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FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 52; nc-17 reno/cloud - Spurked!

Feb. 18th, 2011 07:24 pm FIC: Can Barely Hide, chapter 52; nc-17 reno/cloud

TITLE: Can Barely Hide, chapter 52
PAIRING: Reno X Cloud
AUTHORS: lilymoon1 as Reno, grygon as Cloud

Chapter listing

Can Barely Hide
chapter 52

"Better," Rude assured Cloud in a quiet murmur, not needing Cloud to finish the sentence.

The big man felt attuned to them now. Even without any enhancements Rude felt that he could read his two lovers as no one else could. He lightly stroked Reno's smooth back, smiling when the purring got louder whenever he touched a particularly sensitive spot, and cuddled Cloud even closer to his side. He nuzzled through Cloud's hair, rumbling his own version of a contented purr, and pressed gentle kisses over his lover's beautiful face.

"I never dreamed I would ever be so lucky or so...blessed to have you both like this," Rude continued. "As long as you'll have me I'm yours." A blush faintly darkened his skin.

"We want you," Reno mumbled then hissed in discomfort as Rude's cock finally slipped from his body. "Need a bath, but I don't wanna move."

"Stay here." With a last taste of Cloud's lips Rude eased himself from the tangle of limbs and headed for the bathroom to run water in the large tub. The dim light highlighted his muscular body well and Reno admired the view.

The redhead then turned to his beloved husband and ran his fingers through tossled spikes.

"I love you, baby, so much," Reno whispered, never tiring of saying it and always awed and grateful that Cloud returned his love.

Tilting his head into the caresses of his husband, Cloud's lashes fluttered. He missed the heat of flesh and pressed close to Reno, resting their foreheads together as he whispered his love in turn. Reno had taught him how to appreciate the warmth of another body and he wasn't shy now about using his husband's body heat for comfort.

Turning his head slightly he watched Rude for a moment. The sharp muscles and large hands as the steam from the bath water began to swirl around him. He was magnificent and beautiful.

"Tell me what he feels like," Cloud asked in a coy whisper, turning his head back to Reno. He wasn't going to rush into something he wasn't ready for, but he was so curious and anxious to know how it felt to have Rude take control and drive him out of his mind. "Are you sore?" There was still part of him that worried, though he knew Reno was more than fine.

"Some," Reno admitted. "He's pretty big, but he knows how to take care of you so that it only feels good." Reno ducked his head for a moment. "And it *does* feel good, especially knowing that he would never touch me except out of love. I felt like I could let everything go and know he would be there to catch me and keep me safe."

Reno squirmed a little. Admitting to his husband that he needed someone to be stronger than himself at times was...he didn't know what to call it. All Reno knew was that only here, with these two, would he ever be able to show any weakness and feel safe doing so. He took his husband's lips in a tender kiss then caught his chin to turn his face towards the bathroom where Rude was still visible in his masculine, glorious nudity.

"Look at him, baby," Reno whispered. "Imagine that big, powerful body over yours, holding you close, making you soar so high. Believe that he would never hurt you and would treat you like the treasure you are. Believe that all you ever have to do is say no and he would stop in an instant." Reno turned Cloud's face back to himself and lost himself in the beautiful, glowing blue. "You probably wouldn't even have to say anything at all. He'll see it here. He'll read it from your body. I know because I think he loves you as much as I do."

Reno snuggled Cloud closer and rubbed his hands soothingly up and down his back.

Cloud trembled and pushed against Reno. He wanted to crawl inside his skin he couldn't seem to get close enough. He wanted desperately to believe all that. To know all that was true, but it didn't come so easily for him. It had taken him a while to accept Reno's undivided
love. And with Reno he knew it would be easier to accept Rude's. The man was kind and fucking gorgeous. That was no question. But Cloud knew inside himself there was still something wrong. It wasn't Rude he was afraid of trusting so much as himself.

"Will you be there?" His throat felt tight as what-ifs came unbidden again. What if he freaked out and lost it. What if he remembered something he did not want to relate to Rude. Curling his fingers into a fist he closed his eyes and cursed softly. He had hurt Reno in the
past because of those monsters. He didn't want that happening again. "I don't want to lose myself."

He opened his eyes and looked into his husband's again.

"Baby." Reno's pain and sadness over his husband's hurts was reflected in his eyes, and all he could do was whisper the endearment over and over while pressing kiss after kiss to Cloud's face and lips.

He rolled to his back, dragging Cloud atop himself, and wrapped his love up with both arms and twined their legs together. Reno held tight and stroked his husband's back while listening to their lover move around the bathroom. Rude had to be done and was probably just giving the couple a few moments along. He had good instincts for things like that. Reno sighed softly, thinking of the man's endless patience and the depth of love that he had been able to keep concealed. Truthfully, the redhead had been shocked and nearly overwhelmed by the quiet strength, acceptance and all encompassing love he'd seen in Rude's eyes when his partner had taken him so gently.

