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FIC: Pyrometallon chapter 5B

ok, LJ hated this long chapter... but I know I've posted longer ones before. oh well. I'll try and make much shorter chapters in the future, sorry! :(

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Yaoi (SERIOUS warning!!! we get very nasty, rated XXX here)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5A

Roy sighed as the dream faded. Took a deep breath as he felt himself being shaken, someone telling him to wake up... Ed telling him to wake up. Blinking his eyes open he saw Ed, the light much too bright, and closed them again. "Ed..."

Why was his face wet? He rubbed his cheek against his pillow before pushing it away. He groaned softly as he moved closer to Ed, his head bumping into him before he stopped moving. He smiled sadly, the dream's emotional hold on him slowly fading... but how could he be sad waking up next to Ed. "Go back to sleep," he sighed, rolling onto his back.

Ed blinked a moment. Uh…Okay, that was weird. He thought as he lay down. He frowned, forcing his way closer, resting his head upon Roy’s shoulder, the fabric of his white dress shirt soft against his cheek. Trailing, his hand down Roy’s arm, he found his hand, lacing their fingers together. He didn’t get it in the least, was it some sort of bad dream?

He took a soft breath, nuzzling closer. “What’s wrong?”

Roy was quiet for several moments before he decided to answer. "Just a dream." He wrapped an arm around Ed, shifting the shoulder his lover laid on to do so. "Are we alright, Ed?"

Ed nodded, wetting his lips. “Sorry…” He draped his arm over Roy’s chest, half hugging him. It was a moment before he spoke again, hoping that he wouldn’t be too offensive. He spoke carefully, quietly. “What were you crying about?”

"Was I?" Roy frowned. He remembered the dream, but at the moment it
was still much too real for him to want to talk about. "Must have
been a bad dream," he shrugged. "Did I wake you?"

Ed didn’t want to let him get away with it but he remembered all the times that Roy had never pushed him to talk about something that bothered him, so he let it go. He could return the favor, besides if and when Roy wanted to disclose that sort of information, he would, and he just had to wait for it.

He lay there for a moment and lifted his head to look into his eyes. He smiled a little. “Yeah, you did.” He grinned moving up a little and leaned down to kiss him gently. When he came up he pulled his pocket watch from his pants and checked the time. Damn it, not too much time left and he kind of wanted to start the day off right, without a fight, and in the very least make Roy feel better…He thought suddenly about trying to make him something to eat for breakfast.

He frowned. What could he make that was edible in a short period of time…Nothing but toast. “Not enough time…” He muttered slipping his pocket watch back into his pocket. He smiled though, meeting Roy’s eyes again. “You should probably change your uniform before Havoc gets here.” He leaned down and kissed him again, lovingly, tenderly. When he pulled away, just enough to brush his lips against Roy’s he whispered, “I love you Roy, don’t forget.” He figured after all that was said last night maybe Roy needed to hear it more often no matter how exposed and vulnerable it made him feel.

Roy smiled against his lips and pulled him in for another deep kiss,
his tongue sweeping his mouth before he pulled back. "I worked very
late yesterday... very late," he hmmed. "And solved a case." He
tsked, looking at his lover's watch. He had already made the
arrangements to take some time off last night, but he enjoyed teasing

"Some how, I think I should stay here today and make up last night to
you. But I don't know..." he sighed as he pushed Ed away to sit up
and began to unbutton his dress shirt. "I'd hate to lose a promotion
for taking time off."

Ed sighed, rolling his eyes. Again with the promotions, did he ever stop? It would be great to have Roy to himself all day long and he would like that so much… He moved to his knees, behind him, and draped his arms over his shoulders. “Well if you have to leave I guess I can find something else to do. I’ll try not to burn your house down like my dorm…didn’t you hear about that?” He smiled and kissed Roy’s cheek. “Just kidding, I didn’t burn anything down at all or set anything on fire unless you count the entire note book I went through.” He swatted Roy’s hands away from the buttons and took over.

Roy chuckled and put his hands on the bed to let Ed finish. "Then I
guess I'm going to have to take today off to teach you how to control
yourself," he turned his head and smirked at Ed. His stomach gurgled,
making him perk a brow and turn slightly red. Colonel Roy Mustang's
stomach wasn't supposed to gurgle at inappropriate moments.

Edward paused on the last button, hearing the rumbling of a stomach not his own. For a moment he just blinked then he snickered, pulling the shirt open and down Roy’s shoulders. He knew he’d not put the food up last night so that was out. In fact he’d better take care of it soon and come to think of it he was a little hungry himself.

