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Fic: Roy/Ed: Pyrometallon

Title: Pyrometallon
Authors: grygon as Roy and crimson_lantern as Ed
Genre: Yaoi (warning!!!)
Characters/Pairings: Ed and Roy (they switch... sometimes much to Roy's dismay ;) )
Comments: This isn't beta'd at all. But if you become a fan and would like to take up the task, drop me a line and my sex slave fellow writer and I will get backt o you asap.
Word Count: 8,349
Crit: As I said, it's unbeta'd, so no nitpicking grammar or spelling. But if you'd like to leave a NICE comment or two about how we're doing, go ahead. CONSTRUCTIVE crit appreciated.
Summary: "Ed’s eyes narrowed at the implication that he was only here because Al wasn’t home yet, no matter how much truth of that played a part in his being here."
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist doesn't belongs to us, no profit was made from writing this, etc.

Archiving: a big NO unless we get a beta some day. Until then, this is also hosted by crimson_lantern over at

The streets were dark and nearly deserted save for the occasional stray. Lamp lights flickered here and there; rain drops hit the cobblestone streets, the puddles, the houses, and a few parked cars. The only sounds to be heard were the rustling of the trees in the cold autumn’s night breeze, and the wandering splat, splat, splat of a pair of feet, one heavier than the other.

Edward sighed heavily, wondering what he was doing out on a night like this. It was cold and wet. He was cold and wet, his auto-mail even colder. He caught a glimpse of a white cat’s tail, a stray to be sure, judging from the fact it was digging in the trash. At this point in time a stray is exactly what Edward felt like. Al was away visiting Winry and Aunt Pinako. He had no assignments, had nothing to research since there were no new leads, not that he could at the moment, the library was closed. He was just a lonely stray walking about Central.

Sighing once again, he stopped and took a look at his surroundings. He knew this street, knew this line of town homes, and knew that black car sitting outside one in particular. He wondered what the occupant of that middle town house was doing right now. Was he out on one of his countless dates or sitting here at home with a drink in his hand, reading?

Ed checked the living room window and found it to be shining like beacon. Taking a chance, a chance that could lead to an argument filled with name calling, Edward meandered up the walk and knocked upon the door. Perhaps a good argument with Colonel Bastard was just what he needed. He didn’t have anything else to do tonight.

Lifting his auto-mail arm he knocked three times, knocked rather heavily just in case Mustang was in a different room of the house. Then he stood back and waited.

It was nights like this he wished he had someone he could trust. Someone he'd want to spend the whole night with and not fear waking up dead, or worse. A warm body and a caring hand to comfort him. But... the things he had done, the things he knew... he could never trust someone to get close to him.

The reading was dull and his mind promptly forgot what he was reading from one paragraph to the next. But it was currently the best thing to do at the moment. That, and drink. His head was already feeling a bit woozy when he heard a loud knock at the door. It would be Hughes, worrying like an old mother hen about him and reminding him he needed to find himself a wife.

Roy wasn't in the mood.

Still, it might save him from becoming completely drunk and ending up with a hangover in his office the next day.

Folding the book on the chair arm he sat at, he stood and stretched before wobbling a step, finding his balance, and stalking up to his door. "Its like you-" he broke off, eyes falling from where he had expected Hughes' head to be down to Ed's. "Ed..." There was a moment's shock in his eyes as he saw Ed there, cold and wet and miserable. Hesitating a moment he then opened the door for Ed.

Edward looked up in to the confused face of Colonel Mustang and stood still as a pole for a moment, not exactly sure what he wanted to do. There were no insults, no jabs about his height, no question as of yet, just confusion. It was time for a little turn about.

“Uh…” Ed slipped his hands into his pockets. A fight he was ready for, this…well he wasn’t sure what to do or say, but he didn’t want to go home. “What are you doing, ya busy?” With out waiting for an answer or invitation he brushed passed his commanding officer and entered the town home to stand in the foyer.

Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe the fact Ed had never shown up alone at his house... or at all? But Roy found his mental reflexes were considerably slow at the moment. He glanced at the clock and blinked. Was it really so late?

"I was just..." He trailed off and shut the door on a cold breeze that carried some rain with it. Latching the door, he ran a hand through his uncombed hair and looked at Ed. "Ed, it’s late. Is something wrong?" Whatever it was, he had a feeling he'd be having more to drink after all.

Ed shrugged, looking around the place. It was nice, well kept. He spotted the glass of alcohol next to the chair and scratched the base of his neck. What was he supposed to say? ‘Oh nothing really, was lonely and Al’s gone, which you know, you know every thing, bastard. So I thought I’d come visit you.’ Yeah right, he’d believe that. Or perhaps he would. Mustang seemed to be in a mood tonight. He was here at home alone, drinking, and reading.

“Not really,” he replied, meeting the tired black eyes of the Colonel. Damn he didn’t look his usual ready to spew sarcastic quips self. “What’s wrong with you, run out of girls to date?”

