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Fic: Pyrometallon chapter 2

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Yaoi (SERIOUS warning!!! we get very nasty, rated XXX here)

Characters/Pairings: Ed / Roy
Beta: Position open, apply with a comment and contact email.
Word Count: 7,337
Crit: This fic hasn't been beta'd, so please don't nitpick grammar or spelling. But if you'd like to leave a NICE comment or two about how we're doing, go ahead. CONSTRUCTIVE crit appreciated.
Summary: "What if all that Roy had said last night was just last night and since he’d not be loosened up with alcohol this morning, what if he kicked him out?"

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.
Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted by crimson_lantern over at

Chapter 1

Edward awoke, feeling a little sore in places he didn’t think he should. He felt warm breath upon his face, felt a warm protective arm draped over him, knew he was naked, and needless to say this was not normal. If it hadn’t been for the familiar scent of Roy, he might have flipped. But as the memories of last night began to surface in his mind, he smiled and was able to relax where he hadn’t known he’d tensed up.

He smiled fighting through the usual morning groggy haziness that always clouded his mind upon first waking and opened his eyes. He didn’t know if Roy was asleep or not but right now he really didn’t care, not when he looked so at peace. He was beautiful resting here, still holding on to him. Ed felt at home for the first time in so long. He didn’t want to leave this bed and he didn’t want to leave this house, he wanted to stay here just like this.

Carefully, in case Roy was still sleeping, he reached up to run his finger’s through his black hair. He wondered what today would be like and had a small ribbon of fear slither its way in. What if all that Roy had said last night was just last night and since he’d not be loosened up with alcohol this morning, what if he kicked him out? He didn’t think Roy had been drunk last night but he still could help but be afraid that last night was the one and only time he’d ever get to be close to him. He hadn’t really gotten any answers save for that Roy wanted him as much as Ed had wanted him. Would one night where he felt like all that mattered to Roy was him be enough?

Roy stirred, at first not aware of what had awakened him. His head told him he'd been drinking last night. The warmth against his body said he wasn't alone. That made his eyes open after a moment's heart attack.

Then relief and memory as he saw Ed looking at him. "Good morning," he murmured, his morning voice thick with sleep. He smiled and moved his arm. Ed felt wonderful in his arms. He was soft, but he was strong beneath that soft skin. "Sleep well, Ed?"

Edward smiled he couldn’t help it. He liked the way Roy sounded first thing in the morning and though the fear was still there within his mind, he pushed it away for the moment. He loved the way he looked as well, all sleepy and calm.

Lazily, he turned over enough to stretch out like a cat with out hitting Mustang. His auto-mail felt a little slow today, the rain had probably not been good for it in the least and he’d have to take some time to oil it up. He moved his fingers as he turned his head to look at his lover. Another smile crossed his face and he returned to his side letting his eyes caress his face. “Morning to you too and yeah I did. Did you?”

Touching his stomach and chest, Roy couldn't keep his hand from caressing Ed as his lover stretched out beside him. "Just fine," he answered, not in the least bit hurried to shake off his drowsiness. There was a throbbing in his head he didn't want to make worse by moving too fast this morning. "Better than usual," he added and reached up to brush Ed's hair behind an ear.

Sitting up he rubbed his eyes and yawned without apology. "Plans today?" He held his head in his hands. He knew he must be hurting more than he could immediately tell; he was stiff and couldn't find the mental capacity to form a full sentence at the moment.

He watched Roy sit up, watched his every stiff movement, and listened to his words. Hmm… He sat up rubbing his eyes a moment and clearing his throat. Then he moved behind his lover and hugged him from behind, his arms over his shoulders, pressing completely against him. Daring to because he’d always wanted to do this, he kissed Roy’s temple. “I have to take care of my auto-mail, maybe visit the library, eat something, but unless you’ve got something for me to do, nothing else. You feeling okay Roy?”

Roy relaxed as Ed pressed against him. He reached up to hold Ed's
arms and leaned his head next to Ed's. "Just hung-over," he smiled, he
had hoped all their activity last night would have taken care of the
alcohol in his system.

"You should eat," he turned his head and kissed Ed's cheek. "I'll
cook breakfast if you hang around." He reluctantly opened Ed's arms
and stood, pulled his arm gently and leaned down to kiss him. "But
first, I'm going to shower." Maybe it would help the throbbing in his
head. He didn't want to be in pain after the pleasures of last night.