As much as the knowledge warmed him it also nearly made him faint with relief to know that Cloud was included, that the only other person he really trusted would be there to help protect his husband's fragile trust and heart. Also knowing that he, himself, had failed miserably in that promise and Cloud had been ra-...hurt...again had nearly torn him apart and still left the taint of guilt on his soul.

Reno jerked in surprise to feel large fingers gently brushing away a stray tear from his cheek and looked up into the warm, concerned eyes of his partner.

"Bath's ready," Rude said quietly, saying nothing else to draw attention to Reno's state of mind.

Reno managed a smile for him and felt his spirits lift a little at the way such a small gesture on his part made those dark brown eyes light with joy. He tilted his head to brush his lips over Cloud's.

"Let's have a soak, baby. Tub's big enough for all of us, yeah?"

Cloud nodded, wanting the distraction from the road his mind had been going. Seeing Reno's smile in his eyes he perked a little and looked up at Rude with a coy smile. The big man was a good thing for Reno, he was the rock that Cloud couldn't be.

Nuzzling into Reno's neck he then pushed himself up and took Reno's hand to squeeze. They had a tub large enough for all 3 and more, but he was looking forward to the extra warmth and presence of Rude for both their emotional benefit. "There's plenty of room in that swimming pool you call a tub," he teased softly, though his voice sounded weak as he tried to shake off the fear that had griped him moments ago.

Running his hand over Reno's chest he offered his husband a smile. He didn't know what he would do without his love and support and he was thankful for the infinite patience everyday. Looking back at Rude he reached up to pull the man down and kiss him.

Feeling better he eased himself off Reno and pulled Reno up as he stood.

Reno's legs were a little shaky and he winced with the first couple of steps, but he waved off Rude when the man would have picked him up.

"M'okay. I just need to soak a while."

Once in the bathroom Reno climbed over the side of the tub without hesitation and sank down into the hot water with a groaning sigh of pleasure and relief. He tugged Cloud in after him and sighed again when he felt Rude's big, muscular body settle against his other side. Reno allowed his eyes to close and his head to loll against the side of the tub then made a soft, grateful noise when he felt Rude move him just enough to slide an arm behind him to cushion his head from the hard tile. He slipped his own arm around Cloud and was utterly content, soft purring rumbling from his throat.

Rude stroked his fingers through the feathery soft hair at Cloud's nape and watched both men with half-lidded, sultry and utterly besotted eyes.

Nuzzling against Reno's shoulder, Cloud hummed softly at the caress from Rude. He looked over and caught the look in Rude's eyes. He believed everything Reno said about the man and he ached to know it on a deeper level.

Sighing, he pushed those thoughts away and leaned into Reno's shoulder. He felt the heat from the bath soaking into his bones and closed his eyes, letting himself drift off into a light slumber. Jerking awake as his head slipped from Reno's shoulder he readjusted himself with a whimper and coy smile. He wasn't that tired, but the heat was relaxing him.

Taking up the bar of soap and cloth he began to wash his husband's neck and shoulders, running the cloth over his tight, lean muscles under the water's surface. He glanced at Rude, imagining himself straddling his lap, the water rippling gently as he rose and fell with
breathy moans.

Reno drifted in a half awake state, completely relaxed. He purred and arched into his husband's loving touches. When Cloud's careful washing paused Reno opened his eyes just enough to see what was going on. Ah, there! He could practically see his husband thinking. Those lovely blue eyes kept looking over at Rude. So, Cloud *was* attracted to Rude. Reno made a silent, fervent prayer that Cloud's fear would soon fade. He wanted very much for his beloved to be able to accept and return their lover's deep and absolute devotion.

Reno stretched in the hot water and fully opened his eyes.

"That feels so good, baby. C'mere so I can return the favor."

The redhead tugged Cloud to kneel in between them and soaped the cloth again to smooth it over the blond's neck and chest. Rude picked up another cloth and used his longer reach to gently scrub it up and over Cloud's shoulders and chest.

"You have such beautiful, soft skin," Rude murmured quietly as he brought up his other hand to stroke it down Cloud's back.

"Yeah," Reno agreed with a teasing smile. "Our baby's gorgeous, but sometimes I don't think he believes it when he's told."

Rude made a soft, wordless noise and cupped Cloud's cheek to bring their lips together. "Very beautiful," he repeated and used the tip of his tongue to coax Cloud's lips to part.

Reno rinsed Cloud's neck of soap and pressed his own kisses against the graceful arch.