Roy sighed and turned away, heading for his drink on the table. "Really, is that what you think of me? 'Colonel's not at work so he must be out chasing another skirt who wants nothing but...'." He glared at his glass before taking the rest of its contents.
He wasn't in the mood for a fight but it seemed inevitable when Edward Elric was around. He turned a sardonic smile on the young alchemist. "That's not who I am, Edward."

Ed really hated that smile but Roy’s words…It seemed to him that Roy didn’t really like this reputation he had, but why would he keep it up if he didn’t like it? There were no low blows to him either which was just unnatural. Were they actually having a real conversation for once? Ed kind felt guilty for saying what he’d said.

“So who are you really Colonel?” the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Too late to take them back now, he thought.

Cocking his head at Ed for a moment, he didn't answer. Setting his
empty glass back down on the table he felt its smooth surface for a
moment longer. He didn't want to talk to Ed about that part of
life... how could he when he dreamt of Ed being that part of his life?
Women had their agendas... Ed had the Philosopher's Stone. He could
feel safe with Ed.

He looked at Ed a long moment before saying: "Getting to know someone
is never easy. If you really want to know... try." He had already
said and done things he knew were confusing Ed. And right now with his
head buzzing he wasn't sure he cared that Ed was finally seeing a
different side of him... though it wasn't a pretty side. Walking
around to the sofa, a brief clumsy misstep on the way, he sat and
folded his hands.

Was that an invitation? Ed wondered and curiosity got the better of him as he found himself walking toward the sofa. Quietly he removed his red coat, draping it over the arm and sat. He didn’t want to leave too much of a watermark upon the rather nice furniture.

Try, he said. What was he to do ask questions? What kind of questions, where did one begin? He was quiet a long moment, breathing, watching Roy with his peripheral vision. The problem of this situation was that Ed wanted to know his commanding officer, there were many things he wanted to ask and some times Ed found himself wondering what it’d be like to actually be very close to Roy. Some times he wondered what he felt like. Most of the time he chased those thoughts away by diving into an alchemy book or striking up a conversation with Al or some one else. With Roy’s reputation there was no way Ed could possibly find out the latter and it might get them both into a serious amount of trouble.

He swallowed, smoothing his damp shirt as one set of questions flashed as brightly as a solar flare in his mind. “Why are you still helping me? I know in the beginning it was for a promotion, but you got that so why are you still helping me…What do you want from me?”

Roy laughed softly and put an arm across the back of the couch. "It wasn't for a promotion." He looked at Ed thoughtfully for a moment before continuing. "You're under my command... that's why I help you..."

He frowned, the alcohol threatening to loosen his tongue with Ed sitting just two feet from him. He wanted to close that distance, pull Ed close to him and let his body tell Ed what he wanted from him.
"Al isn't home is he?" Surely the younger brother would have been knocking on his door by now.

Ed’s eyes narrowed at the implication that he was only here because Al wasn’t home yet, no matter how much truth of that played a part in his being here. His expression shifted into a thoughtful frown.

“If it wasn’t for a promotion…” he trailed off letting his mind wander a moment. It wandered right passed his current thought to how close Roy’s hand was to him. Those hands while gloved with the ignition cloth could be deadly but what were they like as they were now?

He shook his head. “If it wasn’t for a promotion then why? You always nag about how much trouble I cause so why not have me transferred to someone else?”

Roy shifted in his seat, uncomfortable with this line of questioning
though he had brought it onto himself by opening up to Ed like this.
"And risk you doing something that gets them a promotion?" He smirked
as he landed them right back where they had been.

He looked at his hand, wondering... before lowering it to the seat
cushion. "I give you a hard time because I know you can do so
much..." There was more- the fact that he tied his feelings for Ed
inside those complaints.

Reaching across the seat he gripped Ed's shoulder and squeezed gently
before standing. "Let's continue this in the morning. It's late."
He looked down at Ed. "I'll get you some blankets. Bathroom is down
that hall," he gestured.

Finish this in the morning… yeah right. Ed could tell this slight openness had something to do with what ever it was he’d been drinking. He didn’t want to lose that anymore than he wanted to lose Al even if the bastard was dancing around the subject. He wanted to know to the truth and he wanted to know why Roy, like many times before now, was looking at him like this. His hand felt so warm, so strong…

“I don’t want to continue this in the morning. I want to finish it right now.” Again the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

Roy halted on his way to the other hall and turned half way back to Ed and pocketed his hands. Taking a breath he turned his head and looked at Ed. "There's only one way to do that." He glanced at his empty glass with longing for a moment before continuing. "And the consequences for both of us could be bad."

Ed got up and followed Roy’s path until he stood before him. There were always consequences for everything. He could take a wild guess as to where this was heading…Right where he’d often thought about it leading but always pushed it aside. It was wrong; they could both lose a lot, but…

He took a deep breath. “I take risks all the time…” He met Roy’s eyes directly almost getting lost in the black sea. “I want to…” His heart was beating a million miles a minute within his chest, the blood flow thumping in his ears. He’d never felt so scared save for when he thought Barry the Butcher was going to kill him and no one was coming to save him.