Relief filled Edward as he kissed Roy back. Breakfast with the Colonel sounded really nice and it sounded like Roy didn’t regret last night at all. At least he wouldn’t be eating alone. Well Al did sit with him while he ate in the mornings, but it wasn’t the same. Often he felt guilty for being able to eat and knew why Al couldn’t.

He pushed those thoughts away and grinned as Roy stood. The mention of a shower sent all sorts of lovely images into Ed’s head. He would bet a good portion of his pay check that water trickling down that fantastic body of Roy’s would be…highly tantalizing. He really couldn’t keep Roy from duty, not with Lt. Hawkeye around. That could be very bad for his colonel and he didn’t want him lectured because of him. Oh but he wanted to see him. Damn his stirring body and mind that was taking a trip to the gutter.

“Want some company or do you have to hurry because of work?”

Had he created a monster? Roy could practically read Ed's thoughts as his eyes took Roy in. He smiled and reached for Ed's hand. "You could use a shower too." But it was clear showering wouldn't be the only thing they'd be doing.

Once in the bathroom, Roy slid the curtain to the shower curtain open and stepped in. He liked his water warm, not too hot, and set the knobs accordingly. He turned to Ed then, his body already stirring at the feel of warm water.

Edward held back a moment, watching the water trickle over and down the flame alchemist’s lean body. It was…very very fascinating and he arched an eyebrow watching, one particular stream travel down over his stomach, further down, down, down. He was just as stunning as last night.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Edward and he couldn’t help the nefarious grin that crept upon his lips as he stepped in. “Water douses flame…so you’re pretty harmless in the shower, like a kitten, meaning I can do things like this,” He ran his hand down Roy’s chest, his abdomen, and grasped his member firmly yet gently. “And not have to really worry about any retribution right…Roy?”

That felt wonderful. His fingers wrapped around him firmly. Pointing
out that he was vulnerable to attack here was some how highly erotic
to Roy. He wouldn't willingly submit to many, especially Ed. But the
thought of Ed taking advantage of his weakness did turn him on... if
Ed was up to it.

Roy thrust against Ed's hand. Like a kitten, gently. "For now you
might be safe," he smirked with a gleam to his eye. He looked Ed over
slowly, hungrily... possessively. Like he was a steak... just out of
reach. "But I can't promise your safety later on."

Wow, Ed thought. He might really be in trouble later, that glint in his lover’s eyes, the way he looked at him made him suppress a pleasant shudder but…It’d be so worth it. He wondered if he could make Mustang whimper, plead, beg; he had such a nice voice when it wasn’t yelling at him. Those thoughts only hardened his own member. He began stroking Roy’s cock tightening his grip a little more, not too much though. If he were just a little taller he’d…

He lifted his auto-mail hand and none too gently shoved Roy against the shower wall, pressing himself against him, all the while pulling him down, and taking his mouth. He kissed him hard and possessively as if he was marking Roy as his. And remembering what felt good to him last night, Edward left that delectable mouth for Roy’s neck, nipping a little along the way until he reached a nipple. Once there he took one nubbin into his mouth, rolling this tongue around it.

Roy was surprised by the fierce way Ed claimed him. The grip on his
member was tight and caused him to thrust, remembering last night and
how Ed felt around him...

he nearly pushed Ed back to show him how it was really done when he
felt a wave of pleasure at Ed's hand and mouth on him. His mouth was
hard, claiming him like he was a... he groaned low and gripped Ed's
auto-mail shoulder to center himself as his mouth worked it's way down
his chest to a nipple.

"Ed..." he gasped, his hand moving form his shoulder to the back of
his head. Burying his fingers in his wet hair, he loosely gripped a
handful and tugged gently. "Faster."

Edward lifted his eyes to Roy’s face almost closing them just from the feel of his hand in his hair. Faster he said, hmm… He smiled moving to the next nipple flicking his tongue over it. “What was that?” He purred slowing his hand a little. “Faster, was that an order?” He smirked, letting go altogether, getting an idea in his head, and kissed Roy’s chest, letting his lips trail down his body until he came to his member. He wasn’t sure how to do this but he wanted to give it an honest try, give Roy the same pleasure he’d given him last night.

