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Fic: Pyrometallon chapter 3

Before we get to the fic I'd like to take a brief moment to tell you all about a book! :) parisdiva has wrote a book that will be making it's premiere Jan. 15th. Take a look: A Soldier's Choice. I'm sure you can see the Ed/Roy influence from the start. :)

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Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Yaoi (SERIOUS warning!!! we get very nasty, rated XXX here)

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Beta: Position open, apply with a comment and contact email.
Word Count: 8,752
Crit: This fic hasn't been beta'd, so please don't nitpick grammar or spelling. But if you'd like to leave a NICE comment or two about how we're doing, go ahead. CONSTRUCTIVE crit appreciated.
Summary: "I like waking up with you," he admitted.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted by crimson_lantern over at

Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Edward unlocked the front door of the town home, kicking it open with his foot gently as he entered. Quickly he closed the door and made way for the kitchen to place the bag of food down. “’Pick up what ever is on the way,’ he said.” Ed muttered, setting the paper bag upon the kitchen table. Carefully he pulled the two wrapped sandwiches out and sighed. “Easier said than done when there’s four places along the way. Hope he doesn’t mind ham.”

Roy came up behind Ed and wrapped his arms around him, "That's good, I like ham." He hugged Ed gently before pulling away to grab two glasses from the cupboard. Filling his with water he perked a brow at Ed. "You want milk, right?"

Ed glared daggers at him. “No!” He rounded the table and plopped down in a chair reaching for a sandwich. “I didn’t know what else to get. You’re going to have to tell me what you like to eat, but don’t expect me to cook. Al said I can’t before…” He trailed off and centered on his sandwich. He frowned deciding to ask a question. “Does my auto-mail bother you? I mean when we’re you know? I know it’s cold and…heavy.”

He had been teasing about the milk but could see something was bothering Ed as he sat down. And then the question. Filling another glass with water he sat it before Ed and took his own seat. "When we're having sex, Ed?"

He unwrapped his sandwich. He didn't lift it to his mouth but looked at it in thought. "It doesn't bother me Ed. I notice it... cold on my skin where your other limbs are warm and..." He looked up at Ed. "When I feel those opposing sensations on my body it seems strangely fitting. With you."

Ed unwrapped and took a bite of his sandwich, chewing on it and the words Roy spoke. Strangely fitting…He sighed meeting Roy’s eyes again. In a way he supposed it was. “So then it doesn’t bother you…Eh this entire situation is strangely fitting. You piss me off so much and bait me and you love it.” He smiled. “I do too to a point. I never know what’s going to come out of your mouth. I used to think I hated you but here I’m telling you I love you. It’s like you always win and I can never get the upper hand…But in this instance I really don’t mind…You’re still a bastard.”

Roy smiled stoically. "We complete each other, don't we? Two opposites coming together to make one. I'm flame, you're cold metal. I'm collected, you're emotional. I'm tall, you're short. In the end I guess it all works out." He pointed his narrow eyes at Ed and smirked before taking a bite of his ham sandwich.

Edward fidgeted in his chair. “Don’t call me short old man. You just couldn’t…” He grunted and tried to focus on his food. It was rather good for a place he’d never been. But he tended to eat the same things over and over again, things that he could eat on the run if he had too .

He tapped his foot beneath the table wondering what to say at this point. He didn’t even know what Roy talked about and with Al they mostly talked about stuff pertaining to them, the stone, and such. He swallowed his bite of sandwich and took a sip of water then set the glass down with ease. “So…how was work? Anything interesting happen besides me showing up?” Oh he was bad at this.

Roy chuckled at that. "It was the highlight of my day," he mused, though he wasn't being very sarcastic. After a day of paperwork it had been a nice stress reliever to have Ed 'show up'. "So what time should I expect you tomorrow? Honestly, I had been expecting you much earlier today. I'm surprised you went without me for nearly a whole day."

Ed’s sandwich fell from his hand and upon the paper wrapping it’d come in. He just couldn’t resist himself. That egomaniac! Tomorrow?! Tomorrow?! How the hell was he supposed too…The book was good for today but…and his office was dangerous, too dangerous, today they had been lucky, very lucky.

He scratched his cheek trying to think of something. Then he grinned almost snickering. “I’ll be there all day. I’d like to look at that book I picked up and I have no where else to be since Al’s not back. It will be nice to see Havoc and Hawkeye for a whole day. You know with out a mission report in my hands.”

"Enjoy it while it lasts," Roy took another bite out of his sandwich, an idea coming to him. It was a bit selfish but it would probably help Ed in his search for the Stone more than sending him off on errands in other towns did. He eyed Ed, wondering how that search was going.

"In fact, I want you to stop by tomorrow. I'll have something for you." He could access papers, manuscripts, and books that few others were permitted at Central. He knew there was writing on the Stone Ed hadn't read yet because he didn't have the rank.

Dusting off his hands as he took his last bite he then drained the glass of water.

“On the stone?!” Edward asked nearly jumping to his feet. He hadn’t had a solid and real lead on that damned thing yet and felt like he was being jerked around half the time. “Or is this some ploy to get rid of me?” He was probably over reacting but usually when Roy said he had something for him it entailed him leaving and while he wanted to search for the stone Al wasn’t back and he didn’t want to leave Roy yet. “S-sorry,” He added after a moment’s pause. He ran his hand through his bangs, feeling like a complete idiot.