A blush crept over his cheeks at the attention and flattering. The hot water had him so relaxed that the tender touches and kisses only furthered his peace of mind. He opened for Rude and pressed in a little closer as their lips sealed and tongues touched. Reno was at
his side and he knew instinctively that his husband knew the warning signs, if Rude didn't see them in time. If they even made it that far.

There he went again, thinking too much already. Putting a hand on Rude's shoulder he pulled back from the kiss to think. Breaking it down, he just wanted to feel Rude's body against his for now. Get used to the feel of another man holding him, touching him, and kissing
him. Lowering his hand to Rude's chest he lightly thumbed a nipple and felt the sculpted pecs before he moved between Rude's legs.

"Hold me...?" He lowered himself onto Rude's chest and into his arms, resting his head just above the water's surface on the man's shoulder. Cloud had tasted this man's essence, but he wanted so badly to act and react to him just as he did with his husband. To trust him on the
same level, feel him on the same intimacy. Tilting his head he lightly ran his lips over Rude's shoulder, closing his eyes to focus just on scent and taste.

Rude was very willing to open his arms and hold his little lover close. The trusting way Cloud leaned against him warmed him through. His large hands skimmed up and down Cloud's back, ruffling the soft hairs at his nape then his thumbs easing down his spine. The whole time Rude nosed through the damp, blond spikes and murmured reassurances between soft kisses.

Reno moved up behind Cloud until the blond was pressed warmly between them and reached around to caress his husband's neck and chest. He stretched and sighed whenever Rude's big hands would detour to stroke over his own skin before going back to Cloud.

"You're safe here with us, baby," Reno whispered. "Safe, wanted, and so very loved. Never doubt that."

The feel of skin against his under the water was so smooth and soft. Cloud sighed and relaxed against Rude's chest as he felt Reno's body sandwich him from behind. How much safer could he feel with the two men he trusted most holding him so close and tenderly touching and
speaking to him. A surreal sort of feeling crept up on him as he nuzzled into Rude's neck. He had never felt so wanted and loved in his life since meeting Reno on those ruins.

Turning his face up to kiss Rude's jaw he felt a tear slide down his cheek and caught a quiet sob between his teeth. Wrapping an arm up around Rude's neck he hugged him tightly and pressed his face into his neck again. A combination of relief, the hot water, and two solid
bodies coaxing and caressing his own was flooding his emotions, washing out everything that had been building up.

The anxieties and confusions seeped out of him as he clung to Rude. He let it all out in silent cries until he lay on the firm chest quietly, dozing softly though still aware of his two lovers.

Rude hummed in his deep voice an approximation of Reno's happy and content purr while cradling Cloud protectively close with one arm and used the other to reel Reno in closer for a kiss. He teased at the man's lips until they parted on a sigh to allow him entrance. Rude felt like he would never get tired of tasting his lovers. He made love to Reno with mouth, lips and tongue, thrusting in gently then retreating again and again until his fiery redhead was moaning into his mouth. When he finally ended the kiss Rude was pleased to Reno leaning and trying to follow him for more.

"Greedy," Rude teased, speaking quietly so as not to disturb Cloud's light doze. His gaze tracked back and forth between the two beautiful men, still awed and humbled that they wanted him, too. He was afraid that any moment he would wake up and find that Reno and Cloud still only belonged to each other.

Reno shrugged his shoulders and flashed him one of those sweetly innocent smiles that he had fallen for long ago. The redhead reached out to trace Rude's lips with his fingertips and trailed them downward until he touched the silky blond head tucked against Rude's chest.

"I can't speak for him, big guy, but I think he's falling in love with you, too. Just be patient and loving with him. It took him a while to fully trust me. Rude, he's been....hurt so much in the past."

Rude shushed Reno's pained whispers with another kiss and urged the redhead to lean against him as well.

" I know, baby," Rude answered. "and it's okay. I'm happy that he's letting me hold him right now. Let me be your strength for a while, Red. You're both exhausted, and I can do that for you, be that for you. You don't ever have to fight alone ever again. My life, my love, my honor...it's yours. I give it to both of you."

Reno swallowed and nodded acceptance but didn't try to speak through the relieved tears clogging his throat. He cuddled next to his husband with his ear resting over Rude's heart and listened to the steady, reassuring beat until he dozed off as well.

There was the quiet sound of his lover's breathing, and the quiet sounds that water makes even when it's barely being moved, that eventually greeted Cloud as his own breathing became a little deeper and his eyes moved behind his lashes. The outlet of emotions hadn't left him drained so much as refreshed his body and mind.

They were both so patient and caring with him, Cloud was grateful he had a safe place to feel and explore his emotions, to let them out. He had so much bottled up until he had met Reno, and now... he sighed as he woke. So much pain inside his husband, Rude had come along in
the nick of time to be their support. Strong where Cloud couldn't be.