Placing his hands upon Roy’s thighs, he went from kneeling down to both knees and wet his lips slowly. Then after taking a deep breath he licked the head then rolled his tongue over it just to see how it tasted. With the water it tasted so sweet, surprising him. “Tell me how to make it good or I won’t let you go to work.”

Again he wanted to end this and put Ed in his place. But he also
wanted to see what the Fullmetal was up to. The young man often
surprised him, though he never let it show. He froze as he felt Ed's
tongue getting closer. He watched as he licked his lips, a small
groan escaping his mouth at that. He was beautiful when he did that.
He was beautiful kneeling in front of him.

He grit his teeth as Ed licked him. He needed more. He felt so good.
Warm. Soft.

How to make it good? He wasn't exactly a sex education professor.
Wetting his lips, and licking up the bit of drool that suddenly
threatened to escape, he looked at Ed. His mouth. He wanted him so
bad. "You can..." he felt some what foolish saying how it could be
done. "Lick it. When you take it inside your mouth, do it slowly
while you suck on it... and lick it..." he idly wondered if he had to
tell Ed not to use his teeth. "You might not be able to throat it
today... if you try, you have to relax your throat and remember to
breathe through your nose..."

Edward thought it over for the briefest of moments. Sounded simple enough all he had to do was apply it and pray that he did well enough to make Roy squirm, though he wasn’t sure he would get that response just yet.

Arching an eyebrow he leaned in giving Roy’s cock a good long lick from base to tip before taking it into his mouth, slowly as instructed. He moved his tongue a little. It was kind of difficult and he was determined take as much as he could. He frowned slightly relaxing his throat as much as possible, trying not to gag, that wasn’t working so well to his dismay. That was damned annoying, he thought pulling his head back.

He lifted his flesh hand from Roy’s leg and grasped his member, stroking to make up for what he couldn’t handle, swirling his tongue, mirroring what he’d felt the night before, and sucked careful not to bite. He didn’t want to bitten there so he figured Roy wouldn’t either. He picked up his pace a little.

His grip tightened in Ed's hair, though not to impede on Ed's
performance, but as a reflex like a kitten kneaded his bed right
before settling down. Ed was good. Roy knew with more practice he'd
be wonderful. Intricate. Mind blowing. Already Roy could feel
himself tightening, edging closer to his climax.

Gasping as Ed picked his pace up; he murmured his appreciation and
lolled his head back against the tile wall. Reaching down he showed
Ed where to rub his thumb, a place he was particularly sensitive along
the prominent vein on the underside. "Haa..." he pumped his hips
gently in short jerks. "Ed..." His hand tightened harder in his
hair, his whole body tensing. He bit down on his own hand, his moans
muffled as his hips jerked, his seed spilling, his mind going blank...

Ed closed his eyes, reveling in the sound of Roy’s voice, the way his name was said. It was a little difficult in the end with Roy’s hips jerking, he almost choked again and what came out of Roy didn’t really taste that good. He still swallowed it as Roy had done last night, making sure not to leave any behind. Mission accomplished, he made Roy cum and cry out his name. Not a bad start to the day if he did say so himself.

Slowly he stood, careful not to slip and ran his auto-mail fingers along his lover’s jaw. He looked so relaxed at the moment, so damned beautiful. Edward inched closer and stood on his tip toes to place a kiss upon his throat. A twinge burned with in him, something that he was afraid of and something that needed to be voiced if not heard by the other.

Swallowing hard, He wet his lips and tried to push it out. Maybe he wouldn’t hear…No; he had to hear it because it was important, he’d wanted to say for so long just been afraid of the reaction. After what Roy had said last night he was still scared shitless but a little braver. So Ed tried again this time finding his voice. He let his amber gaze burn into Roy, willing him to hear. “I…I love you.”

He hadn't been watching Ed, but the way his fingers had moved as he
came he knew Ed had taken more than he could swallow. So to speak.
He remembered his first time and part of him felt guilty at not having
warned Ed. For Roy it had been an acquired taste developed over time.
His first time had not been pleasant. He wanted to apologize but
before his mouth opened he saw Ed trying to speak... and then those
three little words.