Roy blinked at him a moment. "Right now I'm not certain: I'll have to
do some digging in the morning." He leaned on the table with his
elbows. "But I'll try to have something on the Philosopher's Stone for
you." It gave him a nice excuse to avoid more paperwork for the
morning. He smiled at Ed's excitement.

Insert foot and swallow Ed, Edward thought to himself. He felt himself blush and hurriedly picked up his sandwich to finish it. Once that was done he set about cleaning up the mess, swallowing the last large bite he’d eaten. He paused long enough to wash it down with water. “Thanks Roy, sorry.” He tossed his wrapper in the bag and came to stand beside his lover. “Some times I can’t tell if I’m coming or going with you.”

Turning in his seat Roy looked up at Ed and drew him closer by
wrapping his arms around his hips loosely. "I'm not certain I follow,
Ed... what do you mean?"

Edward lifted his hand to Roy’s cheek. He loved Roy; he really did, as much as he loved Al. It was just learning to trust someone who made it kind of difficult in the first place was catching him up. He just needed to let go of the fear of rejection and betrayal and believe for once in his life that someone outside his small circuit wanted him. “I suppose I’m paranoid. It’s nothing, forget it.” He leaned down and kissed Roy’s lips, slipping his tongue along the seam.

Roy wanted to know what was wrong. He wasn't going to let Ed brush it
off like that. But his kiss... it was so easy to become lost to this
body. Parting his lips he met Ed's tongue and licked it before
pulling back slightly. "If something's wrong I want you to tell
me..." He reached up with a hand and rubbed Ed's back gently, his
fingers making lazy circles on his shirt. "Did I say something?"

Ed shook his head, kissing him again then pulled back a moment. “No, just sometimes you say you have something for me and that means I have to leave.” He moved closer. “I want to find it, I need to find it but Al’s not back and…This is stupid but I kind of thought you wanted to get rid of me. See stupid, why would you want to do that when you told me you love me right.” He smiled a half smile and bent down to kiss him again.

Kissing him softly, Roy smiled in relief that it was just a misunderstanding. "Never," he said between kisses. He wasn't looking forward to the next time he had to send Ed on a mission. Especially now that he was planning on getting used to his warmth while he slept at night.

"It’s just reading material," he explained, moving his lips to kiss Ed's chin. "I can meet you some where if you prefer to give me a break from the paperwork..." He smirked, eyes gleaming mischievously.

Edward shook his head almost laughing. What a horny bastard. It would be nice to tease him for once, make him squirm. He’d be sitting in the room at one of the desks and Roy wouldn’t be able to do a thing all day. Then again he wasn’t sure how he was going to keep himself from touching him either. But they had right now and right now… He grinned. “I’m still coming in tomorrow. What if I need help?” he asked innocently. “Like now, I think I need help getting this uniform of yours off.” He lifted his hand and trailed his fingers along the front seam.

"Hmm?" Roy chuckled and moved his hands down Ed's back. "Do you really need help?" Over his firm ass where they cupped and appreciated how in shape he was for a moment. "Maybe I should make you practice taking it off yourself." Down to the back of his thighs and around. He loved how sculpted Ed was, and though he'd never say this to Ed- he loved his size.

Ed felt a familiar tightening in his stomach and one in his pants, he was starting to get used to it. “Practice?” He smiled, leaning closer and pulled the bottom snap open. He glanced to the side to see if there was enough room in between Roy and the table, there was barely and for once Ed thanked god for being small. He winced at the thought and lifted his leg, straddling Roy’s lap. Ah much better, he thought and pulled the top snap of the uniform jacket open before sitting down. It really was a tight fit, but he loved being this tightly pressed against Roy. He loved the feel of his body, his hands, his lips.

Slipping his hands inside the uniform jacket he pulled on Roy’s snowy white dress shirt. “So how am I doing so far?”

Roy sighed a little gasp as Ed straddled his lap. He felt so good there. He could feel his bulge growing hard inside his form-fitting pants against him. And despite loving the way Ed was forced against him he pushed back from the table a little to give room to move, knowing he'd need it.

"That's good," Roy squirmed and bit his lower lip as the movement rolled his hips against Ed's. He wondered how well Ed would do with distractions and squeezed Ed's thighs gently; one hand sliding it's way upward to teasingly pet Ed's tight bulge. "I want you to take off my clothes. And then let me prepare you with the warming oil before you slide yourself onto me like this. You'll have all the control being on top of me... all the power as you ride me as hard or as slow as you want..." He smiled. "You'd like that, won't you? Being able to control me?"

Edward’s hands paused, his fingers clenching his shirt as Roy’s hands clutched his thighs. That wasn’t fair, what was worse was Roy’s hand touching him exactly where he really wanted him too be touching. He bit back a moan, arched his hips to get more friction, and focused on the buttons of Roy’s shirt. Once again he damned who ever had invented them but he didn’t yank the shirt over his head as he had the night before. Two could play this game…he hoped. Then Roy began to speak, his voice hinted with lust. What he was saying…Control…he’d be in control. Of course he’d love to be in control of Roy for once. Just the thought of it, listening to him talk like this made him quiver and work faster on the buttons. He had to get these damned clothes off him.

