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Colleen "Grygon" Wright

FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 6

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Hard Yaoi

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Word Count: 10,221

Summary: Then the water came and... it felt so... so weird at first.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted at

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When he came back Roy held a silver bullet shaped shower attachment.
He smiled at Ed as he climbed back into the tub and turned the water
off. "I think you'll like this," he said as he took the shower handle
down and began to unscrew the shower head. He laid the shower head
near the drain before taking the new attachment and screwing it in

"It's a bit smaller than me so it shouldn't cause any discomfort after
what we just did," he turned to Ed and smiled. "Turn around."
Ed’s eyes grew wide for a moment then he backed away. Just what the hell was that thing?! What was its purpose?! Oh he could guess and there was no way…He trusted Roy, but Roy not some metal what ever it was! He shook his head. “Hell no!” He started to exit the bath tub. This certainly wasn’t on the list of naughty kinky things he imagined Roy doing to him.
Roy sighed and hung the shower hose from its hook before turning to
Ed, holding up his empty hands. "Ed, you'd be surprised..." he
paused, and then deciding, he turned back and grabbed the hose. "I can
show you." It wasn't fair of him to ask Ed to try something new he
supposed when he hadn't done so himself for a long time now.

Smearing the rod with conditioner he reached behind himself, gritting
his teeth with a soft grunt as he pushed it into his body. He
couldn't help but pump it a few slow times; gasping softly from the
sensation of a nice, slow fuck... he moaned softly and forced himself
to stop.

Looking at Ed and slightly flushed he turned the cold and hot water on
simultaneously, finding a near-hot but not scorching degree before he
returned his hand to the base of the showerhead. There was no
describing the sensation and he couldn't help an erection from
happening at the pleasure this was bringing him.

Ed couldn’t help the flush that crept over his face. Roy seemed to be enjoying it and the slight pink in his lover’s cheeks, the hard on he had made him swallow. It was still scary but his curiosity was perked. Maybe it wasn’t so bad…
Sighing nervously, and he couldn’t believe he was about to say this, “Fine, what’s it for first?”

Roy moaned as he forced himself to stop and turn the water off. He
felt woozy and light headed but... fuck, he felt good. "It'...
cleans," Roy shrugged as he turned off the cold water and rinsed the
enema off of any unseen bacteria beneath the hot stream from the hose.
He felt awkward explaining it, and wasn't sure he did an adequate job

"I thought later you might enjoy my mouth down there," he smiled
knowingly. "This will keep me from getting sick, by cleaning you," as
he reattached the dome to the hose. "It can be very relaxing, or...
as you saw," he felt himself flush again slightly. "Very arousing.
It all depends on how your body takes it."

How his body took it… Ed swallowed still nervous and now a little hesitant. He just didn’t see how shooting water up his ass could be…pleasurable. It seemed more like it would be uncomfortable. And Roy wanted to lick his…ass? Okay…just the thought of that sent a shiver down his spine and he certainly didn’t want Roy to get sick especially from something they did in bed or else where in the house.
He wet his lips and nodded nervously. He just had to trust Roy and what he said. He knew the man would never intentionally hurt him. He took a step forward. “Okay,”

Roy smiled gently and sat the hose aside. "Come here," he was going to make this a very nice experience for his lover. "I'll go slow," he said as he pulled Ed closer and kissed him.

As he kissed him he reached down to tease Ed, cupping and massaging him with his palm while his fingers reached back to test him by gently pressing against his ass.

Ed closed his eyes, moaning softly into the kiss, pressing himself into Roy’s hand. His fingers felt good, though he was still a tiny bit sore. He lifted his arms and draped them around his lover’s shoulders lightly, tangling his fingers in his thick black hair. He was hard again and needed more, almost so much that he almost didn’t care what Roy did to him. His nervousness just seemed to slip away, waving goodbye from a train window as it departed the station of his mind.

Pulling from the kiss Roy licked Ed's chin and knelt to grab the conditioner. He coated the thin rod with conditioner to ease its entrance and then scooted up close to his lover, nuzzling his abdomen and licking his navel as he kneeled in front of him. Looking up at Ed, Roy slipped his hand and the rod between his thighs. He let the hose drag against his scrotum with a smile.

"I know you're sore, you'd have to be... but this will help ease the ache, Ed." He said gently and guided the tip of the rod into his lover, pressing it in a few inches before he reached behind him to ease the cold and hot knobs up bit by bit.

Clenching his teeth against the intrusion, Ed rested his hands upon his lover’s shoulders. Guess he really couldn’t get much passed Roy. Then the water came and…it felt so…so weird at first. It was definitely something new and not painful, it was actually…it felt…amazing, still a little weird in a good way. It was making his erection grow harder.

Ed let out a soft moan as his eyes closed and his flesh hand traveled up to grip the back of Roy’s head, his fingers in his hair.

Roy chuckled gently at the way Ed was reacting. He knew his lover
would like this. He moved the rod slowly back and forth inside of Ed
and he dipped his head to lick his balls. Roy lavished them with a
warm bath of his tongue before taking one into his mouth and gently
sucking while he hummed.

Edward gasped; Roy had never…done that before with his mouth. He’d never even imagined him doing it but… God he had one wicked mouth! And that damned rod. He shivered, letting out a soft whimper. He was going to cum again and fast. “Roy…”

Roy moaned around his lover before he released him with a wet pop and
tilted his chin up to lick his cock, then swallowed it to the hilt in
one smooth motion. His lover was so sensitive when it came to sex;
Mustang loved hearing his name right before his lover needed to come.
He suckled gently a moment before he felt Ed erupt down his throat.
He continued to suck, letting Ed ride his orgasm out until he was

Ed opened his eyes slowly and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, looking down at his lover. At this point, after all of this he could go for breakfast and a nice nap tangled in the sheets and Roy’s arms. Then again…

He leaned over a little and turned off the water then reached behind him to pull the rod from his body, dropping it to the tub floor with a clatter. Then he knelt down and smiled. “You were right; just don’t let it go to your head.” And before Roy could comment he kissed him and grasped his cock, tugging gently.

