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Fic: Pyrometallon chapter 4

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Yaoi (SERIOUS warning!!! we get very nasty, rated XXX here)

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Beta: Position open, apply with a comment and contact email.
Word Count: 5,127
Crit: This fic hasn't been beta'd, so please don't nitpick grammar or spelling. But if you'd like to leave a NICE comment or two about how we're doing, go ahead. CONSTRUCTIVE crit appreciated.
Summary: “You said ‘You’re already sounding like a house wife,’ How does that not implicate that I’m a girl?! I. Am. Not. A. Girl! I. Am. A. Guy you bastard!” He steamed. “How does me getting you ready for work make me a girl damn it?!”

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted by crimson_lantern over at

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Edward awoke a second time in a strange place, warm, an arm wrapped around him, and someone pressed against his back. Only he knew this morning who it was and where he was and smiled a little to himself.

He yawned, rubbing his eyes and turned over slowly. Roy looked like he was still sleeping and looked once again so peaceful. It really was nice to see him like this and he couldn’t help himself and he moved closer and gently kissed his slightly parted lips. Today was a whole new day that would probably filled with interesting surprises like yesterday and mystery and Ed couldn’t wait to see it. It was really wonderful that he was lucky enough to know this love thing and know it with this man.

He smiled again, kissed him again then settled back down to watch him for a bit, reaching out to smooth down a stray lock of hair that stuck out funny from Roy’s head.

He could get used to being wakened like this. He sighed and took a deeper breath as he woke, years of training putting his body in a wakeful state immediately, ready to go at the first signs of danger. But he wasn't needed in an emergency; it was Ed stirring beneath his arm.

This morning there'd be no missing breakfast he decided in an instant and after a quick nuzzle to Ed's cheek he grinned and tore the blankets off his lover. "Eggs or waffles?" he asked, grabbing his robe from the chair as he hopped off the bed.

That was quick, Ed thought as he sat up a little annoyed that the warmth was taken away from him. Roy certainly was in a good mood or so it seemed. That was nice. He scratched his head and yawned, shivering from the early morning air. “Don’t care…Eggs I guess. Want some help? I can’t cook very well but I can help.” He smiled, dragging himself from the bed and went after his clothing from yesterday. He needed to shower today. “So um am I supposed to just go to the library or go to your office then the library?”

Roy took a moment to take his lover in before he replied. "Meet me at
noon in the library; I'll have a study room held for you..." Roy tied
his robe shut. "Get the key from the service desk." He opened a
drawer and dug out a plain tee, handing it to Ed. It would be a
little big, but he didn't want to see his lover covered from head to
toe just yet.

Ed frowned at the shirt then shrugged and set his clothes down and snatched it away from Roy, threw it on and pulled his hair from under the neck. It was comfortable and lose. It fell to about his knees, the sleeves to his elbows. Al would say he was swimming in it but he kind of liked it. It even smelled like Roy. He might just have to steal it for when he went on a mission. He did grab up his boxers and slip them on.

“So are we sharing clothes now because I don’t think mine will fit you?” He grinned and sauntered over to his lover. “You’re welcome to try.” He had a mental image of Roy in tight black pants and his grin only grew.

Roy chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not wearing anything as tight as you do," though he liked being able to see Ed's body in those tight pants, he knew he'd suffocate in something so tight on himself.

He smiled sweetly at his lover wearing his shirt, "but I rather like you in my shirt." He leaned down and kissed his cheek. "Now let’s get something to eat before I need to get dressed."

In the kitchen Roy gathered the eggs, sausage, and bread out onto the counter. He didn't so much like to cook but he knew how. And did to save himself from the taste of microwave meals. "How many? And how do you like them?" Roy had an egg poised over the skillet and looked over at Ed.

Edward followed Roy into the kitchen and watched him from the side just waiting for Roy to give him something to do. He scratched his head and blinked a moment when Roy asked him. He was hungry. “Uh two and I don’t care; I’ll eat them how ever.” He really would. “Just make them how ever you like them. Want me to make toast?” He asked reaching for the bread. He was going to have to learn how to cook and cook right, he decided right then, so Roy wouldn’t have to do it all the time. Maybe he could get someone to teach him. Who did he know that was a good cook…Gracia, Pinako…He smiled. Roy looked really good in just a bath robe especially since Ed knew there was nothing on underneath. He'd like to have him for breakfast too, but he was going to have him for lunch. That was something to look forward to.