“Then shouldn’t you call in…” He frowned, thinking as much as he wanted Roy to stay home today, was even excited that he’d mentioned it; he didn’t want to have to hide in case Hawkeye came to drag Roy into the office.

He sighed. “Maybe I should go clean up my books and notes in case Lt. Hawkeye comes to drag your ass in.” He put on a smile. “I don’t want her to shoot me for keeping you.”

"Relax Ed," Roy chuckled. "I made the arrangements last night." He smiled, pulling his arms free of the sleeves as he looked at Ed over his shoulder. "Really, you worry too much."

Standing up he worked a kink in his back out with a quick stretch, groaning as he relaxed from the stretch. "Hungry as I am, I don't think I can eat before showering," he sighed and grabbed his robe off the chair. "Join me at your own risk," he chuckled, casting Ed a knowing look.

Made arrangements last night? Edward closed his eyes a moment. He’d been teasing… He needed to stop taking people so literal. Wait a minute…He grinned at the thought of Roy in the shower. “My own risk? You’re the one who’s harmless in water.”

Ed left the bed, pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the floor. He followed Roy in to the bathroom, unbraiding his hair along the way.

"Harmless? Just wait," Roy's eyes gleamed. His shower served as both a tub and shower and was snugly attached to a wall. He closed the door to trap any steam and then walked over to turn the faucets on, letting the water warm up while he unbelted his pants.

"We really shouldn't on empty stomachs," he tsked but he wasn't serious, and it showed between his legs. Stepping into the tub he held the curtain open for Ed.

Edward kicked out of his pants, almost losing his balance. He stepped in and gave Roy a smirk of his own. “Do what… take a simple shower?” He reached back for the shampoo, letting his eyes roam his lovers toned body. “Shouldn’t take up too much energy and if you collapse.” He snickered. “I’m sure I could be persuaded to bring you something to eat…Maybe.”

"Don't play innocent with me," Roy leaned in closely. "You should
know better." He pressed his mouth to Ed's, his tongue not waiting
for an invitation as he kissed him deeply. Bending his knees slightly,
he reached down and gripped Ed behind his thighs, lifting Ed up to
straddle his hips as he pressed his lover to the wall.

Ed gasped in surprise, dropping the shampoo to grab hold of Roy. He shivered as his bare skin met the cool tile. Well this wasn’t beating around the bush in the least. He closed his eyes, humming into the kiss before pulling back with a gleam in his eyes to take a breath. Then he kissed him back, this time fighting for dominance and catching hold of Roy’s tongue gently between his teeth. From there he sucked upon it, relishing his taste.

Roy groaned into his mouth. But he wasn't going to give in so easily.
Fumbling a hand to his left he searched and finally grappled the
bottle of conditioner he was looking for. It wasn't oil or lubricant,
but it was slick and oil based... Roy hoped it was good enough as he
popped it open, spurting a generous amount onto his fingers.

He reached beneath Ed's hips, gasping as he partially coated his
member with the cold conditioner. Then he moved his hand up, smearing
the rest between Ed's cheeks.

The cold…was that…what was that? Ed wondered squirming a little. It felt like…Oh, by the smell it was conditioner. Uh…well he supposed that would be a good substitute. A little odd though, cold like the wall behind him and his auto-mail.

Ed smiled a little, letting Roy’s tongue go and kissing his chin. He moved down to his neck and bit him, though this time he abandoned all gentleness. He didn’t bite hard enough to break skin, just enough to leave a welt. He tasted warm, a little sweet and salty. Then he moved to Roy’s shoulder biting it as well, once again leaving a welt.

Roy tilted his chin up, gasping as Ed left marks along his neck and
shoulder. They felt good despite the initial pain. Something that
would stick around for hours, days if they bruised well. "Marking
your territory, Ed?" His voice was husky as he asked.

Lifting and supporting one of Ed's thighs, Roy drew his own hips back
and reached under to guide himself with his other hand. He hadn't
prepared Ed and he hoped that wasn't a mistake as he pressed his crown
at Ed's tight pucker. He pushed gently a moment before he felt Ed
open slightly as his crown begin to slip in.

Edward’s fingers dug into Roy’s shoulders as he felt Roy enter him. His body tensed and he gasped, whimpering softly. It hurt and oddly enough…it felt good, arousing even. He wiggled, trying to get him in deeper and that was pleasantly painful as well.

He bit a new place upon Roy’s shoulder then lapped up the droll he left behind. “Roy…” He struggled a little with this, but he wanted… “Don’t be gentle this time.”

His wiggling made Roy grit his teeth. That felt good. Too good. And
his whimpering... it had to hurt, but Ed wasn't stopping.