He smiled, about to make a retort, when he was hushed with a kiss. He was already half way there when Ed grabbed his cock, pre-cum dripping onto the textured tub floor. He moaned and pushed his hips forward, thrusting awkwardly in his kneeling position against Ed's hand until he gasped and shuddered.

Ed grinned, wondering what would happen if… He lifted his hand to his mouth slipping his tongue out to lick the cum that had spilled upon his hand. He waited until he had Roy’s eyes then lapped it up slowly, making sure to get every drop. It still didn’t taste all that great but he was getting use to the idea. “So what’s for breakfast?”

Was he getting used to it, the taste and texture and feel of it on his
tongue? Roy couldn't help but whimper a little watching him do that,
knowing that Ed was doing it for him- the little quirk in his eyebrow
told Roy he still didn't really like it.

"I was thinking something simple," Roy smirked. "Maybe some pancakes
and sausage." Standing up he took the rod off the shower hose and
reattached the shower head to rinse himself off. Setting their toy on
the side of the tub for later cleaning and use he then stepped out and
handed Ed a towel.

Thankfully, he took the towel and dried himself quickly, before easing passed Roy for the bedroom. He picked up his only white t-shirt and a pair of boxers, pulled them on then dug around for his hair brush. Ed smiled when he found it and went to the bed to sit down. Sitting was a little…interesting for a moment but he lifted his hand and started at the bottom happy that there weren’t that many tangles as of yet.

Roy picked out a pair of slacks and shirt from his closet. He felt
odd not needing to press his uniform for work; it was so rare that he
took time off like this. Pulling the pants up, he cocked his head at
Ed a bit. "White, Ed?" He’d never seen the Fullmetal in anything but
black. It was a welcome change, though Roy didn't think he put much
weight on how people dressed.

Edward looked down at his clothes and shrugged. “What?” He smiled. “No uniform?” he teased then frowned, getting the brush caught in a tangle. “Damn it,” he muttered, shifting his eyes to his blonde strands to see how bad it was and try to figure out the best way of dealing with it short of just yanking the brush through it. The last thing he wanted to do was give himself a head ache today. It didn’t look that bad, but one never really could tell with his hair, it was tricky and sneaky.

Perhaps there was something to be said about having entertained a few women, though Roy knew Ed wouldn't find that amusing so he kept his lips shut and sat next to Ed. "Here," he took the brush and turned it over; his thumb and index gently prying hairs out of the bristles. "You didn't use enough conditioner." Had he used any? Roy vaguely recalled using it, but not on his head.

Ed watched Roy’s fingers for a moment with idle fascination. He smiled at the way his lover was so gentle. He could definitely get use to this, if it were Al, and Al tried his best, he’d have snapped and walked away by now from his hair being pulled. He hated it the most when it was one or two hairs being tugged at, that’s when it hurt the most. But he didn’t like his hair short so it was something he had put up with.

He shrugged, enough or too much, it never really seemed to matter his hair always was a pain to comb when wet and always tangled easily. He shivered a little, rubbing his arms. Guess he’d be putting some pants on soon. “Thanks,”

"I'm going to get breakfast started," Roy said as he gently worked out the knot from the bottom on up, holding the top of the strand tightly so it wouldn't pull. "Any requests?" Satisfied the knot was taken care of he handed the brush back to Ed.

“I’m not picky and you said something simple when we were in the shower.” He replied, working on his hair again. Suddenly he remembered the food left out from last night. He didn’t want Roy to be greeted by a messy kitchen and began brushing his hair a little faster, getting up to dig out a pair of pants. “Uh you know what why I don’t start breakfast. Give me about five minutes k? Great see you then.”

Ed ran the brush through his hair one last time, ripped up a pair of pants and bolted from the bedroom. As soon as he reached the kitchen he tugged his pants on and sighed, looking at the table. Then he hurriedly set about cleaning up the open food containers.
Roy sighed and sat on the bed, Ed was so obvious sometimes. But wasn't it a bit too soon for food play? He was famished and sated, and he had to admit, just about exhausted for at least another few hours. He wasn't sure he wouldn't disappoint Ed in the kitchen now.

To be so young again.

After a few minutes Roy got to his feet and made his way to the kitchen, nearly dreading what kind of sex scene Ed was trying to set up. He stood in the door way and glanced around. Subtle. He couldn't see anything too obvious... in fact; he couldn't see anything for food play set out.

Well, Ed was new to all of this after all.

"So, Ed... need help?"

Startled, Edward jumped, smacking his head upon the table. He’d been bending over to pick up the last of the dinner mess, a fork that had fallen upon the floor. Giving Roy a half perturbed look, half relieved that the man hadn’t seen the left out food from last night, Ed sighed, rubbing his head. “You could make a little noise instead of sneaking around like a cat.” He muttered, walking the fork to the sink.

He frowned turning around. He couldn’t really cook; he didn’t even know what Roy had in his pantry or refrigerator as he’d not really looked at everything, just kind of poked around enough to find bread the other day.

He looked at his lover from the corner of his eye and nodded. “Yeah,” He sighed, admitting defeat, something he wasn’t entirely comfortable with especially around Roy.

So he'd been wrong... what had Ed been doing? Cleaning? A little
relieved, Roy ventured into the kitchen. "If you're going to be
staying here you should know your way around some," he opened a
cabinet and pulled out a box of baking powder. "Pots and pans are
under there," he gestured with a hand across the kitchen. "Grab a
griddle. And a spatula in that drawer."

Edward eagerly hurried to do as he was asked, finding everything easily and setting it out for his lover. Then before Roy could ask anything else he set the table, that was one thing he could do with out having to be told where things were. Once that was done he came to stand beside Roy waiting silently, patiently for his next set of instructions.
Setting a bowl out, Roy handed Ed the egg carton. "I think three or four will do," he said. While Ed took care of the eggs Roy got out the measuring cups for the dry ingredients and set them out.

