can’t get without giving.”

"When you've had enough, when you want it to end, I need you to tell me," he took Ed by the shoulders and looked him seriously in the eye. "So, this time you really do need a safe word... or name." He still wasn't sure that he could do this to Ed... but he had to try again.

What the hell?! Ed’s brain snapped. Why did he deliberately change the subject or avoid it altogether… Damn it! Why did he keep trying to shut him out?! It hurt; it stung more than thinking that Roy was accusing him of only being here for sex, it almost felt like rejection even though Ed knew it wasn’t… Right? He had to remind himself it had only been a few days, that he just needed to wait a little longer, be more patient. Maybe he just had to prove himself more but… he didn’t know what else to do to make Roy see that he really wanted to be with him, know him, love him except what he was already doing.

He sighed and pushed the issue away… For now. A safety word huh. Well Roy used ‘Tree’ or was going to use it and never did… This was hard and it would probably have to be something so out of… Wait, “Daisy, will that work?”

"Daisy," Roy nodded and smirked. "How odd of you."

"Stay here," he took up his robe and slipped it on as he left the room. When he returned he took another rope he had retrieved and roughly took Ed's arms behind his back. Tying them together he then threw the rope over the pole.

"Bend over," he ordered. "Like this," he helped Ed, bending him at the hips so his arms could be lifted up away from his back in an uncomfortable angle.

Ed shivered a little as he was stood up, arms pulled behind him and tied, then bent over, his breath hitching in his throat. This was awkward and different and exactly the kind of kinky position he’d often fantasized about before ever knowing this man’s touch. He closed his eyes a moment suppressing a smile.

He was still and silent, waiting for what came next whether it be a command or perhaps Roy’s next move. He just breathed calmly, relaxing.

Walking around in front of his lover Roy grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back. His mouth claimed Ed's roughly, without asking and without waiting. He kissed him hard and deep while holding his head at that painful angle.

Okay now that hurt and he felt a strain in his neck! Ed glared at Roy and decided as soon as Roy’s tongue slipped into his mouth he deserved a little pay back. As soon his lover’s tongue was right where he wanted it, Ed bit down hard. He was a little surprised to get a small coppery taste of blood and knew he’d bitten too hard.

With a muffled yell of pain Roy drew back with his hands held over his mouth. Spitting out some blood he ran the back of his hand over his lips and looked at Ed. Feisty. He should have expected that.

Walking back over to Ed, Roy grabbed his hair again and back handed his face. It left a streak of his blood from his hand on his lover's cheek. He didn't say a word as he released his hair and knelt, rolling the carpet up to push over into a corner.

Gasping in astonishment, Ed stared wide-eyed at his lover as he moved away and rolled up the carpet. He supposed he deserved that, he hadn’t meant to bite him hard enough to draw blood and he was a little sorry for it. Some where he remembered that if he wanted to stop all he had to do was use his safe word. But he didn’t want to stop. He and Roy had been rough this morning and he’d enjoyed that. And he trusted Roy to stop if he said his word.

Ed was smart enough to figure out that if he didn’t want something or didn’t like something he just had to say ‘Daisy’ and that would be the end of it. Why else would Roy have been so serious? Why else the safe word? He was also smart enough to figure out what was going on. He was at his lover’s mercy and it wasn’t because Roy hated him or wanted to hurt him, they were supposed to enjoy this, what ever it was Roy had planned together and saying no was alright.

Still he felt bad about making his lover bleed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bite so hard.”
Roy smirked at Ed before he rejoined him in front of the fire. "I expected something like that, Ed. Don't be sorry." He knelt in front of him and, sketching an array between his feet, made a small hook in the floor.

Binding his feet to the hook with more rope, he then reached up and took Ed's leash. "Bend down as much as you can," he said, gently pulling down on the leash as he looped it through the hook as well.

He still felt a little bad about it, he’d made Roy bleed. Ed bent, doing as told, until it began to be uncomfortable upon his left arm and shoulder. He lifted up just a little, not too much, just enough to keep from straining muscles. Now he was really starting to get curious. “Are you afraid I’ll run again?” He asked.

"No... this is just part of the game," Roy couldn't kiss him with his lover's head held down by the rope, but he wanted to... tying the rope in place he stood back to admire his handiwork a moment. Ed looked so appealing held in that position.

Taking one of the candles he had brought in earlier he lit it from the fire place and placed it in a holder. Then, walking over to a wall he turned the room's lights off. Now just the fire place and candle lit up their play area.

Ed tried to lift his head but couldn’t and that was a little unnerving. He wanted to see what was going on but Roy had him tied well, he watched him tie the rope. The lights were turned off lit only by the soft glow of the fire and probably a candle else where. Well if he were in a different position this might be kind of romantic. However, he was starting to get a little uncomfortable. He didn’t know how long he could stay like this without his back starting to hurt or his calves. And where was Roy? He couldn’t see him and that was starting to make him nervous.

Ed cleared his throat. “Roy?”

Roy didn't answer this time. He took the candle and it's small bowl and stood next to Ed. Tilting the candle a bit he waited until enough wax held it firmly tilted before he placed it balanced between Ed's shoulders. One wrong move and the heat on his arm would become a burn on his back as the candle fell. For now just hot wax fell onto his back.

Then he was gone again, in search of a knife and certain root from his kitchen.
Ed felt him beside him; saw his feet and watched then move away, then felt…That was really warm, too warm and something hot dripped upon his back, startling him. There was another drip, then another, each hot, making him hiss involuntarily. It rolled down the sides and into the center of his back and just had to be wax, from the way it held heat for a moment then slowly cooled.

Hmm… Kinky, he thought. It didn’t hurt that bad and was actually rather erotic. He didn’t know Roy liked… The man was the flame alchemist of course he was a damned pyro. Ed shifted a little to get the wax to roll a different direction, more to the left so it wouldn’t fall into his auto-mail. He didn’t think Roy would really want to help him clean wax out of it. It was awkward and suddenly he yelped as the candle tipped and the flame burned his back as it rolled off and hit the floor and he heard it roll a little on the floor.

“SHIT! Roy major problem!” Oh shit he couldn’t… the house might catch fire!

He wasn't the flame alchemist for nothing. As Ed cried out he had already taken care of the rogue flame, holding it dancing in his now gloved hand. Smirking, he extinguished it with a wave of his hand.

"Be still," He said as he began again to peel and cut the root. "I have a surprise for you."
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