"You could cut up some vegetables," Roy pointed to a drawer, deciding on omelets instead. He threw the sausage into a pan and began to grind it into little crumbs as it browned. He could feel Ed eyeing him and it took all of his will power not to bend Ed over the table and seduce him there and then. This afternoon would suffice, assuming his will power held up.

Ed pulled out some vegetables, knife, and found a cutting board. Then set to work. He tried to focus upon the task at hand. Once that was done he set everything beside the stove to watch. Roy’s hands weren’t doing much but oddly enough Ed found them strikingly beautiful. They were strong, smooth, no broken nails or jagged edges, a little slender too. He could just feel those fingers touching him, gliding over his skin and slipping inside of him. It was making him hard just to watch and think.

He jerked and gave himself a mental shake. “I’ll set the table,” He muttered, turning to a cupboard and opened it. Carefully and annoyed that he had to stand on his tip toes to reach the plates…Who put plates on the second shelf up, he pulled down two and took them to the table. Then he headed toward the silverware drawer and found two forks, took them to the table then took a deep breath as he caught sight of Roy’s bare feet. Oh he couldn’t stand it, he just had to touch him! A hug, something anything.

So he walked over and wrapped his arms around Roy’s waist, resting his head upon his back. That was much better, but worse at the same time as he wanted to do more. He slipped his hands down Roy’s stomach.

Roy tensed as Ed hugged him. Oh damn, he felt wonderfully warm there. But hidden against the stove where he was dumping the sausage bits into a bowl was a decidedly happy camper inside a tent. As Ed slipped his hands down his stomach his hand faltered slightly as he cracked an egg and dropped it's insides into the skillet.

Inches away from discovering how happy he was, Roy squirmed as he cracked open another egg. "Ed..." He grabbed his wrist. "How about some orange juice?"

Ed smiled into Roy’s back and pulled away. “Sure,” he moved around him to another cupboard, took down two glasses, and headed to the refrigerator. He poured it and set it upon the table, put the orange juice back up. Then he was back behind Roy. He really should warn Roy that he hated being idle, it made him fidgety, but this was fun too. This time instead of reaching for Roy’s member he slipped his hand around to grab his ass, biting his lip to keep from snickering. Roy had such a nice ass too, blanketed in soft terrycloth, firm and yet soft.

Startled, Roy jumped a little as his lover fondled his ass. He moaned a little then, his will growing weak as he sprinkled in the vegetables and sausage into the one large omelet of four eggs. "Havin fun back there, Ed?" He perked a brow over his shoulder with a smile. "If you're nearly done, we could use a large plate..." He breath unsteadied a moment and he wanted so badly to take off his robe and let Ed play with him however he wanted.

Ed shrugged and left Roy for the cupboard. He stood on his tiptoes again and reached for a plate then handed it to him with a grin. “You know Mustang you really are irresistible. It’s no wonder all the girls want you.” He licked his lips slowly. “But you’re right we should get breakfast finished. I mean I wouldn’t want you to be late.” With that he walked over to the table and sat down smiling and letting his eyes travel Roy’s frame.

Frowning in slight confusion, Roy dished out the large omelet onto the plate and walked over to sit next to Ed. "You're going to make me late, aren't you?" He picked up a fork and offered Ed a bite.

Ed looked at the food then met Roy’s obsidian eyes. It did occur to him to do so, he could think of plenty of things they could do instead of eating breakfast and going about their separate ways for the day. He shrugged and took the bite of food. Quietly he chewed it and swallowed. “Only if you want me too.” He slipped his foot under the table to run it up the side of Roy’s leg then pulled away. “Breakfast is really good.”