His gaze was intense and he found himself sucked in, he couldn't look
away. He didn't want to. Leaning down he caressed Ed's face with one
hand, the other drawing him closer. "I love you too, Ed." This
moment seemed surreal. Who knew they could stop fighting not only
enough to sleep in the same bed, but to finally admit their true
feelings... Roy smiled a rare smile without sarcasm and that didn't
warn of impending doom.

Edward felt himself smile, feeling all fluttery and happy, and he just didn’t care. He couldn’t help it and damn it why didn’t Roy smile like that more often? This was a dream, a perfect one, it somehow took all the pain away and let him feel nice things again, safe, warm, things he’d almost forgotten in all the mess that had become his life.

He sighed softly, contentedly clasping his hand over Roy’s. “You’re going to be late. So how about breakfast?”

"Sounds great," Roy turned his hand so he could squeeze Ed's before
grabbing the soap. It would be unlike him to keep Havoc and Hawkeye
waiting and he didn't want them suspicious so early in his
relationship with Ed. Washing himself down quickly and then
shampooing his hair he squirted a fair amount onto Ed's head with a
mischievous chuckle. "Clean up, I'll fetch our clothes."

He grabbed a towel and began to dry himself off as he went to gather
their clothes. Picking out a clean undershirt he popped back in to
hand Ed his pile of clothes. "You should go get some of your things
while you're out today," he suggested. "There's an extra key in the
pot on the front porch."

Edward had finished washing the shampoo from his hair and stepped out of the shower, snatching up a towel before turning to turn off the water. When Roy popped back in it nearly startled him but he took his clothes from him noting that his pants were still a little damp. He’d definitely need to head back to his dorm first thing to change them out. The words that came from Roy’s mouth surprised him.

“You want me to pick something up for dinner?” He frowned trying to figure out the best time to be here as he would surely be finished long before Roy was off duty. Still it made him smile in side to be invited back. How in the world could he have known that last night’s aimless wandering could have taken him in such a pleasant direction? “What time will you be back?”

Roy pulled the shirt over his arms buttoned, frowning in thought. "I don't know, Ed. I haven't had time to clear the paper work on my desk." He buttoned the shirt and began tucking it into his uniform pants. "Drop by if it gets too late," he shrugged. He rarely worked late unless there was a tough case in need of it.

Walking back to the bedroom he set out the rest of his uniform to don after breakfast. Hearing a horn outside he cursed and looked apologetically at Ed. That would be Havoc and Hawkeye. "Guess time got away from us," he slipped into the rest of his uniform, smoothing out a few wrinkles.

Edward’s heart fell with the sound of the horn as he followed Roy back into the bedroom and he had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good idea to walk Roy to the door. He stood back a moment wresting with the thought of not being able to act like any other couple due to the same gender issue, their age difference, and their ranks within the military. Could he actually drop into Roy’s office if it did get too late with out causing some sort of alarm? There would have to be a good reason, oh he’d gone in because he was bored before, that would work but what of them leaving together? That would certainly raise an eyebrow or two and silent questions.

He eyed him a moment admiring how extremely well that uniform fit him. Oh well he was Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist, he’d come up with something if not last minute and it would be brilliant…He hoped.

He managed a real smile. “Fine, but you’re not getting out of this house just yet.” He said moving toward his lover, throwing his clothes to the floor. With that he pulled him down for a long kiss. Havoc and Hawkeye could just wait a moment more; this was his time and he was going to use it. He’d fight them for it if he had to.

Roy wrapped his arms around Ed as another hesitant blow on the horn sounded. He didn't want to let Ed go. But Roy rarely missed a day in his eager and bullied ways to gain promotions... a.k.a work. He kissed him long and hard, his tongue exploring the still new and wonderful mouth of the Fullmetal. He could taste himself there, just a little. It was nearly enough to start something he had no hope of finishing but he pulled away before his body could start reacting.

"Don't forget to lock up," he reluctantly released Ed, feeling flush and hot in his face. Taking a moment to hand comb his hair he groaned as a knock on the door sounded. They'd be breaking in soon. "Be safe," he smiled and pecked Ed on the cheek before turning and strolling down to the hall to the foyer.

He managed a slightly annoyed greeting to Havoc and locked the door before closing it. Havoc was left to guess at why the colonel had kept them waiting so long this morning. All he got was a knowing smirk from Roy when he asked what had kept him.