Swallowing hard, Ed moved closer. “I want to know the real Roy Mustang…”

Roy blinked down at Ed. He had known, hadn't he? This whole time. And he was nervous. Roy could see it in his eyes. Lifting a hand out of a pocket he hesitated once before touching Ed's face, gently cupping his cheek as he leaned down.

He looked at Ed's fiery eyes before closing his own. He felt Ed's lips brush his own and softly played over them a moment before pressing against them, kissing them, his tongue requesting entrance.

Ed shivered whether it was from his wet clothes or from the warm, gentle touch from Roy he’d yearned for, he didn’t know. As soon as Roy touched his face he felt like he couldn’t breathe, the way he looked at him… Then Roy kissed him and it was…it felt so good.

He closed his eyes, lifting his trembling flesh arm to Roy’s shoulder and neck, feeling his tongue against the seam of his lips. Not knowing what else to do, he opened his mouth letting him in, and pulled him closer. There was no going back now as far as he was concerned.

How often had he thought of this moment? In his office or while making dinner, it even plagued his sleep most nights. It was more than he had ever dreamed of though as he felt Ed's arm embrace his neck and shoulder and his lips part, inviting his kiss. Roy kissed him slowly, savoring the feel and taste of Ed as their tongues swept against each other.

His hand that caressed Ed's face dropped to wrap his arm around his back, keeping him close. In the warmth of their bodies pressing against one another he could feel his heartbeat thumping next to Ed's, matching its rhythm. He felt drugged and light headed as he pulled back slightly to look at Ed, wanting to ask him if this was what he wanted but already finding it there in his fiery eyes.

Edward frowned a little not wanting Roy to stop. He almost whimpered in protest but he couldn’t quite make out the look upon Roy’s face, in his obsidian eyes. He smiled a little to himself, letting his hand touch Roy’s face, meeting smooth skin. Even in the most trying of times, times when he wanted to slap that stupid knowing smirk from his face; he always found Roy’s slanted black eyes so captivating. It was hard not to wonder of their color, inky black or so dark blue they appeared black?

As much as he wanted to stop and just admire how utterly attractive Roy was; he just couldn’t deny himself what they had begun, and pulled him down for another kiss.

His breath hitched at the look in Ed's gaze before he was pulled in
for another kiss. He pressed his mouth against Ed’s eagerly, his tongue
delving deeper as Roy's body started to respond. His arm tightened
around Ed possessively. Reluctantly he pulled from Ed's mouth again,
lowering his mouth to take a deep breath, his nose and mouth against
Ed's neck as he asked "You're sure?"

He barely waited for an answer before he was pulling Ed against him
and down to the floor and tugging his damp shirt up and over his head.

Ed responded to Roy’s question by tugging his white dress shirt from his blue uniform pants, his hands working quickly, almost desperately at the buttons. He wanted to feel his skin with his hands, feel it pressed against his. God, if there was one, he wanted to feel his lips again, wanted to taste him once more even with the alcohol tainting him. Ed had never tasted alcohol, but when mingled with how sweet Roy was, it was interesting.

He almost dammed the person who’d invented buttons and impatiently decided to just tug the suddenly offensive shirt from Roy’s body as he’d done him.

He wanted to tell Ed to slow down. They had plenty of time. All the
time they wanted. But seeing Ed's impatience and frustration at a
simple column of buttons affected him and he knew he wouldn't last
long. So he unbuckled his pants after Ed pulled his shirt over his
head. And he was standing, grabbing Ed's arm to pull him up as well.
"We can't here," he said, tugging him down the hall. "Lube's in the
bathroom." Down the hall, pants left by the door as they rounded the

Ed stumbled a little as he followed Roy, no was half pulled down the hall and around a corner. He wanted to tell Roy to forget the lube and just take him as he saw fit, but thought better of it since he’d never actually had sex with another person let alone another man and it might hurt.

Still he wanted to touch Roy, surprisingly feeling like an addict yearning for his next fix with the loss of Roy’s warm and strong body pressed against his. He pulled his arm from Roy’s grasp and half hugged him about the waist, trying to get him to face him for another kiss, wishing more than ever that he had two real flesh arms and not one. What in the world was wrong with him? His mind flashed the thought, why did he want, no need to feel this man and only this man’s touch, his warm breath upon his skin again? “Colonel,” he half whispered. “Please,”

Roy blinked down at Ed before forcing himself to slow down. There was
another, gentler way to do this he reminded himself. Especially
tonight. With the feel of Ed's bare chest against him he stroked Ed's
back soothingly. "Ed... you called me Colonel..." he hooked a finger
under his chin and tilted his head up to look at him. "I want to hear
my name," he said gently.