Roy paused then, had he heard that right? All the blood pounding in
his ears, nothing more. He looked at Ed. Maybe it was just his
imagination but... "Ed, do you... you mean?" He pushed deeper with a
groan. "Are you sure?" He'd never asked for this before.

Ed gasped, holding back a whimper. He just wanted…Why did he have to ask? It was a little uncomfortable for him to ask in the first place. He didn’t know if…If Roy would be open to something like this. But he’d…He’d had fantasies, darker and involving certain things or what some people might find dirty about Roy doing things to him that he wouldn’t dare utter out loud.

He met his lover’s eyes and almost looked away but nodded, swallowing hard. “Yeah,”

Something changed in his eyes as he looked at Ed, as he agreed to do
this for his lover. His already ash colored eyes grew even darker
before he claimed Ed's mouth in a fierce kiss. He didn't wait or get
him accustomed to it but began driving himself into Ed immediately.
His thrusts were brutal and hard against Ed, ramming himself into his
lover as if he didn't know him, didn't care for him...

But he did care. And he did know. Everyone had a dark side. He knew
Ed's had to have come out eventually. He'd give Ed what he needed
because he cared... but part of him was questioning if he wasn't
taking it too far.

Holding onto one thigh to keep Ed up against the wall, he raised his
other hand to tangle into Ed's hair. He gripped his hair in a fist,
not letting him move his head away as he invaded his mouth with a
bruising kiss. If it could be called a kiss, his tongue fucking his
lover's mouth the way he was fucking his body.

Groaning, whimpering and gasping into Roy’s mouth, Ed’s fingers clawed at his shoulders, hands grasping. He couldn’t move his head in the least, not with Roy holding him still and his trusting…Oh god! He couldn’t get enough of it and tried to meet him. The pain and pleasure mixed together felt so exquisite.

He shuddered feeling that coiling feeling begin to build and managed to move his head enough to break the kiss. “Haa…bite me…uhh…” He panted digging his fingers harder into his lover’s shoulders.

His ring was so tight, tighter than usual, around his cock. It was
torture but Roy was helpless not to love it. They had just begun but
he knew Ed was close, knew he was going to slip and fall any moment
now. As Ed wrenched his head free, Roy grabbed his thigh and lifted
it higher onto his side which changed the angle; just enough, that he
was thrusting into.

He was growing slippery, and Roy dug in that much more to keep him up
on the tile wall. Dug in with his hips, his hands under his thighs,
and his teeth as requested. Lowering his head he inhaled, sounding
more like an animal as it came out in a harsh snort before he bit down
on a sensitive tendon.

He bucked now, harder, as he worked the tendon back and forth in
between his teeth. His own moans were growls as he climbed that
ladder with Ed, muffled next to his lover's flesh until he tore free
with a loud moan as it hit him. His hips slowed as he trembled,
bucking once, shaking. Again, crying out and slipping on the tub
floor. Harder, buried deep but softening and then slumping forward,
his hold on Ed weakening.

Ed cried out when he was lifted higher, the angle a little different. Roy bit him and he closed his eyes with another cry, his lover’s teeth sharp. The coiling was coming faster now and he gave up trying to hold back, he just couldn’t, all he could really do was hang on to keep from falling or slipping and he didn’t want to slip away from this, from Roy before… His body began to shake and shudder violently. Screaming loudly, his mind going blank as he came more aggressively than ever, Ed was lost somewhere, floating on waves of ecstasy.

He clung to his lover weakly as he came back, trembling, panting, almost sobbing. He’d never…He didn’t want to fall, didn’t want him to let go. He wrapped his legs around his waist, wrapped his arms around his shoulders like a life line, his rear pleasantly sore and aching, throbbing. “…Roy.” He managed after a moment. He tightened his arms turning his head to bury his face in the crook of his neck. “Don’t…let go, not yet…” He was still coming down and didn’t want Roy to push him away or leave his body just yet.

Breathing hard, Roy could only nod numbly and rest his head against Ed's. He wasn't going to go anywhere after that. Still buried inside Ed's warmth, still one with his other half... pulling away from the wall slightly he wrapped an arm around Ed's shoulders tightly. His legs shook as he did so but he lowered them both to the tub's floor, his body relaxing with something to lean his back against.

The hot shower continued to pour over them, steam billowing up over the curtain rod as Roy held Ed close. He stroked his back slowly and nuzzled his hair gently. He couldn't remember the last time he'd come like that, or felt like this afterwards... he never felt so attached or satisfied. He was in over his head, and he hadn't a clue what he was going to do if it was taken from him...