“Shut up…no don’t shut up, fuck, wait…” Oh that sounded really bad since that’s what they were in doing. “Shit!” He breathed finally getting the stupid shirt open. He leaned forward, placing a kiss upon Roy’s exposed collar bone, pushing his hands under the shirt and jacket, sliding the fabric over his toned shoulders.

Roy was finding out something new about himself tonight. He had never been one to like talking dirty before. But with Ed, he liked to make his younger half anxious with such talk.

Leaning forward an inch he let his shirt and uniform slide down his arms and off his hands. Gathering them he tossed them over to the other chair before returning his hands to Ed's body. "I wonder how fast you'll ride me, Ed." He tilted his chin up slightly as Ed kissed his collar bone, humming at the way his warm mouth made his skin goose bump.

"Probably slowly. You'll like being in control and will want to prolong the experience." He caressed Ed's buttocks, tracing the perfect tight muscles with attentive fingers. "Then again, you've so far begged me to take you faster and harder the two times I've taken you... you like it fast and hard."

Edward let Roy dispose of the top half of his uniform and began working on his pants. Good god his voice…it was so sexy it sent shivers down his spine and if he kept this up he was going to talk him in to coming before they had anything really started. So unfair, but not unwelcome. He’d just have to work faster.

He bent down a little and flicked his tongue over one of Roy’s nipples smiling at the way it grew taunt. He bathed it, rolling his tongue around it. His skin tasted salty and sweet, probably from the soap this morning, he smelled good too. Suddenly he lifted his head stilling his hand upon the button of Roy’s pants. “Which would you prefer?”

Roy moaned as Ed brought his nipple to full alertness with his tongue. He was becoming good at that. And he had on too many clothes compared to him at the moment.

"Whatever feels good, Ed. Do what your body tells you to..." He tilted his head slightly and kissed Ed, his tongue probing deeply and possessively. Right now, everything felt good. As he violated Ed's mouth he deftly opened his black jacket and pushed it off his shoulders.

“Mmm,” Ed said into Roy’s mouth as he shrugged out of his jacket. As fast as he could he brought his hands to Roy’s neck, pressing himself against him, fighting Roy’s tongue for dominance. Do what his body told him too, well that was easy, his body wanted to touch Roy everywhere, and so much more.

He broke the kiss for a moment to catch his breath then was back taking Roy’s mouth and not giving him a choice in the matter. He had to admit he didn’t know what was coming over him but he didn’t rightly care at the moment. Then he remembered Roy still had his pants on and that just wasn’t good at all.

He pressed harder with his lips, shifting his hips a little, and pulled on the button of Roy’s pants he could have ripped it off but thankfully he didn’t else he might need to repair them later. Then he unzipped them and reached inside finding his lover delightfully hard. He tugged slowly and none to gently, but not enough that he thought it would hurt.

He couldn't remember the last time he had been done this way. Dominated. He resisted at first, pushing Ed away, but it felt so good. He gave in to his rough kiss with a little moan of pleasure. He hoped Ed would do this more often.

He inhaled sharply, breaking the kiss sloppily as he felt Ed's hand seize his member. In this position he was stuck, he couldn't move his hips as much as he wanted to and he groaned in frustration. "Ed..." He cut himself short; he would not say 'please'... he would not beg.

Edward smiled mischievously, letting out a near purr when he heard his name spoken with those lips. It was thrilling to hear Roy call him by his name just like that, such a turn on. “Feeling a little trapped lover?” Who and where did that come from? He wondered but tugged upon Roy’s member again. He wanted…

He got up, wobbling a little, and tugged on the waist band of Roy’s pants, tugged hard. “Damn it Roy lift your ass.” It was an order not to be taken lightly. If he had too, he’d push him to the floor.

Smiling at Ed's frustration, Roy lifted his hips and grabbed the pants away from him before they'd need some stitching. "Who knew you could be so violent, Ed." He threw the pants onto the chair with his shirt. "I'm naked now... but you're still dressed head to toe." He smirked and leaned back in the hard chair. "You are going to do something about that, aren't you?"

Ed smiled, backing up a step right into the table and took a deep breath while enjoying the view. God he was gorgeous! He wanted him so badly and his pants were entirely too uncomfortable for his taste at the moment. As quickly as he could he kicked off his boots, pulled his shirt off, and peeled out of his pants and boxers then retook his place upon Roy’s lap. He made a point rub his cock against Roy’s, made a point to retake that lovely mouth and fight his tongue for the upper hand.

Something stirred in his mind, more like a light bulb went off and he caught hold of Roy’s hands keeping them from his body. As much as he wanted this man he wanted to make him beg and he figured he knew a way to go about that. He just had to get a little more control, get him to give in a little more. “Don’t touch me,” He breathed breaking the kiss. “Put your hands down, I mean it.”

Blinking at the unusual request, Roy paused and then shrugged. If it was games his lover wanted perhaps they'd be interesting. He put his hands down, his fingers loosely wrapping around the chair legs either side of him. He had not an ounce of power now and it made him squirm. "And if I touch you?"

Edward gave him a knowing smirk. “You won’t trust me.” With that he clapped his hands and placed them upon the wood, using his alchemy to transmute the wood around Roy’s wrists. He made sure to rub his body against his lovers. His goal was not to scare him and he’d undo what he’d done if that’s what Roy wanted.