They could use alchemy to do this, Roy supposed. He often did. But it was nice and routine and some how romantic to be doing this next to his lover. Step by step, and side by side.

Ed took the empty egg shells to the thrash can; stepping so that Roy couldn’t see in passed him into the can and then made sure the lid was down. Then he washed his hands, dried them and returned to Roy’s side long enough to gather the carton. He put it up and paused.
“Do you need anything from in here?” He just bet one of those things besides butter would be milk, that dreaded horrible substance that tasted like vomit. He swiped it off the shelf and quickly placed it upon the counter so he didn’t have to listen to some remark about it. He also nabbed the butter, but kept it in his hand, waiting just in case Roy wanted something else.

Pouring some of the milk into flour and baking powder, Roy shook his head. "Unless you want syrup, it’s in the cabinet," he nodded at the cabinet as he dumped the eggs in with the mixture.

"Do you still have my glove?" He began to whisk the batter. "Think you can light the stove top?"

Ed closed the refrigerator door and started for the cabinet. He paused as Roy asked about his glove and the stovetop. He thought about it, paper and stove tops were entirely two different things but what the hell. All he had to do was make sure to remember control and not blow anything up.

He continued on to the cabinet, swiped the syrup from a shelf and set it upon the table before quietly hunting his pants from yesterday. When he found them he made sure to pick up the rest of his discarded clothing and Roy’s, dropping his upon his suitcase and setting Roy’s upon the laundry hamper. He didn’t know what else to do with Roy’s. He found the glove easily and made his way back to the kitchen, absently running his fingers over the transmutation circle.

He smiled as he reached the archway and slipped the glove on. He watched Mustang’s movement’s waiting until he moved out of the way. He didn’t. Ed cleared his throat. “Move,”

Perking a brow, Roy looked over his shoulder. "Unless you plan on
torching the whole room, why not get closer to the stove," he smirked.
"You just need a little spark after all." He sat the batter down and
gestured Ed closer to the stove, turning a burner's gas on low.

Spoil all my fun. He thought to himself as he gave in and approached Roy. He could see the gas coming up from the burner and sighed. Little spark, well it wasn’t like he was intending to set the whole thing on fire.

Edward lifted his hand focusing and snapped lightly, transmuting. A flame, a small one shot toward the burner and ignited the gas. Simple, clean, and no explosions, thank god for that! He had to admit he was slightly, well okay a little more than slightly nervous about doing it, he’d never had gas involved before, but hey it turned out just fine!
He turned his amber eyes to Roy as he pulled the glove off. “Not too bad if I do say so myself,” he gave him an arrogant grin. “Give me enough time and I’ll pass you in flame alchemy.” He was teasing really, nothing more.

Chuckling, Roy picked the batter up and continued whisking it. "Put the griddle on, we're nearly ready here," he said.

"How many do you want?" He asked, pouring out the first pancake onto the griddle to cook.

Ed pocketed the glove and set the griddle upon the burner. He scratched his head not exactly sure, he could eat…fifteen. “Three’s fine,” he replied. That should hold him over until lunch or dinner which ever, besides he doubted he’d get bored today and go hunting for something to eat to occupy a few minutes of his time. Wait a minute! Something was missing here…There wasn’t some smug retort from Roy, nothing about his height, nothing sarcastic… Huh? Was he sick? He looked Roy over from head to toe, no he looked well enough, like he usually did…Well he looked rather attractive but Ed had always thought so. Well he wasn’t going to complain in the least. In fact…

Ed sighed and inched closer. He waited until Roy had the first bit of batter in the griddle then slipped his arm around his, resting his head against his arm. That was better, much better and Roy was warm, comfortable, smelled nice.

Roy smiled to himself at the feel of Ed against his side; his lover's arm around his own made him feel comforted in some odd way. He hadn't been aware of the tension in his shoulders until it began to give way.

He put the first pancake on a plate next to the stove and poured the next. "We should go to the park after breakfast, Ed. We don't have to be recognized though."

Edward smiled a moment. Going somewhere in public with Roy sounded nice, not so confidential and hidden but he was okay with hiding their relationship as long as he got to keep Roy. Still…doing something like what he had seen normal couples do, that was exciting, made his heart skip a beat…

Then he frowned, lifting his head. “Don’t have to be recognized?” he asked curiously. How in the world could they not be? Roy was…well he was pretty popular, a veritable fox, a war hero. And he, himself was the child prodigy, the short; he winced at that, blonde Fullmetal Alchemist. People, a few anyway around Central knew who he was and often said hello when he was walking down the street.

Roy shrugged as he poured more batter onto the griddle. "We can either wear disguises, or wait for tonight when every one there will be other couples too preoccupied with each other to notice just another couple," he smiled down at Ed. "Might be nice."

Disguises? Ed thought a moment. He didn’t really want to wear a disguise and… “I hope you’re not thinking of me wearing a dress…Tonight sounds better.” If Roy let it slip or if someone ran into them…He’d never hear the end of it…Ever! Besides even if they were both wearing disguises they’d have to be really good and although Ed could change his hair color with alchemy…He really didn’t want to have to go that far just to take a walk in the park with his lover. Really he just wanted to be himself and Roy the same.

"Alright," Roy chuckled. Though dressing Ed up in a dress didn't sound half bad... "We'll go tonight."

Flipping another pancake onto Ed's stack he began on his own plate and poured out another. The smell had long ago made his stomach start to rumble. "There's strawberries and bananas in the refrigerator, why don't you get some before you sit down?"

Ed nodded and took his plate to the table then went to gather the fruit. Once that was upon the table he contemplated returning to Roy’s side but decided sitting and enjoying the view would be better. It would be something to recall while sitting upon the train when he and Al weren’t talking. He wouldn’t mind having a picture of Roy standing at the stove cooking, well for that matter he wouldn’t mind having a picture of Roy to keep. He found that a little strange since he’d not kept any pictures from his home in Resembool and he never really kept too much of anything unless it was alchemy notes and books.