Roy took a moment to think it over as he chewed a bite of their meal. Leaning forward he caressed Ed's chin as he offered him another bite with the fork. He just perked a brow in answer, not giving him a yes or no. His lover had a stubborn mind of his own, and would do what he saw fit... knowing Roy was weak for him.

That was annoying…Not a yes, a no, or a maybe. Well fine be vague, Ed thought, taking the bite of food. He could just sit there and arch his eyebrow all he wanted. Ed snatched the fork from Roy’s hand and pulled the plate closer to him, so much for setting the table. Oh well less dishes he had to wash later.

He sighed and set about feeding Roy. Only he stood up and came closer to his lover, forcing his way upon Roy’s lap.

As Ed forced himself onto his lap, Roy smirked and hummed around a forkful of breakfast. "I got a surprise for you," he didn't want the rumor mill starting so early at work. Plus, he had something different in mind this time... "Something you haven't done before."

Ed frowned. Something he hadn’t done? What in the world could that be? What was he up too? He dished up another bite and took it for himself then set the fork aside and picked up one of the glasses of orange juice. Roy’s cooking was really good, not too bad for a guy who lived alone… He smirked as he set the glass down. “Okay I’ll bite, what?”

"I'll show you just as soon as you go get that tube we're both so fond of," Roy could barely hide his anticipation.

He waited until Ed was out of sight before slipping out of his robe and walking to the end of the table facing the hall way. Turning his back on the hallway he leaned over the table onto his elbows and spread his legs.

He looked over his shoulder to see the look on his lover's face when he returned.

When Edward returned to the kitchen the lube fell out of his hand and clattered to the floor. “O-oh,” There Roy stood or rather bent presenting his rear. It was shocking, scary, and very arousing at the same time. Ed didn’t think he could feel all of those emotions all at once. A hundred what if’s swam through his head at once making him a little light headed. What if he didn’t do this right? What if he if hurt Roy? What if he was really bad at this? What if, what if, what if what if…What if this was really good… He was curious to know what Roy felt when inside of him, wanted to know if Roy had some secret hidden place like he did.

He swallowed and bent over to pick up the lube with a trembling hand. “So you want me to…Okay…”

Perhaps this had been too forward, Roy mused after seeing Ed's reaction. Smiling, he straightened and turned to approach Ed. "It's easy," he said softly, taking his lover's hand. "I'll show you..."

Facing Ed, he took the tube from his trembling hand and squeezed out a generous amount onto his fingers, then rubbed it up and down two of them to coat them. "I've wondered what'd it be like to have you inside me," he smiled, almost nervously as he pulled Ed closer and turned partially away. One hand leaning on the table, he guided Ed's fingers with his other hand as he spread his legs.

Ed swallowed again and let out a soft gasp as Roy spoke. Then Roy guided his fingers toward him. Easy, yeah this part of it. He should just do what Roy had done to him, why didn’t he think of that before? Roy must really trust him to do this, or really want it. That was a little comforting, but he was still nervous.

Gently as he could he eased one finger inside of Roy. He was so warm and tight. He wet his lips feeling his half hard on get harder. Slowly, because he knew he could really hurt Roy if he wasn’t careful, he began stroking him.

Biting his lip, Roy closed his eyes with a whimper. It had been a long time since he'd done this, but the memories suddenly came flooding back. How it felt to be stretched open with a lover's fingers, his other fingers resting on the curve of his cheeks. The pain mixed with pleasure.

"Ooh, that's good," he moaned, releasing Ed's wrist. "Aah... add another finger," he opened his eyes, watching Ed through his eyelashes.

Ed shuddered at the sound of Roy’s voice, his moaned talking. It was encouraging to say the least hot to say the most and it made him want this more. It was strange he was perfectly content to let Roy be on top, enjoyed it so much but it was nice that Roy was letting him experience this.

Gently he slipped another finger inside. A thought came to his mind and hesitantly he reached his auto-mail hand up, moved closer, and trailed his fingers down Roy’s spine, trailed them over his back, and left little kisses along the way.

He gripped the edge of the table hard with both hands, his heart pounding, his breath hitching. He felt so good. "Nnnh..." He moaned, arching slightly at the feel of Ed's auto-mail and moist mouth on his back. "Ed... hnn... I'm ready..." He spread his legs a little further, leaned down on the table a little more.