He grasped Roy again and kissed him, stroking slowly.

This was a side to Ed he had always... wondered about. In his dreams he was a perfect little uke. But now and then, especially when he heard how Ed behaved on missions, he dreamed of this.

Blushing hotly, he broke away from Ed's mouth. "I... uhnn... don't I need a safe word for this?" He panted, a little drool escaping the corner of his open mouth. "It's 'tree'. Tree means stop." He moaned. "Stop means anything but stop," he licked his lips, his dark eyes burning into Ed's.

Ed had no idea what he was talking about as far as a safe word. He’d never heard anything about that, he just wanted to tie Roy up and make him beg, squirm. He was new to this whole sex thing but he figured he’d learn along the way. So he nodded playing along. “Tree means stop, got it,”

With that said he retook his lovers mouth a moment more then trailed his lips down to his neck, nipping at his juggler vein, licking it, sucking, but not hard enough to leave a mark. He’d leave marks else wear, places a uniform would cover up. He used his other hand to ghost over his chest, feeling the muscles beneath his smooth skin.

Suddenly he let go of Roy’s member and scooted back upon his lap so his member wasn’t touching Roy’s and focused solely upon his torso. He barely touched him with his fingers but pressed his mouth surely to Roy’s skin following his fingers.

Roy tested the chair surrounding his wrists while Ed kissed down his chest. His mouth was so hot! Roy whimpered. His member ached at being left behind. "Ed..." He chewed his lower lip as he watched his young lover move down his chest.

Ed smiled as he slipped off Roy’s lap. He placed his hands upon Roy’s thighs. “I’m going to tell you something, something I used to dream about…” He knelt and kissed Roy’s stomach. “It’s something Al doesn’t even know.” He kissed a little lower. “I used to have this dream where you’d be with me, kissing me…touching me…” he kissed a little lower rubbing his hands down to Roy’s knees and forced them apart. “And then you’d take off my clothes…and then…” He paused to grin wickedly, ghosting his fingers up the insides of Roy’s legs stopping close but not touching his hard member, lingering a moment. Then he trailed his fingers back to his lover’s knees. “Take me from behind…I was on my knees Roy…crying out your name, panting. You were holding me tight pressed against my back…It was such a good dream I’d wake up and have to take a shower…” He brought his fingers up again, getting a little closer but not touching him. He then decided to drag his tongue up Roy's left thigh.

Roy watched Ed as he was teased. Down his abdomen and thighs... all
the while giving him this mental image of Ed in bed. Asleep. Having
a wet dream about his colonel... Roy shifted his legs slightly,
squirming and trying to get some relief as he felt himself ache even
harder at this story. Licking his lip he groaned as Ed's tongue came
so close, but was so far... then he saw something, a curve where Ed
squatted in front of him. Where he knelt...

"I can make that dream come true, if you want," Roy breathed. Lifting
his foot he slipped it up between Ed's legs and against his member.
He knew he wouldn't get away with that... but he had to try.

“Uh…” Ed moaned, letting Roy stay like that a moment then glared taking his hands away and clapping again. He pushed Roy’s foot away and grabbed his other foot, pushing them both against the legs of the chair, and transmuted the wood, locking his feet in place. “That wasn’t nice.” Ed muttered deeply missing the contact.

He began rubbing up and down Roy’s thighs again each time getting a smidgeon closer but not touching him. He started licking Roy’s legs, placing kisses on the inside, nipping then stopped, lifting his head. He would make him…”Just say it you know you want too Roy…and once you do…” He brushed his fingers over Roy’s reddening member. “I’ll put this in my mouth.”

Roy was tense with anxiety and sexual hunger. He knew exactly what Ed
had wanted from the start... but he was stubborn, to say the least.
He chewed his lip as Ed danced his fingers over his member. He bit
back a moan, but it still came out as a whimper. "Ed..." he panted.
He wanted it so bad... "Edward... say what?"

Ed took his fingers away. “You don’t know…Hmm…” He sat back on his heels. Then he got up and walked around the chair resting his hands upon Roy’s shoulders. He bent down to whisper in Roy’s ear. “Are you sure?” He let his tongue reach out and lick the lobe, let his hands slip down, over his chest, fingers teasing his nipples. “I think you do Roy…And if you don’t I’ll just leave you here in this room alone while I go to the bathroom and touch myself. I won’t be quiet either. Then I’ll get dressed and come back to try this again. Think about it…” He ran his tongue along Roy’s jaw. “I can wait all night if I have too…” This was killing him, fun, but he desperately wanted to have Roy inside of him right now.

Roy tilted his head to the side, moaning, and looked at Ed. He looked
at him so long he wasn't certain he was going to say it. Finally,
when Ed looked ready to leave he broke. He couldn't bear to hear Ed
in the other room. He couldn't wait any longer.

"Wait..." he licked his dry lips and breathed. "Please. I can't...
Ed, I need you," he moaned.

Thank you God! Ed’s mind screamed. Finally! He held himself in control and moved around his lover slowly. He just had to find the lube now…He looked at Roy with a smile. “Hm…Too bad…” He licked his lips and left in search of the lube. He hoped it was still in the bedroom, no prayed it was.