Opening his eyes Cloud gazed at his husband through his lashes. Seeing him in his sleep where he was safe and relaxed, Cloud smiled and just looked. He was so breathtakingly beautiful like this and Cloud didn't want him to wake up. He wanted to see him relaxed and
worry free like this forever.

He moved his head slightly to look up at Rude, his lashes hooding his eyes though they couldn't conceal the thankful and coy smile. Without disturbing the water aside from some drips, Cloud pushed himself up to touch Rude's face and look into his eyes. Closing the distance he lightly brushed his lips, chin and jaw with his own.

The words came without Cloud thinking or analyzing them. They rolled off his tongue and there was no flinch afterward as if he hadn't mean to say them. He felt safe and relaxed and emotionally refreshed. He cupped Rude's face and kissed him before he whispered against his
lips: "I want you to make love to me."

For just a second Rude experienced a moment of fearful uncertainty. He very much wanted to make love to Cloud and wanted it to be perfect. After taking a slow, calming breath Rude smiled and let Cloud see the love and desire he felt.

"Let's put Reno to bed first," Rude whispered back. "Red's more exhausted than he'll admit, and he'll rest better in his own bed with us beside him."

Rude gave Cloud another kiss full of sensual promise then gently moved him so he could stand with Reno in his arms. The redhead whined in his sleep, frowning slightly from the loss of the warm and soothing water but was too tired to awaken. All Turks could be counted on to wake with even the smallest of disturbances. Reno's body and mind had to be severely over-taxed or he was just so trusting that his lovers were well and keeping him safe. Rude suspected it was a mix of both and made a mental note to secure more time off for his partner as long as the sessions with the doctors continued.

Reno settled down again once he was dried off and carried to the bed. Rude tucked him in securely, his handsome face soft with tenderness before he turned the same look on Cloud. He sat Cloud on the edge of the huge bed opposite their heavily sleeping lover then knelt on the floor between his legs, both of them still nude and slightly damp from the bath.

Rude looked up into Cloud's eyes as he skimmed his large hands over the blond's hips and outer thighs.

"I want you, angel, so much, and I'll do my best to make it beautiful for you," Rude murmured and leaned forward to trace the tattoo of Reno's name with the tip of his tongue. "Please...trust me and let me set the pace so you feel nothing but pleasure. But," and Rude caught Cloud's gaze again so there would be no doubt of the sincerity of his next words. "if you need or want me to stop you have only to say so. I'm here, and Reno will be right next to us. You're completely safe, baby. I promise."

Rude laid his warm palm over Cloud's cock and lowered his head again to lick a teasing pattern over the soft skin of the blond's inner thighs.

The butterflies had returned as Cloud leaned back on his palms. His heart jumped at the flickering of Rude's tongue on his bath-warm skin and he spread his legs a little more with a soft blush across his cheeks. That felt good, real good, with goosebumps traveling down to
his knees and his cock twitching under Rude's palm.

As the licks and kisses moved a little higher, Cloud's fingers lightly curled into the blankets. Soft panting noises ghosted past his parted lips as his cock hardened in Rude's hand. That hand was so soft and firm. Looking over at Reno he wondered if his cries, the noises Reno loved so much, would reach his dreams. Would the cries of passion inspire sweet dreams?

"That feels nice," he whispered breathlessly, a little nervously. He reached out and lightly stroked Rude's forearm.

Rude hummed in appreciation of Cloud's soft caress and took it as a sign it was okay to continue despite the slight tremor he'd heard in his lover's voice. He could also feel Cloud's cock hardening under his palm and rubbed it lightly while skimming his fingertips over the flared head. Rude smiled as his fingers became damp. He held the hard shaft captive in the warmth of his large hand so he could lap at the head to get more of Cloud's addictive taste.

Cloud's quiet panting and pleased noises spurred the big Turk onward. Rude wanted to see his lover's gorgeous body flushed and writhing with pleasure and hear his own name fall from Cloud's soft lips. He stood and easily picked Cloud up to move them completely onto the bed. Rude urged Cloud to lay down flat then put a pillow under the blond's hips.

"So beautiful," Rude murmured, admiring the sight of Cloud spread out before him, a light wash of color tinting his fair face, lovely eyes glowing and watching his every move, smooth skinned thighs open and inviting.

Rude sat back on his heels so Cloud wouldn't feel like he was looming over him. Every move he made was slow and gentle, Cloud's comfort and pleasure foremost in his mind despite the need and desire burning in his own body. His heavy cock throbbed and ached to be buried inside the blond's perfect body. Rude moaned softly and stroked his big hands over Cloud's chest and thighs to soothe before leaning to the side to reach for a tube of lubricant.