Ed nearly purred with delight when Roy’s back arched a little. He could feel the ever so soft vibrations of Roy’s moan in his back, tickling his lips. He smiled, pulling his fingers out gently and reached for the lube.

He coated himself then lined himself up and eased ever so slowly inside. He moaned softly, closed his eyes, and grasped hold of his lover’s hips. Roy was so tight, so hot, so soft…He felt so unbelievably good.

Slowly he began moving back and forth. “Uhh…” He moaned reaching up Roy’s back. He had too…he needed…god it was so good… ”Roy…uhh…hands…Uhhh…” God he just wanted his hands, touch them, even his fingers tips.

Roy gasped and moaned. Ed stretched him just right. Nearly painfully. "Yesss..." He panted. Hearing Ed's moans and request for his hands he balanced himself on one, needing it to lean on the table, and reached over his shoulder with the other.

Ed reached for his lovers hand, panting. Roy’s cry made him shudder. As soon as he clasped it, he felt a surge of warmth like it made this more personal, more than it could get, and it also excited him to no end.

He thrust a little faster, a little harder, gasping, moaning. That familiar wonderfully blissful tightening started to build up again, powerfully and he cried out into the morning air. “Roy…ahh…ahhh…uhh…” Just a little more, he had to wait just a bit more, but he felt so good.

Somehow he managed to switch hands and reach around with his flesh hand to grasp Roy’s cock, somehow managed to stroke him, and nip at his back.

Roy gripped Ed's auto-mail hand hard, crying out as Ed wrapped his fingers around his member. Harder. Faster. His lover's teeth on his back. Roy felt himself coiling. "Ed! Aah..." He panted for each breath, waves of pleasure hitting him harder.

When he came it was as if his mind blacked out. There was nothing but a profound ecstasy encasing him as he squeezed Ed's hand and arched with a loud cry, letting go of the coil to let it burst free from his body.

Ed was lost to it all, the sounds emanating from Roy’s throat, his hand gripping his auto-mail, though he could only feel the pressure and no warmth, the way he felt arching against him, the tightening of his body around him so powerfully, his seed spilling upon his hand.

Ed screamed bucking into his lover one last time as he hit that wall so hard again, shattering, shaking violently. Panting, he slumped forward, his cheek resting upon Roy’s sweat kissed back. He was nearly sobbing; weak even, barely able to stand upon his own two legs. He moved his arms weakly, hugging on to the flame alchemist tight.

“Roy…are you…okay?” he managed to get out as his mind came back to him. Slowly he pulled out, still hugging him. God help him if he hurt him. He didn't know how rough he'd gotten and he was still nervous about this, a little scared.
Leaning on the table, waiting for his senses to return to normal, he heard Ed and smiled. He turned in his embrace to face him, a sated smile on his lips and in his eyes as he looked at Ed. "I'm better than okay," he breathed.

Noticing his lover's wobbly legs, he pulled him closer and slipped an arm under his as he stooped. "Are you?" He chuckled and nuzzled his ear.

Edward leaned into Roy’s embrace, closed his eyes as his lover nuzzled his ear. “Mmm hmm,” He mumbled. “Stop laughing at me bastard.” It was a halfhearted retort at best. He forced Roy to stand up straighter, pushed his way to make it happen and just stood there, resting his head upon his strong chest. He smiled hearing Roy’s heart beating strongly, becoming steadier, and closed his eyes. He could stay like this forever he only wished they had forever, but they didn’t, and proof of that ticked away upon the wall softly.

He muttered to himself as he tore himself from Roy’s warm embrace moments later. “You’re not going to be late,” He said as he placed his hands upon Roy’s chest and pushed him to his chair, legs still a little wobbly but working fine. Oh great breakfast would be cold now, oh well it wasn’t like he’d trade this mornings happenings for warm food. Now that was a scary thought. He gave himself a metal slap. He had to get his Colonel fed, showered, dressed, and out the door when his subordinates came to pick him up.