Ed felt his heart leap through his chest into his head, making it swim with bubbly feelings. How completely ridiculous, he thought for a moment. He wasn’t some blushing silly girl with some silly crush for crying out loud. But being able to call Roy by his first name and not Colonel like this erased the line of superior and subordinate completely, well in this situation at least and it felt so good. Calling him by his first name would be like admitting his feelings for him in a way; it made everything more personal to him.

He couldn’t resist the smile that crept upon his face. “And miss calling you a bastard…Okay Roy, shut up and kiss me.”

Roy smiled and obeyed, kissing Ed lovingly. He loved the sound of his name coming from these lips pressed against his. It had never sounded right when he tried to imagine it. But just now it had sent a tremble up his spine, and suddenly he wanted to hear Ed in breathless ecstasy, panting his name...

His hands explored Ed's back and sides, idly tracing the curve where his auto-mail attached his shoulder blade before trailing down and around to unbuckle his pants. Slipping a hand into Ed's boxers he curled his fingers around him firmly.

Ed could have died right then and there at the real honest smile Roy gave him. It wasn’t twisted with sarcasm in the least. But he didn’t dare die, not with Roy’s gentle hands touching him this way. And the kiss he'd received left him tingling once again and yearning for more.

His breath caught in his throat when he felt Roy’s hands upon his belt, undoing it then gasped when his hand touched him where and in a way only he’d been. Imagination didn’t hold a candle to the way Roy’s hand actually felt and Ed nearly lost it right then and there.

He wet his lips, gaining his ability to breathe again. He pushed his would be lover against the wall, grabbing hold of his shoulders. Then he pressed himself into his hand wishing he do more than just hold him. “Roy…” he breathed.

"Soon," Roy promised. His heart beat lurched at the way his name was said, begging him for more. Roy gently squeezed him as he pressed his hips forward, his other hand pushing Ed's boxers off his hips so they pooled around his shoes with his pants. He knew neither one of them would last long but he paused to stare at Ed a moment, taking in his flushed face and wet lips down to his red member that he tugged firmly and slowly.

Pushing his own boxers down, he guided Ed down to the floor. Lying back on the hard floor himself on one elbow, he reached out to guide Ed, touch him, caress him and press their groins against one another. A strangled moan of ecstasy swept over him at that contact, his hips lifting to rub against Ed, and a small fire exploding in his mind.

Edward shivered from the cold of the floor, shivered even more when he saw the deeply confined lust being set free from Roy’s eyes and felt his body pressed against his almost completely. The warm, hard touch of Roy’s groin against his caused him to whimper, biting his lower lip to keep from crying out.

Following the Flame Alchemist’s lead, he to thrust his hips, rubbing against him, the very action leaving him panting and joining Roy’s moan. If this was…Oh god he was going to lose what little control he had over his body and he somehow managed to calculate it would be a matter of seconds if this continued but he almost didn’t care at this point. Sure he wanted Roy inside of him but this was brilliantly amazing too.

He couldn't tear his eyes off Ed. He was beautiful. Stunning. And he felt like home pressed against him like this. "Aah... Ah..." It was magic.

Looking up at Ed he ran his hand down his back and over his ass, knowing he was close and wanting them to go over together. Or as close as possible. He slipped a finger between Ed's cheeks, pressing against his tight bud and pushing the digit in.

"Ed... aaah..." He was tight around his finger, and hot. He tilted his head back, gasping with each upward movement of Ed's hips. Almost there...

Edward whimpered from the intrusion, it hurt a little but it soon faded into mild discomfort into something pleasing. If he could just… Good god he was so close now. Slamming his eyes shut from the sight of his Colonel…There would be no letting go of him now, he decided, he tried to last a little longer.

“Roy…uhh…please…uhhh…” He panted. Please god don’t let this end too soon! He pleaded silently while his vocal chords whimpered in pleasure.

It was too much. Between the whimpering and begging and the rubbing, Roy lost it. Raising his hips a fraction higher he bucked as he came. He continued to thrust as he felt himself drain, beginning to soften and both their stomachs became coated from the splash of cool cream.

Edward couldn’t hold back any longer and just let go. He grabbed hold of Roy’s shoulder, shuddering until he was empty. Then he lay there half panting, half sobbing as the cool night air touched his sweat coated skin.

Roy slumped back and lay his shoulders on the floor as they exhausted
themselves. Stroking Ed's shoulders idly he gazed down at him fondly,
a satisfied half smile curling the corners of his lips slightly. "Are
you okay?" He wondered if it had been Ed's first time, part of him
was sure it was. Gently his fingers caressed Ed's neck and jaw line before
stroking over his hair, brushing strands of his still damp hair out of
his face.

Edward closed his eyes a moment just to enjoy the feel of Roy’s gentle hand upon his face and hair. Then he turned over to face him for a long moment. Such a ridiculous but kind and welcome question. Who knew Roy could be so nice.

“Better than okay,” He smiled and leaned over to kiss him, letting his flesh hand trail up the side of Roy’s leg.