While slicking both hands Rude glanced over at his other love and was pleased to see Reno still deeply asleep, face relaxed and peaceful. Even so deep under Reno was purring softly, almost too quiet for Rude to hear. Turning his attention back to Cloud, Rude watched him closely as he wrapped one slick hand around the blond's hard shaft to give it slow strokes while the fingers of his other hand rubbed teasingly over the sensitive area just behind his balls. He moved lower until he was petting Cloud's entrance, coaxing his lover to relax and open for him.

"Let me hear you, angel," Rude whispered, gently easing the tip of one finger into Cloud's body. He kept stroking the blond's pretty cock as he thrust his finger in slowly over and over, just barely breaching Cloud's body. The feel of Cloud's tight heat around just his finger was enough to make him groan and break into a light sweat. "Gods, I want you so much! I've never loved or wanted anyone like I do you and Reno"

Rude's voice was low and hoarse with shivering need, his expressive eyes revealing his love and desire. He held Cloud's cock at the base and added another finger, pushing deep until he could brush his fingertips over the blond's prostate. Rude trembled and waited for Cloud's response, wanting desperately to continue making love to the man but ready to quit touching him if that was what his angel needed.

The butterflies in his stomach had slowly fluttered away as Rude took his time and moved gently and slowly for him. Reno's purring helped relax him when Cloud tensed the moment Rude's fingers pushed deeper. His breath hitched then at the feeling of his prostrate being coaxed and massaged. Eye lashes fluttering, he waited a moment, just feeling Rude inside him until the discomfort and tension left again.

Flexing his hips just so he encouraged Rude to keep doing that, a soft cry escaping as the pressure increased and a jolt of pleasure shot through his limbs and cock. Lifting his legs a little higher he rested one ankle behind Rude's bicep and the other behind his hip. "Feels good," he moaned breathlessly. Rude's fingers were larger than Reno's and it felt new, strange to have another man touching and teasing his body so carefully. The big guy was making it wonderful, though, and Cloud was beginning to lose sight of his fears.

He stared up into the deep eyes, his cock twitching in the large hand. Safe and loved, he didn't doubt Rude's words from the look in his eyes and the kindness in his touches. Reaching up he cupped the back of Rude's neck and pulled him in, gasping as the movement pulled his fingers deeper. Pressing his lips to Rude's he invited him inside for a deep and slow kiss, the passion growing in Cloud's body until he was whining and moaning into his mouth.

"Please," he groaned as he pulled away. His lips brushed Rude's and he looked into his eyes. Still so new and strange to be so intimate with another man. But he was famished for this man now, he wanted him so bad. Wanted to know him like he had only known two others- deeply, passionate... love. "Please, take me..."

Rude shuddered with desire and nearly shamed himself by coming on the spot. He released Cloud's cock to quickly grasp his own at the base. Cloud's beautiful voice, low, husky with need and pleading for *him* nearly undid him.

"Oh, Cloud," Rude whispered, his eyes and voice revealing every emotion that he felt, "my angel, my baby. I want you so much. I need you."

Just to be sure, Rude added a third finger, stretching carefully and rubbing the sweer spot often. He savored every sound Cloud made, the way the blond arched and wriggled beneath him. Finally satisfied that he could take his lover without pain, Rude pulled his fingers free and stroked the rest of the lube over his own cock. His cock was so hard with anticipation that he didn't need to hold it for entry so he leaned forward for another kiss, holding his weight off Cloud with one strong arm and using the other hand to caress Cloud from hip to knee then urged him to curl that leg around his waist.

Rude broke the kiss so he could pull back and watch Cloud's face for any sign of pain or fear.

"I love you, Cloud," Rude murmured, the words a solemnly declared vow, as he gently nudged the fat, flared head of his thick cock into Cloud's body.

The tight heat made him stop and catch his breath with just the head inside. When Cloud's body stopped clenching so hard he eased the rest of the way in, pausing every few seconds to allow his lover time to adjust. Rude was able to bury himself balls deep and held himself still, kissing Cloud's eyes, cheeks and lips. He started a slow rhythm, shallow thrusts that made his thick cock press hard against the prostate with each pass.

"You're wonderful, angel. You feel so good."

Rude had dreamed of making love to Cloud from the moment he first realized the depth of his love for the man. The reality was far, far better.

Every fear Cloud had anticipated about this moment vanished as his body sung in ecstacy. Rude's cock was so hard, his hands so gentle. And Cloud felt like he was in heaven. Safe and secure under the larger man's body.

He cried out softly and lifted his leg over Rude's back a little higher. His eye lashes fluttered and hooded his eyes with a passionate gaze as he sought Rude's. He felt so full and so deep as his lover's cock moved in and out in shallow thrusts. It was a little uncomfortable, but above that it was so good. So damn good and so loving.