Well perhaps he could find some way of snagging one from Maes, after the man discovered their relationship of course. That man was picture happy and surely he’d have one or two of Roy running around, be willing to let him have one or take a new one.

He smiled, resting his elbow upon the table and sighed contentedly.

Stacking himself two pancakes, Roy glanced over his shoulder as he cooked. Ed looked happy. It was strange to Roy some how, seeing Ed relaxed and with a small, content smile on his face. It seemed out of place, but it was a welcome change from how their relationship played before hand.

Turning the burner off, Roy sat across from Ed and added butter to his pancakes. It was weird what feelings for another could do to an appetite; despite his severe hunger pains he managed not to wolf his meal, taking one bite at a time after drizzling syrup on them. He didn't want to look like an animal in front of Ed.

Edward smeared butter upon his pancakes then a little syrup. He ate quickly, not as quickly as he was used to eating for fear of looking like a pig or something. He was just used to eating fast then hitting the road.

When he was finished he took his plate to the sink and rinsed it off. Then he plugged up the washing side, poured some dish soap, and ran some water. When he had a little in the sink he turned it off and went to Roy to await his plate. He stood behind his lover and draped his arms over his shoulders but didn’t impede his eating process. Ed licked his lips to make sure that all the sticky sweet syrup was gone before leaned down and kissed Roy’s cheek. He’d never really noticed it before but even when relaxed or at least Ed thought his lover was relaxed, the muscles in his neck and shoulders felt tight. It was no wonder; Ed had never seen the man work out or doing anything too physical, just saw him walking around or sitting behind a desk. He wondered how Roy would be in a sparing match against him without alchemy of course.

“Hm,” Well they could find out later sometime if Roy was up to it. For now Ed had other plans. He straightened and slowly slid his hands to Roy’s shoulders. He had to remember to be gentle; he didn’t want to bruise him with his auto-mail, not while trying to bring him relaxation. Marking him during sex was another story. So he began upon the man’s shoulders.

"Hm?" Roy wondered what Ed noticed as he finished up his meal, enjoying a succulent strawberry when he felt his lover's hands on his shoulders. It hurt, but not due to Ed. His muscles were knots and he hadn't noticed until now.

Pushing his plate away he reached up to stop Ed. "Let me lie down if you want to do that," he looked up over his shoulder at Ed. "It won't do any good here."

Edward tried to decide where that would be best; Roy on the sofa or in bed, the floor was out of the question. The bed he decided and moved, reaching for Roy’s hand and without so much as a word he tugged upon the man’s arm for him to follow. If he was lucky he could put his lover to sleep long enough for him to do the dishes and come back to catch a bit of a cat nap himself. If not it didn’t really matter to him.

As he stepped down with his left foot, his auto-mail knee felt a little strange to him, he thought he felt a little resistance and a slight wobble, but he ignored it in favor of getting his lover back to bed.

Shaking his head with a slight chuckle, Roy stood and followed Ed back
to the bedroom. Today was just for them, and if Ed wanted to do this
then he wasn't about to argue.
Lying out on the bed he propped his head on a pillow and glanced over his shoulder at Ed.

Ed smiled, now that was a pose he liked, it reminded him of the kitchen and other things. But right now wasn’t about that and he gently climbed upon the bed and straddled Roy’s waist. Again his knee felt a little awkward this time with the bending but it wasn’t anything that really stood out or caught his attention and held it for very long. Sometimes his auto-mail was a little slow on the response time or felt tight. A little oil and he’d be fine.

Once he was settled he cracked the knuckles of his flesh hand and began to work on the knots in Roy’s neck and shoulders. The man had better not get use to this…too often. He might have to work with just his auto-mail hand after awhile; it didn’t get tired like his other would. He came to a particularly tight spot between Roy’s shoulder blades and frowned. “What are you doing to get so tight like this? Don’t you spar or stretch?”

Roy perked a brow at Ed and shrugged slightly. "When I have the time," Roy closed his eyes and relaxed against the pillow. "To train the mind one must train the body, right Ed? Are you worried about my body?" He smirked slightly and opened an eye to look over his shoulder.

Okay now that was something his teach had said, did Roy know her or was that something that…Never mind it didn’t matter, the smirk he was given was. He perked his own brow and gave Roy’s shoulder a light pinch, nothing too hard, just enough hint. “Of course I am.” He smiled leaning down and brushed his lips against his lover’s. “I want it limber and healthy so I can take full advantage of it.”

Chuckling, Roy turned slightly to kiss Ed before laying his head back
down on the pillow. "You have enough to worry about; don't add me to
that list." He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "That feels good."
An alchemist had to be good with his hands, it was no wonder Ed could
find the knots so easily.

Edward smiled and continued to rub until his hand grew tired then lay down atop Roy, his head upon his shoulder. He could go to sleep like this, Roy was so warm, so comfortable but he doubted his lover would appreciate that very much. Then again he wasn’t too inclined to get off either.

He lifted his head to see if Roy was sleeping. Well his eyes were closed but he couldn’t tell for sure. Hmm…Lifting his hand he ghosted his fingers down the side of Roy’s face. “Are you asleep?” With out waiting for a reply, he leaned down a little and kissed his temple.

Caught between the dream world and the living, Roy heard his lover but felt himself falling into a warm sleep and unable to reply. Edward felt like a small furnace along his back, Roy smiled drowsily at that before sleep fully overcame him.

Ed smiled and carefully got up, careful not to disturb his lover. For a moment he stood watching him sleep and making sure that the man didn’t awake. Then he crept from the room to the kitchen and began to clean up.

It didn’t take him long, not with using alchemy. Once the dishes were put away he went to the living room to straighten up his notes and then made his way back to the bedroom. Roy was still sleeping, well now that he’d been up and moving he was awake and not sleepy at all. That’s how it always worked for him; guess it had something to do with how he lived.