Edward sighed and flopped down upon the bed, scratching his head for a moment. He should wait a few minutes before leaving to give the car enough time to get down the street and around the corner.

He tapped his auto-mail fingers upon the bed and looked around the bedroom for the first time really. Damn Roy kept everything tidy, neat, had a pretty nice house. It didn’t have all the little frilly things that came with a woman around assuming a woman liked that sort of thing. His mother had some frilly things and it was nice but he liked this too.

Finally after sitting for some time, he got up and dressed himself, went in search of a comb, found his hair tie on the hallway floor, and braided his hair. Then he traveled back into the bedroom and made the bed. He found the kitchen and made some toast, ate and cleaned up in there.

The key was easy enough to find and he locked the door with a sigh. Get some of his things huh? Well he did have to head back to his dorm room to get the auto-mail oil. So he set out with his hands in his pockets much the way he came only he left with a lighter heart and a purpose.

Roy had a sneaking suspicion that Hawkeye knew. Or knew something. Or maybe he was being paranoid. Or maybe he was bored.

A relationship that involved sex, and "I love you"s with someone under his command was nothing to take lightly. Still, he wasn't sure how or when it'd come out... nor how the President would react if he found out. The man was hard to read, and dangerous.

Sighing as he finished one stack of paperwork he signed the last line and threw it into an envelope. And there was Hawkeye, scooping it up and carrying it off as she had the last few piles. Resigning himself, Roy reached for the next pile, frowning at the clock as it ticked away.

Edward looked at his pocket watch while he sat in the library. He had a problem, a very perplexing problem. He wasn’t sure what time Roy actually got off work, he’d never really stuck around long enough before to find out and he still hadn’t figured out what he was going to come up with if Roy was working late tonight and it was only five passed five thirty. All day he’d had this really bizarre feeling in his stomach and damn it he missed Roy already. Funny thing what this love thing does to a person, this knowing that the person you’ve secretly fallen for and tried so damned hard to not admit to yourself loves you in return.

He sighed closing his watch with a snap and forced his eyes back to the pages of the book on flame alchemy he was reading. He didn’t know what made him pick it up in the first place just walked down an isle and looked around settling on this one. But he couldn’t focus with his mind running its little marathon over everything that had happened to him in the last day or so, so he wasn’t really reading too much, not even finished the first chapter and he’d been here almost all day. Well he came after he took some clothes, books, notes, hair brush, and tooth brush over to Roy’s.

Suddenly Ed had it. What better way to learn about flame alchemy than from the man who was most skilled and praised for it. Grinning wickedly, he sat back to devise exactly how he was going to get Roy out of his office and to his apartment.

Thirty minutes later Ed slapped the book shut and marched right out of the library and straight for headquarters.

His feet began to get nervous; his hand began to grow clammy as he neared the familiar office door. What if they figured it out or saw right through him? He wasn’t nearly as good at hiding his emotions as Roy who was more methodical or so it seemed. Oh he knew he was methodical, he had to be but he was also very impulsive and tended to stick his foot in his mouth often.

Shaking his head and taking a deep breath he opened the office door abruptly because that’s how he always did it, and stormed in ignoring anyone else who might be in the room, and slammed the book upon Roy’s desk. He pointed to it and glared. “Explain,”

Hawkeye blinked at the sudden intrusion. She had been leaning down to fetch another pile of paperwork when Ed had slammed the book down in front of Roy. She was ready to call it a day since she had finally gotten Roy to clear his desk and now wondered what was going to keep them.

Roy smirked dangerously at Ed after glancing at the book. "Nice of you to drop in, Fullmetal. What's this about?"

Edward blinked at the man who was his lover, who at the moment was back to his normal smirking self, and almost squirmed with annoyance and nervousness. Everything he’d planned abandoned the ship that was his brain. Shit shit shit! Oh how he wanted to run out of here but he couldn’t, that would just cause some alarm. Thinking quickly, he narrowed his golden eyes at the book. “You’re the damned Flame Alchemist so you can explain some of that to me.” He kept his focus upon Roy and the book only afraid that Lt. Hawkeye who was a very intuitive woman might see right through him.

Roy sighed and pushed the book back at Ed. "And why would I do that? Have you forgotten how to read?"