"Aah..." he lightly gripped one shoulder and reached down with his other hand to take Rude's. "Uhn-," he trembled. The constant stimulation along his prostrate was amazing, his cock rock hard and throbbing but he knew he would come without Rude laying a finger on
his cock. He panted lightly for breath between heartfelt moans and cries, squeezing Rude's hand.

Oh gods, he was so deep! That place inside him only Reno had touched. Cupping the back of Rude's neck, Cloud pulled him in for a seering kiss.

Rude sucked lightly on Cloud's tongue, thrust his own in rhythm with the movements of his hips and, oh so willingly, took everything Cloud offered him. Rude's entire body, from the top of his smooth head to his toes, literally burned and tingled with a heady combination of love, lust and need, and he voiced a shaken, trembling moan against Cloud's soft mouth. Rude had never felt such love or such a need to protect someone as he did now. In the space of a single night Reno and Cloud had become the center of his world, and he would give anything and everything to insure their happiness.

Rude broke the kiss to skim his lips over Cloud's cheeks and jaw down to the sweet curve of his neck. He nipped and sucked gently over the unmarked side of his lover's neck. Every panting moan and every soft, needy cries from Cloud's lips only served to inflame him and work harder to hear more. Rude allowed more of his weight to rest on Cloud, trapping the blond's cock between their bodies and providing friction with each careful thrust. He changed his rhythm, too, pulling almost all the way out before pushing slowly back in, not as deep but with a little more carefully restrained force.

"That's it, angel, fly higher," Rude murmured, circling his hips to press hard over and over again against Cloud's sweet spot. "I'll always be here to catch you. Gods, you feel so good, just perfect. I'll never stop loving you or wanting you, Cloud."

Reno opened his eyes, awakened by the movement of the bed watched as Rude made love to Cloud. His eyes stung with tears to see the big man being so gentle, so careful, loving and mindful of Cloud's deeply scarred fears. They looked beautiful together, and there was no jealousy or fear in Reno's thoughts, just a deep satisfaction and a feeling of completeness.

Cloud felt so protected and safe and loved beneath Rude's body and the extra weight made him all the more aware of Rude's controled strength. So restrained and gentle, with no signs that the big man wanted to hurry or was having a difficult time keeping the pacing slow. He was making love to Cloud, and the blond didn't want it to end. His fingers caressed and clung to Rude's shoulder and neck, his lifeline.

Exposing his neck by tilting his chin in an act of trust came without thought when he felt Rude's lips tasting the curve of his flesh. He cried out with each planned, slow, but forceful push against his sweet spot. He couldn't answer Rude's kind words, couldn't form any
coherent thoughts much less speak them at this point. His fingernails dug into dark skin as the pleasure began to build.

Aware that his husband had awakened, Cloud rolled his head to the side to lock eyes with him. Rude was everything Reno had said he would be. While gazing at his husband his eyelashes fluttered with a moan when Rude hit his sweet spot just so. Crying out he looked back up at Rude.

"Rude...!" He moaned a little higher, his trapped cock jerking in response to another particular angle of the big guy's cock hitting his sweet spot. A gasp as it was repeated. Wrapping his legs a little tighter, Cloud sought Rude's gaze as the pressure in his balls
mounted. He was close, but he didn't want to let go. Gods, not yet. It was so good. Rude was so good.

Rude could feel Cloud resisting his climax and leaned down to nuzzle his cheek.

"Let it come, angel," he whispered into Cloud's ear. "There will be other times, many more, I promise. I'll show you my love any time you want."

Rude continued the steady rolling of his hips, relishing and savoring every small sound, every tightening of Cloud's legs around him. His lips traveled over Cloud's face and neck, lingering over pulse points and laving them with his tongue. His mouth hovered over the unmarked side of Cloud's neck for a moment in indecision then he gently nipped the smooth skin, leaving his own little mark, then soothing the small hurt with broad strokes of his tongue. The big man couldn't get enough of his sweet little lover's taste, his scent. It called to him, just as everything about Reno called to him.

Rude was aware of Reno's eyes on him, those sultry beautiful eyes that watched his every move as he made love to Reno's greatest treasure. He eased up enough to fit one hand between their bodies and wrapped smooth fingers around Cloud's cock. Rude rubbed his thumb over the wet slit and stroked in time with his thrusts.

"He wants to see you come, angel. Give it to him. Let him see that beautiful face while you come in my hand, around my cock." Rude was starting to pant from the effort of holding back his own climax, the sweet grip of Cloud's body, the way his lover submitted to him so completely tearing at his restraint. "Come for us, baby. Let go and trust me to catch you."