Still, he climbed upon the bed beside the Flame Alchemist to watch him sleep for a moment or too, trying to figure out what to do now. He could go back into the living room to read but he didn’t want to be away from Roy, once he had to go who knew when he’d be back?

Sighing he sat up. Roy turned over in his sleep exposing his front. Suddenly Ed got a terrible or brilliant idea in his head; it all depended on how one looked at it. He snickered softly and eased himself upon his lover. His auto-mail knee gave some resistance, wobbled a little but he ignored it in favor of touching his lover.

Slowly he unbuttoned and unzipped Roy’s pants. He paused to make sure Roy was still sleeping then leaned down to kiss it through the underwear. Pushing the hem of his shirt up, he then kissed his stomach. Then he slipped his hand in between Roy’s legs and the layers of his clothing as much as possible to rub him. If this didn’t wake him up he didn’t know what would, well pleasantly anyway.

At first Roy frowned, stirring in his sleep at the sudden draft he felt along his chest from the air. That frown twitched as something rubbed against him, starting an instant stirring in his groin. A weight on his thighs kept him from lifting his hips and after a few failed tries to thrust Roy gradually swam up into consciousness.

Blurry eyed, he blinked to focus his eyes on Ed. He reached up to pull Ed down, his mouth seeking his lover's as he pulled Ed's shirt up.

Surprised is what Ed could say he was but he was more delighted than anything. How he loved the feel of Roy’s warm hands upon him, his soft lips kissing his. He shifted, letting Roy remove his shirt and smiled down at him. “Glad you’re awake,” He whispered and captured his lips again feeling a sudden passionate urge over come him. He slipped his tongue into Roy’s mouth, tasting him, exploring every corner before the need for air became necessary.
Then he sat up with a soft smile upon his lips. “Slow?”

Remembering their frenzied and rough encounter this morning, Roy nodded. "Slow," he agreed as he sat up and nuzzled Ed's neck. Licking just beneath his ear and loving the way Ed's hair felt on his face. "Do you remember what I told you I'd do later today...?" He whispered, his voice deep and husky at the mere thought of how Ed would tremble when his tongue bathed him there...

Ed moaned softly, tilting his head a little to the side to grant Roy better access to his neck. For a moment he closed his eyes, feeling the blood rush to where Roy’s tongue licked just the right place beneath his ear. Roy spoke. “Hmm? Oh…” He paused then shivered with anticipation.

He pulled away enough to look his lover in the eyes once again finding himself swimming in a black sea. He swallowed and nodded. “I remember,” He let his eyes fall from Roy’s, let them travel down his body, following with his fingers until he had a hold of the hem of Roy’s shirt and began to pull it up. “Roy…will you…make that dream I had real?” He couldn’t even look at him, not in the face, a little afraid.

Roy looked at Ed closely and smiled. "You don't have to hide from me," he said softly. Lifting his arms he helped Ed shed his shirt before returning his hands to Ed's body, touching and caressing his back and neck. "I'll make your dream come true," he purred. "When you're least expecting it..."

Leaning forward he pushed Ed down onto the bed, his hand on his chest trailing down over his toned abdomen to his pants. "Would you like that? I'll make it a surprise." He smiled, leaning down to lick a nipple as he opened Ed's pants.

Ed nodded, gasping softly from the touch, his tongue so warm. He lifted his hips to aid his lover in undressing him. What ever he wanted, he’d give it to him. What ever… He sat up, pushing Roy up and held his face in his hands. He kissed him tenderly, passionately as if he’d never see him again unsure of why he suddenly felt so needy. He just wanted…He didn’t know what he wanted other than Roy.

He felt breathless as Ed kissed him that way. What sparked this sudden deep passion in his lover he could only guess, and he tried to return it. He held him tightly, their heartbeats as close together as possible.

When they surfaced, Roy searched Ed's face, finding a fire in his eyes that threatened to burn even the Flame Alchemist. For a moment Roy just stared into that fire before a determined frown crossed his face. Pulling his lover's pants off, he flashed Ed a grin before roughly pushing him down and grabbing his hips. Sliding his own thighs under Ed's middle back he held Ed's thighs as he ducked his head and ran his tongue along the underside of Ed's scrotum.

Ed closed his eyes, hands clutching at the bed sheets tightly, whimpering. Good god his lover had a delicious mouth and wicked tongue! It was…it felt so warm, slippery, and oh so very good. It sent all sorts of burning signals straight to his groin, igniting something powerful but not release. He squirmed trying to get more, almost begging Roy to touch him more.

Roy touched him, but not where Ed wanted it. Not yet. His hands
caressed Ed's thighs while he ran his tongue over his balls again,
sucking lightly on one before moving lower. He did it slowly, and
wet. He tested the ring of muscle, feeling it relax as he teased his
lover. He'd try this time without lube if that muscle stayed relaxed.

Now that was the most interesting, bizarre, and arousing sensation Edward had felt yet. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it and took the fact that he didn’t want Roy to stop as a positive. He was beginning to ache with need and every little touch every little lick was beginning to kill him. He’d never been tortured so pleasantly before.
“Uhhh…Roy…nnn…please…” Ed panted, bucking a little.

Roy lavished his lover with one last, and long lick to leave him wet before he lowered Ed's hips onto the bed. Watching him with a half smile and hooded eyes he stripped off his own pants and then lifted Ed again, rising on his knees so he could penetrate his lover as deep as possible.

Pushing in slowly, he gasped at the tightness and heat. "So hot..." He groaned as Ed surrounded him inch by inch.

Ed whimpered, grasping at the sheets as tightly as he could, biting his tongue. It…it hurt a little more than he’d expected, maybe because there wasn’t any lube involved but at the same time it felt wonderful, seemed rougher, more…fuck it. Who cared it fucking felt great! He loved a lot of things about Roy, all on different levels. How he held him, how he looked sleeping in the morning, his voice but Roy filling him up, stretching him was one of the things he loved the most. It was here, like this, when they were doing this that he felt the most connected to his lover, like nothing could separate them.