Cupping the back of his head, Roy kissed him deeply. He felt like he had never felt before- healthier, younger, vibrant... he knew the way he was feeling seemed immature, but he knew it was and could only be love. Fulfilled and right here in his arms.

"Will you stay?" He asked, looking at Ed and suddenly wondering how they were going to make this work... Al, their jobs... who could they trust?

Edward smiled a half smile. Of course he’d stay; he’d stay as long as the Flame Alchemist permitted. How could he leave with that warm look in his eyes? How could leave when he felt this…Did he dare hope for it? He knew Alphones loved him, they were bothers, sacrificing for each other all the time, but Roy? Is that what shined in his black eyes?

He pushed Roy’s arm away just long enough so he could straddle his hips then lay down, pressing their torsos and their groins against each other once again, shivering from the way Roy’s body made his feel so warm and buzzing. This new feeling felt was exciting and addicting as alchemy the way it sparked and bubbled its way through him. But suddenly he had a dreaded thought and lay his head down in the crook of Roy’s shoulder, his arms hugging his shoulders protectively, clinging almost as he didn’t want to let go, refused too. He wanted, no needed more than just tonight. “Just tonight or longer?

He liked watching Ed move above of, loved the feeling of their bodies resting together and of the drying semen on his abdomen... and briefly he worried when he saw a look cross over Ed's face before he lay his head down and clutched his shoulders. A million what-ifs ran through his mind before Ed asked him... and Roy relaxed.

"That's up to you, Ed." He wrapped his arms around him, stroking his back soothingly. "Will you tell Al?" They couldn't hide this from everyone; Roy just hoped Al didn't see him as a danger and spill it to the military's higher ups.

Ed closed his eyes, breathing in Roy’s natural scent and the nicely mixed scent of his cologne. He loved the way Roy’s voice sounded at the moment, the way his hands felt, he just loved Roy. It was a startling way to suddenly understand the annoying battle he’d been struggling with his feelings as of late.

He smiled when Roy said it was up to him. Well if it was up to him he wasn’t going to budge…Then Roy mentioned Al. Al…how could he…how would he… Yes, he wanted to tell his brother but even as close as they were he didn’t know how Al would take it. He was sure Al wouldn’t say anything to any one, keep it privet, but. “Not yet, soon maybe.” He whispered, lifting his head. He let his eyes search Roy’s. “Would you tell Major Hughes right away or, “ The urge to kiss Roy came again and he brushed his lips against Roy’s hopefully teasing him a little. “Wait awhile?”

"Mmm?" Roy hummed as Ed's lips distracted him from the question, barely touching him, his breath warm. His eyelids drooped as he felt the pouty, soft lower lip of Ed's and sought to take it between his own. "Let Hughes..." He murmured and looked at Ed as he realized his lover was teasing him. "Figure it out himself," he whispered, lips parting, still seeking a kiss from Ed. The fact he was being teased went straight to his groin and stirred him.

Edward thought that was a great idea, letting Major Hughes figure it out. Maybe he’d let Al do the same. Right now it really didn’t matter it was neither here nor there. All that mattered to the moment was Roy and Roy was beautiful, smooth, and strong. Did he forget an annoying bastard; yeah he did and maybe that’s why he liked, no loved him. Roy gave him a challenge, was stimulating in more ways than one.

The young alchemist grinned mischievously, trying something that would hopefully gain him a few more kisses and maybe a little more. He placed his hands on either side of Roy’s head and ground his hips and stirring hard member into the older alchemist’s. “I hope you’re not getting sleepy old man.”

Roy's eyes grew wide with a soft gasp as his young lover ground
himself against his hardening member. "Anything but tired," Roy
murmured up into his fiery eyes. Who knew he had awakened this side
of Ed. Who knew Ed had a side like this. That made him smile. He
had suspected it but now he knew it.

"Shall we try and make it to the bedroom this time?" He asked with a
slight smirk, one hand reaching up to gently tug on Ed's braid. Still
damp. Finding the tie he gently pulled it loose to see Ed's hair fall
free over his shoulders.

Ed’s eyes narrowed a little. He made it seem like it was his fault they were on the hallway floor, as if he was some wanton…okay so maybe he was but that wasn’t the point. Roy was the one who pushed him to the floor or maybe it was the other way around but Ed was pretty sure it was Roy. And that smirk! It was so…so annoyingly smug and… and damn it he liked it at the moment.

What he like even more were Roy’s fingers in his hair. That was so soothing and nice. His body had not forgotten the arousal in the least and his annoyance faded into a smile. “Well I can make it Roy but can you?”

"Are you sure you can make it?" Roy pushed him up so they were both sitting. "I think I better give you a head start just to be sure," he patted Ed's rump and then pointed down the hall. "Last room on your right." And grinned.