Hawkeye eyed the two a moment before tapping the end of the folder to push two paper leafs back inside. "Sir?"

Roy looked at the folder and waved Hawkeye away. "That will be the last for today, Hawkeye."

As soon as the door clicked shut Roy grabbed Ed by the front of his shirt and pulled him roughly to claim his mouth in a kiss.

Edward gasped as he was pulled into the desk. Oh he was going to kill him and was about to tell him so when Roy’s mouth took his possessively. His thoughts of wringing Roy’s neck washed away and he melted almost instantly leaving his mind a jumbled mess laden with warm goop, never mind what the kiss was doing to his body, lighting it up. How did he do that?! And they were in his office! What if Lt. Hawkeye walked back in having forgotten something? But Edward couldn’t really pull away, not when he’d barely been able to concentrate all day because he’d missed Roy, not when he felt so good.

Finally he did push away, placing his hands upon Roy’s shoulders and gasping for air. “You…bastard. I was trying to give…you an out and you…” Ed glared shaking his head and slipped around the desk with his hands upon his hips. The plan he’d had suddenly came back aboard. “Now how are you going to explain why we’re even in the same room and not yelling? That could have worked for awhile damn it.” His eyes drifted to Roy’s mouth and he shivered remembering all the wonderful things it could do.

Roy turned in his chair and steepled his fingers as he sat back. "Really Ed, you worry too much. I've debriefed you plenty of times without yelling." He smiled and hid his mouth behind his fingers to redirect his lover's eyes. "You couldn't stop thinking about me, could you? About last night. This morning."

He thoroughly enjoyed pressing Ed's buttons. Even more so now. It was a turn on in some sick sadistic way of his. He bet Ed would feel fantastic when he was angry. Or once the hot headed teen cooled off enough to redirect all his anger... "That's why you came. So why did pull away from me?"

Ed blushed he couldn’t help it only he couldn’t decide if it was out of embarrassment or anger or both. That smug arrogant…UGH! It was as if he was being completely predictable. He should have just gone back to Roy’s apartment and waited there, no matter how long it took. Oh he should have known Roy would turn this around to use against him.

He glared again. “Because…because…” He didn’t really know why other than to breathe come to think of it, oh and he was pissed. “I had to breathe.” Lame ass excuse Ed, he thought. “Are you done for the day or not?”

Roy thought the blush looked very good on Ed. And though he couldn't tell if it was because he was angry or... Roy found himself very aroused by Ed's mood. "Air?" He lowered his hands and pushed out of the chair.

Approaching Ed he cornered him against his desk, one knee wedging itself between Ed's thighs. "Is that what you're calling it now?" He inhaled his scent, running his nose up his neck to his ear where he licked.

Edward was stuck, stuck with no way out unless he wanted to call for help but he didn’t want to do that. The way he was looking at him… This man was shameless, completely and utterly shameless backing him against his desk and moving his thigh in between his legs. That alone awakened his groin and he wanted to rub against it. Then Roy did a very unfair thing, he touched his neck with his nose and licked his ear and Edward was ready to throw Roy to the floor or the desk it didn’t matter which.

He closed his eyes, giving in for a moment, grasping his lover’s arms. Then good sense kicked in. “We can’t in here. What if we’re caught?” He breathed.

"Mmm... isn't that what makes it so arousing?" Roy's hands went to
Ed's belt, pulling it open. "The possibility of being caught?" He
licked his ear again before he licked his jaw, his chin, and finally
ran his tongue over Ed's lips. Lifting his leg a little higher he
pressed his knee up between Ed's legs and began rubbing back and

The danger of being caught was very real. Perhaps that was what made
Roy so eager to molest his lover here. Or maybe because this time of
day was usually slow in his office. If anyone did happen to show up
he just hoped it was someone he could trust.

Edward tried to fight it but everything Roy was doing to him…He was lost in it. No he didn’t want to get caught but it was rather exciting to think they just might be able to do this here and get away with it. Oh god his tongue felt so good and when it ran over his lips he opened his mouth, pulling him closer. Then he felt Roy’s leg and shuddered becoming harder and his pants were simply too tight. It was so wrong, so unfair… Fine, if this was were and the way his Colonel wanted to do this then he had something to say about that...or rather do.