He was true to his word, slow, agonizingly slow and Ed bucked again trying to force him deeper, wanting more of him, all of him.

Roy hissed as Ed bucked and forced him deeper with a quick shove.
Leaning over, he grabbed the sheets with one hand, hanging onto Ed's
hip with the other. Pushing deeper, he only stopped when their flesh
met before he drew back. He had told Ed he'd go slowly, but this was
agony: he wanted to pump into Ed's body fast and hard. He bit his
lower lip as he kept the pace slow and sensual. For now. But he knew
he was going to snap any minute and give in to his need to take Ed
faster, harder... He groaned as he pushed deep into Ed again.

There was only so much Edward could take and he was about to break. He wanted to go slow, softly, true, wanted Roy to make love to him but damn it, they could do that later for all he cared at this point. He bucked again, letting lose with one hand upon the sheets and grasping his lover’s arm. “Ah…faster…you’re killing me.” He panted, closing his eyes.

He didn't need to be told twice. Roy thrust into Ed hard, fast, and didn't hold back. "Aah..." He panted for breath past his groans of building pleasure. "Nnng!" His hand fisted in the sheets, as if hanging onto a lifeline while his other hand grabbed and began to pump Ed's cock.

Ed gasped, arching his back a little, his head lulling to the side and let out a cry. Roy’s hand stroking him, his cock pounding into him was heaven and it was only getting better by the second. “Unn…ahh…Roy…” He let go of the sheets, let go of Roy’s arm and grappled for his lover’s back, fingernail’s of his flesh hand biting in to Roy’s skin, scratching up his spine while the auto-mail dug in.

He managed in the final moments to open his eyes, wanting nothing more than to see Roy like this, he’d seen him once before, but couldn’t really remember it due to the sunshine so bright in the office. What he saw, Roy’s face contorted in pleasure, sweat beading his forehead, lips parted… “Roy!” It broke Edward, sending him over a cliff of ecstasy. It was powerful, nearly as powerful as in the shower and had him sobbing his lover’s name softly over and over, clinging to the man.

He fell with his lover into sweet ecstasy, thrusting hard as he drained and only stopping when he began to soften and slipped out of Ed. Rolling them onto their sides he held Ed against his body, catching his breath and feeling their sweat mingle as their flesh rubbed.

"Ed..." He pushed his bangs aside to kiss his forehead.

Edward could feel his body trembling a little, found it a little strange, but like with most things he cast it aside to focus solely upon Roy. He felt his lips kissing his forehead, heard his voice saying his name. Ed took a deep breath and let it out slowly before snuggling closer, as close as he could possibly get. “Hmm?”

Roy smiled, wrapping his arm tightly around his lover. "Nothing," he whispered, breathing in his scent as he kissed his head again. Closing his eyes he sighed and rested his head next to his lovers. Legs entangled with Ed's, his arm wrapped over Ed and holding him tightly, his body beginning to cool and the sweat dry... though he was wide awake he found himself drifting on a dream-like cloud.

Shifting, Ed lifted his head and while he was perfectly content to lay here undisturbed and unmoving, completely comfortable, he wanted to move. He couldn’t explain it; he was just suddenly getting fidgety. He wasn’t bored, far from it. So to cure that, he opened his eyes and pressed his lips to Roy’s, trailed his fingers down his cheek lovingly.
Ed pulled back a moment to simply watch him a moment. “Love you,” he whispered then kissed him again.

Playing his lips against Ed's, Roy murmured "and I you," against them. He ran a hand up his back and into his hair as their tongues rubbed and danced in slow circles. Holding Ed tight he rolled so Ed lay atop him, his tongue still exploring Ed's mouth and lips. He didn't want to waste today doing anything but taking advantage of his time alone with this beautiful body and mind.

"Shall we start that fire?" He asked when they surfaced. "There's a nice rug in front of it." He smiled.

His heart was thudding in his chest again and there was this odd feeling, one he was starting to get used too again. Ed was almost completely happy, forgetting things that used to plague his mind and left him miserable. He smiled down at his lover once again getting a mischievous idea in his head. There were pillows, a sofa, chairs, a rug, warmth from a soon to be lit fire place… He was sure he could come up with something interesting.
Ed leaned down and kissed Roy again then nuzzled his neck before getting off. “You light the fire, I’ll be in in a minute.”

Pulling Ed back to him for a deep kiss, Roy bit his lip as he pulled away. "I won't wait long," he grinned. Sliding into a robe he tied it loosely around his waist before walking down the hall and into the den.

Kneeling next to the fire place he set several pieces of wood inside before pulling a glove on and snapping the wood aflame. That done, he sat back on the rug and closed his eyes, basking in the chaotic glow and heat of the fire.

Ed breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to the bathroom, he had to pee. Once that was over with he yanked the blanket off the bed as it was kind of cold in the house today. He also found the lube just in case. He’d not really noticed it before, not with moving around and moving in time with Roy.

Sighing, rubbing his nose, and dragging the blanket behind him, he walked toward the den. His knee gave him a little resistance; no it was a little wobbly now. Hmm… He could oil it up later.

When he entered the den, he stood still for a moment, breath caught in his throat. Even clad in a simple bathrobe, hair slightly a mess, sitting so calmly with his eyes closed, Roy was breathtaking. The light of the fire made his skin almost glow. Or maybe Ed was imagining it. He really was getting sappy and girly, but he just couldn’t stop looking at his lover. This would be the most perfect picture, damning if ever found by any one not friendly and understanding.

Sighing, Ed hurried over, snatched up a pillow, checked to see if the floor was wood, and dumped the blanket upon Roy’s head. Then he plopped down right in the man’s lap, making himself at home. “Hmm, cozy,”

Chuckling, Roy pulled the blanket off his head, his hair even more of a mess now as he pushed it aside. "I was starting to worry," he teased and wrapped his arms around Ed. In fact, the fire had only ignited his arousal and it shone in his dark eyes as he leaned in to lick Ed's ear.