That grin, Ed didn’t know exactly what that meant. He was sure it was a jab at his height and in return he glared a glare he hoped was convincing. That damn bastard and his amazing grin. “Don’t call me small,” He retorted then ground his hips again, rubbing against Roy’s hardening member once again. Good god that felt so good and he wanted to feel more but he had an alchemist to beat to the bedroom. So he swiftly sipped away and hurried down the hall. Who knew what Roy would be like after that, no matter it should be fun or at least interesting.

Roy watched as Ed made haste to the bedroom, enjoying the view and not
in the least bit hurried himself. Smiling to himself he followed when
Ed had disappeared around the corner, making a quick stop to grab the
bottle of lube from the bathroom.

"Guess you win," he said, flipping on the light as he entered his
bedroom. He pounced, quite literally, onto Ed. Shoving him onto the
bed he attacked a nipple with his mouth.

Edward had barely had enough time to let his eyes adjust, barely had time to really look around the room before he heard Roy’s smooth voice behind him. He’d no sooner turned around before the flame alchemist’s body made contact with his and he found himself upon the bed, Roy’s hot mouth surrounding one of his nipples.
He gasped in surprise and delighted pleasure, lifting his hands to Roy’s head. The thick black mop felt just as he’d always imagined, soft and silky. He could have stayed there running his fingers through his hair but he was so pleasantly distracted by Roy’s delicious mouth. “Mmm,”
He had always wanted the Fullmetal beneath him, squirming, calling his name... how he had fantasized about doing what he was doing now. Teasing his nipple to a tight nubbin with his warm tongue then taking it between his teeth and biting, gently at first. Then harder as he pulled on it.

Down to his abdomen then, Roy looked up at Ed and stuck out his tongue. He lapped his lover's belly where they both had left a mess, the taste making him drool a little at the corner of his upturned lips.

Edward, on a normal day would have found that a little on the disgusting side, but today or rather tonight, he didn’t. Maybe it was the glint in Roy’s eyes or the way his warm tongue felt upon his skin, what ever it was it was highly erotic to watch Roy and made his member twitch with aching need. On nights like this when he was awake and blessedly alone, Al off doing something else or not in the room, he’d entertained the well hidden and neatly covered up fancy of his where Roy was doing something very close to this. Only Roy was much lower and licking something else.
That thought was interrupted when Roy’s delicious tongue hit a secret ticklish spot Ed didn’t even know about and he laughed, wiggling, trying to get away.

He had never seen Edward laugh. Truly laugh like he was now. He'd have to remember this spot for he wanted to see those fiery eyes dance like this a thousand times again.

As Ed squirmed, Roy felt something pressing against his collar bone and chest. Catching Ed's hips he held him firm, ducking his head to inhale deeply. He licked the prominent vein from base to crown before taking Ed into his mouth.

Edward shuddered and gasped, his fingers clutching at the bedding. Again he felt imagination didn’t hold a candle to the way Roy really felt, his mouth hot, wet, and oh so soft. He tried to lift his hips to get more, even a little, whimpering. There was just no way he could…This felt so amazing. “Roy,” he breathed. He struggled to meet that wonderful mouth knowing he’d never be able to look at it again in the same way. “Roy,”

Swirling his tongue around the crown, Roy marveled at how he felt and tasted. Marveled at how his name sounded when Ed said it right now. Breathy, pleading. And the little cries he made... Roy rolled his eyes upward to see his hands clutching at the bed. Then he gave Ed what he needed and slid his lips and tongue down his member, sucking as he took him in whole.

Edward cried out, clutching the bedding tighter, his eyes closing, and lost all control when he wanted to keep it. He felt himself spill, his body shuddering and whimpered half in pleasure and half in frustration that he wasn’t able to hold back. It was just…it was just that Roy was so good at this and good god he didn’t want him to stop.

Roy lovingly lapped up every drop that threatened to dribble down his
chin after lavishing Ed with his tongue once more to clean him up.
Trailing kisses up his body he nuzzled his neck before licking his
ear. He wasn't sure if Ed was ready so he gave him a moment to catch
his breath before he took the lubricant in his hand and knelt between
Ed's legs.

He watched him closely as he prepped a finger and gently probed his
lover. It would be uncomfortable at first and he just hoped he didn't
hurt him this first time. As he stretched him with a single finger he
leaned over to kiss his cheek and chin. "Just relax, Ed," he

Ed sighed happily as Roy kissed up his body. He smiled when he felt him nuzzle his neck and lick his ear but opened his eyes when Roy left him and settled in between his legs. He had something in his hand and then he felt Roy’s finger, slick with something a little cold, pressing and entering his rear. Again he felt intruded and it hurt a little. It was uncomfortable and half of him wanted to move away. The other half of him screamed at him, calling him an idiot because he’d longed for this.

When Roy leaned over him and kissed his cheek and chin and told him to relax he did. Roy wouldn’t intentionally hurt him, he trusted him not too and he did that because he wanted too, loved him.

He smiled a little and nodded reaching for his lovers face as the pain melted once again into something nice, a nice that was spurring him along into a new erection. He didn’t know if what he wanted to say would be okay, if Roy would stop and kick him out but he had to ask even if it was sentimental and completely mushy. Oh hell even if it was he just wanted something to remember, not that he would ever forget anything that happened tonight, he wouldn’t, ever.