Edward slipped his hands down Roy’s arms to his pants. He needed to lose them like now. So he worked as quickly as he could to get them open breaking the kiss long enough so he could see to get them unzipped and undone before tugging them down as much as he could. Then he caught hold of Roy’s head and pulled him down for another kiss.

Roy knew the longer they kept up at this the more the chances of them
being caught grew. Pushing Ed's pants down to his mid thigh he
allowed himself a brief moment to touch his bare thighs before
reaching behind them and lifting Ed up onto his desk. He broke the
kiss a bit sloppily, lapping up some drool from Ed's chin before he
pulled away to pull his lover's pants off altogether, cursing as he
had to stop to remove his shoes before the pants would come off.

Leaning over Ed he growled softly as he licked up his neck, his hands
pushing his own pants down far enough before he reached over and
fumbled a drawer open to reach inside.

The desk was a little cold against his skin but Ed didn’t care. All he cared about at this point was Roy and he wanted him. “Roy,” he half panted as he heard a desk drawer open. What in the world did he need from in there? “What are you doing?”

Mumbling, Roy half leaned over to look into the drawer and finally found what he needed. It was a wonder he had spent all day at this desk and managed to get all the work he did, done when at the back of his mind had been this tube he had brought in and what he'd do with it if Ed happened to come by.

"Didn't you think I'd come prepared?" He smirked down at Ed as he popped the top open and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. "Lay back," he gently pushed Ed back onto the desk. Taking his ankles he lifted them up and onto his shoulders.

He had picked up a different brand on his lunch break, and as he pushed a finger into Ed he watched him closely. It had a warming substance to it and Roy thought it much friendlier than the usual cold gel.

Edward was a little confused before it dawned on him and he almost rolled his eyes at the thought that Roy had planned this all along. He lay back and let Roy take his ankles, placing them upon his shoulders. It was the most awkward position Edward had ever been in, flat on his back with his legs in the air upon a desk in an office. It was kind of uncomfortable.

He winced a little, still slightly sore from the night before as Roy inserted his finger but it was different and odd. He frowned a moment a little surprised that it wasn’t cold in the least, well maybe a bit at first but then it got warmer. It felt really good. “Mmm,” and he nodded his okay for Roy to continue.

Roy leaned down as he stretched Ed with a second finger. Lifting his shirt, he kissed along his chest and was practically purring for Ed. "Do you want to try this next time? See what I feel like?" He pushed his fingers deeper and curled the last digits slightly, wondering if Ed had a secret sweet spot.

Ed clasped his gloved hands around Roy’s head, kneading his fingers, wishing he’d taken them off so he could feel his skin and hair. Panting and fighting back moans of pleasure he tried to process what Roy was saying… something about switching? Yeah that was it, well maybe but he didn’t know how…Suddenly he slapped his hand over his mouth to muffle the scream and arched his back and hips upward. OH GOD what was that?! It felt so good! So good he needed more but ... Moving slightly he panted. "Please Roy now?"

The reaction when he found his spot nearly made Roy come there and then. His face was so beautiful when he lost himself to passion... and his body felt so wonderful around his fingers. Pulling his hand away he delicately spread a dollop of the oil on himself, not wanting to set himself off prematurely he gritted his teeth and barely touched himself.

Then he was easing himself into Ed's tight warmth, a moaning sigh escaping his lips at the utter bliss that flowed over him. Leaning over Ed he began to thrust into him, slow at first as the hunger grew. He kissed his lover's neck, biting him and savoring his salty sweat with his tongue.
Edward bit into his knuckles, his lip, anything to keep from crying out in the pain mixed pleasure while his other hand clawed at Roy’s desk. God he felt so warm, warm and getting warmer. He thrust his hips trying to meet his lover, bucked, whimpering, and gasping. When Roy bit him, licked him it was almost too much to handle and he nearly screamed closing his eyes. He just needed…”Uhnn,” He whimpered around his hands. “Roy…hard…unnn…feels so good…Ahh…” He was almost sobbing not really realizing it.
How often he had sat behind his desk fantasizing about this very moment. Taking Edward onto his desk and making him cry out in the throes of passion. He knew then and there if they got interrupted he'd turn the intruder into a crispy black mess on his floor for it.