Ed paused in the pushing long enough to stand on his tip toes to give Roy a kiss. “Okay eat, then go take a shower, and get dressed.” He paused a moment. “I’m going to call my brother today, get an exact time of when he plans to be back, maybe get him to stick with Winry a little longer if that’s okay?”

Roy nodded, "Sounds fine." He stooped to pick up his robe and then slipped back into it. "And Ed?" He smirked. "You're already sounding like a house wife..." He blinked, the smirk fading, "do we know each other so well?"

Ed blinked a moment then glared. He tried to count to ten like Al suggested. He really did he got to two but he just couldn’t let it go. That bastard! “I AM NOT A GIRL!” With that he swiped the lube up from the table and stomped into the bedroom slamming the door behind him.

Stunned, Roy stood a moment before following Ed. He knocked gently before opening the door. "Ed," he pocketed his hands and stood in the door way. "That's not what I said."

Edward snatched his clothes from the hamper then tossed them back. He still had to take a shower. He marched over to the bed and huffed, yanking the sheet and blanket up and rearranging the pillows. He glared at the bed. “You said ‘You’re already sounding like a house wife,’ How does that not implicate that I’m a girl?! I. Am. Not. A. Girl! I. Am. A. Guy you bastard!” He steamed. “How does me getting you ready for work make me a girl damn it?!”

"It was a joke," Roy sighed. "I never expected to hear you say those things." He took his robe off and slipped into his boxers and a tee shirt. "Don't make such a big deal out of such a small thing," he found a clean pair of uniform pants in his closet and pulled them out.

Edward squirmed and all he seemed to hear was the word ‘small’. “WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL HE NEEDS A LADDER TO SEE OVER AN ANT HILL!” he shouted, painting afterwards.

"Ed..." Roy ran a hand over his face. "Fine." He grabbed a shirt from his closet and buttoned it up. "Be mad. I don't have the time to coddle you." He grabbed his uniform shirt and slipped it on, then ducked into the restroom to run a wet hand through his hair.
“Fine!” Ed barked and flopped down upon the bed tapping his foot upon the wooden floor in annoyance. Wait… coddle him? He wasn’t some little kid! Jerk! He huffed once more and scratched his head then got up to finish making the bed. Once that was finished he headed for the bathroom, stopping long enough to gather some clean clothes from his suit case.

Coming out of the bathroom, Roy approached Ed hesitantly. "I have to go..." He leaned down in an attempt to kiss Ed goodbye.

Edward glared and ducked, slipping around him, muttering to himself before slamming the door. He sighed, tossing his clothes to the vanity and leaned into the shower to turn on the water. He didn’t hear anything but the falling water and jumped back hissing and cursing as he’d only turned on the hot.

“Damn it,” He reached in and quickly spun the cold handle and waited until it was right temperature before stripping out of Roy’s shirt and stepping in. The water felt nice, nice and warm and he sighed, relaxing.

As the water soothed him he began to simmer down and just let his mind unravel. He thought over everything in the last two days, this morning. He reached for the shampoo and cringed. “Shit!” he hissed, yanking it up and squeezing out a little. Roy must really be pissed at him now. He was such an idiot! Why was it he could never reign in his temper when it mattered?! Why couldn’t he take a joke?

Sighing, he decided to apologize to Roy at lunch if he even showed up. He wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. He finished with his hair taking his time, no doubt Roy would be gone by now.

Finally he was finished and got out, dried off, and put on his clothes. He picked up Roy’s shirt and held it to his nose, inhaling his lovers scent. Damn it, he should have kissed him. He missed him already, felt terrible.

Shaking his head, he hurried to bush and braid his hair, then went to finish breakfast, and cleaned up the kitchen, doing the dishes and wiping up the counters. Then he found the book on flame alchemy he’d picked up the day before and headed out. He needed to call Alphonse still, hoping he could salvage things with Roy, but he could take a break from reading midmorning.

Roy had waited outside the bathroom a few moments before he heard Havoc's car pull up. With a sigh he left without a goodbye, his mood spoiled. He sat in the car on the way to work with his arms crossed and a brooding look on his face, ignoring his subordinate's questioning glances.