Taking a trembling breath, “Will you be gentle and slow like you love me?”

Turning his face slightly, Roy pressed against his hand and kissed his palm. His scent was like a drug he couldn't get enough of. He licked his fingers when he heard him take a trembling breath and ask him... blinking, he turned his eyes back to Ed's.

The trust, the nervousness, the need in those fiery orbs dumbfounded him for a moment. "I'll be gentle and slow because I have loved you for a long time, Edward," he was finally able to answer in a low voice. "Just tell me if I'm hurting you," he could feel him relaxing around his finger. Pulling out slightly he pressed the tip of a second in.

He had only assumed he was Ed's first but he wasn't positive of it. Peppering his face with kisses he asked, "have you done this before?"

Ed waited a moment a little afraid of the answer then Roy’s voice was low, smooth, honestly replying to him. That one reply made happier than he’d felt in a very long time. Roy loved him! He just said he had loved him all this time! Good grief his thoughts sounded like some damned girl but was this…He felt the second finger and forced himself to relax as much as he could. It did hurt a little more than he’d expected but he could deal besides he wasn’t going to wimp out now.

Suddenly Roy asked him a question that made him frown. And he thought the bastard knew everything about him. He knew everything that he did, where he went, so why wouldn’t he know about this too? And why was he asking this now and not earlier? Did that really matter?

He shook his head. “No, I thought you knew everything about me. You trying to make me feel weird?”

Roy smiled at Ed. "Its my job to know everything about you... but some things might be considered unprofessional if I looked into them at the office," he quirked a brow at that. "Its much more fun to look into those matters here in the bedroom."

He eased the two fingers deeper. "Before tonight I didn't know how soft your tongue was, how salty and sweet your flesh was, how your smile looked..." He smirked at Ed and kissed the tip of his nose.

Edward gasped softly and clutched Roy’s shoulders. Damn that felt really weird, good but weird. But why was it his job to know everything about him? Ed put that aside for later and focused on the last bit. The things Roy had just learned made him think it was strikingly unfair that he really didn’t know too much about him in turn. Oh he knew how soft Roy’s tongue was, how his mouth tasted and felt…Thinking of that and how Roy had used it made him shiver pleasantly and it seemed that all the blood rushed to his groin from the memory of it. There were many things he wanted to know and there was no way Roy was going to get out of the telling and showing.

“You’re going to let me in…can’t get rid of me now.” With that said he pulled upon Roy to steal a kiss.

Cold steel on one shoulder, warm flesh on the other. It some how defined their relationship- cold and unknown on one end, warm and enfolding on the other. Roy knew he had invited Ed into his home and bed. Inviting him into his mind and heart was going to be much harder. He wanted to, but it was never something he had done easily.

So he kissed Ed deeply and slowly, his tongue lewdly making a parody of what his fingers had began to do- moving slowly back and forth inside of him. "Need you," he murmured against his lips. Slipping his fingers out he slicked his own member with lube. He gently pulled on Ed's lower lip. "Tell me if I hurt you, okay?"

This was it and Edward was nervous as hell, but honestly if he could take Roy’s fingers and enjoy them…He really liked that, and take auto-mail operations and survive, this should be a walk in the park. Still it was nice to know Roy seemed to be giving him to option to back out if it hurt too much.

He nodded and forced himself to relax then let a grin creep over his lips. If he did happen to hurt him too much he could always punch him, not that he really would but it was an entertaining thought as he’d pictured doing it a few times. Although that had nothing to do with what they were currently doing and right now he just wanted his lover buried deep inside of him moaning as he’d been moaning before.

Leaning back, Roy lifted Ed slightly onto his thighs and positioned
himself. Watching Ed closely, he pressed against him a moment before
he felt Ed's warmth slowly taking him in. He was tight. And dreams
didn't do this justice...

He reminded himself to go slow. He didn't want to hurt Ed. The
Fullmetal had enough to hurt about, but being here with him in bed
shouldn't be one of those things.

He felt so good... his heart was pounding, he couldn't breath.
Another inch. He held Ed's hips, guiding him down so slowly. "Ed..."
he breathed. "You feel wonderful," breathless.

Ouch, ouch, OUCH! Ed’s head screamed while his fingers grappled for Roy’s shoulders and he let out a soft whimper. Roy’s cock was bigger than his fingers and if he felt invaded before, no, no, no this was much more intrusive. He had to remind himself that he’d with stood auto-mail operations and this really was nothing compared to that, besides he would get used to this. This would melt away in to something amazing right? It was Roy of course it would he just had to relax and wait for his stupid body to adjust, he just wished it would hurry up.

He shuddered as he heard the breathless words leave Roy’s lips. Well he damn well better feel wonderful, he thought. He gritted his teeth as he felt Roy slip further inside of him. In all the way damn it, he almost snapped but stopped himself. The faster he got used to this the better.