Between the soothing warm water and Roy’s slow gentle hand rubbing his back…Ed’s eyes began to droop a little, his body sated and calming down, a little sore and still throbbing a little, but he didn’t mind in the least. He didn’t want to sleep now he wanted to stay awake.
He sighed a contented sigh and moved his flesh hand to brush his wet bangs from his face then lay his hand gently upon his lover’s shoulder, letting his fingers trace over the welts he’d left behind. He hoped he’d not hurt him but remembering Roy’s question from earlier, yes he supposed he had been marking his territory. Roy was his; he wanted him, all of him. He wanted to know everything; every secret, fear, joy; everything and he’d wait patiently for his lover to tell him and show him, let him in.

Edward still wanted to know what it was that had made someone as strong and seemingly unbreakable as Roy cry. In his mind even with all the fighting, teasing, bickering, and annoyance, he’d always believed nothing could faze the Flame Alchemist he secretly admired. Nothing could make him hurt or cry. Maybe that’s why seeing it this morning was so frightening. Perhaps there were things that hurt him, he was human after all, not made of stone but flesh and blood and had the same feelings and emotions as everyone else.

He smiled a little at that thought letting his eyes close, not so unbendable, not so unreachable and if anyone tried to take him away he’d fight them off with all he had. He nuzzled Roy’s neck before lifting his head and kissed Roy’s lips gently. The little movement caused some discomfort but nothing that warranted any sound or a wince.

Roy sighed, between the warm water and very contented body he
didn't want to move. But his stomach was complaining to the point of
making him feel light headed; especially after what he had just
done... he smiled, kissing Ed slowly. "That was nice," he murmured
softly, ignoring the hunger pains for the moment. He hoped he hadn't
hurt Ed, but he knew by now that what they had just done wasn't
something to be discussed, just accepted and cherished.

Edward nodded, “Mmm hmm,” he said softly, leaning forward a little more to kiss him again. His own stomach growled at him accompanying the little protests Roy’s was making. He snorted and kissed his lover again. “We should probably eat something before you pass out but I don’t want to get up.” He turned his head looking for the shampoo. How Roy had managed to not step on it was beyond him, but he reached over to pick it up, the movement combined with Roy still inside of him made him shiver and gasp softly. Still he picked up the bottle and sat up stifling a moan. It felt good, really good and he nearly abandoned the shampoo.

He smiled, popping the lid and squeezing out a little into his hand. Then he set the bottle aside and began to work the goop into Roy’s hair gently, leaning in again to kiss him, slipping his tongue into Roy’s warm mouth.

Tilting his chin up slightly to prevent any suds from slipping down
into his eyes, he hummed into Ed's kiss. Ed's fingers in his hair and
massaging his scalp gave him a shiver down his spine that he couldn't
quite still. He didn't have the energy to start anything so soon, but
he knew if he had the energy that his lover's fingers in his hair would
be enough to start it again.

"We have to get up if you want my hair rinsed," Roy smirked as they broke apart.

He waited until he was satisfied Roy’s hair was adequately soapy before rinsing his hand. It took a moment but he finally got his legs unwrapped from around his lovers waist, the movement of it making him whimper softly. Ed rested his hands upon Roy’s shoulders and gently lifted himself up, gasping as he left his lover’s body. It hurt a little, but he didn’t mind in the least, mourned the loss of their joined bodies. His legs trembled a little, but he finally stood, picking up the shampoo for him self and setting it back in its place for a moment later.

Ed smiled, holding out a hand to Roy. “Come on, up.”

Taking Ed's hand Roy stood, the strength in his legs returning though he still felt them trying to shake. He turned away from the shower's spray and tilted his head back to rinse the shampoo out with a brief massage from his own fingers.

"You're pretty good with your auto-mail, I had forgotten about it..." He perked a brow, surprised Ed hadn't ripped a good portion of his scalp out moments ago now that he thought on it.
Edward looked at his auto-mail hand, flexing his fingers a moment. He smiled a little sadly to himself. Then he reached back to grab the shampoo and poured some into his flesh hand and returned the bottle its place. Working the shampoo into his long blonde hair, he shrugged. “I guess…took me awhile to get used to it. I used to get my hair caught in it and Al would have to rescue me from making it worse.”

The sadness that passed over his lover's face didn't go unseen. Roy waited for Ed to start before he stepped in close and gently pushed his hands down. Smoothing his bangs back away from his face Roy began to massage the shampoo into his hair and scalp, turning Ed so he could get to his longer strands.

"Did you get anything else caught in it?" Roy hid a smirk as he made sure to scrub the hair behind Ed's ears and along his nape.