Ed let him and let out a deep moan, tilting his head to give him more room. He let his hand wander down to Roy’s legs, slowly rubbing, letting the lube fall to the floor. That one little lick stirred his groin faster than anything and he didn’t know why. “Mmm…” He pulled away and turned, slipping off his lover’s lap, sitting upon his knees with a smile. “I don’t know why you bothered putting this on, I’m just going to take it off.” With that, he reached for the neck of the robe and opened it, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled back a moment just before meeting Roy’s lips, teasing him then clutched his shoulders and pushed him to the floor.

Ed sat upon his waist quickly, reaching for Roy’s hands and forced them up alongside his head. Then he grinned down at him. “Let’s play a little game hmm? You promise me you won’t beg and if you do I win and you have to do something I want. If you win I’ll do something you want, no matter how bizarre it is.”

Roy turned his head to look over his shoulder at Ed. "And how do I win?" He smirked. Ed loved these little games where he controlled Roy it seemed, but then he also loved being taken by Roy... "Maybe I'll want to lose, just to see what you come up with..."

Bastard, Ed thought to himself as his smile faded and his eyebrow arched. He was kind of hoping Roy would win and kind of not, such a troublesome predicament to be sure. “Maybe, it’s your choice,” He leaned close to Roy’s ear and flicked his tongue over the lobe. “But you like winning, admit it.” Then he bit Roy’s ear hard, but not enough to draw blood. He’d seen enough of that and certainly didn’t want to see it upon his lover. “You like everything to go in your favor,” he ground his hips into Roy’s waist, releasing a soft moan.

“And as much as you’d probably like to see what I might or might not come up with…” He had to work fast so Roy wouldn’t have time to throw him off and escape or turn the tables upon him. He sat up and clapped his hands then rested one upon the fabric of Roy’s robe, transmuting the soft terry cloth so it was weak enough to tear. He could repair it later. Then he tore it quickly, roughly, tossing the ruined thing away, after of course lifting himself so he could pull it from beneath him.

He settled down again with a none too gentle plop, clapping his hands once more and recapturing his lover’s wrists, pinning him to the floor again. “That’s better,” He whispered, pressing his torso against Roy’s back. “So?”

It was true, Roy liked winning. And he always saw to it that things went in his favor. He smiled. Ed knew him so well in that regard. What else did he know? Or thought he knew?

His ear still throbbed as Ed bound his wrists to the floor. He looked over his shoulder as best he could, his trapped wrists making that a bit difficult. The smirk was gone. "Fine, we'll do this." He idly wondered what Ed had in mind, knowing it was probably going to drive him wild.

"Aren't you going to tie my feet? I can make this difficult if you don't..." He was developing a crick in his neck and so turned his head into a more comfortable position.
Edward chuckled wickedly, he couldn’t help it. “I’m counting on that.” He slipped off Roy anyway and tapped the backs of his knees. “Raise up on your knees and spread them apart.” He’d make him do it if he had too. He clapped his hands, waiting but he wouldn’t be too patient.
With a soft grumble, Roy reluctantly rose on his knees. What was
this, some kind of humiliation? And yet as mad as it was starting to
make him he also had to admit he felt himself flushing with arousal.
He was glad Ed couldn't see his face.

The smile that crossed Ed’s face was a pleased one as he lowered his hands and bound Roy’s legs, he did so in a way that would prevent Roy from moving them, scooting them forward or backward, locking him in place. With his love like this he had full access to him and he could do anything he wanted, it wasn’t like Roy could get to him very easily and if he did manage to break free, Ed had time to escape.

A wicked glint in his eye, Ed leaned over and reached for the lube, coated his fingers quickly and set it aside for the moment. At this point everything was left to his imagination so he leaned over his lover, smoothing his auto-mail hand down his back soothingly. He placed gentle kisses along his spine and slipped his flesh finger along the exposed crack of Roy’s rear. When he found that tight ring, he pushed two fingers inside quickly. He’d make Roy beg, he’d win, he’d beat the great Flame Alchemist today and it would be his sweetest victory ever. They had all day.

With that thought and that purpose in mind Ed thrust his fingers forcefully curling them to see if Roy had a secret sweet place just like him.

Roy's fingers curled against the floor as he felt Ed touch him. He
jumped slightly as he suddenly felt Ed force two fingers into him,
making him hiss past gritted teeth and curl his fingers into fists.
When they thrust deeper and curled, Roy cried aloud and squirmed as
much as he could.

He didn't want that. As good as it felt he suddenly doubted that Ed
wasn't going to get him to beg... he was going to be begging like a
dog on his hands and knees.

"Nnnnng!" He grunted, then moaned as Ed found it... that spot. That
place inside him that drove him wild, and was so sensitive thanks to
be ignored most of the time. Oooh fuck, that was wonderful. He was
achingly hard already. Turning his head, he hid his face against his
upper arm to muffle his moans and whimpers.

Edward’s lips parted and he closed his eyes. The sound of his lover’s voice sent rippled shivers through him and it was very clear that he’d found what he’d been looking for. Well now that he knew it was there and where to find, what sort of reaction he could get, he removed his fingers from Roy’s ass and ducked his head. Roy had used that little toy of his earlier on himself, couldn’t hurt to try his hand at what Roy had done to him in bed.
He slipped his tongue passed his lips and caught hold of Roy’s hips, digging his fingers into them to keep him still. Then he flicked his tongue over the tight ring, rolled it around it slowly before slipping it inside as much as he could. It was kind of difficult and his lover was tight and warm but Edward did what he could as far as thrusting was concerned.

"Mmnf..." Roy whimpered against his arm as he felt Ed's tongue. He ached deep inside where Ed had touched him just long enough to make him need more. He was panting now, his body trembling with desire already.

Moaning, he bit into his own arm to keep the words from coming out. To keep himself from begging. His cries were muffled now. His hands in such tight fists that the knuckles were white.