Reno had sat up and scooted closer, running one admiring hand over their flexing bodies. Gods, so beautiful! He slipped that hand between them and gathered some of Cloud's leaking essence to bring it to his lips. It brought a trembling moan to his lips and his eyes focused on Cloud's face while he licked his fingers.

Cloud had bitten his lower lip, bringing a harsh blush to the tender flesh as he resisted. But it was too much and becoming painful as his body clenched tightly around Rude's cock. He let go and fell with a cry so full of emotion, so passionate. His cock splashed his essence
up both their abdomens in hard spurts.

He arched and moaned with the release, his toes curling over Rude's back and legs tightening in a spasm to pull Rude in deep. Feeling Rude begin to pulse inside him, his fingers dug in, holding on tight as he was filled. He cried out again at the wonderful feeling, both physical and emotional.

He belonged to Rude now. Taken and marked by the man with his husband as witness. His eyes briefly caught Reno's and what he saw there made him moan.

"Rude," he panted the name as his body began to soften, his tense muscles relaxing and eyelids hooding his bright blues. He shivered with a tingling aftershock as Rude slipped from his body, mourning the loss of heat and pressure with a whimper. He sought those strong arms with almost a desperate panic as Rude settled on the bed, for a moment fearing it would all be taken away after he had just got it. Nuzzling against the firm chest he sighed
and breathed in the musky scent of sweat and their love making.

Rude had trembled and groaned through his own orgasm, the force of it stealing both breath and speech. He had no words anyway for the sultry beauty that was Cloud in climax. Rude immediately tightened his embrace when he felt ripple of emotions from Cloud and snuggled him firmly to his side, nuzzling through his damp hair and murmuring reassurances that he was still there, still with his angel, that Cloud was safe.

Reno settled behind Cloud and wiped both men down with a warm, wet cloth. He ran it lovingly over their bodies and loved the way they looked just then. Cloud was the open and willingly vulnerable that Reno had ever seen him around another person, and Rude looked magnificent, solid, comforting. Reno knew he would never have to worry again that his own vigilance wouldn't be enough. Rude would watch over them both.

Reno sighed. It was well into the day. None of them had eaten, and he and Cloud would have to return to the Shinra building tomorrow for more of those damnable tests. Reno added his own arms to the embrace, cocooning Cloud in warmth and love. He purred when Rude reached over to stroke his cheek and jaw. Okay, staying in bed a little longer was a wonderful idea.

While Rude pulled up and spread the thick covers back over them Reno turned Cloud in his arms until his could see his husband's face.

"You were beautiful," Reno assured him, tracing fingertips over Cloud's kiss-bruised lips and drooping eyelids. "You are so loved, baby."

Rude settled back down and fit himself to Cloud's back, drawing the covers with him. Just before laying down he leaned forward to press lingering kisses to both Reno's and Cloud's soft lips. He also had his cellphone in one hand. After the kisses became another, another, and just one more several times, Rude pulled back to quietly place a large order for Wutain to be delivered in three hours. Reno hummed his approval and purred a little louder. Once the phone was set aside, Reno reached for Rude with no hesitation and they cuddled Cloud between them for a while, all warm bare skin and as close as they could get.

Cloud couldn't remember a time he had ever felt so safe and warm before. Time just stood still for him as his breathing slowed and his senses shut off the rest of the world, acutely tuning in to his lover and husband. The touch of their hands and firm bodies sandwiching his
own, the desirable scents of musk and sweat and sex, and the sound of their gentle breathing.

He was aware of being a little hungry and thirsty but he didn't want to move or break the connection. Waiting 3 hours was nothing, and time didn't matter as he cuddled with his two men. Time was flying, in fact, as it often did when you were so distracted in a sensual and
warm embrace.

It may have been minutes or an hour, but he eventually dozed off at some moment. He slept deeply and his mind played over the last day, slowing down for moments he cherished and glancing over the inbetween. Gods, he didn't think he deserved such men in his life but there
wasn't anything he could think of that would make him let this precious thing go.

A knock at the front door pulled Rude from his light doze. A glance let him know that Reno was once again deeply asleep with his drowsy husband snuggled tightly in his arms. Rude brushed his thumb lightly over the dark smudges beneath Reno's left eye and frowned. With the way his body had been enhanced Reno should be recovering quicker. The fact he wasn't made Rude concerned and sent a stab of pain through his heart. The big man sent a silent plea to the gods that might be listening. Please, please, don't take them away from me...not now when I've just gotten the chance to love and cherish them as they deserve.