Letting his eyes close, Ed smiled. That felt so good, so relaxing… Was Roy good at everything he did? “Haven’t you noticed my red coat or black jacket? I get my sleeves caught in it sometimes and it tears. I can’t really remember anything else, but probably in the beginning before I got use to handling things.” He snorted. “I once broke a vase because I squeezed it too hard. Winry had a fit…” He sighed. “I can’t feel warmth or textures like with my flesh hand. I can feel pressure and it doesn’t hurt if someone hits it or if I bump into something. It’s kind of nice sometimes. I can punch someone and not worry about my knuckles hurting.”

Roy smiled as he finished up by rubbing the last few inches of his
hair between his hands and then, after pausing a moment, drew Ed into
the stream of warm water to rinse his hair out. He gently scrubbed
his hair from the top of his forehead, moving over his head to his ears
and then down his back. He did it again to make sure all suds were
accounted for.

This was nice and the pains in his stomach were forgotten as he turned
the bottle of conditioner upside down and squeezed some into his hand.
He rarely used it himself, he rarely needed it, but with Ed's long
hair he knew he wanted to comb these strands and not have to fight Ed
about it because he was hurting his lover. So he quickly worked it into
his hair before then going over it again with a slower massage to work
it in.

Edward blushed. He knew he was never going to be able to look at another bottle of conditioner, smell the substance ever again with out having fond memories. He just hoped he didn’t blush around Al when thinking about it, Al might tease him or ask why he was blushing over conditioner… No, he wouldn’t be able to explain it! There were some things you just didn’t tell your brother even if he was your best friend and you told him everything.

He sighed contentedly about to speak when he sneezed and sneezed once again. “Ugh,” He grumbled then glared. “Someone is talking about me behind my back again.”

Roy chuckled at his superstition. "Ed, you're an alchemist. You
really believe in that?" He began to rinse out the conditioner
beneath the spray of water.

Ed shrugged scratching his nose. It did sound rather silly come to think of it. “Scientifically no, but on a sentimental and nostalgic standpoint yes, my Mom used to say that. I have no idea where she got it. I have only heard her say that. There has to be something weird that you believe in?”

Smiling fondly, Roy turned his lover around. "I haven't thought about
it in a long time. Let me think about it and I'll let you know," he
didn't often think about the past. It brought up unpleasantness most
of the time.

Grabbing the bar of soap Roy sniffed it slightly before pressing it to
Ed's chest. "Do you mind a massage while I wash you?" He began to
gently massage Ed's shoulders as he lathered them.

“Guess I don’t have much of a choice,” Ed smiled. It felt really good to have someone rub his shoulder, well the real one anyway. And Roy was gentle, like always. He started to wonder what was up, Roy was being really nice…Or maybe there wasn’t some sort of catch, maybe he just wanted to be nice. It was strange; he’d been relatively nice in the last few days aside from the two arguments and Ed hadn’t really had this much attention focused solely on him in…He couldn’t remember. It was kind of nice.

“Keep this up and I’ll fall asleep in here,” He half whispered, leaning in closer to rest his head upon his lover’s chest, placing a light kiss there before hand.

Roy chuckled and moved his hands down Ed's flesh arm to his hand with
the soap. "We can't have that, it's barely morning and we have all
day together," he nearly purred as he soaped Ed's torso. Curious, he
ran the soap lower, gently scrubbing Ed's groin.

Gasping, Ed lifted his head. That wasn’t fair and he was…becoming aroused again! But it wasn’t like he was going to tell him to stop. He rested his auto-mail hand upon Roy’s shoulder and the other he trailed down his lover’s chest. He decided he wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. “Mmm…cheater,” He smiled and danced his finger tips over Roy’s member. Two could play this game; he just wished he had soap.

Chuckling, Roy pushed Ed's hand away. "Not yet, Ed," he gently chided
as he continued down Ed's thighs, kneeling in front of him to wash his
legs and feet. "There's something I want to show you... but first let
me wash your back," he turned Ed and scrubbed down his back, running
his fingers between his cheeks to tease his puckered hole briefly.

Putting the soap back in its place Roy opened the curtain and stepped
out onto the rug. "Rinse yourself off; I'm going to grab something."
He hadn't expected Ed to be so responsive after the near beating he'd
just had, but this was good...

Ed frowned, backing into the stream of water. What in the world did he need in the shower? He sighed and made sure he was rinsed then stood under the warm water just enjoying how nice it felt. This was probably the longest he’d spent in the shower in a long time as he’d always been about getting it done and getting out.

Suddenly he remembered to wash his face and did so quickly, hoping to be finished before Roy returned with what ever he’d gone after.
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