He took Hawkeye to the library first thing, not hiding the subject matter nor the clearance level on the materials he was looking for. Finding what he was looking for he tucked the small book into an envelope and then headed for his office.

The book wasn't much, but it was a start and the time he had spent searching had given him time to reflect on this morning. He'd only been with Ed a few days and already they were fighting. He wasn't sure if that was healthy, but at least they were back to normal. Normal for them, at least.

His recovered good mood didn't last long. Hughes had managed to scent his best friend out and cornered him with new photos of his daughter. But he didn't end the conversation with 'find yourself a wife' this time. The way Hughes eyed him before leaving his office made Roy sweat. Hughes knew something was up with his friend in the love-life arena and he planned on getting to the bottom of it since Roy decided to deny such a thing.

"I just hope this person makes you happy, Roy," he stopped in the door way a moment, giving Roy another chance to spill, then left.

"Of course he makes me happy... he just has annoying anger issues," Roy grumbled to himself and turned his chair to gaze out the window. He sighed and glanced at the clock. It was going to be a long morning.

Edward sighed, looking at his pocket watch. It was only ten and he wasn’t making much progress in the way of deciphering this code. He knew it had something to do with guns, but since he didn’t really know anything about guns since he’d never even fired one, he didn’t know what half of this stuff was. For instance he had no idea what a matchlock was let alone a Brown Bess. He did know what a single shot was and a musket but…Ugh this was just annoying. He was going to have to look half of this stuff up and then try to figure out what was what and which word was what. Damn it!

Shaking his head, he closed his pocket watch and decided to head down to a pay phone to call Alphones. Maybe a break in the studying would do something for him. He took off his coat and left it lying over his notes and book so no one would come a long and try to clean up after him.

When he got to a phone booth outside, he dug out some change and stuffed it into the meter then dialed Winry’s home in Resembool. It rang twice before Winry’s voice chirped out the business jargon for Rockbell Auto-mail.

“Hey Winry, is Al around?” He asked.

“Ed!” She cried. “Hey wait you don’t want to talk to me?”

Ed sighed, leaning against the booth frame. “That’s not it, I’m just busy doing some research and I needed to ask Al a question. How are you and Pinako?” He added the last bit to save his ass and later his head from the wrath of her wrench.

“We’re okay, I’ll go get Al okay?”

“Yeah,” He replied and could hear chatter in the back ground. Then the familiar faint clanking of his brother’s metal body.

“Hello brother, Winry says you wanted to ask me something?” Al’s soft voice said through the phone.

Ed smiled as it was so good to hear him. “Hey Al, are you having a nice stay with Winry?”

“Yes, she’s been explaining something about auto-mail to me so I can help you take care of yours. How are you, did you get anymore leads on the stone?”

Ed blew his bangs from his eyes. “No, and I’m fine, had another fight with Mustang this morning.”

“What about this time?” Al asked concerned. “You didn’t lose it again over a you know what comment, you know he only does that to get a reaction.”

“I know I know he just…Ugh look I’m doing fine. I’m doing some research and since you’re having fun why don’t you stay awhile longer. I’ll let you know if anything comes along and I won’t leave until you get back k?”

“Is something wrong Ed?” Al asked. There was a hint of suspicion in his voice that made Edward nervous.

“N-no, why would there be anything wrong?”

“You sound nervous, maybe I should come back.”

“No Al! I’m fine, just…just a little frustrated with this research is all. Don’t worry about me; take a few extra days or even a week. Who knows when we’ll get another break and you’ll get to see Winry.” Please oh please say you will. Ed pleaded silently.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Ed replied.

“Okay well I’ll take a week, make sure you call if something comes up.”

“I will, can’t go with out you right?”

“Right, oh I have to go, glad you’re okay brother.”

“Yeah you too, bye,” Ed said and hung up the phone heaving a sigh of relief. He slumped back against the cold glass.

After about a minute of just standing there he headed back up to the library, remembering he was supposed to get a key from the service desk. He obtained that then gathered his things, heading for the study room.

Once there he plopped down to take a stab at his notes and the book again.
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