Reaching down with one hand he gripped Ed firmly in his hand and began to stroke him. He pumped his hips faster, gasping and moaning against Ed's neck. Pulling up slightly he looked at Ed. "Look... at me when... you... come..." He moaned and bucked into Ed. He wanted to see his face when he lost it.

Was that a order or a request…it didn’t matter Ed was so close now he almost couldn’t stand to hold back any longer, not with Roy hitting that place inside of him again, not with his hand stroking him. And he had been fighting it a little trying to last a little longer. Edward had found that the building, the time leading up to the orgasm, the thrusting, the touching, nipping, biting, moaning, and kissing was just as incredible as the end result itself. He thrust upward trying to still meet Roy…he whimpered.

Roy hit that spot again, that mind-blowing place he didn’t know existed and he opened his eyes as asked, reaffirming his hand over his mouth as he cried out, feeling that blissful moment once again, lost in the sensations, lost in the way Roy looked, his lust filled eyes.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl when Ed looked at him, his face flushed. He was barely aware of his own orgasm as his body shuddered and bucked one last time into Ed. He wasn't sure how long he stood there, leaning over Ed and looking at him, before he finally moved. Bending down to kiss Ed's sweat-damped temple “Thank you," he murmured.

Edward nodded unable to really move for a moment, just catch his breath. Slowly his mind was becoming aware that time was ticking away and he pushed Roy away a little mournfully. “We have to get dressed before someone comes in.” He slid off the desk and bent over to grab his boxers and pants, find his shoes.

Reluctantly Roy agreed and pulled his pants up. Using some tissue from his desk drawer he cleaned his uniform shirt and stashed the oil back into the drawer. Combing his hair with his fingers and readjusting his shirt he smirked and sat back behind his desk. There was one thing he hadn't considered until he sat there. The scent. Any one in the building who happened to come in would know what it meant.

"We should leave," he said and stood, propping a window open a crack. "Before someone smells this." He loved the scent of lovemaking, but it had no place in his office. "I'll see you at home?" He bent to kiss Ed gently.

Edward snatched some tissue from Roy’s desk and cleaned himself up before pulling his boxers and pants on. He smiled at the mention of leaving. He definitely wanted to get out of here. He kissed Roy back before sitting upon the floor to pull on his boots. Then he got up and rounded the desk looking for the book he’d brought. Only it wasn’t on the desk it was on the floor. How it got there… He grinned and bent over to pick it up.

“Yeah I’ll see you there. You never did tell me what you wanted for dinner and,” He lifted the book narrowing his eyes. “I do know how to read bastard, I just thought this would be a good excuse…” He paused a moment. Should he really tell him he’d been fascinated and awed when he’d first seen Roy’s flame alchemy at the train station? It might go to his head and they certainly didn’t want that. “I’m just interested is all.”

Slipping on his gloves and coat Roy perked a brow slightly. "Then you'll have a fun time deciphering those notes," he pointed at the book with a smile. The name on it was a pen name and few people knew who wrote it. Between him and Hawkeye he wasn't sure who else might know the real author. He wondered if she was worried with Ed having it...

"Pick up whatever is on the way," Roy tied his jacket shut. "I'll see you in a while."

Ed frowned, pushing the book with all it’s alchemic allure aside, if one could believe it, he sighed. He had two other important things on his mind, one being Roy, the other food and he was starving as he’d not had any lunch and for some reason after that fond bit of sex on the desk, he was hungry. That was odd but he didn’t want to get side tracked here, Roy still didn’t tell him what he actually wanted to eat. Ed didn’t even know what Roy ate save for mess hall food and well that was almost always what Ed ate. Well no, that wasn’t true he did go out a few times and did eat at various places on missions. But other than mess hall food which wasn’t spectacular…

He huffed and stalked over to his lover long enough to give him a quick hug then whipped around heading for the door. He paused before opening, glancing back. He tried to figure out Roy would like to eat just by looking at him. Some people could do that and it was an amazing talent that he just didn’t have. An odd thought hit him suddenly like a slap to the face and he smiled. This was okay, not knowing because soon he would know and that’s how this love thing was supposed to work. He was getting to know his Colonel and that warmed him.

Schooling his expression for one that would normally be seen when he exited the office, Ed opened the door and closed it a little hard, then stalked out of the HQ building ignoring everyone he met.
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