Once in there he scrambled around looking for it and finally found it on the floor. Just because he could, just because he loved this upper hand thing, he reached down and stroked himself, letting out a low moan. Then he did it again just for effect and pulled a pillow case off the bed to muffle his auto-mail foot.

He threw the pillowcase to the floor and stepped on it, creeping quietly back to the kitchen. Luckily Roy’s back was to the archway. “Sorry about that, I had to find the lube,” He chuckled wickedly.

It was torture. And he had enough time sitting there listening to Ed
moan in pleasure to think of all the ways he was going to get him for
this. When he finally heard him come from behind, a lot closer than
he had expected, he bit back a growl and turned his head to look at Ed
over his shoulder. "That wasn't very nice, Ed," he chided, a
dangerous gleam in his eye.

Ed hesitated a moment. Oh he was in trouble…But he left the pillowcase and made his way over to Roy. He placed the lube on the table behind him and knelt kissing the tip of Roy’s erection. Then he smiled. “Who said I was nice?” He clapped his hands again and placed one upon Roy’s left wrist, freeing it then backed up quickly in case he tried to retaliate. He picked up the lube again and smiled, tapping the top against his chin. God Roy looked ready to kill him. “Now here’s the real question…since you were good…do you want me to fuck you or suck you?”

Was he really giving him a choice? Roy eyed the lube and then looked up at Ed, his hard gaze softening as his body screamed to be touched. "Please, Ed," he openly begged. He touched himself, not sure how much longer he could hold out. "Fuck me."

Roy Mustang you are a god! Ed said silently, he’d never say it out loud…ever. He nodded and uncapped the lube watching Roy, his breath hitching in his throat. Then he straddled his lover’s lap again and stilled his hand, pulling it from his member and leaned forward to kiss him lovingly and long.

When he pulled back he squeezed out some lube upon Roy’s fingers, tossed the tube to the floor, and stroked his fingers, coating them. “Remember what you said?” He didn’t wait for an answer because if Roy had done this to him, he would probably be too far gone to remember anything. So he leaned forward and guided Roy’s hand around behind him. It was difficult but he pushed his lover’s index finger inside of him himself, gasping, letting out a soft whimper. “Roy…”

His mind tried to wrap around what all he'd said and for several agonizing moments he was at a loss. He did remember though, as he felt Ed close around his finger and heard his name said so sweetly. He pushed his finger deeper, coating his lover's canal before adding a second to stretch him.

"I remember," he breathed, nuzzling Ed's shoulder up to the crook of his neck where he inhaled. "So hot..." He moaned next to Ed's ear. Then whispered: "however you want it" as he hooked a finger, caressing Ed's sweet spot.

Ed cried out so loud he was sure the neighbors could hear, maybe even the whole block but he didn’t care, Roy was touching the place again and he almost came. Oh god he had to…he needed… He wanted to face him, wanted to see him but it would be a difficult…

He whimpered as he pulled Roy’s hand away from him and frowned. “You have to…” He kissed him. “Scoot down on the chair and…” He kissed him again. “Help.” He frowned again and clapped his hands, leaned over a little, and released Roy’s other hand.

With some difficulty Roy some how managed to move his legs enough that
he moved his ass down to the edge of the chair. The chair was rubbing
his ankles raw where it held him, but right now didn't care. He
wanted Ed. He could taste him already. With his shoulders pressed
against the smooth back of the chair he touched Ed. How he had wanted
to touch him moments ago.

With his hands he didn't push or pull Ed, but he guided him. Helped
him and supported his weight.

Edward eased down with the gentle help of his lover, relaxed, taking him in. He sat there a moment to adjust and framed Roy’s face with his hands, just looking at him a moment then leaned forward once again to kiss him. The slight movement made him whimper in appreciation. Roy felt so good right here like this, inside of him.

Lazily Ed kissed him, letting his hands smooth down Roy’s neck, his shoulders, arms, to his hands where he laced his fingers with his.

It was difficult at first and he had to let go of Roy’s hands so he wouldn’t fall off, but he found a nice slow steady pace and that curious wonderful building began again. He was going to lose it and fast…almost there…”Roy…” he sobbed clutching his shoulders as he began to shudder. “Uhhh…” Wham! He came powerfully gasping, panting, shuddering but amazingly enough he managed to keep moving, he had too, he had too until Roy told him to stop, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

Gasping, Roy gripped Ed's hips. The feel of the muscles beneath his fingers moving... Of Ed, so tight and slick around his member. Ed's face, so full of pleasure, bobbing up and down above his... He reached up to touch Ed's face, caressing his ear as he watched him build up and go flying off into bliss. Moaning, he followed moments later, his hips jerking as he came hard and fast.

Breathing hard, he relaxed beneath Ed. His muscles trembled from the anxiety they'd been under. He pulled Ed gently, seeking his lips in a tender kiss.

Ed met Roy’s lips kissing him gently at first then a little harder before slipping off his lover. He undid his alchemy, returning the chair to its original condition and reached for Roy’s hands. His leg, his flesh leg was a little shaky but he didn’t mind.