“Roy, please,” he urged through gritted teeth.

Leaning over Ed and grabbing the sheets to either side of his arms,
Roy pulled back with a hiss. He was tighter than he had anticipated.
But it was heaven. At Ed's whimpered urging he began to slowly rock
his hips back and forth, easing himself in and out of Ed. His
knuckles turned white as he gripped the sheets hard, panting with
every movement into Ed.

"Is it... haa..." he lost track of his voice as a wave of pleasure hit
him, his mind reeling for a moment before he licked his lips, trying to
remember how his vocal chords worked. "uhn ...getting better?"

To Edwards relief and the pain eased away like a distant memory being replaced with something incredible. He couldn’t really even think just feel vaguely aware that Roy was even talking to him. He felt so…damn good.

He moaned, lifting his legs and wrapping them around Roy’s waist on instinct, trying to pull him closer, force him deeper. He closed his eyes panting and whimpering almost breathlessly. “Roy…a little…un faster…please…oh god un harder…Uhh!” His fingers clutched at his lover’s shoulders. “Roy!”

Leaning over further, Roy groaned and bucked into Ed. He let his worries of hurting him go and let his need take over, his hips slamming himself into Ed. Fast. Hard. Pushing against Ed even when he was buried to the hilt, grinding then pulling back again.

Reaching up with one hand, Roy slid his arm beneath the curve of Ed's neck, his other hand snaked down to take Ed's member. Claiming Ed's mouth fiercely he panted for breath through his nose while his hand tugged and slipped along Ed's member.

Ed felt like he was getting close and he couldn’t for the life of him understand how Roy was able to stay up like this but he didn’t care everything he was doing was so good. As soon as he felt Roy’s hand upon his cock he bucked, shuddering, his cries and moans muffled by Roy’s devouring mouth. God he felt like he was going to explode and there was nothing to stop it. He didn’t want anything to stop it and if something did he’d kill it!

Another hard, wild thrust and Roy hit something within him. There was another and another and all the while the flame alchemist’s hot breath, beautiful mouth was upon his face and lips. Finally it happened. He felt that exquisite shattering moment violently rack his body and take over and cried out, riding the tide into shore, spilling his seed. He was in heaven or some place very close to it.

He loved the way Ed bucked beneath him, nearly violently in his throes of passion, and he idly wondered what it'd feel like to have their positions reversed one day. And then it happened for Ed and watching him, feeling him, hearing him ride it out was too much. Roy followed shortly after, bucking into Ed and shaking as he erupted.

Even as he softened he attempted to push against Ed until he was spent and slipped out, finally satisfied and trembling from fatigue. Lying close to Ed he placed a protective arm over him, for the moment not having a care about anything else than this.

Edward was finally regaining his breath, his body wonderfully sated and calming down from the high he’d been on. He felt Roy’s arm lying over him protectively and smiled. If he’d been a cat he probably could have purred.

He rolled over upon his side to watch Roy for a moment and his smile grew. This man was gorgeous and he was his. Selfishly, Ed was going to keep him and not let anyone have him, not until Roy made him leave and that would probably have to be by force.

He scooted closer until his body was pressed against his and moved his arm up so he could smooth the sweat dampened hair from Roy’s face. Gently he leaned in to kiss him. He kissed his lips, his cheek, his temple, and came back to his lips lovingly.

Wrapping his arm around Ed, he kept him close as he felt himself peppered with kisses, a slow smile spreading on his lips. He was happy. He just was. He wasn't an unhappy person- he loved his job and life. But it had been lacking... someone. And nights had been bad for him. This was a happy night and he knew they'd continue to be with Ed there.

Words at the moment seemed wrong. Throwing a leg over Ed's to hold him closer he returned his kisses, exploring his lips and mouth slowly. With their bodies pressed together he reached off to the side for a pillow and drug it over beneath their heads.

Ed smiled into the kiss becoming a little sleepy, he didn’t want to sleep really, he wanted to stay awake a little longer. He felt Roy’s leg over his and was pulled even closer, then there was a soft cushy pillow and he lifted his head. It was really nice, nice like the ones he’d had at home in Resembool, not the slightly flat or hard ones in the many hotels or military dorms he’d been in. And an even bigger plus, it smelled like Roy.

He sighed contentedly and snuggled closer, getting in one last kiss before curling up and resting his arm under Roy’s, letting his fingers trail along his back idly. He was beginning to feel the cool night air upon his body and shivered a little as the sweat was drying. He didn’t care about being cold; he wouldn’t trade Roy’s protective warmth for a blanket any day.

Things would never be the same now. At home. Head quarters. Roy liked it that way.

Feeling Ed shiver, he reached over him and grabbed a handful of blanket, pulling it down and over them and successfully making an alchemist burrito. He returned his arm then to where it belonged- around Ed.

Sleep came easily. Partly thanks to exhaustion, but mostly because he was content.

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