Moving quickly and quietly with an easy grace that belied his size, Rude slipped from the bed and pulled on his discarded pants to go answer the door. The delivery boy looked a little miffed over the delay and over the size of the order he'd had to carry, but he was mollified by the generous tip Rude gave him. Not to mention the warning glint in Rude's still uncovered eyes.

After setting everything out on the living room coffee table and making the pillow nest more comfortable Rude went back to the bedroom to wake his lovers. He circled the bed until he was behind Reno and stroked his palm the length of the redhead's bare back in a gentle caress. It was enough. Reno arched into the touch with a contented purr and slowly opened his eyes.

"Time to eat?" he asked, voice husky and warm with sleep. To Rude he looked adorably mussed at the same time managing to look sexy enough to fire Rude's blood anew. Reno gifted his new lover with one of those sweet smiles of his then bent his head to nose through his husband's soft hair. "Wake up, beautiful. It's to get up and show Rude that we really do eat on occasion and don't live on a steady diet of sex and coffee."

Rude snorted softly in amusement and added his own touch, skimming his fingertips over Cloud's cheek. Reno tilted Cloud's chin up so he could run the tip of his tongue over the blond's still kiss bruised bottom lip before claiming it in a loving kiss. Reno never tired of that, indulging in Cloud's luscious and generous mouth. He sat up with his husband in his arms and scooted them both to the edge of the bed. Now that he was awake and could smell the tempting scents of the food Reno realized that he was ravenous, his boosted metabolism finally demanding to be satisfied with something more than coffee.

"I hope you ordered plenty, partner. I feel like I could eat an entire chocobo, feathers, beak, claws and all."

Rude chuckled over Reno's exaggeration and waited for the pair to slip on some soft lounging pants, his warm gaze roaming over both gorgeously toned and soft skinned bodies. His now. They both were, and Rude felt again that expanding warmth and fierce protectiveness fill his chest.

"There should be plenty," he assured Reno and stepped close again to cup Cloud's cheek and claim his own kiss. "I hope you like what I ordered, Cloud," Rude said almost shyly, "since I didn't know what you might like I just got one of every entree."

Nuzzling against the large palm, Cloud sighed and nodded with a coy smile. He was still groggy, but he felt oh so content and fulfilled. The open look in Rude's eyes tugged at Cloud's heart, the man's good looks would from now on always remind Cloud that only he and Reno got to see him with his walls down- open and vulnerable. Human.

Running a hand down Rude's side to his hip a little jolt ran through Cloud's frame. He had such beautiful men, he was lucky he didn't have to fight for them. They had come to him instead.

He took Reno's hand as they walked into the den. The scents and sight of all that food finally appealed to his stomach and he blushed at the gurgling growl it produced. Sitting on the floor he hugged a pillow into his lap and offered Reno his first bite as soon as he got
comfortable. The dark circles under his eyes worried Cloud as well, and he was going to watch his meals like a hawk.

"Did you sleep alright?" He asked, his voice sleepy.

Reno eagerly accepted the bite of food, catching his husband's hand in a light hold so he could lick the savory sauce from Cloud's fingers. He lapped up every drop then kissed the fingertips in sensual thanks.

"I slept okay," Reno answered and started choosing from several open containers to fill a plate for Cloud. "It felt good knowing that both of you were right there." He winked at Cloud. "Mmm, and the gorgeous vision I woke up to...I wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning."

Rude smiled softly at Cloud and brushed his fingers gently over the blond's cheek and jaw.

"We better be asking Cloud about that, Red, but I know I certainly wouldn't mind. I'll treasure those moments for the rest of my life," Rude said with sincere reverence, his eyes warm and soft on both men, all the love he felt for them clearly evident. His shades remained on the table. He didn't need them as long as it was just the three of them now that there was no longer any reason to hide his feelings.

Reno reached for Rude's free hand and turned it over to place a kiss into the palm before handing Cloud his plate. He dug into his own plate, purring with pleasure over the different tastes. Reno hoped the food would help dispel the dragging tiredness he still felt even after sleeping so well.

"How about you, baby?" he asked his husband. "Did you get some rest?"

It was a subtle attempt to focus attention away from himself as well as genuine concern for his nightmare haunted husband.. He'd noticed both men watching him closely and could feel their concern. Reno didn't think there was anything wrong with himself other than too much stress and too many nights without adequate rest. He didn't want his lovers to worry themselves over nothing.

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Date:February 19th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
Absolutely gorgeous chapters...this was exactly what was needed, relearning trust and how to be just human again. Rude's solid stability and his own need for the both of them is perfect in its timing; not only for the fact that both Cloud and Reno were literally at the end of their rope. Very interested in seeing how the rest of this plays out. In seeing the entire picture at where you leave off I think your ending will suggest itself...there will be something there to build upon without having to resort to 'cutting it off at the kneecaps', so to speak. *hugs*