He smiled retaking his place upon Roy’s lap, wrapping one arm around him, resting his head upon Roy’s shoulder, nuzzling his neck, and once again lacing his fingers with Roy’s other hand. He sighed contentedly. This was exactly where he wanted to be and needed nothing else at the moment. He felt a little guilty that he didn’t even need Al right now, but pushed it aside to just enjoy what he was feeling... comfortable and happy.

He snorted with a grin remembering how utterly scary and pissed Roy looked when he’d come back in the room. “Well that was fun…”

Roy smiled and embraced Ed tightly as he sat on his lap once more. Weaving their fingers together he held Ed close, like a lifeline and kissed his neck lovingly. It was perfect and he was happy, for once, with his love life. He never wanted to let Ed go.

"Fun?" Roy perked a brow and smirked. "It was." He agreed. "But next time you do that to me, do it some place more comfortable," he winked at Ed and nipped his nose, then his lips. "I like it when you get... dominant."

Ed frowned wiping his nose but smiled none the less. “More comfortable…I was pretty comfortable.” He snickered and kissed Roy before he could say something annoying. “I’m pretty comfortable now…I kind of like it too. I like to watch you squirm and hear you beg. It’s sexy.”

He sighed looking around the kitchen. It was…it was messy, clothes lying about, the lube half way across the room. He shifted and got up picking up his clothes and lube then looked back at Roy. The night was still young. “Let’s go to bed.”

Standing and stretching out his arms and shoulders, Roy followed Ed's example and picked his uniform up. He made a note to stop by the wash room tomorrow on his way in as he laid it over his arm. It'd be an hour to kill. An hour without paperwork or Hughes telling him to find a wife. He smirked at the mental image of Ed in a wedding gown.

"Did you bring anything by today?" Roy asked, hoping Ed had some clothes at least. He followed him into the bedroom and laid his uniform out on a large cushioned chair in the corner.

Ed nodded, folding up his clothes and setting them on the laundry hamper. At least there he would remember to wash them later. Then he pulled the tie in his hair out and shook out his hair with his flesh hand, guessing Roy liked it better down. It was wavy from the braid and still a little damp from this morning as his hair was thick. “I grabbed some clothes, odds and ends…some of my notes and books.” He turned smiling. “Why?”

He did like Ed's hair down and when he turned, with that sweet smile on his face, Roy reached up and ran two fingers through a strand. He shrugged lightly. "Just making sure you're comfortable." And really staying for a while... but he couldn't say that. "I like waking up with you," he admitted.

Leaning over he kissed Ed, his fingers exploring his hair. It was nice and soft like this. The possessive side of him was glad Ed didn't wear it down when he went out; he wanted to be the only one who saw his lover like that. "You didn't have to make the bed," he said when he took notice of it's crisp appearance thanks to Ed this morning.

Edward nearly whimpered when Roy looked away. His hand in his hair felt so relaxing and he kind of wished he could purr like the stray cats Al seemed to attract. How could he not be comfortable with Roy doing that to his hair? He wondered if he could get away with staying here when Al got back, just for a little while. Oh well they’d cross that bridge when they got there. As for the bed, he shrugged. “If I don’t make my bed in the morning Al gets in to one of his scolding moods and tells me he’s not my mother, habit I guess.”

He reached up and caressed Roy’s face with his flesh hand to gain his attention. “I like waking up with you too. I would like to everyday…” he sighed. “Let’s go mess up the bed.”

It hurt a little to hear Ed talk about Al and his mother, knowing all they'd been through, but he didn't show it. He didn't want to force Ed into talking about that.

Looking back at Ed he smiled and caressed his hair once more before bending a little lower and pausing as one hand touched his shoulder blades and the other reached further down to his thigh where it touched him. Pausing to make Ed wonder what he was doing before he scooped Ed up off his feet and into his arms. The metal limbs did make him heavier than Roy anticipated and an immediate new appreciation for auto-mail wearers came to light as he staggered once.

Smiling an apology he adjusted his arms and carried Ed to the bed. Laying him down he stayed bent over him and crawled part way onto the bed as he kissed Ed gently.

Ed almost yelped when he was picked up like a girl, he couldn’t believe Roy had done that, but it was…it was nice. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been held like this, or rather carried. Roy staggered a moment then smiled and Ed laughed to him self as he was laid down upon the bed. Roy kissed him and Ed melted a little as his lover crawled up the bed. “Not light as a leaf am I?” he joked then smiled. He let his eyes travel down drinking in the sight of Roy Mustang, his smile growing softer before he met Roy’s eyes, and lifted up upon his elbows, seeking another kiss. He paused a moment. “I do love you,” Then he covered Roy’s mouth with his own.

Roy returned the kiss softly as he finished crawling up onto the bed and next to Ed, one hand supporting his weight on the other side of Ed as he used the other to touch Ed. Despite having just been fully satisfied in the kitchen, Roy felt the need to kiss and touch and explore Ed. Perhaps because he had been denied this touching and kissing in the kitchen or maybe he was addicted to his lover.

Ed closed his eyes when Roy touched him, moaning softly into Roy’s mouth when he opened his. Damn the man was horny, but he didn’t mind in the least. He figured some sort of pay back was in order after the kitchen and while he denied everyone else from touching him he’d actually loved being touched and Roy…Roy, he dreamed of Roy touching him like this or at all for that matter.