Edward stopped, completely stopped, in fact he let go of Roy completely. Damn who knew a person’s tongue could get sore from doing that. One would think after all the exercise his tongue had had dueling Roy’s it could do this longer. Oh well, he thought and wiped the drool that had escaped his mouth from his chin. There were several possibilities, several different directions Edward could go now but what did he want the most?

Taking a brief moment while he tapped his chin in thought… Roy could moan and whimper and cry out all he wanted but that wasn’t going to get him what he wanted. No, no, not good enough as lovely and pretty as they were. Ed wanted to hear Roy ask him with words not whimpers and hopefully in one complete sentence.

Ah ha! He snickered and snatched up the lube, crawling around to sit beside his lover. Quickly he coated his hand with the lube, not a lot, just a little and made himself comfortable. “Hey baby,” he soothed softly, reaching out to smooth Roy’s hair from his face. “Look at me and don’t look away, I love your eyes.”

He was driving him nuts. When he felt him pull away altogether Roy
wondered what was going to come next. He hadn't expected to feel Ed
sit next to him and his hand smoothing his hair back. He couldn't
hide his desire now. Couldn't hide the flush on his cheeks and drool
at the corner of his lips from biting his arm...

Looking up, Roy locked eyes with Ed. Yes, he was turned on. But his
eyes also smoldered with lurking anger at being made to act this
way... no matter how he was loving it, he still felt belittled and

Edward caught the flush in his cheeks, the sweat beginning to coat his skin, and blushed a little himself, swallowing hard. This man was simply gorgeous, a god in human form he just had to be. He also caught the anger in Roy’s eyes, oh he was going to get it when this was over, he just knew it. He deserved what ever Roy could throw at him. He idly wondered what a very pissed flame alchemist would do to someone who was torturing him this way… Ed nearly shuddered at the thought and hid it with a mischievous smile. He almost taunted him with words but thought better of it; he really didn’t want to die. Then again he was one who tempted fate.

He moved a little closer, close enough for his knee to brush against Roy’s arm and leaned in close, kissing his shoulder. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered then he grasped his own aching member and began a slow rhythm, letting out a soft moan.

Roy nearly choked at that. How could he... his fists strained against
their bindings as he watched Ed, heard Ed do that to himself.

"Edward..." his voice held a dangerous lilt to it, but there was
arousal in his eyes. He was on the edge, he could feel it. He'd
either be breaking free, though he highly doubted he could break the
floor... or begging Ed...

He turned his face against his arm again, groaning. Ed wasn't going
to stop trying things until he heard him beg, was he? He watched Ed
with one eye open, the other eye closed and planted against his arm.
He squirmed against his bindings again, straining a little with soft,
little moans at what he was seeing.

He saw his lover try, try to break free and it only made him harder than he already was. The sounds Roy was making were going straight to his head, the look in his eyes and the dangerous way he said his name… “Uhh…” Ed whimpered stroking himself a little harder. Roy wasn’t begging yet but he bet he was close. He certainly knew he was close, dangerously close. Time to try something…

He let out a louder moan, not caring how loud it was. “Roy…uhh…Roy…if I cum…Uhh…I’ll just start this all over again…ahh!”

Of course he would... Roy cursed softly as he watched Ed's face. He
was close to losing it. So close. So beautiful... giving up, giving
in, Roy whimpered. "Please, Ed..." he whimpered, not able to look at
him anymore. "I'll do whatever you want..."

Edward tore his hand away, panting. Victory had never tasted so sweet and so tortuous. He’d been so close and now groaned with need. For a moment he sat there panting then smiled a half smile. “Yes you will,” he breathed and crawled back behind his lover. Slowly he eased inside of him, all the way. He wasn’t quite finished yet; this was going to take every damned ounce of what was left of his lust captured brain.

He waited a moment for Roy to adjust then slowly, painfully slowly, eased out and back in. He was trembling again, Roy was so tight, so hot around him but he was going to go slow if it killed him. He reached around and caught hold of Roy’s member, stroking in time with his thrusts.
"Aaah!" Roy flung his head back in feeling Ed enter him. That felt
hot, and hard, and so fucking good... he moaned loudly, not caring
anymore what he said or did. He had just begged a subordinate... no,
he had begged his lover. There was a difference.

Why was he going so slow... Roy looked over his shoulder at Ed,
whimpering. "Ed..." He bit his lower lip and moaned.

“Uhh,” Ed cried, he couldn’t…no he had too, just a little longer. Then Roy whimpered his name and he gave up trying to go slow, trying to drag this out.

He leaned over; biting his lover’s back and thrusting almost violently into him. He knew he shouldn’t go so hard but he just couldn’t help it anymore. He bit him again and bucked, quickened his pace, whimpering. He only went harder and faster, making sure to stroke Roy just as quickly. “Roy…ahh…ahh.” God he wanted to feel his hands upon him and he vaguely registered the thought of releasing Roy's hands and feet afterward.
Panting for his breath, Roy arched for a painful moment as Ed began to
slam into his body. He moaned at the bite to his back, Ed...was like a
wild animal. Laying his head back on the rug, Roy grunted with the
abusive thrusts but didn't want Ed to slow. Each thrust brought a
little pain and a wave of pleasure with it. They were hard, and fast
just like his lover was.

"Ed... ward..." he panted, his fists straining against their bonds
again. He was going to come. Hard. His body started to tense. His
bound legs trembling. "Aaaah!" He cried out, shaking as he erupted
in his lover's hand.

Ed felt him tense, felt him tighten around him, felt the warm gooey substance spill upon his hand and knew it was okay to let go. He thrust one last time, grunting loudly and crashed violently right where he needed and wanted to be, in that wonderful place. He felt so dizzy or light headed he couldn’t tell which and didn’t want to move, but he had too. He couldn’t keep Roy like this, in this position any more.

Panting, he withdrew gently and slumped back, gathering enough energy to clap his hands and transmute. Somehow he managed to crawl along and do the same with Roy’s hands then he collapsed beside him, pulling him close.

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