He laughed when Roy’s hand found another ticklish place he didn’t know about. “Stop it,”

"Uh..." Roy perked a brow and then smirked, his eyes gleaming. He didn't stop, but continued to touch him. This time with the express purpose of tickling Ed and seeing his eyes dance when he laughed. "Make me," he chuckled.

Ed hit a laughing attack as Roy continued. This was hell, Roy was evil, the bastard was enjoying this! “Stop…please…Roy…” He squirmed and wiggled trying to get away but he just couldn’t he was laughing too hard. “Damn…it…stop…I’ll…do anything!”

Roy slowed down to a stop and leaned in real close to Ed. "Anything?" He asked. He smiled then. "Tomorrow, in the library?" He kept his hand on the spot, ready to resume his attack. Roy couldn't remember being so... needy with his ex lovers. Ed brought something out in him, he always knew this.

Edward gasped, catching his breath, chest heaving, trying to move Roy’s hand. The library was he nuts?! That was nearly as dangerous as his office, what was it with him and public places? He felt Roy’s fingers twitch as if they were going to start again and he nodded. “Uh fine…bastard in the library…” He swallowed wetting his lips. “Happy now?”

Roy soothed Ed with a flat palm down his chest. "Yes," he smiled. "Don't worry; all you'll have to do is study." He chuckled and lay down next to Ed, propping his head up on a pillow so he could look at him. "I'll give that pretty ass of yours a break," he licked his lips. "Are you sore...?"

Ed turned over thinking about it. “A little, don’t mind though…” Pretty? He didn’t know his ass was pretty, he couldn’t see his ass unless he looked in a long mirror and that wasn’t something he’d ever done. Hmm… he might have to do that sometime.

He reached over and took Roy’s hand with a smirk of his own. “You really don’t want me sitting in the office all day do you?”

Weaving their fingers together, Roy shook his head. "People might get
suspicious, you using my office as a study hall... and I wouldn't get
any work done." He had a hard enough time as it was with daydreams.
"I used to sit there signing reports... I'd read yours and touch
myself. I'd pretend you were hidden beneath my desk. Licking me."
He smiled softly.

It was true, Roy was right, people would get suspicious. Then Roy said something that positively floored him. He couldn’t believe it. He smiled. “My mission reports are hardly that entertaining…I think they’re actually quite boring.” He wet his lips slowly glad that he wasn’t the only one with naughty thoughts in this room. It was kind of thrilling to think Roy got off on something so trivial.

“And what exactly did I do under your desk besides…lick you…hm?” he smiled pushing Roy upon his back and pulled his hand from his lovers. He grinned mischievously and bent down to kiss Roy’s jaw. “Did I touch you?” He moved down a little and kissed his neck. “Did I take your clothes off?” He let his tongue out and trailed it down the middle of Roy’s chest stopping above his navel. “Tell me Roy, tell me and I’ll make it real here.”

Roy nearly wished he hadn't told Ed that. He could just see Ed's next
mission report being full of smut now. Just for Roy. Just to mess
with him at work, hiding a hard on while Riza wondered if he was sick,
holding his head on the desk and groaning while he read and refrained
from touching himself...

He squirmed a little as Ed pushed him back and began to kiss him. His
body. He whimpered as his body responded, twitching to life between
his thighs. "Ed... you don't..." Looking at him though he could tell
there was no arguing. Again with the dominance. His voice sounded
odd to himself as he told Ed. "You touched my thighs and held me in a
fist... licking me... like a lollipop."

Ed grinned and moved down in the bed. Roy’s member stood at attention. He slipped his hand up the side of one of Roy’s thighs then down the other and did it again, using his other hand, rubbing them lovingly. Roy may have a desk job, may not run around as much or if at all but he did have one toned body and his legs were perfect.

Then Ed grasped his cock in his hand and leaned over licking him a few times. “And then what?” He asked pausing between licks. He made sure to suck on the head just a little, lightly nipping his skin. He still tasted so good, salty.

He had to touch him! Sitting up, Roy spread his legs so he could bend his knees. "Its always different," he touched Ed's shoulders and back. "But it always feels wonderful."

He knew Ed wouldn't like a repeat performance of trying to swallow him though. He'd have to show him how later. Laying his hand over Ed's lovingly he took his auto-mail fingers and weaved them with his own. "Rub me with your hand," he breathed. "If it feels good, suck the tip..."

Edward began to stroke Roy as asked, letting his auto-mail fingers gently squeeze Roy’s hand. Truth be told he liked having Roy in his mouth up until the end, liked the feel of him, the texture of his skin against his tongue. He did suck the tip, rolled his tongue around it, kissed it every so often. He remembered where Roy guided his hand that morning and stroked him along there and as he did that he took him into his mouth, relaxed his throat as much as he could letting out a soft moan.

"Aah... Ed!" Roy's hand squeezed Ed's auto-mail hand as his lover re-found that highly sensitive spot near the base of his member, along the vein. He moaned as Ed took him deeper, felt himself sliding along his tongue and his crown touching his throat. Despite the indescribable pleasure and anticipation, Roy held still to make sure Ed was okay. His hand on Ed's back snaked up near his head, kneading the muscles of his shoulder gently as Roy just about purred.

He had to remember to breathe, he pulled back trying something different this time, moving his tongue from side to side and sucking a little harder than before. He kept taking Roy all the way, as much as he could and pressing, stroking that place near the base for a moment or two. Then he focused upon the head, bathing it, sucking it, licking it. It felt so nice, so warm and hard yet soft at the same time and the sounds Roy was making made it that much better.

Ed pulled his hand from Roy’s as he took him deep again and slipped it between his legs touching his sac, rolling it gently, he knew his auto-mail fingers and hand were cold and he had to be gentle, but he just wanted to touch Roy, make him pant and whimper. He was becoming addicted to the sounds, to Roy.

His hands flew to either side of Ed's shoulders, clutching the bed sheets into his fists as he cried out. His big ego thought he was going to have to teach Ed but Ed was learning all on his own, and he was getting good. He kneaded the bed sheets, bent over and panting as he felt that wonderful tightening before ecstasy.

He gasped and moaned. "Ed... I'm gonna... I... come..."

Ed sucked hard, bobbed his head a little faster. Then Roy’s hands left him, clutching the sheets. He could feel Roy’s breath upon his back and it was making him so hard. He loved the feel, dreamed of having Roy’s warm breath upon his back. Suddenly Roy was talking and not doing a very good job of it. He lifted his head, letting only his lower lip touch the tip of Roy’s member. “Then do it,” He licked the slit and stroked him with his hand, hitting that sensitive spot.

Once Ed hit that spot again, Roy lost control and erupted with a strangled moan. His body trembled as tense muscles relaxed. Feeling like he was floating, he took Ed's face between his hands and leaned in, licking his cheek clean where he had painted him. "Are you hard?" Like he had to ask. He licked his jaw, making sure to gather every trace of himself before it made his lover sticky.

Ed closed his eyes as Roy came upon his face, it was warm, felt weird, but didn’t make him gag; it was actually kind of kinky. Then Roy’s wet hot tongue began lapping at his face. Oh that made him shiver with excitement and whimpered. When Roy asked him if he was hard then licked his jaw he moaned. “Yes, very,”

He smiled opening his eyes and caught Roy’s lips with his. He could taste Roy there, getting a little of his semen upon his own lips and licking it off. No, still didn’t really like the taste but surely he’d learn to like it or at least get accustomed to it. In deciding that, he kissed Roy again, forcing his tongue into his mouth and sucked his tongue.

"Mmmph," Roy moaned as Ed forced his way into mouth and latched onto his tongue. Something in his mind broke as Ed did that to him, making him feel weak all over with goose bumps. A kiss like that went straight to the groin in a flash... luckily he was well spent in that domain for tonight.

Looking somewhat dazed when they finally broke apart, Roy looked at Ed. Who knew? His lover had secrets yet. He smiled, reaching between Ed's legs to tease his thigh. "Your turn..." Pausing a moment with a brow perked he hmmed and then leaned back, replacing his hand with a foot.

Ed moaned, shifting a little when he felt Roy’s hand upon his leg. Then he said it was his turn and he about cried out in protest when Roy paused. He was so hard it hurt, Roy’s face bath, sucking his tongue, the look in his eyes when they parted had excelled his lust and he needed release.

He gasped, eyes going wide when he felt Roy’s foot upon his leg, when he watched him lean back. Was he going to…use his feet? Oh god that was highly erotic to him. He shifted again getting more comfortable and ran his fingers down the top of the Flame Alchemist’s foot, to his ankle, pausing to trace the bone, then continuing on to his shin. He wet his lips letting out a pleasured sigh.

Watching Ed closely, not missing a facial expression, Roy eased the ball of his foot and his toes against Ed's member. He flexed his toes in a massaging motion as he began to stroke him slowly. He was so warm against his toes, so hard... he sighed a little moan for Ed.

“Uhh…Roy…” Ed gasped, his hips bucking into his foot, grasping the sheet with one hand, grasping Roy’s shin with the other. God it was so different but so good. What he was doing with his toes…too slow…it was sweet torture and he was almost there. “Uhh…” There! He felt himself let go, couldn’t believe it happened so quick, couldn’t believe how amazing it felt and he was trembling a little. He didn’t know if it was from the excitement or the release or both. He sat there a moment as he came down, panting.

Watching him a moment, a smile on his lips, Roy studied his lover's face. Then, leaning forward, he kissed him gently and held him to his chest. Leaning back again he brushed Ed's hair away from his face as he let his head sink into his pillow. "You should wear your hair down more often," he commented.

Ed smiled, shifting so that his auto-mail wasn’t lying directly upon Roy, it was cold metal, he knew because he lived with it all the time. “Okay,” It was nice to know Roy liked it so much. “Mm, you feel nice,” With that he nuzzled Roy’s neck. He was spent, done, ready for sleep, but he didn’t want to sleep directly upon his lover and now that he was sated, the sweat drying once again he was a little chilled. “Roy…” He slipped off him, stopped briefly, long enough to kiss him then got under the covers, snuggling up next to him. He propped his head upon a pillow and reached for Roy’s hand again. Roy was probably sick of all the hand holding but he just didn’t care, they couldn’t do this in public so he was going to get as much of it as he could.

"Sleep well, baby," Roy murmured, squeezing Ed's hand. He drifted a
moment and didn't realize it until he felt himself falling and waking
from a hypnic jerk, then gave up and surrendered to the suddenly
pressing sandman.

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